Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why Libertarians Should Shut-Up

Why Libertarians Should Shut-Up

Libertarians are you aware that all these children are students of the almighty media?  They learn at its feet and worship the words of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN.  To them every word spoken is gospel and none can besmirch its holy rhetoric.

You dare challenge their menial mental tasks that believe that SS, medicare, etc is somehow laudable   You dare challenge their concept of Americanism by bringing up the US constitution and its promise that if we keep the government small that we can enjoy a tax free society?  You dare challenge the almighty Obama, upon who's hopes and yes we cansians have placed their halo?

So what is the dollar is set to be completely annihilated as soon as Germany gets tired of the shenanigans or the Chinese buy that last bit of gold to make them the only asset backed currency on the planet?  So what if the UN is poised to initiate the final stages of global governance, in whom hands Obama is placing America.

No, it will not be until the very end that these mewling sheep will wake up and realize that the very messiah, in whom they placed much favor, was the very instrument that delivered them into the belly of the beast.

These, have no idea how close we are to destruction.  They think it is just a case of choosing a good versus an evil or a better of the same.  That day is long past.  We have played into the hands of the globalist and put a fox in charge of the hen house.

I fear, if we actually chose a real president it would mean a real world war, because the rest of the world will not want a purely sovereign and independent United States.  The globalist will not stand for it.  And they will not give up without a real live fight.

Our options now are total doom or total war.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

National Natural Hair Day Tomorrow

National Natural Hair Day Tomorrow


Natural Hair Day
Take a picture of yourself tomorrow and post the link here. I believe in the natural beauty of women, and I hope you believe in yourself.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Stupid

Occupy Stupid

For those who don't know, the tea party movement was started and has an original beginning date, staged by THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY.  They flew a hot air balloon over boston, in a symbolic gesture and nod to the original tea party.

It was the brain child of the same guy that marketed the Ron Paul ReLOVEution, who is one of the Libertarian Party leaders.

It was co-opted by the Republican party, because the mainstream parties will never allow such a large grass roots movement to spring up around them, potentially ousting them.

Occupy Wall Street is 99% White
What's pathetic is that people do not know this and think the tea party is / was / and will be a republican thing.

To have Sarah F*ing Palin on a tea party stage is a slap in the face of america.

Now on to this occupy wall street.  The democratic party, not to be outdone by the republican party stealing a movement, is now stealing the occupy movement.  However, in true democrat fashion, it is repleat with the same racists, fascists that were in the democrat party in the 40s 50s and 60s.  They have planted their key people into the movement and totally strangulated any and every possibility of it ever being a legitimate movement, right down to the part where the "occupiers" cause so much ruckus that they get AVERAGE AMERICANS fired from their jobs.

Some businesses are having to close because the holier than thou protesters are ruining their business and driving away customers.  These are businesses run by EVERYDAY AMERICANS, not wall street bankers.

I guarantee these same smug bastards are withdrawing cash from their Bank of America ATM.

I guarantee none of them have come up with the bright idea to have their group remove their money from major banks and put them into credit unions, OR EVEN BETTER, START THEIR OWN CREDIT UNION.

Now we have union reps in the sit in to bring legitimacy to the cause.

Occupy Wall Street is 99% Hippies
And calling this a sit in, is a slap in the face of every Black person across the nation.  This is not a cause about a group of people oppressing, degrading, raping, murdering, hanging, slandering, and passing laws for another group to completely not be able to participate in society.  This entire charade could have been done easily by organizers removing themselves and their money from corporate control.  In fact, they don't even need laws to be passed for their cause to win.

The sheer stupidity of this movement is obvious when one of their new "planks" is that government needs to pass laws to REGULATE BUSINESS MORE. Seriously?  They are brain dead.

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Police Admit on Stand That They Falsify Drug Charges All the Time

Police Admit on Stand That They Falsify Drug Charges All the Time

A former NYPD narcotics detective snared in a corruption scandal testified it was common practice to fabricate drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas.

