Friday, March 26, 2010

Peter Schiff Doubles in Polls

Peter Schiff For Senate

He has one of the most well known faces on T.V.. He predicted the housing bubble and the economic disaster we are in now, nearly 6 years ago. He has constantly warned of impending catastrophe and no one listened, because the market was the highest it has ever been. He's Peter Schiff and he is running for U.S. Senate in the state of Connecticut. I have been following him for about two years, personally, so I know he is the real deal.

So many people are clamoring for a real person to be put in Washington. This man has written books and put his money where his mouth is. He runs a small investment brokerage firm. All of his clients did not go under, like other American firm clients did. If you followed his guidance you came out on top. While everyone else was chasing the easy fast money, they fell hard, very hard, just as fast. Not so at Euro Pacific, his investment firm. He is a stay the course, steady and sure, kinda guy.

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He has a huge following on youtube, just like Ron Paul. Younger people flock to him, because they are more in tune and brighter than the older generation, that inherently trusts the government. The older generation cannot believe the government would do anything to harm them. They think Washington will improve on its own in the end. Anyone with real wisdom knows that Washington is in the firm grip of corporations that do not want to play by the rules. Washington is in the back pocket of the huge bankers that get themselves exemptions while small bankers and small businesses still have to come under the boot of regulation that supposedly keeps the market fair. Younger voters recognize what is going on and they are searching and hoping for candidates like Peter Schiff.

Peter Schiff appears on MSNBC constantly as the one voice that brings the financial news back to reality. While the show attempts to get its viewers to BUY BUY BUY, a la Cramer, Schiff tells them that these companies are bankrupt and are only being kept afloat by taxpayer bailouts. Without the bailouts the companies have nothing of value in them and produce nothing that would keep the business going, because they squandered all of their real assets away during the bubble. Of course a T.V. show does not want to hear reality, so they always have at least 5 people on to mock Peter Schiff.

The country is bankrupt. Wall street is bankrupt. The only people making any money are people like you and me, who are going to work everyday and producing things. Washington is taking, taking, taking and will never stop until we send someone there who will say "STOP IT!"

Obama never said he was going to say "STOP IT!". He said he was going to change Washington. Well, he has definitely changed it. In but a year government has grown even bigger and takes even more from you. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson never created the government to look after you and be so involved in your life that they directly impact your every move. They never wanted that. In fact, they wanted the federal government to have as little as possible to do with American lives as they could make it. They definitely did not want bankers running the show. They fought tooth and nail to keep bankers out of Washington. But, unless you watch the fox, he will always return to the hen house.

Send Peter Schiff to the Senate. We need someone with a shotgun and a fox call to go to Washington and route out the foxes. Senators are taking bribes for $10,000 and turning around and granting millions in tax payer dollars. I mean, my God. If you're going to sell out the U.S. taxpayer at least get a cool $10 million for it yourself. Goldman sax gave Obama 1 yes that's ONE million in campaign contributions and got billions in return.

We have to send people like Peter Schiff to Washington. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. We cannot throw our hands up in the air and just give up. We can't just sigh and say "oh well, there's nothing we can do." If everyone elects a Peter Schiff into office, we could change Washington overnight.

Right now Wall Street has a strangle hold on Washington. Send people like Peter Schiff to Washigton and that will be over and done with.

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