Monday, March 22, 2010

You Didn't Read the Health Care Bill Did You?

Clapping as Congress Takes Away Your Constitutional Rights

So I warned you and told you and beat my head against the keyboard, but you didn't listen, nor pay attention. Everyone stood up and cheered. Everyone gave each other big high-fives. Everyone congratulated each other. Everyone, that is, that did not actually read the Health Care Reform bill (hcr). The congressional democrats stood up and spoke generalities and accused republicans of being monsters and heartless and how this bill was historic and momentous. They told stories of little old ladies dying from paper cuts, that if she just had health insurance, could have been prevented. They were incensed when republicans stated that 80% of veterans were against the bill. They stole more time on the floor than republicans did. And when the votes were cast and the bill was passed, they all patted each other on the back.

You, yeah you, stood up and cheered with them. You thought you got something you did not have yesterday. You somehow thought it was a brighter day and everyone was going to walk into the sunshine. You listened to the congressional democrats and laughed and cried with them. You were so moved that you were proud to have voted for Obama. You thought to yourself, finally we have universal health care in this country. That little boy down the street with that rare cancer is now going to go see the doctor next week and be cured.

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Well apparently you did not actually read hcr. Apparently, you watched CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or MSNBC and believed everything they said. Apparently you thought the word universal meant everyone would now somehow freely get health care. Apparently you did not realize that 80% of Americans already have health insurance. Apparently you believed them when they kept quoting that 30 million Americans did not have health insurance. Apparently you did not realize that 30 million Americans do not want health insurance, because they can pay for medical costs out of their pockets. Apparently you let them use and abuse your ignorance into thinking what they wanted you to think: 30 million uninsured must mean poor people who cannot afford health insurance. Apparently, you did not read hcr.

I'm sure it would be great to have real hcr. Had you read this bill, you would know that it forces every American to purchase insurance, whether they want to or not. If they do not buy insurance, they are fined and the IRS has the authority to come after them. It also forwards state sponsored abortions at tax payer expense. Everyone is assessed an abortion tax to pay for abortions, regardless of their own individuality or religion. It also forwarded illegal immigrant health care at tax payer expenses. Everyone is forced to pay for illegal immigrant health care. A health care professional cannot ask citizenship questions. They have to treat everyone that walks through the door. It removes half a trillion dollars from medicare. [haha seniors got screwed] It costs $1 trillion over 10 years, extra. Everyone is taxed 10 years, but coverage does not start for 4 years, yes you get 6 years of coverage for 10 years of pay. It reduces college student subsidies and raises education costs. It tacks on 10 extra taxes that did not exist before.

So while you were standing applauding thinking you got that sweet French universal health care, you simply got screwed. Now your constitutional right to privacy has been breached. Your constitutional right to be safe in your person has been discarded. Your constitutional right to not have your property taken from you has been disbanded.

Those that did not pay insurance before will now be forced to pay it. Like me. Unemployment will rise, because businesses will all, now be forced to cover employees. Why cover someone, when you can just fire them? The recession will finally turn into a depression. Those that are already unemployed will be forced to pay for insurance. Can you say homeless?

So you did not read the hcr. So you stood up and clapped for it passing.

Let me ask you. Did you ever stop to think that maybe some freedom loving Americans never wanted to pay for someone else's hospital bill? Did you ever stop to think that maybe some freedom loving Americans never wanted to pay for someone's abortion? Did it ever occur to you that forcing someone that gets up at 5 a.m. and drive to work, work all day, and come home and put food on the table, does not want to pay for someone else's abandoned kid?

Did you ever stop to think, "this is not what congress is supposed to be discussing." Did you ever stop to think, "congress is supposed to protect us from enemies, write treaties, negotiate foreign trade, not manage health insurance."

No? Well then maybe instead of reading hcr, you should read the constitution.

By the way, 2/3rds of the states have already lined up to sue the federal government over this unconstitutional bill, since the states have to pick up the tab anyway. 2/3rds is the exact amount needed to add an amendment to the constitution. Ooops, party is over.

Oh and in case someone spouts, "this will reduce the deficit." The congressional budget office has come out and said, squarely, with doc fix the deficit will rise about $238 billion. Have a nice day, liars.

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