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10 Things You Need to Ask Before You Marry Her

Before You Get Married to Her Money

Here's a quick quiz you need to ask your "soul mate" before you even pop the question. The reason for this, is that so many young people ruin their credit, right at 18 and then take 30 years to get it right. With that in mind then, could you be walking into a financial mind field? Oh you bet. You are right.

It would be wise, it would behoove you, to quiz the person about their money, before you go that "next step". It could be a massive fall financially, if you tie the knot, and her creditors come after you. Or, you were planning on buying a house right after marriage, and BLAMMO!! her credit is so bad you can't get a decent rate, or worse, a loan.

I knew a girl who was so far in debt and her attitude was just so ... childish that it boggled my mind. She had a car; wrecked it; still owed on it; let it default; then went back to the same company and they tacked on both car notes to her car. So in essence she was paying for two cars while driving one, she was upside down in the car. And, she didn't even care. She thought it was funny. She was already married at the time. I can't imagine what her husband thought. I didn't know him, nor never met him.

By that example, and some women just use "I'm only a woman" as an excuse to not deal with financial matters. I can't count the times I've heard, "oh my husband takes care of all of that." And, when he dies? She has no clue what to do.

The Pre-engagement Quiz

10. You receive a credit card in the mail. It says "free" and "you were preapproved." What do you do with it? The correct answer is - send it back.

9. You see an ad on t.v., at night, selling something you were actually going to go shop for the very next day, and it's $10.00 cheaper, even after shipping and handling. However, the company gives a P.O. BOX address. Do you order the product off the T.V. The correct answer is - go buy the one at the store.

8. Your cousin / nephew / niece asks you to co-sign on a car. You haven't seen them in a few years and you have no idea if they have a job. Do you co-sign the loan? The correct answer is - no.

7. Do you have a savings account?

6. Do you have a C.D.? [certificate of deposit]

5. How many cars have you had, and have you ever paid off one, and is the current one paid off or payments up to date? You should never, ever pay for another human's car expenses. If they can't pay for it themselves, that's a warning sign to leave.

4. Her living situation might be temporary so it's not adequate to ask about that. However, the ideal woman may be purchasing a house. If she is renting however: How much is your rent? How much do you make? Is your rent current? You should never, ever pay for another human's living expenses. If they can't pay for it themselves, that's a warning sign to leave.

3. You live one block away from a ritzy yuppie grocery store and one block away from a dollar grocery store. Of course the food at the dollar grocery store is rather bland, yet healthy. You need a better car to get ahead at your job, since your boss sometimes asks you to drive him / her to staff meetings. Do you scrimp and save and buy from the dollar store? The correct answer is - yes.

2. The latest magazines have crowned bubble bottom jeans as the must have jeans of the year, however, they cost $250. You know some shoes that would match but they cost $213. Your friend is having a party next weekend, and they are always getting on you about the clothes you wear. So far you have $800 [ask her] saved up in your bank account. Do you go buy the jeans and shoes and surprise your friends? The correct answer is - no.

1. If you lost your job today, and had no family, and couldn't get welfare, and couldn't get unemployment, could you go an entire year without finding work, from just your saving account? The correct answer is - yes.

If the girl that has caught your eye, answers any of these questions incorrectly, my advice is to move on. I'm sure love is a great thing and all, but being financially miserable is setting yourself up for a divorce. Those are just cold hard facts. More people get divorced over money than any other subject.

Since you're an adult, think like an adult. If you are going to dedicate yourself to a woman, it's not just physical. When you get married you are agreeing to: dedicate your body; dedicate your mind; dedicate your soul; dedicate your time; and dedicate your pocket book. If you are going to mix your pocket book, you have to know what you're getting into. If the person is just starting out financially, then you have to know how they think about money.

If you have $10,000 in savings it makes no sense to marry a woman that has none. You're not equal and the marriage would be awkward. Keep in mind $10,000 isn't a whole lot of money. But such a small amount is the difference between someone who makes a salary and someone who works hourly. Such a small difference is the difference between someone who doesn't have leisure time, nor leisure money and isn't used to neither one.

I've had friends and I mean a lot of them, whom if I said let's go see Batman and stop for a burger on the way would say "I don't have money". They didn't mean they were saving their money and didn't want to waste it on lunch and a movie. They meant literally they didn't have that much money to spend. Ultimately I had to get a new group of friends. I couldn't be "friends" with people I couldn't hang out with on my level.

Just as you see "lifestyles of the rich and famous" those people wouldn't hang out with me. Nor, could i hop on a jet and meet them in Paris. These are just financial facts.

