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Terrorism: It's All a Lie

Islam is it Really Evil? Are there Really Boogie Men?

I've been researching, watching documentaries, reading up on our little angelic republic and Islam and Osama Bin Laden, and Mr Saddam Hussein.

I'm gonna mess up this quote I'm sure, "news of my death has been greatly exaggerated".

It seems in both cases we not only trained, sold them weapons, made contracts with them, but out and out lied about how bad they were 0.o

It is staggering how awful and HUGE the lies are about these two men.

Oh Oh, and then I found out "terrorism" INCLUDING 9/11 is responsible for a whopping 5,000 American deaths, ever. FIVE THOUSANDS DEATHS! THAT'S A 5 WITH 3 ZEROS. That's it? Wait what?

[ pictured left, real Osama 2001 left, fake Osama 2006 right ] Dude seriously. Honestly. Tell me. What in God's HOLY name is going on? five thousand people. More soldiers have died in Iraq than all the Americans combined have died due to terrorism. 150,000 people die every year from heart disease alone.

When I found out about Osama not being the leader of a terrorist sleeper cell... WAIT when I found out that "AL QUA EDA" is a made up CIA word meaning LITERALLY - "the list" of the Afghanistan freedom fighters. There is no "group" called Al Qua Eda. Then when you go to the CIA website, of the most wanted list, Bin Laden is not wanted in connection withe 9/11, at all. In fact there is no mention of 9/11. Not only that, the CFR, has the full confession by Bin Laden himself saying he not only did not do 9/11, but knew nothing about it. From the information I've looked over from the CIA, the CFR and other actual credible and direct sources, Osama Bin Laden and the Bin Laden Saudi family are welcomed friends by the U.S. government. Man I tell you, I wanted to burn my bra... err... underwear. [declassified materials]

"Al-Qaida,(sic) literally 'the database,' was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians," admits former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, whose Foreign Office portfolio included control of British Intelligence Agency MI-6 and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), in a column published by the UK Guardian newspaper.

In other words, the so-called Al Qaeda, which has been promoted by the Media Cartel as the cause of all bombings and terrorism since the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, is simply a database of CIA trained "terrorists" (or "freedom fighters," depending on your perspective) which has become a convenient Global Boogeyman for the 21st Century.

Overall, the U.S. government looked favorably on the Arab recruitment drives. ... Some of the most ardent cold warriors at [CIA headquarters at] Langley thought this program should be formally endorsed and extended. ... [T]he CIA "examined ways to increase their participation, perhaps in the form of some sort of international brigade," ... Robert Gates [then-head of the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence] recalled. ... At the Islamabad station Milt Bearden felt that bin Laden himself "actually did some very good things" ... But nothing came of it ...

But J. Michael Springmann, head of the non-immigrant visa section at the "CIA-dominated" US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1987-88, said he learned that the CIA had a "program to bring people to the United States for terrorist training, people recruited by the CIA and its asset Usama bin Laden, and the idea was to get them trained and send them back to Afghanistan to fight the then Soviets." "Their nationalities for the most part were Pakistani, Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese." These "recruits without backgrounds" were given visas over Springmann's protests.

WAIT, then I found out that all the 9/11 hijackers are all alive, yes all 19 are alive and well. [ correction 18 are alive, one was already dead before 2001 ] In fact one was issued an apology by our own government.

However as soon as the list of "hijackers" was published, doubts began to arise. Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told the Arabic Press after meeting with President George W. Bush on Sept. 20th, "It was proved that five of the names included in the FBI list had nothing to do with what happened." 1. Saeed Alghamdi, 2. Mohand Alshehri, 3. Abdul aziz Alomari, 4. Salem Alhazmi

Saudi officials at the embassy were unable to verify the whereabouts of the fifth accused hijacker, 5. Khalid Al-Mihdhar. However, Arab newspapers say Al-Mihdhar is still alive.

A sixth person on the FBI's list, Saudi national 6. Waleed Alshehri, is living in Casablanca, according to an official with the Royal Air Moroc, the Moroccan commercial airline. According to the unnamed official, Alshehri lived in Dayton Beach, Fla., where he took flight training at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Now he works for a Moroccan airline. On Sept. 22, Associated Press reported that Alshehri had spoken to the U.S. embassy in Morocco. "His photograph was released by the FBI, and has been shown in newspapers and on television around the world. That same Mr Al-Shehri has turned up in Morocco, proving clearly that he was not a member of the suicide attack. " - Daily Trust 24th September 2001 "He was reported to have been in Hollywood, Florida, for a month earlier this year but his father, Ahmed, said that Waleed was alive and well and living in Morocco."

2 men with same name cobbled together into terrorist

Omari Number 1
7. Mr. Al-Omari, a pilot with Saudi Airlines, walked into the US embassy in Jeddah to demand why he was being reported as a dead hijacker in the American media.

"a pilot with Saudi Airlines, was astonished to find himself accused of hijacking ­ as well as being dead ­ and has visited the US consulate in Jeddah to demand an explanation." - Independent 17th September 2001

Omari Number 2
8. " a Saudi man has reported to authorities that he is the real Abdulaziz Alomari, and claims his passport was stolen in 1995 while he studied electrical engineering at the University of Denver. Alomari says he informed police of the theft." - ABCNews "I couldn't believe it when the FBI put me on their list. They gave my name and my date of birth, but I am not a suicide bomber. I am here. I am alive. I have no idea how to fly a plane. I had nothing to do with this." - Telegraph 23rd September 2001 "Alomari has since been found in Saudi Arabia and is apparently cleared in the case" - New York Times

9. Mr. Al-Ghamdi is still alive and well and at his job for Tunis Air "I was completely shocked. For the past 10 months I have been based in Tunis with 22 other pilots learning to fly an Airbus 320. The FBI provided no evidence of my presumed involvement in the attacks." - Telegraph 23rd September 2001 "..not dead and had nothing to do with the heinous terror attacks in New York and Washington." - Saudi embassy

10. "Mr Al-Hamzi is 26 and had just returned to work at a petrochemical complex in the industrial eastern city of Yanbou after a holiday in Saudi Arabia when the hijackers struck. He was accused of hijacking the American Airlines Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon." - Telegraph 23rd September 2001

11. Ahmed Alnami (Flight 93) "I'm still alive, as you can see. I was shocked to see my name mentioned by the American Justice Department. I had never even heard of Pennsylvania where the plane I was supposed to have hijacked." He had never lost his passport and found it "very worrying" that his identity appeared to have been "stolen" and published by the FBI without any checks. The FBI had said his "possible residence" was Delray Beach in Florida. " - Telegraph 23rd September 2001

12. Ameer Bukhari "Ameer Bukhari died in a small plane crash last year. " - CNN Correction [ that would have been he died in 2000. Poor guy, may he rest in peace. And hopefully the FBI will apologize for smearing a dead man's name. ]

13. Adnan Bukhari "Adnan Bukhari is still in Florida" - CNN Correction

14. Amer Kamfar "..that a suspect sought by the FBI, Amer Kamfar, was in fact an alive pilot in Arabia. " - Wal Fadjri 21st September 2001 [translate]

15. "Saudi Embassy officials in Washington have challenged his identity. They say a Saudi electrical engineer named Abdulaziz Alomari had his passport and other papers stolen in 1996 in Denver when he was a student and reported the theft to police there at the time. " - BBC
The others are missing or no one knows who the FBI meant by those names. Nearly every one of the men named have all been cleared. Quite a few of them actually work in the U.S. military. Isn't that strange? The Saudi Airlines pilot, along with the airlines considered suing the FBI for defamation of character, of both the pilot and the airline. Needless to say, the FBI blew it off. But still has all 19 on their website.

Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI, has twice been forced to admit on CNN that there is "no legal proof to prove the identities of the suicidal hijackers". identities of the hijackers LATimes The Director of the FBI FBI MUELLER identify hijacker said on September 20 in response to the question: Do you still have a high level of confidence that you can accurately identify the hijackers?

MR. MUELLER: I know I said at the outset that I had a high level of confidence on the identities of the hijackers. We have several hijackers whose identities were those of the names on the manifests. We have several others that are still in question. So it's ... the investigation is ongoing, and I am not certain as to several of the others.

WAIT, when I found out that we tried to force Saddam Hussein to accept World Bank loans and he refused; threatened him, and he refused; cause an uprising, and the people refused; ... send in assassin squads, who failed; .... Man, I tell you, this country of ours.

What is going on?

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Obama Declares Swine Flu National Emergency: LIES Do Not get the Swine Flu Vaccine

Swine Flu Vaccine: Cause of Thousands of Deaths

1976 46 million took the swine flu shot. 4,000 Americans brought law suits against the U.S. government amounting to $3.5 billion in damages because of what happened after taking the shot. Two thirds of the claims were for neurological damage or even death triggered by the flu shot.

The government scared people into taking the shot by saying it was the same strain that caused the pandemic of 1918 and 1919 that resulted in over one half million dead in the U.S. as well as twenty million around the world.

People came down with GuillainBarré syndrome (GBS), normally a 1 in 100,000 chance of getting this ultra rare neurological immune attacking disease, people were getting it left and right, after taking the swine flu shot. At best you could be confined to a wheel chair, at worst death. And in 1976 hundreds of people died just from that swine flu shot.

A nurse who took the shot on wednesday last week is still feeling sick.
She got high fever and shivers from the swine flu shot. "I was shaking in my whole body. "It was so sever that I could not even hold a glass of water in my hand," Lotta Lindström says. "I am now thinking about what it is I have been injected with. I really was affected. It feels really unpleasant."

What was the scare about in 1976? An army soldier died after catching the flu. However, the facts were never revealed. There were 4 other soldiers that came down with the same flu. The 4 other soldiers fully recovered. The one that died however, from his sickbed, got up and went on a forced march and then died.

There were no other cases of people dying from the same strain of flu. Also the vaccine that was developed to cure the strain was never tested. Also the public was not informed about any side effects, other than arm soreness, fever and discomfort.

Maria Strindlund is not so sure she made the right choice to take the shot.
She also got a severe fever and shivering reaction. "Since I work as a nurse I decided it was the best thing to do," she says. At first she felt nothing from the vaccinaton, but a few hours later the side effects kicked in. "I got a extreme pain in my arm. I could no longer lift it." The came the fever and the shivering. "I was lying in bed shivering and was feeling very cold and stood in a hot shower to get warm." She says many colleguse who also took the vaccine have had similar reactons.

The CDC had been told that there could be severe consequences with immunizing the public with the swine flu vaccine, however they chose to ignore the warnings and failed the warn the public.

There is no research going into any of these vaccines. Also, these "deaths" are completely false and made up. When you request to see the evidence of the blood sample taken from the corpses of the dead people, there is no evidence of a swine flue nor any other virus. Several reporters have requested the samples be made available for medical observation and none of them have been given.

Swine flu, or any other flu is not fatal to a healthy adult. In fact, if you take at least 2,000 I.U. of Vitamin D, it will completely immunize you from the flu and get rid of any symptoms you might currently have. It is unconscionable what the "medical" profession is doing by going along with this farce of a vaccine. The CDC was sued for billions of dollars when the swine flu vaccine crippled, maimed and caused the deaths of thousands.

The End Game

Of course you have to follow the money. The end result is that this scare is being drummed up for you and your insurance companies to pay for these vaccines. Imagine how many billions, no trillions of dollars are going to be spent worldwide just on this one vaccine.

The drum beat started slow. As more and more time went on and it was found that people were not startled into taking the vaccine like they did in 1976, the drum beat got louder and louder. It is now to the point that the president of the United States of America is declaring a national emergency to get you to pay for this vaccine.

Another nurse Jennely could hardly walk five meters after she got sick from the 'swine flu' vaccination. She was completely healthy when she got the shot but the day after she had 39 degrees centigrade fever (102.2 F). "I could hardly walk the five meters I had to the bathroom," she says. The fever lasted for three days. Several of her colleagues at work had similar experiences. "I know of at least ten that got fever, we are about 80 people at my workplace."

This is an abuse of power and authority, the likes of which the world has never seen before. No president of a country should ever declare a national emergency outside the threat of invasion. Let me impress upon you how serious these words are. Our president is declaring that he can now invoke martial law across the land, declare curfew, call the national guard, call the military since they repealed posse comitatus forbidding the military from being used inside the united states, force you to take vaccines, force your children to take vaccines upon threat of prison. This is very DIRE. We are in danger of being thrown in jail if we do not take this vaccine. The president can declare martial law and throw U.S. citizens in jail for not taking the vaccine. The president can declare you an unfit parent and take your children away if you refuse to make them take the vaccine.

You should be mad as hell over this. The facts are:

  • a healthy adult cannot contract swine flu
  • swine flu has never been proven to cause 1 death, due to solely symptoms of the flu
  • swine flu is a made up virus
  • vitamin D in appropriate amounts kills any, ANY, AAAAAAANNNNNNNYYYYY virus
  • you do not need a flu shot
  • the swine flu vaccine was not tested
  • the swine flu vaccine causes neurological damage and leads to death
  • the swine flue vaccine contains mercury and a whole host of other toxins
There is absolutely no reason why you should be forced to take any vaccine, even less a vaccine that was not tested. You should never be forced to make your child take a vaccine. In fact threatening to take your child and jail you, for not giving the vaccine to your child should be grounds for major human rights violations, civil rights violations and constitutional rights violations. Anyone who would threaten you and your children over healthcare has overstepped the bounds of their own authority. No one can dictate to you, to force you to pay for a procedure concerning your own health or the health of your children. You have an undeniable, God given right over your own body, and the body of your loved ones. You are the ultimate authority of your body, and by proxy the ultimate authority over your children.

What You Don't Know Could Kill You

If you think 2,000 i.u. or 4,000 i.u. of vitamin D is too much, consider this: just 15 minutes in the sun will get you over 30,000 i.u. of vitamin D. I recommend you definitely take vitamin D in the fall all the way to the beginning of summer at least. There may be days in summer that you don't get out in the sun as well, so I recommend you take it year round.

If you have an emergency and really think you need to knock something out fast, take echinecia pills. Also, take a 30 day mega dose of Vitamin C. A mega dose is 10,000 i.u. or 50,000 i.u. or 100,000 i.u of Vitamin C. Studies have shown that diseases in the presence of a mega dose of vitamin cannot live. These studies date back all the way to the 1960s. The reason you don't know about them? [ might be your question ] Is that there is no money in a $30.00 bottle of vitamin C every month. Also, for those afraid of taking a mega dose of Vitamin C, it is water soluble. Meaning, you take the vitamin and it dissolves in water and is carried out through urine for the part your body does not use. Also, you might hear someone saying, "don't take mega doses of vitamins, it just makes for expensive urine." Either they are in the medical profession or industry themselves, or they have not had the benefit of seeing the studies on vitamins. Therefore ignore such charlatans. Nutrition has always been the foundation for perfect health.

