Sunday, August 17, 2014



time and again, it comes to my attention that you do things against your best interest. You purchase products from people, you know support the KKK or neonazis. And, when asked why you do it, you answer, it's just so good. You spend your money with people that literally spit in your face. And, when asked why you do it, you answer, because this is what all the cool kids are wearing, driving, eating.

You destroy your hair and scalp. And, when asked why, you answer, because my hair is more manageable now.

You live in an area that is dangerous for your children to go to school. Oh, I don't mean the hood. I mean you move to the suburbs where the police shoot your children and arrest them on any pretense. And, when asked why, you answer, this is the better area, and the schools teach my kids more. Meanwhile, your kid is being bullied by the entire class, including the teacher, and your child was found in the hospital with a severe concussion.

What's ironic is, you bend over backwards, to do what? You bend over backwards to assimilate yourself into white society, not american society, white society.

We have hispanic peole and asian people come here, and make zero effort to learn english. And, within 5 years, they surpass you in economics, finance, education, wealth, group wealth, personal wealth. They don't leave their hood, they turn it into what they want.

You're the only group that tells your children, get a good education and find a job. It's the mindset of a slave and you haven't been a slave for 100 years.

So what is the real problem with you? You have a problem. What is it? Why do you do this? I want to know.