The bombshell testimony, which led to the arrests of eight cops and a massive shakeup,from Stephen Anderson is the first public account of the twisted culture behind the false arrests in the Brooklyn South and Queens narc squads.

NYPD Stephen Anderson
Anderson was busted for planting cocaine, a practice known as "flaking," testifying under a cooperation agreement with prosecutors, on four men in a Queens bar in 2008 to help out fellow cop Henry Tavarez, whose buy-and-bust activity had been low.

"Tavarez was ... was worried about getting sent back [to patrol] and, you know, the supervisors getting on his case," he said at the corruption trial of Brooklyn South narcotics Detective Jason Arbeeny.

"I had decided to give him [Tavarez] the drugs to help him out so that he could say he had a buy," Anderson testified last week in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

He made clear he wasn't about to pass off the two legit arrests he had made in the bar to Tavarez.

"As a detective, you still have a number to reach while you are in the narcotics division," he said.

NYPD officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Anderson worked in the Queens and Brooklyn South narcotics squads and was called to the stand at Arbeeny's bench trial to show the illegal conduct wasn't limited to a single squad.

"Did you observe with some frequency this ... practice which is taking someone who was seemingly not guilty of a crime and laying the drugs on them?" Justice Gustin Reichbach asked Anderson.

"Yes, multiple times," he said.

NYPD Under Widespread Investigation
The judge pressed Anderson on whether he ever gave a thought to the damage he was inflicting on the innocent.

"It was something I was seeing a lot of, whether it was from supervisors or undercovers and even investigators," he replied.

"It's almost like you have no emotion with it, that they attach the bodies to it, they're going to be out of jail tomorrow anyway; nothing is going to happen to them anyway."

To settle a false arrest suit by Jose Colon and his brother Maximo, who were falsely arrested by Anderson and Tavarez, the city paid $300,000. A surveillance tape inside the bar showed they had been framed.

A federal judge presiding over the suit said the NYPD's plagued by "widespread falsification" by the arresting officers.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Guy Poops On US Flag at Occupy Wall Street

Guy Poops On US Flag at Occupy Wall Street


It appears I have been had. The pic below is from 2007 at an anti-war "peace" rally in Seattle, not New York. I will always try to do due diligence on my sources. I was moved by this picture so much [ that means I found it revolting ] that I didn't question its veracity. C'est la vie.

Somehow i think they lost sight of what they were there for?  they went from libertarian views, releasing the government from corporate hold to .... MANIA ...

Now take a step back and realize that the police have been beating them senseless, pepper spraying them, arresting them, news lying about them.  It is a miserable time.

It doesn't necessarily mean you turn into some weird freak, but it does explain how awful a time they are having there.

In principle, they are trying to get a Libertarian message across, they are just unaccustomed to going about it.

I'm shocked anyone protests at all in America.  Hell went gas went from 99c to $3 no one even batted an eyelash.   That alone sent millions from middle class crashing into poverty.  And, now we protest?

We should have been protesting about 8 years ago.  It's not too late, we just need to get accustomed to protesting.

With that said, we need to fire nearly all cops that are hired today, and require they hire actual professional police that can tell the difference between a mugger and a citizen exercising their right to protest a business / government to achieve some goal in mind.

At no point does having a badge give you any authority to put your hands on someone protesting.  That was the entire point of our constitution, because the "police" of their day, simply came into your house, grabbed you by the scruff of your neck and threw you in jail for any damn reason they or the monarch felt like.  And, more likely it was always to somehow get what little money you had, out of you.

Of course pooping on a flag while exercising an American freedom, seems kind of ironic and idiotic, but one person does not a protest make.  I guarantee all those standing around are mewling sheep and have no clue what is going on.

