Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Movie Review: "The Tooth Fairy" Starring "The Rock"

The Tooth Fairy

If you're a fan of "The Rock" then this movie is for you, no matter your age.  I happen to be a casual fan of his.  I'm not passionate about any human, so this is high praise coming from me.  I recommend you buy the DVD.  This is one of the movies that should be in your "kid's" *cough* collection.  Now, I have perused all the other reviews about the movie.  And, while I agree with everything they said, I still recommend the movie, over all.

This is one movie where I could dispense with picking apart the ghastly storyline and just enjoy the movie as is.

  • Derek Thompson Tooth Fairy - Dwane "The Rock" Johnson
  • Carly - Ashley Judd
  • Tracy - Stephen Merchant
  • Mick Donnelly - Ryan Sheckler
  • Ziggy - Seth MacFarlane
  • Lily - Julie Andrews
  • Randy - Chase Ellison
  • Tell - Destiny Grace Whitlock
  • Duek - Brandon T. Jackson
  • Jerry - Billy Crystal
With a very nice cast, the movie had all the possibilities going for it.  So what if the actual script was predictable and trite?  The movie did have a bit of magic to it.  No pun intended.  But, there were some touching moments and there was the predictable victory scene, but why not have a feel good movie?

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are You to Blame for Our Runaway Government?

The Government Relies on Your Participation


Scenario #1 - You just turned 24 and graduated from college.  You secured a job with a 50 year old firm as an entry level manager.  You move to the city.  You pay your first and last month's rent, plus deposit.  You have a moving company move your meager college level  furniture into your new apartment.  After meeting several girls and inviting them over, you decide to trash all of your furniture and just furnish out the entire place in rent-a-couch furniture.  You eat out every single day and night.  You finally meet a girl you like.  She doesn't like the city and you get a promotion to super peon manager step 2.  You end the furniture renting contract.  And, you go put a down whopping 2% down-payment on a house and put an entire house's worth of furniture on your credit card.  You take out a car loan, since you need a car to commute to work now.  Two kids later, you're enrolling your first-born into soccer and have to get a second job to pay for all the extra expenses.

Conclusion: the economy crashes and you lose your job, both jobs.  You lose your house you've been paying on for 2 years, because you now have negative equity in it.  Your car gets repossessed although you were a few months shy of paying it off.  You look up to the heavens and wonder where you went wrong.

Scenario #2 - You graduate from high-school with a C average.  You go get a job down at the steel mill working opposite shifts as your dad.  Your parents are alright to live with, but you dream of moving out one day.  One day your dad turns to you and asks you have you thought about where you want to live for the rest of your life.  That night at the kitchen table all of you, mom, dad, brothers and sisters, all discuss what would be the best place to live.  Your dad says there is absolutely nothing wrong with the little town you're in right now, but if you want to go see more that's fine too.  Your mom would like for you to go see other places a bit before settling down.  Your kid brother, the genius, brings a print-out of all the places and cities around the country of where the best jobs are and how long it has been that way.  He also brings a print-out of home prices and commute times to the city.  Your sister makes remarks about schools and kids.  Finally your dad says you should get a house with land on it, so you can always grow much of your own food on it, like you have right now.  So even if things go bad, you will always have food.  After much thought you do exactly that, after saving up for buying a house and buying a car full price.  You move to the city, the entire family helps you move and even helps you plant your garden / mini-farm.  You buy a small house, and furnish it with heirloom items and some other items you buy second-hand.  You get a job working construction just outside the city about 2 miles from your house.  You meet a lady and get married.  Two kids later, instead of soccer, they are tending the farm, and learn about plants and animals.  You never eat out, and your wife doesn't have a job.  She tends to the farm when you're not home and sells any extra produce on the front lawn when it's in season.

Conclusion: the economy crashes. But, you're an independent worker to begin with so you don't lose your job.  You don't lose your house since you bought it outright. Your don't lose your car since you bought it outright. You look up to the heavens and wonder when is it going to rain next, so the tomatoes can bloom.

In each scenario the jobs are of course different, but also the person's approach is different. While people are very hesitant to living, what they feel is, a backwards lifestyle, when the system crashes, they go down with it.  Way down!  While the person who is still tied to the earth might not live the jet-set lifestyle of a penthouse playboy, they also have a much more worry free life.