Every study that has given a mega dose of Vitamins to their patients have show significant results in the patients. You don't need to maintain mega doses of vitamins. Upkeep of vitamins is relatively small, only 1,000 or 2,000 i.u. daily for upkeep. It is when you develop something or are malnourished in something, that you need to take the mega doses.

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Medicating Your Kids

Are You Falling Prey to Giant Pharmaceutical Companies

If you own a business, the lifeblood of that business is to get your product out there and sold. The more people your sell your product to, the better. Some times products do not do so well. If you are the actual inventor of the product, you try and repackage the product and put it back out there. Some times millions of dollars go into researching these products. If you're a giant pharmaceutical company, the amount of dollars put in research is staggering. And, a lot of times these products do not work, no matter how much money they put into them. These huge companies however have to answer to boards, stockholders, overseers. As such, instead of throwing away a product that doesn't work, they put it out there anyway.


One such product was fluoride. If you just casually research where fluoride comes from you get a very startling look into what you thought was something actually good for you, when in fact it's toxic waste:

[excerpt taken from instructions on how to produce sodium fluoride]
"I'm going to assume you want 100ppm by mass, since this is really the only way that makes sense with a solid and liquid. First, you need to get a fluoride salt. I will use sodium fluoride as an example - it may or may not matter which salt depending on what you're trying to do. Be careful, fluoride compounds can be toxic. Second, you need to figure out what percentage of the salt is actually fluoride. To do this in our example, first look up the molecular weights of sodium and fluorine on a periodic table (the numbers at the bottom of the squares). Sodium (Na) has a molecular weight of 22.989, Fluorine (Fl) weighs 18.998. Add these to get the total molecular weight of sodium fluoride"

[letter to CDC]
In a PDF fact sheet about fluorides you said it prevents tooth decay. I think this statement needs to be removed. It is not based in any scientific fact and would lead the common civilian to believe it is medically safe to handle fluorides or even ingest it.

Fluorides are highly toxic to humans and livestock. I was shocked that someone at the CDC would pretend otherwise. Whomever wrote the fact sheet should probably lose their job over such a patently false and misleading statement. Fluorides in fact leads to the degradation of teeth and bones, mental instability, neurological damage, i.q. damage and lowering, lowered sperm count, infertility, brittle bones, skin irritation, eye irritation, respiratory tract chronic disorders, heart disorders and damage, cancer and of course death.

I don't know who in your organization is putting forth false claims of fluoride as being any benefit to humans. Quite frankly it is an industrial waste product and I'm sure the clean up is quite expensive. But, apparently you need to look out for nefarious individuals in your organization trying to fool the general populous. It is unconscionable to think someone would lead civilians astray to the point that they could expose themselves to fluoride, resulting in death. It would be on par of someone saying mercury was a cure for skin rashes or stomach ache. It is just unthinkable someone would say that.

Very concerned citizen
P.S. I would hope you would do something to remedy this very bad and false information. People could be dying from exposure to fluoride.
If you really want to be safe, you can simply make your own toothpaste. It is easier than actually buying toothpaste, because the ingredients are something you use every day and can stock up on anyway.

Home Made Toothpaste Recipe:
  • Mixing bowl
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 6 teaspoons stevia
  • 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint oil / vanilla extract / ginger / ground cinnamon [whatever flavor you like that has absolutely NO SUGAR
Mix all in bowl, until it turns into a paste or what is normally a paste. Add more hydrogen peroxide to achieve the consistency you like.

This is actually 10 times much better than store bought toothpaste, because:
  1. it's virtually free since you would be using those products normally for other things
  2. you know exactly what is in the toothpaste
  3. there are absolutely no harsh chemicals in the paste
  4. there is absolutely no risk of any harm coming to you or your children
As always don't add any acids to the baking soda. When brushing spend at least 90 seconds brushing so as to completely dissolve the baking soda in the saliva. The only abrasive product in this will be your own toothbrush.

Imaginary Friends: The Schizophrenia Scare

Recently Oprah Winfrey had a show that showcased 2 young cute girls who talked about their imaginary friends. You can imagine how funny such a show would be. They went on about what the imaginary friend would say or what they would tell it. They even pretended their imaginary friend was from a different country, all made up of course, and they would visit them and described it to Oprah. They even said "I like Callilani better than this world."

Boring show, if that's all there were to it. But, of course, no day time t.v. show would be complete without some quack doctor who comes along to tell the audience how deranged and evil these two little girls are.

What was his shocking theory? These two girl suffer from Schizophrenia and must be medicated. In fact, the two little girls had been under medication already by their parents. It was later revealed that the father and the mother both beat and starved the girls in an effort to control the troubling behavior they didn't approve of. The medical doctor of course said that the girls were psychotic and suffered from schizophrenia.

There is an organization, called Intervoice, that has some great advice for you the parent, on how to handle, cope and get over it [you, not the child. half the time the problem is you. your child is screaming out to you and you don't even realize what you're doing] Here's an excerpt of their advice:

  1. Try not to over react. Although it is understandable that you will be worried, work hard not to communicate your anxiety to your child.
  2. Accept the reality of the voice experience for your child: ask about the voices, how long the child has been hearing them, who or what they are, do they have names, what they say, etc.
  3. Let your child know that lots of children hear voices and that usually they go away after a while.
  4. Even if the voices do not disappear your child might learn to live in harmony with his or her voices
  5. It is important to break down your child’s sense of isolation and difference from other children. Your child is special - unusual perhaps, but really not abnormal.
  6. Find out if your child has any difficulties or problems that he or she finds very hard to cope with, and work on trying to fix those problems. Think back to when the voices first started. When did the voices arise for the first time? What was happening to your child when the voices first appeared? Was there anything unusual or stressful that might have occurred?
Acknowledge, listen, understand! Sometimes the root of the issue might be a bully at school, and your child tried to tell you or is afraid to tell you, so they act it out instead. Or something you're doing, unwittingly, and the child doesn't know how to confront you, because confronting someone is a very sophisticated action. That's why so many grown men just result to fighting instead of properly confronting someone. Confrontation is a high brain function. Fighting, is a low brain function. It would be VERY wise of you to teach your child how to confront a person/place / thing. Some of the greatest philosophers and war generals in history all were expert at confrontation. So, your child might be incapable of confronting you, or someone else, and is seeking your very help in the matter. Understand this and open your mind and eyes to what is really going on. Under no circumstances would you go to a psychiatrist who is going to look for a simple conclusion and diagnose your child with "schizophrenia".

What is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a psychiatric term that means absolutely nothing. It means the doctor has no idea what is going on in the mind of the patient. It could even be labeled to a person that is absolutely normal. Pretty shocking eh? Yes, you, yourself could be diagnosed as being schizophrenic. There is no medical basis for the world and it literally is a catchall definition.

Imagine if you will. Let's say you were somewhat wealthy. Let's say you were middle aged and your children were all grown adults. They could, if they were vindictive, get a medical doctor to declare you suffered from schizophrenia, have one of them pointed as the executor and legal guardian of your estate and seize all of your assets for themselves.

In fact the government can have you declared schizophrenic. Let's say you saw something they don't want you to know about. Delusional Schizophrenic! Locked up and key thrown away.

However, many child development experts have for years explained that imaginary friends are a good sign and show it as a part of child development. They even have cartoons on t.v. now based on the phenomenon. Some experts say:

Young children three and four years-old, and many older children (as well as some teenagers), report having imaginary companions. Imaginary friends can provide emotional stability, feelings of competence and a sense of enhanced social perception.

If you are concerned about your child having a mental condition:

The United States Patent Office delayed issuing a patent on the Wright brothers’ airplane for five years because it broke accepted scientific principles. This is actually true. And so is this: Vitamin B-3, niacin, is scientifically proven to be effective against psychosis, and yet the medical profession has delayed endorsing it. Not for five years, but for fifty.

