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Sunday: To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice guest post T.W.

Obey All of God's Word

Cast Out of Eden
Man's disobedience to God has been an issue from early Creation. Most people will be forced to agree with this. Remember Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. If Adam and Eve had obeyed God, and "not" the Serpent, we would all be still roaming around in the Garden, enjoying ourselves, and giving birth to obedient children, without pain.Instead most of us are shaking in our boots, and wondering if we are really going to spend eternity in heaven.

Just as Adam and Eve had a problem obeying God in their day, we as servants of God, still struggle with the issue of obedience. I know, because I struggle with the same problem.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Can't Prove Racism: The Case of McDonald's

Is This Racism?

Real Live Advertisement for McDonald's
It's very hard to prove racism these days, in hiring.  But at 50% unemployment in some communities of Blacks, especially men, the numbers should speak for themselves.  I would like to present to you, now and again, evidence of racism, without having to prove that someone came out and said "we don't hire "n" here".

Is McDonald's Racist

Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie Review: "Legion" is God Awful

Legion the Movie Review

Seriously, I don't want to review this movie, it was just that bad.  Ok, out on DVD is legion.  For us Christians, and I guess Jews [I'm not sure], this movie about angels and God would be interesting.  Yes, there's a guy with wings in it, and yes they mention "Him" about 50 times, in one sentence.  I counted.  But, it has nothing to do with Christian, nor Jewish, angels and nothing about God.  I mean, the Bible has to be the most widely read book in the history of man.  It is still a top seller.  So, why was nothing in this movie based on the Bible?

Don't get me wrong.  I love an original screenplay as much as the next guy, but this was just... bad AND blasphemous?  Who goes out on a limb to piss half the world off, on a budget of ... what $100 million? LOL

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ave Maria Guarani: by Ennio Moricone from The Movie "The Mission" (video)

Ave Maria Guarani

[ I present this for posterity.  This is one of my favorite movies and the soundtrack is just Godly to me.  Here is a very sad and soulful rendition of Ave Maria done by the Guarani Indians of South America, who were conquered by the conquistadors and were savagely raped, beaten and burned.  All the while the church stood by and gave their consent to all of this.  Yes, including the pope and the Jesuits.  Don't misunderstand, I blame not the church, but I do blame the men.  Not every Catholic is evil, nor is every Jesuit.  But, surely every conquistador was evil.  What do you call rape, pillage and plunder for self greed and throwing the church and the crown some morsels so they [the pope and crown] don't slaughter you [the conquistador] themselves for being insolent.  It was greed, mixed in with politics.]

Ave Maria Guarani Lyrics

Ave Maria
quae nos Deo coniungis
Inter hominum
electa universi
multitudinem memorares
ne obliviscaris naturam tuam
at Deo restituax
nos dilectos
Cum nobis panem fregit
Cum nobis panem fregit
Cum nobis panem fregit
Sancta Maria
nobis doceas
Ut omnibus
assentiamus cum humilitate

[I am not 100% on those lyrics. I had a translation, or shall I say, a direct copy of the lyrics years ago, and they were different. However, when listening to the song while reading the lyrics they do seem to fit. The original was supposed to be a mixture of Guarani and Latin.]

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School Takes in Juvenile Delinquents and Does Nothing: Shocking Success

Could You Be Feeding Your Child a Ticket to Jail

Here's the setup.  Problem children who have had a history of acting up and being kicked out of several schools are taken to a special high-school.  There are no meetings.  There are no group sessions.  There is no counseling for the children.  So how is it that the school has no security guards nor any problem out of the children?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Police Murder a Man's Dogs, Break Down His Front Door and Terrorize his Wife and Children


"This video shows a search warrant served by the Columbia Mo. police department. The cops bust in this guys house in the middle of the night and shoot his two dogs (one a pit bull that was caged in the kitchen and the other a Corgi) with children in the home. It turns out that rather than a big time drug dealer, this guy had a small pipe with some resin in it, a grinder, and what the cops here call "a small amount of marijuana" (meaning less than a few grams). We here in Columbia want everyone to know what kind of police department we have here, check out our "finest" in action." - Psychostyle

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kathy Griffith and the D List

Unfunny, Unattractive and Obvious, and Those are Kathy Griffin's Good Qualities

So a new neighbor moved into the complex, white guy, single and of course homosexual. [ just sayin facts ] He's loud, boisterous and broke. I lent him a power chord the fist day I met. Hey, I'm a nice guy. Wanna fight about it? So invariably, this loud, boisterous, chubby, gay guy likes to talk about rather serious subjects. And, he asks me my opinions. Now I've been knowing this guy for all of 5 days. Invariably he gets upset at my answers.