The government now is in bed with business.  The two are so intertwined that the business of government is now the government of business.  50% of all policy and government laws is geared to assist business, not govern people nor do the job that they were created to do, protect people.  But, the government only gets away with any of this, if you participate in the scam.

Scam #1 - CREDIT: credit is the biggest and largest systemic scam out there.  You are barraged daily, not just with the message of borrowing and spending, but that having good credit, to begin with, should be your goal for a happy lifestyle.  The message goes beyond just having credit, to the point that you should be so ingrained in the credit system as to assist yourself in it, by upping your "credit worthiness".  Financial planners now advise you how to get better credit.

-- STOP --

It's all a lie.  You don't want credit at all.  Your participation in the scheme is what they want.  Noone presents you with an alternative.  Now the average adult would say, oh everyone should know that, but in practical speech, 70% of adults are never confronted with even the possibility that you don't have to participate in the credit charade.

Credit cards launched a massive marketing campaign to not only get people involved in credit, but banks even started issuing  credit cards down to a local level, so that the entire system, top to bottom was saturated with the credit doctrine.  Stores launched their own credit cards.

But, it is all a lie.  You do not need credit.  Hell, even a debit card is not something a savvy person should use.  The person, adult, that knows anything about money, knows that you will never personally leverage yourself enough to have a winning side in the equation of banking and credit.  That means, that the message of use credit so you can have a better lifestyle now based on a fraction of the cost, is a losing position to have.

Use of borrowed money to increase production volume, and thus sales and earnings. It is measured as the ratio of total debt to total assets; greater the amount of debt, greater the financial leverage. Since interest is a fixed cost (which can be written off against the firm's revenue) a loan allows a firm to generate more earnings without a corresponding increase in the equity capital requiring increased dividend payments (which cannot be written off against the earnings). However, while high leverage may be beneficial in boom periods, it may cause serious cash flow problems in recessionary periods because there might not be enough sales revenue to cover the interest payments.

Here's the part that gets you, as a person, tripped up. Your leveraging, credit, does not generate you any income.  Even borrowing for a house or car, never generates money for you.

Scam #2 LOANS - taking out loans is a new thing.  There is still a very large percentage of the population that saves up money and buys a car in cash, or a house in cash, or all of their home furnishings and appliances in cash.  Noone is telling you this, because they are on the take and in on the scam of loaning you, your own money.

Here's the promise.  You take out a loan and you can buy far more house than you ever could, if you saved up.  It is completely and utterly untrue.  If you ever set aside the amount of money, in total, that you pay for the amount of time that you spend in a house, you would always come out ahead in savings, to loans.

Let me help you with the calculation: [ warning this might be forgetting some things ]
  • loan
  • down payment
  • impound and taxes
  • home insurance
  • 3% to seller agent and 3% to buyer agent
  • title insurance
  • mortgage insurance [FHA]
  • lender points for doing loan
  • loan origination fees
  • escrow fees
Now add in the devaluation of the dollar over that time period too.

If you saved that same amount of money for that time period, let's say 15 years, you could buy a house twice as expensive as the one you took out a mortgage for.  THAT is what everyone is trying to make sure you don't realize.

Americans used to save up and buy a house.  Or, better yet, live in the same house and the father and mother pass it on to the kids, while they are alive or when they die.  Americans also did not kick their kids out at 18.  This is more of the inner city phenomenon.  I have no idea when it started, but it has no logical thought behind it, nor no financial logical thought behind it.

The best possible thing to do as a parent would be to have a savings account for each and every child you have and put funds into it very single month.  Your child would even be better served by you taking that money and buying them a house with some land, at 18, than paying for their college.  If you did it right, you could have enough money for both school and a home.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle Cop Ian P. Walsh Punches Black Teenage Girl Full On In the Face

Seattle Cop Punches Teen Black Girl

Seattle White Cop Punches 17 Year Old Black Teen
It is not a call you ever want to receive.  As a father or mother, you never want to receive a call that someone has done something to your child.  Let's add to the horror now that you receive the call and you find out a cop has punched your teenage daughter in the face.  Not only that, but that the entire incident was over jaywalking, but not jaywalking down Madison avenue, but a side street in a residential area.