In 1952, Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD, had just completed his psychiatry residency. What’s more, he had proven, with the very first double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in the history of psychiatry, that vitamin B-3 could cure schizophrenia.
There you have it. Vitamin B-3 apparently cures mental illness. I've heard of Dr. Hoffer off and on now for over 10 years. He's been ascribed to many positive things. We all benefit from him not receiving that patent. For now we can benefit from both his studies, and still buy Niacin cheaply.


I may pick up more topics about medicating your kids later on, but for now I'm beat and will close this. Medicating a very young human has to be the essence of irresponsibility. Not only are drugs already toxic to adults, but to children it can cause permanent and instantly fatal results. Understand that as adults, we have a lifetime of cellular structures that have matured and developed. A child has no such defense mechanisms. Also, deficiencies in children are much more readily apparent. If there is a deficiency in vitamin B-3, you'll see "odd" behavior.

Don't medicate the child. First sit down and go over what the child has been eating and NOT eating for the past year or even 2 years. You might be shocked to find out that your child never eats broccoli or brussels sprouts or greens. You ate it as a child, but you've been denying it to your child.

Perhaps you're one of these parents who makes spinach and the child whines and you cave in and don't make them eat it. Wait! You're now the child and the kid is your parent. Shame on you. Seriously, are you trying to kill your child? If you don't have the stomach to stand up to your own kid, why did you have the kid in the first place? You need to both be man [or woman] enough to stand up to your own child, and father [or mother] enough to protect them from quack doctors that want to medicate them to death. You need to just grin and bear it and force your child to eat the spinach or brussels sprouts. The child should no more dictate to you, than the quack doctor who's getting paid by the pharmaceutical companies to push drugs onto you. There may be crying and whining now, but in 10-20 years when they aren't in the grave from vitamin deficiencies that you could have easily remedied, you'll be thanking me.

Should we be medicating our children? No. Our children are little untainted sponges. Give them food and water. Give them vitamins and minerals to grow big and strong. Remember you can't get all of the vitamins and minerals from just eating, so you have to give them vitamins and minerals too. Remember when you were pregnant and you had to take all those vitamins? They were for the baby to have the best opportunity to come out healthy and normal. Why would you stop when they are already out of you.

Remember, I pray for you all. God bless.

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Repressing Emotions and Feelings in America

Denying Your Feelings

In America people raise their children to deny emotions. Mothers discourage children from crying, being sad, being angry or even being happy. These children then grow up to deny themselves these same emotions. Today doctors diagnose happy children as having Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and prescribing Ritalin for them. Teachers, who are ill trained and probably have no business being in the classroom, describe these children as "uncontrollable", and hence there must be a problem with them. All of this amounts to, people who are not raised properly, have no psychological training, and are so out of tune with a healthy mind that they don't understand one when they see one.

You and your children need to feel all emotions. Let me repeat this.

  • You need to feel happy on a consistent basis
  • you need to feel sad on a consistent basis
  • you need to feel angry on a consistent basis
  • you need to feel aggressive on a consistent basis
  • you need to feel meek on a consistent basis
Notice fear is not on the list. Sadness, is not akin to fear. And, understand sadness and happiness can be linked together. There can be things that are so beautiful that they not only make you happy to see, but they make you cry and ache with how beautiful they are. The emotionally sound mind can run the gamut of emotions all in one breath. You can laugh until you cry. You have heard, "tears of joy". This is from an emotionally sound mind. They are so overcome by their emotions that it brings tears to their eyes in a joyful situation.

Stifling Emotions can be Dangerous

"Big boys don't cry Billy." Have you heard this? Have you said this to your own child? Have you been told this as a child yourself? The pervasive notion that men or males should no cry set a very dangerous precedent. You are teaching male children to repress all emotions which lead to crying. This repression of course has to come out some way. So if it doesn't come out by crying, it comes out by beating his wife, murdering his children, opening fire with a machine gun on a crowded room.

Of course men should cry. Of course boys should cry. Are they any less human? Are women the only human on the planet privileged to show their emotions? Our society is so screwed up that we welcome the sick mind, instead of the healthy mind. If something is "wrong" you should cry about it. If something is sad you should cry about it. Feel the emotion. Does God not cry over us? Does he not weep? I have no idea who started this notion that men shouldn't cry, but it is a very dangerous act.

"A real man sucks it up." No no, a real man keeps going in spite of a sad situation. That is a totally different notion than a real man not feeling emotions.

Who here, reading this, would expect a father to NOT cry at the death of their child? Cry, I would expect them to be inconsolable, for at least a week if not a month. Who here would expect a husband to NOT cry over a wife leaving him? Again, I would expect him to be nigh comatose for a good half month. But you see, in each of these instances, the unhealthy mind represses the feelings. And, what do you have with that? You have a disaster waiting to happen.

What should you do in that situation, if it were a friend / relative going through that situation? You should:

  • put on a ragedy shirt
  • buy some cleenex
  • go over to his house
  • sit him down next to you
  • put the cleenex on his lap
  • pull his head right on your shoulder
  • order, command, demand him to cry
Yes, you should make him cry, right on your shoulder. And, what happens after a good cry? We all feel better don't we?

Have you ever just got the urge to cry? This is your body telling you, you need this release. You need to be angry and sad, just like you need to be happy. Your body needs to feel all of those emotions, and quit frequently.

But Isn't Being Angry a Bad Thing?

We need to be angry, just like we need to be happy. Have you ever see a baby, infant, cry and then growl while they're crying? Obviously they are feeling the anger emotion. It just naturally comes out. There could be no change in the environment, they just wanted to growl a little. And, you can be "angry" over many situations. In fact the word - anger - is the child version of the word. You can be:

  • frustrated
  • disconcerted
  • embarrassed
  • hurt / sad
  • jealous
  • perplexed
Those are more specific emotions. We go through those daily. But most of us were raise to think it was bad to actually feel or worse, admit to those emotions. How many of you reading this would admit to being jealous? How many of you would admit to being frustrated.

Most times, these emotions are embarrassing to admit to, because we feel it is a reflection on an inadequacy that we, ourselves have. Why would I admit to being jealous. That means that I feel beneath that person that made me feel that way. Why would I admit to being frustrated? That means that I am too stupid to understand the problem. Why would I admit to being embarrassed? That means I am a virgin / fat and don't want people to know.

Anger is an emotion people are not only taught to avoid, but they themselves try to repress. We have so many social stigmas that people are often made to feel they must repress anger and the subcategories under it, in order to fit in. It has to be the most unhealthy emotion to repress. The person that represses anger, blows up eventually.

The nagging wife, the busy body mom, the nosy neighbor - these all make people repress their anger emotions. Then one day ... They blow up, and the person doesn't understand why they blew up. That's what is truly ironic about the situation.

"Behave billy", says the overbearing mother. Anger is a behavior, mom. Be a better mother and understand how to be a mother and allow your child to be angry. You as a parent need to simply ask questions in those situations. Don't try to repress the anger. I repeat, do not say "calm down". If someone is ranting and raving, simply stand back, let them rant and rave. They need the ranting and raving, as much as they need laughter. When you can get a word in edgewise, assist them in feeling the emotion by asking them "why". A parent is a "guide". You're not there to beat them over the head. A good behaved child, is not a sheep that follows you around with a silent smile. You'll raise a doorknob of a kid, if that is what you think the ideal child is.

