Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shakaama Live Calling for All Black Bloggers to Start a New Campaign

Campaign for Black Male Marriage

Hi, this is your host Shakaama. I thought long and hard how to start my series on the Black man. I have done an impromptu series on the Black woman, with differing acceptance and result. However, I would like to start a very formal campaign for the Black man. To kick off the series, I would like to start my campaign for Black male marriage. I want to have an entire campaign dedicated to encouraging Black men to get married, and stay married. While mass media does everything in its power to downplay marriage and come against it, nothing can be said about encouraging marriage. But the facts are clear, marriage is the highest form of a relationship on the planet. For a people to be successful, they must first have a wide swath of them be married. The media doesn't encourage this because it is not profitable. It is more profitable to tear someone down, trash them and insult everything about them, than it is to build someone up or point out their strengths.

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To start the campaign, I am calling all Black bloggers to contact me. I thought long and hard about this. We could set a date to launch the campaign and we would all blog about Black male marriage on the same day and keep it up for a few days. The net would have no choice but to recognize the buzz and ensure the success of the campaign. Simply contact me or comment below leaving your blog info. Any link on my blog is actually a do-follow link, so feel free to comment and leave your link. However, any nefarious comments and links will be completely ignored, you know who you are. In return I will contact each and every one of you and setup the date when we launch `privately.

People reading this might say, why only Black bloggers. The answer is simple. White people always complain that Black people look for handouts and do nothing for themselves. This is Black people doing something for ourselves. If you think it unfair that your blog would not be included in the campaign, I don't think it's fair that nearly all media is 99.99999% white. You think Telemundo was started simply as a whim? You think BET was started as a whim? So this is Black people taking the initiative to get out from under the power of someone else and doing our own thing.

Black Male Campaign

As I said the Black male marriage campaign is simply a kick off to the Black male campaign. You do not have to participate in the whole campaign, but if you would like to, I would be happy to correspond with you about each topic each day. It would mean a very successful campaign all around if everything was coordinated.

As it stands, overall, I wish to encourage the Black man to go beyond what he is now.

  • I want to encourage him to learn to speak proper English
  • I want to encourage him to learn everything there is to know about personal finance
  • I want to encourage him to marry so that he can grow his estate
  • I want to encourage him to take a very hands-on and active role in the education of his children
  • I want to encourage him to have the proper attitude about money and to teach that to his children, i.e. sew your own clothes or buy cheap ones, instead of buying name brand to show off (what does a 6 month old need with $100 shoes, he's going to outgrow in a couple of months)
  • I want to encourage him to have tremendous respect for himself
  • I want to encourage him to understand he owes his community, because he is not alone and people have paid dearly for him to be where he is at
  • I want to encourage him to never lay hands on another brother, it should be unthinkable that a Black man should lay his hands on another Black man, just as it is unthinkable for a Black man to lay his hands on a sister
These are but a few of the topics that will be covered in the Black male campaign. Like I said comment below or contact me if you wish to participate, Black bloggers only please. Thank you.

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bob brawley said...

Through white eyes it doesn't seem your campaign got off the ground. Maybe its because white eyes can't see in darkness

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