This is exactly what happened when Seattle cop  Ian P. Walsh punched a teenage bystander full in the face.  This is the second time in only a matter of weeks. Video footage shows a Seattle officer Ian P. Walsh  punching a teenage girl in the face after stopping her for jaywalking.  But the sheer craziness is that the officer had stopped a young man for jaywalking and then wanted to stop everyone on the street for jaywalking and issue them all tickets, but instead he attempted to arrest one young lady.  Yes, he wanted to arrest a young lady for jaywalking.

What is completely insane is that the video starts with the police manhandling the young lady for jaywalking.  I don't know about Seattle, but in my city you receive a ticket for jaywalking.  And, there is no cause ever to arrest someone who is jaywalking, and definitely no cause to manhandle, beat and throw a jaywalker on a steel car.  This policeman should be put in jail for assaulting a citizen.  The parents of both teens need to bring civil suits against both the city and the officer,  Ian P. Walsh, in question for violence against their teen daughters.  Noone should tolerate this from police.  Police are not here to beat on citizens.  Police do not have carte blanche to stomp, kick, racially antagonize citizens.  Any police who do, should be put in jail for their crimes, and definitely ousted from the police force.

It later came out that the police department refuses to even enter the video... actually multiple videos from different sources, into evidence against the officer.  The entire police union came to the rescue of this  Ian P. Walsh and are saying he was justified for
  • punching
  • teenage  
  • girl  

in the face. This stinks of cover-up.  It is clear that the police chief in question has no control over his officers.  And why do I say that?  --- See the Video Below ---

UPDATE: Officer Ian P. Walsh is now listed as an offender that does violence against women and has been taken off of duty and reassigned for training.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sarah Pailin, Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul, Governor Rendell (video)

The Libertarian Party and the Tea Party Movement

This show goes over the Tea Party Libertarian Movement and the issues that have been brought up:
  • government intrusion on liberty - like their ability to break into your email without a court warrant
  • government spending getting out of hand
  • congress passing laws not backed by the constitution and irregardless of the constitution
  • decriminalizing drugs - like not descending on someone's home, shooting their dog to find trace amounts of marijuana in their pipe inside their bedroom
  • limited government
  • removing over 900 military bases worldwide which is bankrupting the government
  • the government being 51% of the economy today - and outrageous burst of government growth
  • candidates being backed by the libertarian party winning congressional and senate primaries
Critics say the tea party movement is small, but what they fail to realize is that for every one active tea partier there are 1,000 people who are just entangled with everyday life who cannot come out and protest.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is Carbon Bad: Real Science, Not Guess Work

The Real Science Behind Carbon

Humans are made up of 18% carbon.  So the daily toll of humans dying on the planet accounts for more carbon emissions than all the industrial output on the planet i.e. industry, cars, home use.  Not only do dead humans put out carbon when they die, they continuously put out carbon emissions over the centuries as they are buried, must faster if they themselves are burned [barbaric practice].

Plants, including trees, grasses and algae in the ocean, intake carbon for their growth.  The more carbon emitted into the atmosphere the better the yield on craps and plants.  In fact, in one summer carbon in the atmosphere can drop to by 10 parts per million, i.e. plants suck up lots of carbon. 

The people who are trying to impose a tax on us are trying to have both sides of the argument:
  •  if global warming occurs sea levels will rise
  •  if global warming occurs seas will evaporate, causing more cloud formations which will thrust us into a new ice age

You cannot have both sides of the arguments.  If the planet were to raise in temperature, and it was so drastic that sea levels were affected, the seas would recede, not rise.  Also, if there was a rise in temperature and the sea levels receded, it would not cause a tremendous vapor rush from evaporation of the ocean to cause clouds.  Water does not expand when it gets hotter, it gets smaller.  When water freezes it expands, i.e. ice is larger than water.

The second part of the emissions are animal life.  With increased carbon emissions animal life flourishes.  In the case of oceanic plankton, it is a direct increase.  Other animals increase due to better grazing, due to increased plant growth.