You need to feel anger, just as much as you need to feel overjoyed the 49ers won the superbowl. Think for a second. Who's the best friend you ever had? Did he / she just let you vent about whatever and just nod and let you keep venting? That's a good friend. That's a good parent. That's a person that lets you be emotionally healthy. Why do we talk to psychiatrists, bartenders, priests? We need to let it all out. We need to tell it. We need to get it off our chest.

You as a wife / husband / father / mother need to be the bartender / psychiatrist / priest. Hear the confessions. Hear the emotions. Hear the sob stories. And you need to nod and say "mm hmm". And take turns with your wife / husband.

Wfie: "How was your day hunny?"
Husband: "Oh let me tell you, first I dropped the honey bun in my lap on the way to work."
Wife: "oh I bet you got frustrated at that. Did you stain your pants?"
Husband: "yes and I had to hide under my desk all morning long till it evaporated and went away."
Wfie: "oh I bet that was embarrassing. Did anyone see you?"
Husband: "no, and I just casually walked around with files if I had to get up"
Wife: "did you make it home ok?"
Husband: "yes, on the way home Timothy saw this pretty woman who came to the car and asked us directions. He was so smitten, he started stuttering. I couldn't stop laughing."
Wife: "oh, poor thing, and you laughed right there as they were talking, or trying to?"
Husband: "I couldn't help it. It was funny."
Wife: "Well besides the honey bunn sounds like you had a good day."
Husband: "how was yours?"
Wife: "oh the teacher called and said Billy peed his pants. Come to find out another kid had spilled a drink on him. At first I was so shocked, but then when they found out what happened, I didn't know if I should laugh or what.."
Husband: "I hope Billy didn't punch the kid or anything."
Wife: "oh no, I think it was a friend of his. He would never punch one of his friends."
Husband: "lucky for his friends. He's a real fireball when he gets angry."
Wife: "Yes, it's pretty funny when he gets so angry. But honey, that wasn't the main reason his teacher called."
Husband: "don't tell me something serious happened."
Wife: "yes, one of the kids at school died of a rare disease. They called all the parents to tell them. They want the parents to be the one to tell the kids. It was little Susan, the neighbors daughter."
Husband: "well, I'll be. I just can't believe that. Instead of just telling Billy, let's bake a pie, get some Kleenex and all three of us go over there and give them all a big hug. Speaking of hugs, where's Billy now. I think he's going to be needing quite a few hugs before this is all over."


Feel all of your emotions. Don't repress them. Don't teach your children to repress them. You can see people who are emotionally stressed out, break out on their skin. They are holding and bottling up their emotions and their bodies are trying to let it out. If you need to have cry sessions with your mother or husband, do it. Tell them, it's a new thing you want to start up. Invite friends over and watch sad movies and everyone cry. Afterwards, hug each other or talk about it. Go around and ask how it made you feel.

You might want to start a pillow fight night. At least once a week. Get some anger out. It is a good thing. Can you imagine how much you can get your family to let out, if you did this on a consistent basis? Wrestle with your kids. Keep it clean and fun. You can laugh and let out anger at the same time. These emotions you want to let out. If you or your children are feeling an emotion, go through the entire emotion. Don't just cry for a second and then repress it. That's just as dangerous as not doing it in the first place. If it takes you an hour to cry, so be it. You work at your job for 8 hours, why not cry for an hou? Keep everything in perspective. If your boss makes you angry for 8 hours, you might need to pillow fight for a whole hour to let it out.

No one said you couldn't mix fun, with feeling emotions. If you kid is angry, give him a notebook to rip up, sit him in the bathroom and tell him to rip it up. Simply have him clean it up afterwards. These are ideas to let you feel your emotions.

Bottling emotions in, can lead to a shorter life span. I am being completely serious about that. Can you imagine, high blood pressure so high that you lose your hair and other outrageous symptoms? No, let the emotions out and do it on a consistent basis. Encourage your family to do it. Encourage your friends to do it. If society looks at you strange, keep in mind, this is your health you have in your hands. Think to yourself, "I'm not going to repress this and kill myself at an early age, just to make them not feel awkward."

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do You Mother Your Children?

So Many "Parents" So Little "Parenting"

I wanted to take a break and breach a topic that no one seems to want to say out in the open. And, I think this is one of the MAJOR problems facing America today. A general lack of parenting. I understand you now have two jobs in a household and you don't have time to pay attention to parenting. And, yes, contrary to what the news tells you, there are not and overwhelming amount of single parent homes. I know that's probably shocking news. And, you might be wondering why I even bring up that there aren't a plethora of single parent homes. Because when I say there is a general lack of parenting going on, people always get defensive and think "that doesn't apply to me, because there's probably tons of single parents who have no home training themselves." Or, you might think that teen pregnancy is the reason behind the break down in social norms.

No, the majority of all households, regardless of race, in America, are married with children. So this applies to everyone.

So what's the problem? It's obvious isn't it? We, moms and dads, are so caught up in the nuts and bolts of American living that we don't even take the time to think ABOUT parenting. Oh, you might delude yourself into thinking that you are a good parent. You might even fool yourself into believing that you of all people are doing the right thing by your kids.

I'm not going to go into a whole child psychology episode. What I want to concentrate on is "mothering" your children. What I mean by "mothering", is the whole June Cleaver type of mom.

  • baking fresh pies
  • reading to her kids while they sit on her lap
  • rocking them to sleep while they lay their head against your breast in a rocking chair
  • stopping them to have a "how did school go today Beav" and sitting down and listening
  • hugging them good morning
  • hugging them good night
  • tousling their hair
  • kissing them off to school
  • dressing them
  • tying their shoes
  • cooking them home made meals
  • playing board games with them
  • playing thinking games with them
This is not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea of where I'm going with this. This is mothering.

Mothering Your Child is Feeding Your Child

Taking your kids to McDonalds and giving them a "happy meal" is not only not good parenting, but you are killing your kid in the process and child protective services should come take the kids away from you. For all the information we know today, there is no excuse why any parent should take their child to McDonalds or any other fast death ... I mean fast food place in America. I cannot convey to you how very serious I am about that particular point.

Home cooked meals, with vegetables, meats, fruits, is the only thing you should be feeding your kids. Prepared lunches from home with nutritious home cooked food, is the only thing your kid should be eating at schools. Even the schools are a disgusting fat causing; diabetes causing; disease ridden place now. One school that refused the state food and hired its own pure foods company to come in and cook for them, came under fire from the soda companies and the junk food companies. But, it was a losing battle for those companies. You may have seen the piece on t.v.. It was a school for "troubled" kids. They found IMMEDIATELY that when the children ate nutritious meals, ALL of their problems disappeared. In fact, they had no instance of violence, truancy, bad behavior at all at the school. And, the principal attributed it all to the diet they provided the students. She said the good healthy food cleared up the "behavioral disorders".

Do you see how serious food is with the development of your child? All of these over diagnosis of ADHD could simply be that your little child is eating junk food as their only source of nutrition throughout the day.

Mothering Your Child with Hugs and Kisses

I grew up afraid of my mother for a big portion of my formative years. As an adult, I came to understand that she is just an evil, selfish person. I point this out, because I think there is a lot of selfishness going on that people do not think about when parenting. The man that feeds his kids first, before he eats, is a good father. My paternal grandmother, would feed us and wait till we were done eating before she ate. She cooked every meal and stood by the table. I would always ask her to sit down and eat. She would just smile. She and my maternal grandmother helped form me into the caring individual that I am today. She died when I was young, and I have not met such a lady since her passing.

She was the epitome of a good mother. She was so kind. She was so generous. She would cheer me on, even when I knew she was joking about a ridiculous topic. She would say stuff like "one day you'll be a"... this or that. This is how you mother your children.