Normal people do not sit around thinking about lofty ideas of freedom and constitutional rights and the monarchy.  Normal people do not pontificate about fascist state of our police force.  Normal people do not think, period.  Someone says to a normal person "a WHOLE LOT of people are going to new york to protest the bankers for ruining the economy, come with EVERYONE" and normal people will THEN go.  Normal people do not have political blogs that are completely devoid of a political mainstream agenda i.e. democrat / republican, that can clearly see that they are keeping out the real voice of Americans.

Normal people might be at a protest for bringing attention to the total capture of state and local government for financial gain, and not even know what capture means.  Normal people might be at a protest about fiscal malfeasance, and see a guy poop on an American flag, and not understand what fiscal malfeasance is, nor why the guy is pooping on the flag, nor why the guy thinks he's doing something even remotely related to fiscal malfeasance.

That is just how dumb Americans are now.  Blame your damn schools.  This is what it has come to.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Governor Runs the Federal Reserve Bank?

What Governor Runs the Federal Reserve Bank?

A guy asks, "what state governor runs the Federal Reserve Bank"?  The question is like asking "what rifle does the pope use when he goes hunting?"  I think we can all safely agree the pope doesn't go hunting, and probably is forbidden from hunting.

President Jackson Made it His Life's Work to Kill the Central Bank
The Federal Reserve Bank is not a federal entity, nor is it publicly funded "in theory".  It is a private bank, just like Bank of America, Chase Bank and Wells Fargo.

No politician has anything to do with it, nor can they even be present in their private meetings.  In fact the government has about as much to do with the Fed as they do with my local credit union, which has far more privacy than Wells Fargo.

In 1798, Thomas Jefferson said the following....
"I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution - taking from the federal government their power of borrowing."

So your question is completely wrong.  Sorry to say.  No state governor is over any part of the Federal Reserve bank, nor its regional banks.  The entire system is completely privately owned banks.  They have tried their best to acquire banks into their system.  If your bank uses them to verify funds before cashing checks, they are hooked into the system.  If your bank sends checks for them to verify the check itself, they are hooked in the system.  If you can imagine, banks get hundreds of checks each day, directly and indirectly.

Gouverneur Morris, one of the authors of the U.S. Constitution, solemnly warned us in 1787 that we must not allow the bankers to enslave us....
"The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. They always did. They always will... They will have the same effect here as elsewhere, if we do not, by (the power of) government, keep them in their proper spheres."

The only way local banks can avoid being under the Fed is by not using any of their programs or by not selling to a larger bank that is already under the Fed.

Rich Bankers Drafted the Federal Reserve Act in Secret
The Fed runs as any corporation.  They have a board and a chairman.  The current chairman is Ben Bernanke. By statute the president is allowed to pick the chairman.  However, this is merely ceremonial, as everyone on the board and the chairman are picked for him.  You can see this clearly, by the fact that Bernanke, who was chosen by a Republican president, was also kept by a Democrat president.  Normally, in politics, any political candidate for a position is always picked based upon the political party of the politician in question, i.e. liberal judges are picked by Democrat presidents and legislature and visa versa for conservative judges.

Clearly the Fed is outside of that political system, altogether.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Samuel Jackson says the Tea Party Racist?

Samuel Jackson says the Tea Party Racist?

The word is thrown around by people who want to get attention all the time.  They claim this and that person is racist or this and that organization is racist.  Normally it is thrown about the media by some uneducated buffoon who doesn't even know what the term racism even means or where it started.  Case in point, Samuel Jackson.  In this case he called the entire Tea Party movement racist.  What he and probably most of you doesn't know, the Tea Party is now composed of both Libertarians, and Democrats and Republicans.  That's right, the Tea Party movement, is just that, a movement of the people.

Libertarian Originated the Tea Party

Well hell, I'm Black and Libertarian.  We, Libertarians, actually started the movement.  Fox and other corporate shills co-opted the movement to shut out the Libertarian party once again, and we let them, somehow.  Now instead of it being a freedom, grassroots movement, it is considered a Republican movement, with some of the worst crooks from the Bush administration, who ought to be tried for treason, being leaders of various splinter groups.