The huge lie that is glaringly missing from the argument that carbon emissions are higher now and thus will cause global warming, is found in the fact that carbon levels are not higher despite all of their graphs showing how many emissions have occurred in the past century.  Where is the missing carbon?

  • increased growth of forests, especially in North America;
  • increased amounts of phytoplankton in the oceans;
  • uptake by desert soils (mechanism as yet unknown). 

That's right, all this missing carbon, that has gone into overdrive, according to the liars, has been sucked up by plants.  They won't tell you about the massive hole in their theory nor where the huge hole went, i.e. plants ate it.

Know Your Science

The only defense we have to people trying to impose taxes on us, based on a scientific argument is to actually go and research the science.  These people are clearly lying to all of us.  In fact, they have paid off researchers to lie for them.  It took the concerted efforts of other real scientists to put a stop to the charade.

The end result was that big business would get more money.  This was a shakedown to end all shakedowns.  How to get lots of money from the population and give it to big business.  When I say big businesses, I mean the global conglomerates, that all the horror movies are made from.

You need to mobilize yourselves and band together to vote anyone out of office that practices such open and obvious criminal activity.  Be adult about these issues and do not bury your head in the sand, hoping it will go away.  WE all want the easy life, but not at the expense of our very lives.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Swine Flu Scam Exposed: Council of Europe Sues World Health Organization and Pharmaceutical Companies (video)

H1N1 Scam Finally Comes Out Formally

I have been screaming that the swine flu was a scam from the very beginning, going on over a year now.  Finally those who actually have a brain have come full circle and realized that in fact there never was a Swine Flu epidemic.  Based on goading by pharmaceutical companies and non-medical advice, the World Health Organization [WHO] declared the Swine Flu to be a pandemic.  The same people paid off Barrack Obama to declare the Swine Flu to be a national Emergency in the United States.

I reported time and again that none of the data supported even a heightened awareness of the supposed flu.  I showed how states were reporting state by state that of the flu treatments they tested a majority of them came back with zero cases of Swine Flu and the other cases reported less than 1%.  The CDC however ignored the data and went ahead and declared America in a state of emergency.  There was no doubt in my mind the entire time that the CDC was on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies.  There is no other logical explanation when state by state is showing zero evidence of any Swine flu.

I also reported on doctors and scientists who were coming forward with evidence that the Swine Flu was a man-made virus to begin with and was intentionally leaked outside of the laboratory.

Now the WHO is under investigation along with pharmaceutical companies into their roll in causing this fraudulent panic which lead to country after country purchasing billions of dollars in, untested, vaccines.   I also reported on the deaths that were being caused by the vaccines and how people were contracting Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome (GBS) from the vaccine.

Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization
Yes I am gloating and loving that everything I reported on was true.  It is unfortunate that people died.  It is unfortunate that people are paralyzed for life, by the vaccines.  But, anyone who reads my articles and blindly turns away and doesn't even take a look at it, deserves everything they get.

I understand that people have doctors and that doctors are supposed to be the best authority on health, but time and time again it is proven that doctors are out for one thing: PAYMENT!  I don't know how many times can a report come out that doctors are prescribing medication that is rendering people, dead; scarred for life; paralyzed; riddled with cancer; liver failure; kidney failure.  How long must you blindly trust a doctor when the number 1 cause of death in America is from pharmaceutical drugs.  How long must you blindly trust doctors when the number 2 cause of death in America is from surgery malfeasance.  Yes that means that doctors are the number 1 and 2 causes of death in America due to prescribing you with toxic medication and or performing surgeries so badly that you die from how terrible the surgery the doctor performed was, not complications like infections, pure, straight, unadulterated doctor incompetence.

One day you're going to wake up and realize that pharmaceutical prescribing doctors know little to nothing about true health.  Only traditional doctors know about health.  Traditional doctors research cures for diseases.  Traditional doctors look at your vitamin levels and prescribe vitamins for you to take, to cure your illnesses.  Traditional doctors recognize that there is a pandemic and systematic vitamin deficiency that is rampant across the land.  Until we go back to traditional medicine we are going to end up with more of this insane Swine Flu scams on our hands.

