Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sarah Palin Divorce False - Wait it Might Be True

Sarah Palin Divorce

This last week heard the shocking news of Sarah Palin getting a divorce. Here's an excerpt of the actual blog that broke the news:

"Earlier this week one of my best sources claimed to have explosive new information for me.

It took all week for us to finally get together, but last night we finally sat down for an amazing conversation. And what I heard made my jaw drop.

According to my source Sarah is finished with Todd and has decided to end their marriage.

She has purchased land in Montana (I wonder whose donations paid for that?), and may be considering moving herself and the children as far away from Alaska as she can get." - Courtesy Immoral Minority blog

Lawyer Serves Papers on Kindergarten

To stifle the story, Sarah Palin's Lawyer threatened to sue the blogger and serve papers on him at his kindergarten, where he works. Here's an excerpt on that news:

"Thomas Van Flein, Sarah Palin's lawyer, threatened Saturday to serve libel papers at a kindergarten to the owner of the highly trafficked "ImmoralMinority" blog for a divorce story on the Palins. The blog was given until 3pm Saturday to remove the story and post a retraction. The blogger stands by the story.
Thomas Van Flein

This is now the fourth threat on behalf of Sarah Palin, including one to, that Van Flein has made to bloggers in Alaska in the past few weeks. None of which he has carried out." - Courtesy Alaskan Report blog

The Rebuttal

Now the news of the divorce spread only on twitter. No national media even picked it up. It wasn't until the denial came, that we saw national media get involved. But, there was no press release to debunk the story, there was a 2nd hand statement made by someone in Sarah Palin's camp on Facebook [ that bastion of media veracity ] [ I really do hate facebook ] Here is the statement by Meg Stapleton:

"Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent “story” (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).

Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it."

Before you jump to conclusions and think that this solidifies the fact that she's not getting a divorce [ because we know a statement on Facebook is concrete ] Let's review some facts:

- it was bloggers that broke the ethics charges story
- it was a blogger that got her picked for v.p. in the first place [ facepalm, can you believe that? ]
- it was bloggers that debunked claims the republican party were making during the campaign
- it was bloggers that debunked the story of her being pregnant

Let's discuss the rebuttal. First of all, VP to Facebook? Seriously? How tacky can you get? And, seriously, is a Facebook denial a denial at all? She had her lawyer tell CBS news that the rumors were "categorically false". And, we all know a lawyer knows that's going on in a marriage. I'm pretty sure a lawyer is the last person to know. Why? Because, by the time he knows, it really is over. Now notice in the rebuttal, they actually completely repeat he rumor. Until the rebuttal the national media did not weigh in. After the rebuttal, CBS picked up the story.

My Gut Feeling

As a child of divorce, this looks like divorce to me. Several tabloids have reported in the past that they were unfaithful to each other, rumored about divorce and marital problems. Exactly how many sources does it take before something is true?

Of course Palin is the best republican party material for comedians, since Dan Quayle. So whatever she does, she'll always be "that girl". For those saying give it a rest, leave her alone... The woman was the Vice President pick for the United States of America. This wasn't some story about a local small town girl who got trapped in a well. You all need to give it a rest. Also, it's not even a year since she's left the spot light. And, to top it all off, she resigned her position as governator of Alaska only last week. Of course, she's going to be looked at. The "give it a rest" crowd are the sore loser republicans. They turn right around and then lambast Obama for not doing what they feel he should be doing. How quickly they forget, The Bush Debacle.

For Palin and family... You'll get through this. People get divorced all day, every day. Heck, I live in Vegas. I have seen a "couple" of divorces, and weddings, sometimes simultaneously.


Anonymous said...

The national liberal media, mention her name, every night. The PUBS have moved on, it's you obsessed, green peace, obama messiah loving idiots, that just can't seem to get her out of your mouth. Even if she were getting divorced, which I highly doubt. Who cares? That's her personal business. It seems, she has been demonized by you folks from the beginning, but it's always something personal. From her children to her marriage and back again, he shoes, her shopping sprees, ect. ect. ect. This is not a political debate, not even a rational examination of her policy ideas. It's propaganda, and it smells bad. Actually don't. America is starting to wake up, and the more irrational and obsessed you people act, all the better.

Shakaama said...

Honestly though, and i'm not republican nor democrat mind you, to pick her as the vice friggin president of the most powerful nation on the planet? That's a slap in the face of all mankind. And, I don't mean about her being an woman, I mean about her being inept.

Anonymous said...

sex is normal and every womans right - if a woman like sarah palin is not feeling satisfied she should be moving on to someone who can satisfy her needs. she has the looks and sex appeal and has every right to get what she wants.

Anonymous said...


You apparently FAILED to get hired by Newsweek???

All ya need is a keyboard!

Shakaama said...

If sex is the only thing in the marriage, after 3 kids, and you get a divorce over it, you're a fool and don't deserve a man. Didn't God giver her, her husband? Isn't she a bible thumping Christian? I'm shocked she would get a divorce.

Anonymous said...

I'm Loving the Mini-Skirt and High Heel's!!!! She's way to good looking to be in politics.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is so hottt her ass would melt snow

Anonymous said...

Shakaama wow! almost sounds like Obama, is there any difference? he,he,he. maybe related.

Anonymous said...

sarah is extremely hot in that blck skirt&blue shirt

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