Jackson is just terribly misinformed.  Oh, I'm sure there are racist in the tea party.  It doesn't hand out social edumacation classes to the members.  But, equally, I'm sure there are entire tea party groups filled with effete classists.

Just like Uncle Remus of Boondocks doesn't represent Black Americans, nor does a few racists going to a tea party rally.  I think we're all adults capable of complicated thought, and can see that not everything is "black and white".

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Obama Blames Everyone But His Corporate Banker Buddies

Obama Blames Everyone But His Corporate Banker Buddies

A message to all of you.  It makes me proud and happy that you all see through this snake oil salesman's speechifying.  As a Black man, I am shamed and chagrined that this is the first representation that we got in the White House.

Snake Oil Obama
So many people were caught up in the momentum of getting a Black man in the seat, that they ignored the very real and blatant evidence that this guy was a corporatist beyond all corporatist.

He was going to, and has, put George Bush to shame.  Big oil, big banks and multinational conglomerates funded his campaigns, not the $1 bills the media kept trying to portray along his campaign.

Obama is no more for you than you are for preserving roaches in your homemade pie.  If anything you should always be asking, what is the corporate angle on this speech, he's making.

To my great shame, though, my fellow Black Americans, and yes, I am Black too, still hold on to the notion that Obama is somehow beyond reproach.

I fear, they do not see what is right in their face.  They will vote for him again.  Although, he has been the worst president for Black in the past 40 years.

GW Bush aside, Republican policies have done more for Blacks than any other party policies.  As a Libertarian that is also hurtful, because my party would see a zenith of Black and American prosperity if elected, regardless of what the media says.

For the rest of you, thank you and make sure everyone around you is aware that Obama is not for the main street, make sure they know he's not for the common American, make sure they know he sees you as consumers and not citizens.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roseanne Barr is a Fan of Alex Jones

Roseanne Barr is a Fan of Alex Jones

In an amazing interview, Roseanne Barr reveals that she is a fan of Alex Jones and avid listener.  She says she agrees with a lot of what he says, and disagrees on some points, but is obviously torn between Hollywood sentimentality and reasonable Libertarian views about how the country should be run.

She agrees that the current situation is unsustainable and she did NOT vote for Obama.  She said she was aware that he got his money from Big Oil and Nuclear power companies.  She looked at all of his monied interests and where he got his campaign funds and said she was "disgusted" at him.

She introduced her new book Roseannearchy, [click link to buy ] on sale now.  She made no bones about beheading the Wall Street bankers and blatantly says they were involved in the largest theft of public funds in the history of the country.  She went on to say that even if they were arrested and tried, they would have to be moved to a court that they hadn't bought and paid for.

She made it a point to clarify that currently the system is completely bought and paid for by Wall Street.  She made no bones about coming right out and saying it.

When pressed on issues in her book, where she said the maximum wealth any one individual could have is $100 million, about Michael Moore being worth $200 million, she said those that are doing good for the people would be allowed concessions.  She also mentioned how Oprah makes plenty of money but shells out plenty of it to needy people and tries to help people.

All in all the theme of the book is one of feminism.  When asked about certain political figures that were Libertarian and yet male, she said she would make concessions for them as well.

Roseanne Barr Goes Anarch in New Book

Roseanne Barr Goes Anarch in New Book

Roseanna came out with a new book calling for the beheading of Wall Street bankers.  She wants to be the first matriarch despot of America and Israel, simultaneously, like Obama, but a kinder gentler despot.  For instance she puts a flat maximum wealth ceiling of $100 million per nuclear family.  That means you cannot be a Michale Moore with $200 million.  She also calls for the beheading of any Wall Street banker that does not comply after going to re-education camps.  She would completely take away their lobbying powers from the government and allow them to fail as they should.  She would indict and prosecute any and all Wall Street bankers that were involved in stealing tax payer money.