Don't let your mouth write a check your behind can't cash. Don't get all head over heels in love with some girl AND THEN after the fact find out she's not only broke, but so deep in debt, it affects your credit.

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Naomi Sims: The First Black Supermodel Passes on at 61

Story of a Black Supermodel Naomi Sims

Supermodel Naomi Sims
[I include this story for my own selfish reasons, so we never forget the Black pioneers who have gone on. I used to model and still am looking to get back into it. So I'm sure this lady paved the way for me as well.]

Naomi Sims, among first black models, passed at 61.

(AP) – April 2nd
NEW YORK — Naomi Sims, the fashion model who in 1968 became the first black model to appear on the cover of Ladies' Home Journal, has passed. She was 61.

Sims, said by some to be the first black supermodel, passed, Saturday of cancer in Newark, N.J., her son Bob Findlay told The New York Times. It had been decades since she left the runway to become an author and launch her own beauty empire.

Sims attained success at the same time that the "Black is Beautiful" movement was taking hold, and her accomplishments as a barrier-breaking African-American model helped pave the way for the black runway stars of the 1970s, including Pat Cleveland, Alva Chinn and Beverly Johnson.

Sims often spoke of her difficult start — as a gangly foster-care kid in Pittsburgh who towered over the other children in her school. In 1966, she came to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology on scholarship.

When she began approaching modeling agencies, she was turned down again and again — with some telling her that her skin was too dark. Instead of giving up, she pushed forward and approached photographers directly.

The approach landed her the cover of the Times' August 1967 fashion supplement. She used that photo to market herself directly to advertising agencies, and within a year she was earning $1,000 a week and appearing in a national television campaign for AT&T. Before long, she was modeling for top designers.

Sims gave up modeling after five years and launched her own wig-making business geared toward black women. She eventually expanded the multimillion-dollar business to include beauty salons and cosmetics, and she wrote "All About Health and Beauty for the Black Woman" and other books.

Sims was born in Oxford, Miss., in 1948. Her parents divorced soon after she was born and her mother moved Sims and her two sisters to Pittsburgh.

Besides her son, Sims is survived by a sister, Betty, and a granddaughter.
Information from: The New York Times,
Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Black Women Dogging Black Men and Singing About It

Hate Against Black Men

There is a lot of hate speech, being put forth by women these days, started mainly by white women. Black women and the media have picked up this mantra. The notion is that they were so downtrodden, by men that they had to start a movement. The original version was women's suffrage. Don't get me wrong, women's suffrage is a great thing, however the movement was hijacked by nefarious individuals who had a much broader, yet hidden agenda that had nothing to do with the political and financial equality of women.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Game Review: Champions Online - Another City of Heroes?

Champions Online Game Review

If you missed it, this past weekend there was an open beta for the soon to be released game Champions Online. Yes, if you recognize the name it is based off of the old table top, pen and paper game of the same name. Cryptic Studios bought the licensing rights and made an MMO [massive multi-player online] out of it. So at its core is it a super-heor online game.

I got a chance to take a peak at it and played it for the entire weekend. I first didn't remember the game, but seeing a couple of videos about it, I do recall it at E3. Low and behold it was the same game. I recall at E3 I wasn't that impressed by it, but it was still developing at that stage.

On to the review. Since this is my first review on my blog, unlike my YouTube reviews at Shakaama Live, I'll make this as factual as possible and list the criteria for the review.

- Overall style (4 out of 10): The overall style of the look of the game is very unpolished. In city of heroes, your heroes were very larger than life and you really got the sense that you were playing a super-hero. Although the graphics were in fact realistic and the cityscape was modern, it just did not give you a sense of anything unique and exciting. It was not impressive

- landscape (3 out of 10): The environment was well executed, but everything was just so tiny and the levels were so compact that you never got the sense you were in an actual city, an actual forest, an actual tundra. The zones made it clear that you were playing a game with snow, dirt, trees and not that you were in some actual area.

- character (4 out of 10): The graphics of the NPC's and the PC's were not impressive at all. Again they were not polished. The animation of the characters were all stiff as well. There was no sense of fluid real life motions, nor super-hero life motions as well.

- hardware capability (6 out of 10): This category is for if the game really tests your hardware. As you can see by the previous graphics categories, it isn't a graphically impressive game. As such, I found no problem installing it and getting it to play smoothly. So for smoothness of playability graphic wise it gets a complete pass, but the lack of challenging hardware with impressive graphics it fails.