Blizzard Working on a Super Secret MMO and the Fall of World of Wacraft: Cataclysm

Bad Reviews for Cataclysm

World of Warcraft - Cataclysm

Tons of reviews by professionals and fans alike have been pouring into the web. I have yet to see one that is positive. Couple that with fan comments on the reviews and you have a staggering situation where Blizzard / Activision might lose money on the expansion. What is shocking is that Blizzard is proud of their changes and see no reason to reconsider them.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday: The Persistence of a Mother - guest post T.W.

How a Mother Should Love

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines the word Schism as "Division or Separation". The word Schism could be used to describe "racism", which is a division or separation of people. In the Old Testament, the Lord called Abraham to Himself, and made out of Abraham a people called Israel, or the Hebrews. After God called and made the nation of Israel, the rest of the people were then known as Gentiles. So there was a division between God's people, the Jews and the Gentiles. The Israelites, in times past, had a right, even a commandment "not" to mingle with the ungodly people, but when Jesus came on the scene, He broke down the barrier between the Jews and the Gentiles, and made it possible for all men to be saved.

Sunday: Spoiled Brats in the Kingdom guest post T.W.

Facing What Makes You Uncomfortable Like a Man

How many of you remember the Mexican comedy El Chavo del Ocho, an off shoot of the well known Mexican comedy El Chapulin Colorado. In the show El Chavo del Ocho, Mister Villagran played a character named Quico, who was an adult who dressed up like a kid. In fact, he played the part of a spoil brat, who was always crying about this or that. Some of us in the Kingdom of God is like Quico. Though we should be all grown up in God, we still sometimes act like spoil brats.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Etiquette: How to Treat a Lady


Let's bring back a touch of elegance and class to our country. The manners and language of a country exemplifies how well they live. One can literally take a social measuring stick and get a perfect view of how well the citizens life according how well mannered they are. The less well mannered they are, the lower their standard of living. It is quite simple to understand that the further away from being animal-like one behaves, the better standard of living one has. The reverse is equally true. The better one's manners, the higher one's standard of living will climb.

Etiquette: How a Child Should Act in Public


Let's bring back a touch of elegance and class to our country. The manners and language of a country exemplifies how well they live. One can literally take a social measuring stick and get a perfect view of how well the citizens life according how well mannered they are. The less well mannered they are, the lower their standard of living. It is quite simple to understand that the further away from being animal-like one behaves, the better standard of living one has. The reverse is equally true. The better one's manners, the higher one's standard of living will climb.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Your Daily Encouragement

[I was going to go into a long tirade about how Black people tear me and each other down more than any other race on the face of the planet. I would know, because I have lived in more than 20 countries in my short life. But, I am not going to go into that negativity. Instead I give you these word of encouragement that I would hope you would read daily and keep in your heart.]

It's a Matter of Race: How the Government Confused Millions

What Race are you?

Never shy to discuss a topic in detail, I picked up the story of how the census confused millions of Latinos around the country. At the end of the day, language is about communication. On this topic I have to actually ... DRUM ROLL... agree with the government. I know, stop laughing. It happens sometimes. Who'da thunk it? Me, Mister Antiestablishment, agreeing with "THE MAN". Ah well, I never close my brain off to the truth, even if it comes from the mouths of devils. So let's get into the story.

What to do If Your Car Has Been Towed

What a Notary Can do to Help If Your Car is Towed

Sometimes it just happens. You are at an event with thousands of people and there is no parking, anywhere. So you park in an alley, thinking it's out of the way and you can get to it easily. You come back later and it is gone. You receive a text message that your car has been towed or the shop owner next to the alley informs you that "there's no parking in my alley, it's for deliveries only." Funny that there's only deliveries at 9a.m. on Tuesdays, but what you gonna do.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday: Worshipping God verses Worshipping Idols guest post Pastor T.W.

American Idolatry

I find it amazing how many people today are involved in idolatry of many kinds. In this story Paul is at Athens, Greece, having been sent away from Berea, by the Brethren, for his own protection. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Ghost had fallen afresh on the disciples, and those that were with them. Paul had also received the Holy Ghost after receiving prayer from Ananias, Acts 9:17. So Paul was very bold, and on fire for God. Some of the Brethren then had brought Paul to Athens and left him there. In Athens Paul encountered Idol worship.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What is the Single Most Effective Way You Personally Can Help Get America Out of this Economic Depression

What Can You Do

I do not think a lot of people are aware of what is really going on with the economy right now. They do not want to hear any more about the economy. They do not want to watch the news talk about the economy. But, the truth of the matter is, regardless of all the speeches, talks and news broadcasts, not one person is telling you: what really is going on; why it is going on; and what you can do to stop it. I have already gone over in my economic blog what were some of the reason of this economic depression. What I would like to discuss today is what you can do personally to take control of your financial destiny, AND in so doing it, help your fellow citizen take control of his financial destiny by proxy.

You might be wondering, why you would be influenced to help your fellow citizen take control of his financial destiny. The answer is simple. By doing what I am about to reveal to you, you are helping yourself. If just 30% of the population helps themselves, this economic depression will be over.