Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Business Review: Hatcher Notary Public

Hatcher Notary Public Nevada

It is not often that I review a business. In this case there are ulterior motives, but they are not nefarious. I have had the opportunity to actually watch this particular business grow and thrive. Finally, with a bit of hints and input from yours truly, I'm proud to be able to review this business with no hesitation.

Hatcher Notary Public has been a Nevada Notary Public, in business for over 20 years, although they want to caution it being only 15 in case there was some discrepancy in getting the Nevada seal. Hatcher Notary public has been servicing Clark County, Nevada in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and outlying areas such as: Lincoln, Nye, Esmereldo, and Washoe county. Hatcher Notary Public is a mobile notary services that will perform all notary functions in your place of business, or in your home. We will travel distances in excess of 200 miles. As a mobile Nevada Notary Public, we pride ourselves in the services we deliver and make every efforts to fulfill the notary needs of our clients. Hatcher Notary accepts electronic documents both E-mail and fax, for all sized documents and UPS and Fed Ex documents. Hatcher Notary has been servicing Nevada for over 15 years serving as a notary and signing agent. Hatcher Notary Public strives for excellence in performance of all work. We will assure that signing parties are properly identified. For your convenience, appointments are available for all your notary needs. In addition to English-speaking, Hatcher Notary Public are qualified to perform notaries for our Spanish-speaking (se habla Espanol) and French-speaking (nous parlons Francais) Clients. Our service standards are of the highest quality in the state of Nevada. We perform all of duties with perfect acumen. When you need the very best in notary services, be sure to contact Hatcher Notary public.

Call Immediately (702) 278-2104

With that, they have launched a brand new website, that has a flawless design. *cough* It is truly gorgeous. *cough* I cannot believe just how awesome it looks. *cough* You should really take a look at it and compliment the web designer. *cough* I don't know who it could be. *cough* But, I am sure they are nearly God's gift to web design.*cough*

Had something in my throat there.

You would be surprised at how often, these days, you need a notary: changing schools; buying property; writing a will; giving an affidavit; buying a used car from a fellow citizen etc ... The more I have learned about it, the more I have wondered have I used a notary and just didn't know it.

The only problem Hatcher Notary Public has, is that they sometimes charge too little. I'm allergic to undercharging people. I never conduct business like that. I make sure I get top dollar for anything I do. Maybe that's why I am not in business for myself. :( Well, anyway you get the good deals from them. Normally I hate giving good news, but this is quite a good company, and I always love a good price. Oh did I mention they are mobile and will come to you.

Hatcher Notary Public Nevada in Las Vegas

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