Roseannearchy Reviews

Zaine Ridling

Rosanne speaks the truth so bluntly that it's funny, and then when you think about it, it's shocking because there's so much that's true to your experience. Contrast the blunt force of her take on any issue compared to the Oprahfication of America and you'll see how far we've fallen. Her solution is "simple truth" to most any problem. "It's not complicated, just do the right thing," she writes over and over, whether it be MidEast Peace or the "war" on drugs or stupid kids. I think she overemphasizes her emotional response to her singing the National Anthem back in the early 90s. It was a comedienne's take on the silliness of that ritual, the same ritual where the field is filled by multimillionaire ballplayers while us poor slobs who bought tickets to see them can't afford an $8 hot dog at the same game! Buy the book, you'll laugh, and then you'll be pissed off at how right she is on so many issues. Don't look for help from the news media because they don't understand someone who doesn't fit into their predictable little boxes.

Silens Animus

I started Roseanne's book unsure what to expect. She's always spoken her mind, which I respect. The cover caught my eye and the humor of a "nut farm" reference only to find out she really does live on a nut farm made me give her book a shot. Secretly I wondered how far I would get though.

The foreword by her first husband took me by surprise. It already wasn't what I anticipated. When I started Roseanne's first words I was stuck by a charm and a wit I'd denied her previously. Then her brash side appeared with hilarious results.

To my surprise she tackles deep topics, explaining her childhood, admitting her short comings and even addresses the "National Anthem" debacle in unequaled honesty. I became fascinated with how she became her public persona. Awed by a sixty year old who can seamlessly transition from internet code (such as LOL), to dropping a recipe for noodles, followed by gapping socio-political boundaries all while making me LOL!

Unexpectedly, I couldn't put this book down. In two days I'd devoured it like "good pancakes" or a "plastic sealed and boiled Salisbury steak". Many of her views are not for the faint of heart, as she expects they'll undoubtedly be taken out of context. It makes me glad I've read them first hand so I can see the truth for myself.

One thing is for sure, for decades people have debated whether you would want Roseanne as your Mom but from reading this book theirs no doubt she's the kind of "bubbe" we'd all secretly love to have.

Give this book a chance and it will surprise you as it did me.

B. Thalken

Being a fan of "Roseanne" the sitcom and of the comedian herself, I've been looking forward to reading this book since I heard about it several months ago. I have to say that with all that anticipation, the book does not disappoint. Having read her first two books ("My Life as A Woman" and "My Lives"), I would say that this book is a nice balance between the themes of her first two books (the theme in the first book being feminism and family, and the theme in the latter being Hollywood and fame). The book itself is a collection of essays on topics including politics, family, gender, religion, and show business. It also offers a glimpse into Roseanne's childhood, growing up in a Jewish family in Salt Lake City, Utah. You won't see much in depth talk about the sitcom, but I would recommend "My Lives" if that's what you're interested in. Overall, the book was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to any fan of Roseanne's, or anyone who is interested in reading a woman's unique perspective on life in general.

Lies About Home Prices

Your House is Not Worth More

Read any newspaper, magazine or watch on TV and you will hear it over and over again, home prices are climbing.  Now, pay attention here.  This is exactly what they said all the way up to 2009.  The crash had already started in 2008, but for some reason the media kept saying how prices were rising.  In fact, they quickly kept saying that we were out of the "recession", although it was and still is a full fledged depression, already in 2009, although it had not even begun to get to the ugly part.

How the Government Sees Your Home
The truth of the matter is real estate is a gamble just like everything else in the world, that involves money.  Also, the real estate market has had major crashes every 10-15 years.  It is covered up quickly to keep people in the dark and somehow not aware of the empty houses next to them.  This depression was no different, only that it bled over onto wall street due to the high end banks twisting it up so much into their bottom line that they couldn't recover, that is without steal tax payer money.