- chargen (2 our of 10): Character generation was a sticking point in City of Heroes. They constantly redeveloped the chargen. Champions Online completely just copied them. Chargen involves nothing more than making the rudimentary powers of your hero and overabundance of looks for your character. I say overabundance, because unless you are playing zoomed all the way into your character you will never see all the minor things you or anyone else did to their character. In the end chargen boils down to basic heights, colors and costuming. The hundreds of facial expressions you can put on your character or whether he has a cleft chin is unnecessary. Chargen therefore was not innovative at all. I've yet to see a super-hero chargen where you can plan out or plot out the path of powers he's to go on or even remove the powers altogether and do an actual back story in game of developing the powers. Both City of Heroes and Champions missed the point of this. They both just lazily put a text editor on your character and let you write some mumbo jumbo about the origins of the hero. The fact that Champions chargen is exactly the same as City of Heroes smacks of plagiarism.

- controls (2 out of 10): the controls were clunky as hell. I heard that you could attach an xbox controller to your computer and have massive fun, unfortunately I don't have one and didn't think about it. I suffered through, what has to be the worst physics known to man. It's as if my hero was 4 tons and didn't have control of his own muscles. While the developer at E3 called the gameplay heroic, it is anything but. The worst thing were the travel powers. I tested them all. unless you chose superspeed and flight, you had zero precision of how your character moved. None of this stop on a dime. I also was disappointed with the flying disks that they put in: ice, electric etc... those travel powers used a disk, and when you stopped moving you floated to the ground. I just don't get the point of that. Do you lose control of your disk in relation to gravity? I'm sure it's to prevent some exploit, but for game play it sucks. Speaking of ice, I thought it was going to be like iceman. You know he cools the air under his feet and creates a path of ice. No, it's a floating icy disk. How lazy are you that you can't program an icy path that fades in 2 seconds behind him after 10 yards. Yet in the videos and the splash screens he has an icy path. Mind you it wasn't even my power of choice, but I found it disappointing.

- ui (0 out of 10): User Interface! What can I say about their user interface. Oh one word comes to mind: HORRIBLE!!!! This was a pain in the butt. Man it was god awful. I just cannot say enough about it. There were these ... and then these ... also these... ugggg it was ridonkulous. Who thought it up? And, lastly, it wasn't even something new, it was just a bad copy of other UI's. uggggg!!

- rpg ( 3 out of 10): Is there a story you can follow? Yes, and they do convey it. Yes you get a feel for what is going on in the game and it's not just something boring. Ok, for there being a story Champions gets a pass. As for the actual merits of the story? Fail. They had the most unimaginative staff come up with the worst scenarios possible. I've seen more imagination in table top games from complete social rejects, than what i saw in this game. The story for a super hero... yes a SUPER HERO, should be epic. Literally the challenges in this game, a swat team could handle and be home by dinner. It was just so bleh.

- lore (6 out of 10): Was there background to the story and the world and the game? Yes, they have cut scenes and npcs that talked to you. The voice acting was well executed and gave you a sense of the character speaking. Not bad build up to it.

- rpg (1 out of 10): Does your advancement in the game have a story like quality to it? No.

- hack n slash (1 out of 10): Is the game advanced by hack n slash? Yes

- Immersion: Did you feel immersed in this online game. No

- Must have: Is this a must have game for video game nerds. No. This is not going to be a classic and a "if you're a nerd you must have this in your library". This doesn't advance any game style. In fact it doesn't even advance the Champions franchise. I'm sorry to say that. I played champions only once, hell i spent a month making the character. This game is not impressive in the least bit.

I predict a lackluster launch and a lackluster following. This game just does not capture the imagination.


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Jasmine Fiore Swimsuit Model Mysterious Death

Jasmine Fiore Swimsuit Model

When I was in law school there was one particular subject I hated: Family Law. I hated it because I had to read case after case of brutal treatment of children or spouses. I didn't even dare read any criminal law cases. I don't know how I got through those classes.