Hundreds of  countries around the world, sit with nearly 100 million doses of vaccine in their warehouses, that are completely unneeded.  They signed contracts with pharmaceutical companies directly, since they are mostly socialist countries.  These contracts are now being looked at carefully to see why there are still over 100 million doses still left to be shipped to each country when there is absolutely no pandemic whatsoever.  It is unclear how many hospitals around this nation ordered the vaccine.

However, I did report that there were press releases that the vaccine was running out due to high demand.  I pointed out that this was all a lie.  Most Americans did not fall for the scam.

What is truly sad was that in Massachusetts the governor wrote himself powers to declare a state of emergency, giving him the power to declare martial law, stemming from this stupid Swine Flu scare.  And, the law was written in such a way that he could declare martial law at will, without any redress form the state legislature.  He also was able to force people to take vaccines, in that law.  I would hope the good people of Massachusetts would charge him with treason against the constitution of the united states and convict him and throw him in jail.

"According to the international investment bank JP Morgan, the pharmaceutical industry will make more than 7 Billion Euros this year on the sale of H1N1 vaccines."

I am also reminded of all of those protests that nurses and other medical workers went on to demand their right to refuse to take the horrible, untested h1n1 vaccine.

This, ladies and gentlemen, should be the biggest wake up call yet.

Council of Europe and Others to Sue W.H.O. and Pharmaceutical Companies

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Orochimaru: Worst Change of Mind in Writing Ever

Orochimaru was Too Powerful

Orochimaru of Naruto Anime
For those who do not know what Naruto is,... well have you been under a rock?  Ok seriously.  Naruto is a Japanese anime.  It is a run away smash hit in Japan.  It is watched during prime time t.v. in Japan and entire families sit and watch it.  It had a brief airing in America.  But, due to the Americanization of the anime and the horrible,  HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE voice acting and script rewrites, it was nearly immediately ditched to overwhelming audience backlash.  In fact, while the American version of Naruto was completely shut out by fans, views of the Japanese version of the series nearly doubled.  Apparently anything Americans touch is crap, is the message I guess.  That aside, let's assume you are an avid watcher of the Japanese version of the anime.  We will be discussing the ultimate villain in any anime ever: Orochimaru.

The author of the series wrote Orochimaru to be the complete antithesis of Naruto.  Naruto is:
  • kind
  • believes in the goodness of everyone
  • believes he can conquer even the worst self imposed demons he has
  • believes he can conquer even the worst self imposed demons in others
  • believes that everyone can be redeemed
  • believes that one day everyone will recognize him as their leader and protector
  • believes he can lead his village into peace and prosperity one day
So in the series, the author throws obstacle after obstacle at Naruto, which he overcomes.  He throws monstrous villains at Naruto, who either beats them up or gets them to recognize the goodness in their hearts.  Orochimaru was written to be the embodiment of complete malevolence.  His character has absolutely no redeeming qualities.

Orochimaru Evil Incarnate

Orochimaru Snake Master
Where Naruto is ultimate goodness, Orochimaru is ultimate evil.  But, Naruto isn't just a kid with ninja fighting training.  In true Japanese larger than life, earth shattering fashion, Naruto has a demon trapped inside of him, that is on par with a force of nature.  It is named the 9-tailed fox.  This demon has the power to annihilate entire cities with its roar.  It can smash mountains.  It can engulf whole forests in flame.  All of this is trapped inside of Naruto.

So Orochimaru, who was originally written to be opposite Naruto, had to be equally if not more powerful than a force of nature.  How could that be accomplished?  Easy!  Orochimaru was written as one of the 3 legendary ninjas of all time.  On top of that, he was more powerful than the other 2.  He knew every jutsu [ninja power and spell] ever known [even the forbidden jutsus] and invented more powers on his own.  So where Naruto was sheer brute force, and an awesome force indeed, Orochimaru was the equal and opposite power of the mind.

The Beginning of the End

The Nine Tailed Fox
It often happens in writing.  The author dreams up the ultimate villain or even just a really good villain, then he realizes that the hero of the story cannot overcome him, because he did not make the hero powerful enough.  So they then set out to detract on the villain.

This is exactly what happened in Naruto.  Instead of building Naruto up, the author decided that Orochimaru would not be the focus of being the arch nemesis to Naruto.