The federal reserve bank has crashed the system over and over since 1913, and this time is no different.  When several banks were about to go under, on the high end, they simply crashed the system and forced the bank to steal tax payer money and blame it on home buyers.  Yet, they told the media to keep spreading the lie that real estate only goes up.

The truth is, real estate is not an investment at all, i.e. generates money for you, unless you rent it out to someone.  Owning real estate has never made money outside of rental revenue.  Owning your own house does not make you money.  People are amazed at how much money they get when they sell their house they have had for 30 years.  They are completely ignorant of the fact that the dollar has fallen 5000% over the past 30 years.  So if the dollar fell 5000% over 30 years, they are actually coming out behind.  They marvel that they can get half a million for their house, but forget that butter is 50 times what it was just 15 years ago.  They ignore that gas has increased every 3 months.

You are not and will not make money on your house.  The only way to make money on a house, is if you touch it for 1 week and sell it at a hefty profit after that week.  But then, that's not an asset anyway.  Everyone wants you to think that your home is an asset.  An asset generates money.  Unless you are renting out your house to other people who pay you monthly, your house is not an asset.  Paying your mortgage and upkeep does not make your house an asset, it makes it an expense, just like your car or your kid.

How People See Their Home
You literally have to have rental property to consider real estate an asset. People do not understand nor consider that the government allows you to take a deduction on your home every year, from your taxes.  The government understands that your home is going down in value, not up.  However, this hasn't been shown to the public and they do not understand it.  That is because the media insists on posting fake reports showing how home prices are going up and new home sales are going up.

The real sinister plot is, in those averages are included such bizarre things as million dollar purchases, which can so skew an average as to throw it off for years. Imagine if trump came to your city and bought 3 commercial buildings and 3 home which he converted to commercial property.  The local news would report that as average home prices going up and commercial real estate purchases going up.  There maybe thousands of real estate deals changing hands back and forth and foreclosures everywhere, but those 6 deals wiped them all out and skewed the numbers.  Would the newspaper point that out? No.  Because the local realtors and insurance companies want people to buy buy buy.  The banks want you to take out a loan for your home.

Do you know that 40% of all homes are still paid for with cash?  In fact that number is inching up to 50%.  This means the banks are being ignored nearly 50% of the time when the largest purchase, most people will ever see in their life, is made.  Do banks influence the news?  Of course it does.  Is it cheaper to build a house today, than it was 30 year ago?  Of course it is.  A brand new home built today, costs 30% less today than it did 30 years ago.  Why aren't you seeing home prices dropping on new homes?  Because it is the best scam going.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why Women Have Fallen Out of Favor With Men

Why Women Have Fallen Out of Favor With Men

The status of women has completely, and maybe irrevocably, fallen out of favor with men. It is not just a question of them being objectified, it is a question of how demonized women have become.

For instance through the ages:

  • Bible Times - the rib of man, needed to guard his heart n insides. 
  • My Grandma's Time - A Pillar of strength & wisdom, respected. 
  • Somewhere when i was growing up times - Upcoming gender symbols. 
  • Today's Time - Pawns, used to promote anything & everything. ... 

Did i miss something, what happened ?

Not to be controversial, but if you do one iota of research into the topic, of feminism, [not this topic per se], you'll find that the originators of it were all, to a woman, lesbian man haters. As such, they systematically started propaganda to try and "dismantle" men, including dismantling relationships between men an women.

With the backing of some heavy hitting corporate types, read forbes 100, not 500, they set out to arrest the media, and legislation and completely transform the public conversation where it involved relationships between men and women, INCLUDING the whole gender issue.

Why would corporations like this? Because women were seen as a completely new potential market of cheap labor. When this started women were still nearly all housewives.

To get them out of the house, they had to make it appear that women were being oppressed, downtrodden and "equal to men". They then set about rewriting history and every day life, to equate a housewife as BEING oppressed, downtrodden and seen as unequal to men.