My maternal grandmother was the same way. She would sit me down and listen to me and teach me things from her own wisdom. I'm sure plenty of you right there, may have said under your breath that there are many women today with children "with no wisdom". You may be right. You may just be right. But, that's your responsibility as a good neighbor too. Take a young mother under your wing. We need to stop being afraid of someone telling us off, and be more afraid that they are raising hoodlum kids that will turn out to be mass murderers. Which is more fearful, that your young mother neighbor might tell you to mind your own business or that her son my murder your own child one day?

Yes, I lay such things at the feet of the parents. When the child is controlling the parent, that's a broken household. I don't care how many psychologist say "but the father and mother are together". If the father is busy at work all the time, comes home, drinks a beer and falls asleep. And, the mother lets the children do whatever they want to, including cursing her out and yelling at her, that is not a family. That is a group of individuals in a house.

Mother Them When They are Young

Every bad parent looks up and says "how did i end up with THIS". Their child is now 12 or 16 and cursing them out, stealing money from them, slapping them, or worse. This didn't just happen. This didn't creep up all of a sudden and voila, juvenile delinquent. This started from the day you brought that little bundle home from the hospital. You sat the bundle down, went and cried over the hospital bills and called up 100 day care centers, because you had to be to work in a couple of days. That's when that started. When you didn't take the time to enjoy the first words or first steps of your toddler. That's when that started. When he cried the first day of school and you told him to shut up. That's when that started. When he threw a temper tantrum because that's the only thing YOU respond to. That's when that started.

You have to love and mother your child from day one. You have to keep your eyes and ears open for him / her, because they don't have the same eyes and ears you have.

Yelling - trust me on this on! When you yell at a child, it's just like yelling at a dog or a cat, they don't hear anything you say, they only hear yelling. If you simply must yell, yell only their name. The rest, say in a conversational tone. You can be stern and not yell. You can be firm and not yell. Trust me, you do not want your child afraid of you. Because when some life experience comes that they need an adult to help them figure out, they are not going to come to you with it, they are going to go ask their older, hoodlum friends about it. Oh, and guess where that's leading.

Love your child even when they do wrong. Parenting isn't about beating your child to death when they do something YOU think is wrong. Parenting is instructing a child as to making the correct decisions when presented with life's lessons. Let's take a look at this word "wrong". Stealing is wrong. Yes, everyone can agree with that. But, why is your child stealing in the first place. I guarantee, you taught your child to steal. I guarantee you did something that made them feel, the only way they could obtain the object was by stealing. Or, they wanted to get your attention, your fault. Or, they learned it from a hoodlum friend, your fault. Either way, it is your fault they did wrong. Now some things aren't wrong at all. you just happen to consider them wrong. To another person, or parent, they wouldn't be wrong at all. This is a case of you parenting your child from day one to believe in your way of thinking. Maybe you think it is wrong to drink alcohol. That is obviously something debatable. You wouldn't beat or scream at your child for drinking. You would instruct them beforehand as to how you believe and how they should believe. The difference is oceans apart from yelling or screaming. If you don't want your child to smoke or drink, you would teach them your value system. They may grow out of your value system, as an adult, but as a child they will adopt your value system.

Mothering is the way to not only cultivate a warm and loving child, but also teach them your values. How defensive would a child be, if you sat with them in your lap in a rocking chair and you talked about your value system to them night after night? Not at all! You are providing a warm loving environment, that they now associate with your value system. When one of life's lessons presents itself, they will be glad to decide in favor of your value system, because of how you presented it. They will also enjoy telling you how they came to that decision.


I am going to say this, and I make no apologies about it. I am Black, so of course I grew up around Black parents. I have not conducted any scientific studies on the subject, but I get a sense of general lack of mothering in the Black community. I understand that being Black in America is very frustrating. It's hard to get and keep jobs in America for Black parents. And, the system may be designed that way, to be against Black Americans. Please, distance your own frustrations from your children. When it comes to your children, you need to mother them. You need to make them feel that they are the apple of your eye. That's the way it should be.

So often I hear Black mothers yelling and screaming at their children. I see them cursing their own children with harsh adult curse words. I see them embarrassing their children in public, for all the world to hear. I see them act selfishly towards their children.

I admit, probably these examples I'm giving, ought not to have children in the first place, but it is a reality that they have them. We need to take time out and try and help them, not just shrug and move on. If we are a community, Black and White, we should act like a community. There's nothing to say that you can't correct a young white mother as much as you can a young Black mother.

Like I said, swallow your own pride and take a young mother under your wing. And, if they try to tell you off, simply tell them that you want what's best for them, what's best for their child, and that you're older and wiser and they better listen, because they only have one chance to raise their child.

And, that's the truth. You have only one opportunity to raise your child.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DUI Checkpoints a Great Way for the Government to Make Money

DUI Checkpoints

SKIPPACK PA – Expect drunk driving checkpoints operated by the Pennsylvania State Police from Troop K barracks in Skippack PA, and across the state, to continue for the next 12 months. Arrests of intoxicated drivers caught by the program “make it worthwhile” to keep at it, State Police Commissioner Frank E. Pawlowski said.

Under what Pawlowski called the “Checkpoint Strikeforce Initiative” that began last October, each of the 15 regional state police troops conducts a random sobriety checkpoint within its troop area every weekend. When the weather’s bad, troops conduct roving DUI patrols rather than man a checkpoint.

During the past 12 months, Pawlowski said troopers made 1,574 DUI arrests as the direct result of checkpoints and 868 DUI arrests as the result of roving patrols. Troop K, which covers Montgomery, Delaware and Philadelphia counties, accounted for 191 of those arrests.

The enforcement effort is paid for in part by federal funding through the state Department of Transportation.

The Problem with DUI Checkpoints

Let's begin by saying the word Unconstitutional. Repeat after me: "UNCONSTITUTIONAL". What is really insane is that police take an oath to uphold the constitution, as do politicians, as does the military.

We let this happen. Yes you, let this happen. When you hear about a DUI checkpoint, you say nothing. When you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint you say nothing. You let police intimidate you as if this were in fact NAZI Germany. You let police run all over you roughshod and you say nothing.

The courts let this happen. They are so afraid of not getting re-elected as judges, or not getting promoted to the supreme court that they go along with it. We have no judges with balls. We have no one fighting for citizens. Even life time appointed judges comply with the status quo. It is unconscionable to even entertain that any of this is constitutional. They have allowed the power of the court to be usurped little by little. From the 1800s to today, the court has nearly no power. It serves more as an instrument of the presidency than it does it's own body. State courts serve the police and the governor, not as a separate body to keep tabs on them or to keep them in check.

But the courts can't act alone. We need sober citizens to go complain to the mayors and governors. We need sober citizens to bring lawsuits against police departments. We need civil suits and criminal suits brought against individual police. Only when we wake up and realize it is we that has the power, will they recognize this.

We are being raped of tax dollars all in the name of safety?
"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." - Benjamin Franklin

They are making these checkpoints; police are getting overtime; and the federal government is funding it all with our tax money. And when asked why, they say "the arrests make it worth it"? Hogwash! Time after time they have checkpoints and come to find out that less than 1% are even charged with ANYTHING. That means if they stop 1,000 vehicles: they might find 4 driving without license; 3 driving without insurance; and 1 near the limit. One DUI arrest out of 1,000 people's constitutional rights violated does not justify creating the dui checkpoint. I hope you get mad as hell at these numbers. Once we are used to these checkpoints, and they are becoming more frequent, it is nothing to say they can't say they are going to go house to house to search for contraband.