Why?  Because of the way he wrote the Naruto character.  Remember the list above?  All of this is housed inside a little boy.  Even when the anime progresses and naruto is now 12 years old instead of 6 years old, he still has little boy qualities.  These little boy qualities cannot overcome an Orochimaru character.

You would have a scenario where the two would come up against each other and Naruto would have to transform into this logical thinking character, with a penchant to utterly destroy Orochimaru, i.e. Orochimaru would have to be killed.  Why?  Because, Orochimaru has no redeeming qualities and therefore would not ever be remorseful of the things he has done, i.e. human experimentation, torture, murder, mass-murder, etc.  Naruto does not kill people.

So the Orochimaru character was written too perfectly, as a villain.  And, instead of going back on the Naruto character and making him into more of an adult, with the ability to straight up kill someone, the author took the low road and just emasculated Orochimaru.  All of a sudden other villain type characters were able to beat the Orochimaru character and virtually take him out of the picture.

The idiocy of this bad writing is apparent from anyone's perspective.  Here you have a villain so powerful that he can beat the other 2 legendary ninjas singlehandedly, but two teenagers on separate occassions beat him without effort?

I despise this vehemently.  It happens in movies a lot: The Jackal; most vampire movies.. etc [ I can't think of more off the top of my head ]  They always start out with a super villain, but by the end of the movie he cannot tie his shoelaces correctly and a fluffy bunny attacks his jugular and he dies in 3 seconds.

This is what was done to this character Orochimaru.  Instead of making the series really interesting and making a coming of age story, i.e. we watch naruto grow up, train and become more powerful than the most powerful legendary ninja, Naruto instead, is kept acting like an imbecile and can barely beat Star Trek red shirts.  It is just plain awful.

Orochimaru: Best Villain Ever

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Perspective: Playing Video Games as a Black Boy

I Can Only Be White

That sends out a strong message to children.  Only white people can be heroes.  In fact, not only can only white people be heroes, but only white people can be arch-nemesis too.  Black people in video games are relegated to a status of not 2nd class citizens, but 3rd, 4th or insignificant class citizens.  And, while some gaming companies make a minimal effort to include darker hues in their heroic characters, the characters remain white for all intents and purposes.  They are white people with a tan, nothing more.


Black Wizard
Too often white people think of only their perspective on things.  If Black people speak up and say anything, white people overreact and claim that the Black person is being illogical and uncompromising.  It is quite the double standard.  Most white people that react this way are not being intellectually honest.  Obviously, the white perspective on things is not the only perspective on things.  Even those white people that propose to try and help the Black man, can only still see things from the white perspective.

I am presenting, the real perspective of gaming from a Black man's perspective, mine.  I am nothing, if not intellectually honest about the entire situation.  Now while there are those who control gaming companies to put in storylines that seek to hammer home messages of "continued poverty is good" for everyone, this is not my focus for this particular article.  Yes, I know it goes on and we all suffer for that.  And, if you need me to do an article on that, I will.  After all, I am Libertarian, I see the system that seeks to pit all of us against each other while it grows to mammoth size in plain view.  Yes yes, you have my ear on that.  But, this article is for you to understand how Black children are continually made to feel inferior while "being entertained".

Kneejerk Reactions to Black Perspectives

Most often, white people will have a kneejerk reaction to Black people that speak up about their situation or their perspective on any given topic.  It happens all the time in politics.  Now that the president is half Black, these reactions occur more and more often.

Let's set the playing field for this gaming discussion.  Noone will have a kneejerk reaction until the entire article is read.  So often people read the first paragraphs of my articles and write a comment.  I have to then point out that what they were reacting to was completely refuted in the last half of the article.

I watched a video of a Black man that also is a "gamer" discussing Blacks in video games.  The reaction that the white commentators had were just out the box.
  • Censorship - some said that it was unnecessary to even make such a video.  While this might seem like a very warm and caring comment to make, at the end of the day it's censorship.  So if he followed those guidelines, he would never speak, i.e. censorship.
  • Hate - some reacted with poor hatred, as in "don't play the game then".  Apparently Black people can either pay their money and suffer through the annoying treatment of Black people in video games or not play any video games.
As you can see both sides - the caring side and the hating side - had the same end result: shut up Black man.