Here we have the horrific story of a swimsuit beauty model, Jasmine fiore, who also used to worked for Playboy, as the coordinator for Playboy's "Girls of Golf." Spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey said, "She never posed in the magazine." She was found under mysterious circumstances and someone didn't want her identified. They removed her fingers and teeth. They stuffed her body in a suitcase and threw it in the trash. She was found in the Buena Park, Orange county, California on Saturday, August 15th. She was 28.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins Megan Wants a Millionaire

The only suspect they have on record as of now is husband Ryan Jenkins, who incidentally called to report her missing. He then disappeared and has yet to be found. Fiore was last seen alive with Jenkins at a poker game in San Diego.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins is Canadian and recently appeared on the reality T.V. show "Megan Wants a Millionaire," where he battle for the affection of blond model Megan Hauserman. Fiore and Jenkins met in March at a Las Vegas casino where Jenkins was partying after wrapping up "Millionaire," said Fiore's mother, Lisa Lepore. And in typical Las Vegas fashion, they got married there on March 18, according to a Clark County marriage certificate. It was a spontaneous marriage, "right after they met, one of those wild things," Lepore said. But it soon went south. In May, "they had a big blowout. She had the marriage annulled," she said. "She didn't trust him because he was doing things behind her back," she said. "He did everything that she asked him not to do," Lepore said. "She got furious."

The Orange County district attorney's office has charged Jenkins with murder and issued a warrant for his arrest. Jenkins, 32, is believed to be in Canada, and officers there said Thursday that ground, air and canine units are searching for him. A car and empty boat trailer belonging to Jenkins were found Wednesday at a marina in the northwest Washington town of Blaine, near the border.

Ryan Jenkins, is from Calgary, Alberta. A resume posted on the networking site says he graduated from Mount Royal College in Calgary in 1999, has a license to fly commercial airplanes and worked in investment sales and as president of a boutique development company focused on cutting-edge green technologies. Jenkins was convicted of assault in Canada in 2007 and has a pending domestic battery case in Las Vegas. In January 2007, Jenkins was sentenced to 15 months of probation in his hometown of Calgary, Canada, on an unspecified assault charge, according to the Alberta Ministry of Justice. No further details were available. Court records show Jenkins was charged in June in Clark County, Nev., with a misdemeanor count of "battery constituting domestic violence" on accusations that he hit Fiore in the arm. He is scheduled for a Dec. 18 non-jury trial.

Gwendolyn Beauregard of Bonny Doon, a longtime friend to Jasmine Fiore, is scheduled to discuss the case on Larry King Live and Good Morning America.

In my opinion this is a classic case of marrying someone you don't know. Yes, I know there's the romantic notion that you can go to Vegas and marry someone that you've known all your life but was forbidden to, but often you hear of those cases of "we were drunk and one thing led to another..." She obviously didn't know him. And, he obviously didn't know her.

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Why Black Men are Fired

Black Men have Twice the Unemployment of Whites

Black men have twice the unemployment of whites, in fact Black men and women have twice the unemployment of whites. Black women fair better due to being in different industries, but I believe I can explain all of it in one word. Racism.

WARNING: [ if you are going to be offended by the post, please stop reading now. understand that I always read data from university study after university study for every post I make. None of it is my opinion. I just say what others are not in a position to say, or are afraid of retaliation. ]

Study after study has shown that racism practices are dominate in the hiring of Black men and it is widespread. I'm sure everyone is hoping that in this day and age that, that wouldn't be so, but the data is clear.

Some sectors are harder hit by this economic downtrend than others, but even before this financial crisis Black men double the unemployment rates of whites.
"Black men’s ability to access high-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector played a significant role in building the black middle class after World War II. Yet those jobs have steadily declined in the past several decades. A study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research estimated that the share of African Americans in manufacturing jobs fell from 23.9 percent in 1979 to 9.8 percent in 2007. Blacks were actually 15 percent less likely than other groups in 2007 to have a job in manufacturing. These jobs have also been among the first cut in this recession, accelerating the decline of available positions with decent pay for black men."
Clearly this was before the financial crisis and the data showed that Black men were hit already targeted for being fired. And, these were positions that had been held for years, and not new hirees.

"Black men have also been disproportionately affected by the instability in the automotive industry. A study by the Economic Policy Institute found that African Americans have above average employment and earn much higher wages in auto industry jobs than in other industries. If one or more domestic automakers were to file for bankruptcy, more than 3 million jobs could be lost within the next year, a result that would be especially devastating for African Americans."

Everyone talks about the equality of educational opportunity. I have toured the south and found many rural places where education is not a reality. It is seemingly as distant as the moon. In fact I found the best products from high schools in the south were subpar to national standards, and again these were their best products. When I see a sector that is well paying and requires only a high school degree, clearly these Black men chose the best opportunity available to them. Meanwhile the country cast aspersions on these very men. It's as if the white people are not satisfied until we are removed from society entirely.

"Persistent racial discrimination has enhanced the effects of various factors that have limited the employment opportunities available to black men over time. A cross-sectional analysis of employers by Harry J. Holzer of Georgetown University found that employers are generally more averse to hiring black males than those from any other racial and gender group, especially in jobs that require social or verbal skills and in service occupations."