What would stop them from going to house to house and searching? You didn't say anything when they stopped you in your car. You didn't demand your tax dollars not be used to violate your constitutional rights. You said nothing. You sat in your car cringing at the big scary cop with bad breath, not saying a word.

What are you afraid of? Jail? Is that the worst thing in your life that could happen to you? You are giving up your real freedom for the threat of potentional loss of freedom, i.e. you are giving up your constituional freedom willingly because you are afraid if you speak up they might throw you in jail and lose your freedom.

Do you know Ben Franklin made that quote while the country was at war? So here is a guy that said, I will not allow you to use this war as an excuse to rape and pillage my freedoms all in the name of protecting us from possible war invaders. How many U.S. founding fathers risked life, limb, freedom to make this country free from this very same tyranny? And, we let them do it to us, AND we pay for the privilege.

The DUI Checkpoint Pocketbook Scam

How much money could be saved if every state stopped their unconstitutional DUI checkpoints? Millions of dollars per state and billions yearly by the federal government. This is what it boils down to. Forget constitutional, forget rights, you are being suckered into paying more taxes all in the name of safety. You are being taken for a ride on your dollar. They are telling you they are making these checkpoints for your safety. What is really happening is that you are paying more in taxes yearly, which grows the government. The more programs they start up and continuosly have, the more justification they have to charge more in taxes. So they raise taxes for DUI checkpoints and make them more and more frequently. No one complains about it. Instead of raising taxes for homeless shelters or welfare or school activities, which no one wants to do or fund, they instead fund DUI checkpoints to the tune of millions of dollars.

If they can't get your money by appealing to your guilty conscious, they'll scare you into handing over the money instead. And, you fall for it. How many "programs" are being funded like this? They raise taxes every state and federal session. No one complains. But, if they say they need more taxes for medicare, there's a big uproar. So instead, they have these safety programs that everyone agrees to and goes along with, without complaint. They scare and scare you into handing over the money. And, you fall for it every year.

Wake up!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Zero Tolerance or Zero Common Sense

The Odd Case of Zachary Christie: Child Menace or Victim of Fascism

Zachary Christie photo by Mustafah Abdulaziz new york timesThe Facts About Zachary Christie: Newark, Delaware. Taking a camping utensil that can serve as a knife, fork and spoon to school. He was so excited about recently joining the Cub Scouts that he wanted to use it at lunch. School officials concluded that he had violated their zero-tolerance policy on weapons, and Zachary was suspended and now faces 45 days in the district’s reform school. There is no mention that Zachary did anything to any other child. The only fact is that he pulled it out to use it at lunch.

No one mentioned what utensils were provided at lunch in the school lunch room. No one mentioned any incidents at that particular school.

The facts are: school officials are fascist at every level of school; they are only kept in check by an overwhelming fear and dread of parents suing them. You end up with cases like Zachary Christie: a complete disconnect from common sense and an overwhelming need to apply the law to the fullest extent.

His parents are now homeschooling him. The alternative was for him to go to reform school. REFORM SCHOOL? Are you kidding me? Someone has to put an end to this. His mother is trying to appeal this decision. I say she see the writing on the wall while he’s 6 and take him out of public school right now.

The school board tried to retaliate by saying, “no parent wants to receive a phone call that their child will no longer be seeing out of both eyes because someone pulled out a weapon during a scuffle.” I say no parent, in this economy, needs to suddenly be hit with home school your child and quit your job. And, you know, it goes without saying, they could care less. They could care less if a child lost their eyes or not, they just don’t want to be sued over it.

Is someone going to finally stand up to the school boards. They need to be sued out of existence really. At the heart of the matter is that government run schools don't work. We need to remove taxes being taken for schools and only private schools remain. It is far more fair to those without children than you be taxed all your life for school when your child only goes to school for 12 years. Where's the sense in taxing someone for 60 years for a 12 year stint? Obviously home schooling is the answer these days. The government should get out of education because they always fail at whatever they do.

My prayers go out the Christie family.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Goes to a Warmonger

Barrack Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize: Although He's at War in 20 Countries

While I like Obama for many things, while I applaud Obama for his tenacity, while I admire Obama for his shrewdness, while I enjoy Obama for his eloquence, while I am proud of Obama for his dignity, I do not agree that he should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Obama is at war in at least a score of different countries. Obama has a manhunt to shoot and kill at least 100 different people, not a few of them who have never harmed a U.S. citizen in their entire life. Obama has supported businesses which have murdered millions of 3rd world citizens; starved children to death; drugged pregnant mothers causing miscarriages by the hundreds of thousands; caused inter-tribal upset resulting in genocide.

This is not a person you give a Nobel Peace Prize to. But, since they have given it to him, then it calls into question if the Nobel Peace Prize is representing what it used to represent: the recognition of true pioneers in the world of peace. They used to recognize very unpopular people; people whom governments were after; people who risked their lives to save countrymen; people who gave their last breath to feed the hungry; people who stood in the gap against big business that was harming their countrymen. This is what the Nobel Peace Prize used to mean. In fact, quite a few of the Nobel Peace Prize winners, went on to achieve Sainthood by the Catholic Church.

No one, in their right mind, would ever mistake Barrack Obama for a saint. Unless you're drinking the cool-aid he's spoon feeding his loyal followers. The country is falling apart around him and yet his sycophants continue to lavish praises on him. People are out of work for over a year, and yet are still saying "he's A OK with me."

Jimmy Carter, HIM, yes, I'd agree he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize, while he was in office. But, he did get one in 2002. Carter has to be one of the truly caring presidents to ever grace the seat of power. And, everyone hated him for it. Everyone is crying now because Ben Bernanke and congress are throwing away our tax dollars, but under Carter, the made a fiscal policy that would have turned this entire mess around. Instead, everyone booted him out of office, and brought in Reagan, that stole your money, consorted with terrorists, and lied under oath at the investigation. Oh, and you voted him back in for a 2nd term. Oh, and you declared him a legend. Oh, and you'll kill anyone that tells you what he really did in office, i.e. brought down the value of the dollar 100% after he left office, ignored a complete report about the Federal Reserve that said point blank it was a complete and total sham to steal American tax payer money.

Should Obama be awarded a peace prize? No, he's continuing every single thing George W. Bush did. And, I know you wouldn't agree with him receiving a peace prize.

Wake up people.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Why School Uniforms are a Horrible Idea

The Lie of School Uniforms

We've been fed this line that school uniforms are the answer to a whole host of problems in school these days. Everyone looks to Catholic schools as the model for the success of a school uniform. What they don't realize or don't want to tell you is that a Catholic school uniform means a completely different viewpoint than a public school uniform. In fact it would seem antithetical to even suggest a uniform for the mass public that attends government run schools.

Catholic school uniforms are meant as a cohesive bond between those that attend, so that the child growing up knows that they are separated from those not attending. It stands to reason, since not everyone is Catholic, nor religious. Also, you get a really good education at a Catholic school, unlike what you receive in government run schools. So while the child might be wearing a very set uniform, their mind is completely let loose to a very wide scope of education. There is no comparison between a public education and a Catholic private school education. At a catholic school, you learn not only your viewpoint, but also the viewpoint of others. The sciences are extremely advanced and the social studies covers nearly every aspect of history. For all its reputation for dogma, Catholic schools would teach history in a very wide scope and be twice less dogmatic than a public school.

