What Shakaama Live Is Not

Let me start out with what this blog is NOT about.


Yes folks, and all who read this: I do not have an original thought in my brain.  All the material you find in this blog
  • has already been said
  • has already been published
  • has been researched from at least 10 sources
     Nothing in this blog is my opinion.  Yes, I have absolutely no brain inside my skull, therefore noone should think that I am in any shape for or fashion caring about what I am writing about.  I could care less is women sleep around.  I could care less if men sleep with men.  I could care less if athletes are caught strangling goats in their underwear.  I don't care.  I don't care.  I don't care.

How I Approach Writing
     People look at my writing style and like it.  But, people think by my writing style that I am passionate about what I am writing about.  WRONG!  You just read, above, that I don't care right?  So what could the truth be?

I want you to read what I am writing about.  I want to be provocative.

I don't care about what I am writing about, but I care that you read and continue reading.  If I write a title that says: Britney Spears on Drugs   but in the article it's about her going to hospital over migraine headaches, which her pills didn't cure... the title is just to get to you to read.

How Can People Be Offended
     I wrote an about me, that was very revealing of my personal life.  I did not have to reveal I have been to law school.  But, I specifically wrote that bio to let you in on why I write what I write.  I am telling you the legal ramifications about what is going on in a story.  Also I have a poli sci degree.  So I am revealing how you are being manipulated by a story.

People Get Offended
     If someone gets offended by anything I write in this blog, simply write in the comment area to ask me my source.  Yes I am so lazy that I do not credit my sources.  But, let me let you in on my lifestyle.  When I publish a story, quite often the story is a week old on the writing table.  So, after a week, along with the 10 other websites and blogs I update, the citations needed for each article are lost.  However, if you bring my attention to it, I can get the citation to you within a few minutes.
     If people are getting offended, again, do not get offended at me.  I am simply regurgitating what has already been written by the main stream media.