Black People in Video Games

Black Buddha
One of the most popular and ... over the top violent game series to date is Grand Theft Auto.  If anyone takes two seconds to look into it in real life, they would see that white people have cornered the market in this underground industry.  There have been movies made about it, books, news reports.  While the game is not strictly focused on GTA, it is a component in the game.  The focus of this game series, for those who do not know, or for those who are too dense to realize what is going on, even while they play it, is that your hero, and that term is used lightly, is attempting to climb the ranks of some organized crime organization / family.  There was an entire expansion dedicated to a Black version of the hero.  He did sound "black".  He did have a bunch of Black friends.  In all the other GTA games, the hero climbs the ranks of an organized crime syndicate.  For the Black installment of the game, he's just a gang-banger.  And, as far as sounding "Black", it's a caracature of how Black people are portrayed on T.V. today, no-class, no-school, rapper, jail-loving, shuckin and jiving negros.  Apparently, Black people, once again, cannot be organized.  What is strange is that all other installments of the game, went througout the world to find a particular ethnic organized crime syndicate to portray in the game.  With the Black installment, they ignored the thousands of Black organized crime syndicates and just put South Central in the game.

Black Heroes in Games

As mentioned at the beginning, Black gamers are relegated to the outside when it comes to playing heroic characters.  Young Black boys, who play video games will quickly get the message, subtle or otherwise, that to be heroic, you must be white.  I probably have over 500 video games sitting next to me in my library.  Other than GTA, as mentioned above, all the heroic characters are white, or worse, a white woman.  And, before you get up in arms about the word worse, understand that the target for 90% of video games are boys / men.  Making the hero of a story, a violent story at that, a woman, messes up all sorts of gender issues: violence again women for starters; emasculation of men.  Playing a white, female, hero is not something you should want your little Black son to be doing.  It's bad enough the games are violent.  You definitely do not want him identifying a female as the focus of his persona.

For the most part Black characters fall into 3 categories:
  • The Monkey - the screaming, permanently angry boss type non-player-character that is "over there" and that you only see when you have done something wrong, so he's angry and throws poop at you.  It is very subtle in its delivery, but this is how the portrayal is.  You can find this in movies too.
  • The flunky - the fodder that you wade through to get to characters with lines or boss fight.
  • Invisible - you can have a game with a city system with 1 million people in it, and there won't even be a Black face in the crowd.  I don't know if the developers are just wishing there would be a city like this or what, but it's amazing to see.  FYI, Black people are in every city in the world.  No, not African-Americans, Black people, you know the ones form Africa.
The message is clear:
  1. Black people [who look and act like real black people, not two dimensional stereotypes] cannot be heroic, smart, smooth, eloquent, daring, brave, charming, dashing and wise
  2. Black people cannot be villains who are: conniving, sinister, daring, geniuses, educated, powerful, resourceful.
  3. Black people cannot even be victims: damsels in distress; worthy of saving; innocent; by-standers; beautiful; alluring; hopeless.

Think for a second, if you were making a fantastic story, those 3 things would be all you need to make it epic.  And, this is not how Black people are portrayed in 99.99999999% of the games.

So many years, I have played games where you couldn't even pick a Black person.  I could choose between a white man and 20 different sub-human races, including animals, but not a Black man. LOL  Isn't that crazy?  I could be a werewolf, but not a Black man.  I could be a two legged goat that talks, but not a Black man.  I could be an Elven female with breasts that could float the Titanic, but not a Black man.

Black Wizards, Witches and Paladins?

It has been argued that there can't be Black wizards and paladins in video games because that was only in Europe.  Well, sparky, unless you're a complete lunatic, there were no white wizards, mages, sorcerers, conjurers and magicians in Europe either.  The entire premise is fantasy.  And, if I read history correctly, the most fantastic tales of magic come from the African continent.  White explorers were actually afraid to venture there because of the tales of high magic.  Even those that did travel there, for a long time stayed on their ships, because they were afraid of going into the deep interior due to these tales.  And, no it wasn't about lions and tigers they feared, remember they hunted those, it was the fear of magic.