The Strong Matriarch of the Family
I had a woman tell me the other day that women were oppressed all throughout history. When I asked, in what country and what time period, she couldn't answer. Even in societies where women were "on the books" supposed to be "not seen" or whatever, the woman was still the hearth giver, i.e. housewife, which translates to the person that took care of the home. These feminists rewrote history to make it look like a housewife was something simple and stupid. A housewife had the complete control of the budget and ran the house.

Now, what does that have to do with women being objectified today? Everything! The more the relationship between women and men become estranged, the more this conspiracy wins. The more divorce happens. The more weddings don't happen. The more gender is a pervasive involvement in society, [not to be confused with individuals, as a society you cannot have mass gender , it is a doom on a society, however to an individual it is merely that own person's business] All of these notions objectify both men and women, and gender the society.

Think back just 60 years ago, a woman was a prize. A man "got" to marry Suzy, or whomever. Now, we have black humor about marriage, making it appear horrible and degrading to both men and women.

Finally, adults are more and more relegated to remain immature. The 30 year old man is still now relegated to playing video games and living at home and having casual gender with whomever he pleases. This is a young man behavioral norm. But, take a second and look, movies now portray 30 year old men as boys, with no responsibilities. 40 year old actors act childish on reality t.v. for our "entertainment". Really, it's just propaganda and indoctrination to get you to think that a 40 year old man should be wearing sneakers and knickerbockers, not married with a 20 year old son, with a grand-kid on the way.

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Moochers Want You to Believe in Karma

Moochers Want You to Believe in Karma

I've been a friend to go to when people were in need. Now that I am in need, noone comes around, nor even talks to me. When I was partying nightly and buying drinks, I went over my minutes on my cell phone every month. Now that I am in need, I have roll over minutes. Whoever invented karma, was probably a moocher. They wanted someone to give them something and not expect repayment in return. Everyone has a hustle. I am wiser, much wiser now.

Eastern Philosopher Buddha
Apparently karma doesn't exist. How many countless times have I taken in someone who was down and out on the street and hungry, and fed them and gave them rest. How many countless times have I given shelter to someone having trouble with their wife. How many countless times have I fed, sheltered and given money to someone down and out, all without expecting anything in return.

Now that I am in need, my phone is silent, my IM is silent and people throw this god will provide crap and karma will provide trash. Was my name god or karma when I was providing for others? No.  It was "my good friend Shaka".

What do I get in return?  I get "so called christians" calling me a demon and unsanctified because they didn't see me in THEIR church on Sunday.  They didn't see me in their church that takes and hour to drive to in 20,000 degree heat to go to their godforsaken, not filled with anything but hate, church for Sunday school.  These same "so called christians" who've never fed another soul in their life; who've never sheltered a poor soul in their life; who've never clothed another poor soul in their life, and somehow I'm the demon?

These are the same "so called christians" who love to misquote the bible and say "judge not lest ye be judged" [not in the bible and not the correct translation at all, oh but they wouldn't know that, because they don't actually study their own religion nor their bible] just in case I call them on their lack of works and compassion, yet turn around and call me all sorts of heathens and heretics because somehow their church is the only living god church on the face of the planet.

Say what you will about murderers and criminals, at least they are honest about their craft.

Hindu God Shiva the Destroyer
Just yesterday, I helped a guy figure out some government forms.  During the conversation he confessed to all sorts of crimes and evil doing, but that it was all behind him.  When he heard I was hungry, he went into his house and brought out bags of grocery, all still packaged.  The "sinner" "criminal" was more "so called christian" than any christian has ever been to me.  I am fairly certain that 99.9999% of all people who call themselves christian are dumb as a rock and do not understand the point of the new testament philosophy, because that is exactly what it was, a new philosophy.  If you're too stupid to understand philosophy, what makes you think you can be a christian, it is pure eastern philosophy.

But when you're handing out gifts to people, they are quick to tell you that karma will repay you.  What they mean to say is, do not expect any repayment ever.

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