"I am totally AGAINST school uniforms! One reason, of many, is Safety of the Students. For example: During a natural disaster (God Forbid) Earthquake, Tornado, etc,... How would a Parent I.D. their child? By the clothes that they were wearing, when they left home. What if a Senior decided to attack a 9th -or- 10th grade student. How would the victim describe the attacker? Let's see, Khaki Pants - Navy Blue Shirt - Brown Shoes. You get the picture. This was, is, and will ALWAYS BE a VERY BAD idea. "
So although public schools try to point to Catholic school as the model for the reasoning behind a success in a school uniform, there is no comparison with what goes on inside the school. Some of the reasoning they give is:

  • cut down on school violence, since gangs identify themselves through clothing and colors
  • cut down on preparation time for school, since there is no choices to make
  • cut down on distractions in class, since there would be nothing but a boring uniform to look at
  • cut down on the cost of clothing for growing children [ this is a complete lie, but this is what they put forth as a reason, regardless of the fact that the uniform can range around $100 for one day's uniform ]
  • cut down on social stigma of a disparity between rich kids vs poor kids
Speaking of social stigma, my mother didn't own shoes until the 3rd grade. Even then, the shoes she received were hand_me_downs from an older sister. Kids actually don't know status symbols in clothing unless the parent teaches them. Children will play with a poor or rich kid and not prefer one over the other, unless the parent steps in and teaches them this class hatred. But, those are the reason they give you for school uniforms. They stress the violence part. They stress that gang violence is dictated by clothing and gang colors. This smacks of two issues that we, as stupid Americans, are supposed to swallow

  • gang violence will always be with us and there is no alternative but to try to cut corners where we can
  • gang members are not actual thinking humans who can reason who is and who isn't a gang member
They are trying to suggest that there is no answer to gang violence in schools, but to thwart them by removing gang clothes and gang colors. Also that your child, who is in a gang, will suddenly become safe and secure from opposing gangs simply by wearing expensive state dictated clothes. Of course this isn't true at all. Not only is there a way to cut down gang violence, but gangs and any malcontents can be permanently removed from schools with one easy wave of a pen. Remove them from school! The problem is that administrators and teachers too are far too lazy to remove true malcontents.

"Not everyone should be punished for other peoples crimes! "
Oh but wait, school administrators and teachers know who to pick on. They oust kids all day long. They oust kids they know who's parents won't do anything or who's parents are too stupid to stick up for their kids. These are the kids that get ousted from school, not the genuine violent gang member. They impose their authority where it is not needed, instead of where it is sorely lacking.

"School is also the place where the next actors, writers, artists, politicians, inventors, designers and and musicians are trained. School uniforms send a clear early-life message to students that conformity is important and creativity is not, that authority is allowed to abuse it's power and constrain our constitutional right to free speech and expression. Students learn from uniforms that their individuality, political opinions and religious rights are unimportant, as is their education: students are regularly suspended for non compliance to the uniform code even if their school work is excellent. If uniform-requiring schools were actually in 'the business of learning' this would not occur."
So, in essence, the gang violence as a reason for imposing school uniforms is a red hearing. It is not the real reason for imposing school uniforms upon an unsuspecting public.

The Truth Behind School Uniforms

As stated before, schools impose their authority all day long on those who virtually or ignorantly can't fight back. So then what is the real reason behind a school uniform?

"RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH" - Cartman South Park

That's correct, the real reason behind school uniforms is not for the protection of your kid, nor is it for the cost savings to you, nor looking out for your best interest. The real reason for school uniforms is to give ultimate authority to the school / state. They wish to continuously remind the child that the school, and thereby the state, is the ultimate authority. And this uniform they see all day, every day, is a constant reminder of "who's in charge." In fact, the school is in so much control that they can make a parent put clothes on a child they say, and not what the parent says. It goes so far as to impose this on Jewish people's children wearing yarmulkes, or Islamic people's children wearing burkas. How insane is that?

For those parents who ignorantly defend school uniforms, understand that the day and hour draws near where your own personal freedoms are also infringed upon. While you stupidly defend the school uniform thinking it reduces gang violence, behind the scenes the yarmulkes, burkas, crucifix necklaces, heirloom rings and a whole host of personal items are also being removed.

Clearly wearing a yarmulke is gang violence inducing. Clearly a burka is gang violence inducing. Clearly a crucifix necklace is gang violence inducing. [end sarcasm] Obviously we are too stupid to realize when we've been had, hood winked, bamboozeled. But public schools imposing school uniforms is the tip of the iceberg. Our government wants us to conform to its demands. Why not start out early and catch children in developmental stages, so they are completely used to the idea as being the ultimate authority instead of the father or mother. Why not completely cut off our children's heads at the neck so that they never develope the where withal to question martial law, house arrest for minro infractions, mandatory sentencing for personal use drugs.

The constitution is dead. And, you people did it. I hope you all wake up and realize it. This unform issue is just another collectivist notion. That means, someone said let's put uniforms on children, and then sold a line of bull to bleeding heart idiots that are too stupid to think for themselves. Then these bleeding hearts thought to themselves, yes "for the greater good" we need to have uniforms in public schools. That is a collectivist notion. Understand that Nazi Germany started the same way. So unless you're a Nazi I recommend you desist in trying to impose your will upon other parents, simpley because you think it's a good idea.

How to Defeat School Uniforms in Your Kid's School

It would be remiss of me to give you a topic and then not give you a sound and wise resolution to the issue. First of all, understand how serious a matter this is. We are talking about your child and your child's future as an adult. Understand that this is no laughing matter, nor is it a frivilous one. People are quick to dismiss serious issues they don't want to talk about or that they are uncomfortable with or just plainly ignorant about. Instead of them facing their problems or educating themselves, they try to instead laugh it off. Don't be that person. We must be strong men and women and Americans. You must sacrifice so that your children and children's children can have a brighter future.

I hope that was enough to get across that I am stressing this is a serious issue.

The answer to the issue then is you must spare no expense in getting rid of school uniforms. If they oppose you with "but you're promoting gang violence if you remove school uniforms," you have to respond with "that's what the police are paid for, to get rid of criminals." Surely a policeman making $100,000 / year can take time out of his busy schedule to arrest and remove undesireable children involded in gang violence from a school. They even have gang task forces now, so there is no excuse about gang violence.

Be prepared to go to court. Lawyers are not only good for representing sheisters in our country, but they can also be your best friend in protecting your own freedoms. It would be nothing but joy to a lawyer to sue a whole school board and / or state on your behalf to defend your constitutional freedoms. I recommend demanding a meeting with the school board and sending them your demand in writing before the meeting so that there is nothing left open to discussion. You should demand they remove school uniform requirements immediately. If, when you go to the meeting, you could, bring your lawyer friend with you, not only to hear the meeting first hand, but also to impress upon them, how serious you are about the matter. If they do not remove the uniform requirement immediately, go to court and file.

It is really just that simple. If you cannot afford it personally, call as many parents as you can and gather them all under one lawyer. That is even more icing on the cake for a lawyer, a class action lawsuit.

Lastly, it may be the case that the lawyer might say the supreme court already said, 30 years ago that the school has a right to dictate what a kid can wear and that the constitution doesn't apply to children. If the constitution doesn't apply to children, that would mean the police could come in and take all of your children and make them into slaves and work for the state. You laugh, but that's exactly how ridiculous that statement is. The constitution applies more so to children than any of us. Because, the constitution is to protect those against the state, who can't defend themselves. Who does that define more than a child? No one! Find a lawyer that is enlightened enough to understand that. Once you find such a lawyer, the rest will be gravy.

The school / state has no business telling parents what their child can and cannot wear. Should you get anything other than a "yes and thank you for bringing that to our attention," [ meaning if you feal threatened by the school board or some other governmental entity ] walk, no RUN to your lawyer and tell him.

Educate yourself on the constitution.

[none of this is to be construed as legal advice]

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