Morpheus = God of Dreams
It amazes me that people can believe in a white wizard, but a Black wizard is just too unbelievable.  I understand that little to no knowledge of the largest continent on the planet is taught in schools, but surely someone has picked up a book somewhere and read about the snake king, or the virgin birth magic, or the kingdom of gold.  Am I blowing your mind yet?  I bet you don't know anything about those tales.  One of them is completely true.  The others... I assume were just wive's tales.

A comedian was doing a skit and he said people are stupid and here's why: "in the harry potter book the author revealed that Dumbledor is gay.  People were up in arms and said they could not believe he was gay.  But, they could believe he was a wizard, but not that he was gay."

That's the same way I think about the Black wizard argument.  I just shake my head when people say stuff like that.


For me, it's too late.  I'm not impressionable any more.  But for your young Black boys, please choose their games carefully.  Do not reinforce the message that only white people can be heroes.  Do not buy them games like that.  Yes, that means you have to sit down and look at the game.  Yes, that means you have to be a Black parent to your children.

If you're one of these new age parents that have to hold a conference with your child if you say no, go ahead and get them to first understand what is going on, and get their agreement, that it is better not to play the game. [in my day if Mama said no, it was no.  There was no U.N. meeting about it.]  But, make sure you get agreement from them that it is better form them not to get the game.  This way, they won't sneak and get the game behind your back.  Go and research games that portray Black people are real live heroes.  Go and research games that show that Black people can be evil, nuclear physicist geniuses and not pimps and prostitutes.

It is going to take someone like me starting up a gaming company myself, I believe, before Black people are fairly and adequately and EPICLY portrayed in video games.  Let's face it.  You don't play a video game to watch someone plant tomatoes.  Oh wait, that stupid Sims game does exist.  Ok, normal humans don't want that.  They want larger than life heroes and larger than life villains.  Ergo, visa vis, concordantly, the Black people in video games should be: larger than life.  Black people in video games should be Heroes, in every sense of the word.  Black people in video games should be villains, in every sense of the word.  Black people in video games should be victims, in every sense of the word.


A Black actor put his resume online and asked to be written into a series as a Black gamer.  Everyone white person that commented on his profile all came with hate and told him to shut up and not bring up race.  On the show there are no Black people.  Not even in the background. LOL  It's a double standard.  Don't bring up race, but we don't want Black people on the show.  Makes me laugh.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Libertarian View on Gay Marriage

How Libertarians Should View the Gay Marriage Debate

Gay Marriage
Since I received hate male about my article that presented all of the legal arguments surrounding gay marriage, I am going to take a completely different road and come out of left field and derail the entire issue altogether.

I will show you why a libertarian government would be the best government for all parties concerned, both gay and straight.  Everyone thinks a third party has no chance in hell in running the country: i.e. both houses and the presidency, but let me show you how your current system avoids the tough issues and keeps everyone at each other's throats with no hope of a real solution, nor discussion.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Police Gun Down Woman in Her Own Home After Census Worker Complaint

67 Year Old Woman Gunned Down in Her Own Home

Yuba City
Everyone who reads the story, always fall on the side of the police.  There would never be a case where the police report, written by the very cops in question, would ever indicate their own culpability.  I am going to give you the side of the police as it appears in the general media.  Then, I will give you my own personal speculation as to what really happened.

The story actually changes from reporter to reporter, but these are the facts as I have gathered them.:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letter to CDC Corncerning Fluorine and Fluorides

Fluoride Compound Poisonous to Humans and Livestock

Exposure to Fluorine

In a PDF fact sheet about fluorides you said it prevents tooth decay. I think this statement needs to be removed. Itis not based in any scientific fact and would lead the common civilian to believe it is medically safe to handle fluorides or even ingest it.

Fluorides are highly toxic to humans and livestock. I was shocked that someone at the CDC would pretend
otherwise. Whomever wrote the fact sheet should probably lose their job over such a patently false and misleading statement. Fluorides in fact leads to the degradation of teeth and bones, mental instability, neurological damage, i.q. damage and lowering, lowered sperm count, infertility, brittle bones, skin irritation, eye irritation, respiratory tract chronic disorders, heart disorders and damage, cancer and of course death.