I was once, many years ago, fired from a job where I was the sole employee, of a small studio. I was hired by the manager, trained by her and after 2 days left alone to manage the studio. Six months later the corporate manager showed up as a secret shopper. She was amazed at my expertise, quality salesmanship and "approachability" [the store manager later told me she was testing this, clearly this was because I was Black, I had never heard of such a thing before]. I was fired a few days later. In fact I showed up to open the store and the manager, surprisingly, was there. She had said she left a message and was shocked I showed up. She gave me some excuse I had sassed a security guard in the mall. [who had constantly harassed me] I can't help thinking that the corporate manager was shocked to find that my manager had hired a Black man all this time, and gave the immediate order to fire me. Understand that my manager and I had never had so much as a critique about my job. In fact she often praised my sales and we were on very friendly terms.

[I give that personal example, to exemplify how the workplace is. Both of these were white women. My immediate supervisor only saw a hard worker that produced profits and had an impeccable work ethic. The corporate manager saw a Black man. And, although she was clearly impressed [which she immediately told my manager] she ordered me to be fired anyway. I understood that this was a complete burden on the my manager, she was a young mom and she depended on me to allow her time to take care of home life. After firing me she would have to work all day (which is what i did for 14 hours). ] By the way, the studio closed within a month.

"Another study from Princeton University of nearly 1,500 employers in New York City found that black applicants without criminal records are no more likely to get a job than white applicants just out of prison."
In New York city, unemployment amongst Black men is 50%. That is a staggering number. The Princeton study concluded that racism was the only explanation for their findings. In every instance that they viewed the Black male applicants, they were perfectly qualified for the jobs. They were completely astounded by their own findings. In fact, they found no instances where affirmative was even applied to hire the Black men. They found that racism was the single most dominant reason for Black men not being hired, and being fired. The jobs ranged in skill level also, so it was not a case of low paying, low level jobs. During Obama's 100 days speech a reporter stood up and asked what Obama would do about that statistic. Obama replied that he had already extended unemployment benefits and offered healthcare benefits to unemployed workers. In other words nothing. That's the problem, stop looking to the government for answers. They don't have an answer. And, Obama didn't have an answer either.

The Solution to Black Male Unemployment

What could be the solution? There can be only one solution to this problem. Racism is not going to go away. There are children being born right now that are already being indoctrinated into racism. There are so many cases of young, very young kids committing racial crimes and acting out racial tensions on Black children. Put it out of your mind, that in our lifetime racism will recede.

The solution is therefore not to target racism, but to target ourselves. Do not look to white people for jobs. That is the only answer. We have our own doctors, lawyers, mechanics, engineers, drafters, contractors, carpenters, brick layers, wall hangers, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, firemen, policemen, executives, human resource managers.

  • We Black people need to start our own businesses. It is past time that we look to the white man for anything, including a job.
  • The first business that needs to be opened are banks or credit unions. We must be in control of our own money supply and lending. Lending is the largest hamper and hindrance to Black business in America today, and has been for some decades. You can start a credit union 10 times faster than you can a bank. We have plenty of bankers, financiers and experts amongst ourselves. It would take nothing to start up credit unions or banks in Black communities all across America. Once we can lend amongst ourselves, the businesses can flourish. A word of warning: do not centralize the bank / credit union in each community if you can. Why? What if they were shut down or bought out? There goes the entire community. And sometimes, it seems like a very profitable deal to sell a bank or credit union for a very large offer, only to find out it's being closed. They will buy you out simply to close you down. In fact that is the rub of most Black businesses. They are bought out and closed down immediately. The temporary financial gain from the sale is completely dwarfed by the loss of income for the years and years following due to these practices.
  • Create Black law firms. This is the 2nd most important thing that needs to be done. Our community needs legal scholars and legal representation. Only then can we stand for our constitutional rights. Invite Black lawyers into the community to start Black law firms. If the money is taken care of in the other points, then legal representation needs to be taken care of. No more would be hear excuses, if we get our financial act together, in courts across the U.S. with proper legal representation. Black law firms would bolster the community just that much.
  • We need to stop renting. Renting is the worst thing a Black man can do in America. I don't care what financial expert tells you. Black people have zero assets. Let me repeat this. Renting affords you a lifestyle whereby you never have assets. You need land. We need land. We need a roof over our head that they can't come knock on our door in the middle of the night and kick us out. So once you start that community bank, have people line up and buy the land they live on, or find some to buy and lend to them.
  • No current Black "organization" is doing what I'm saying. Do not look to them for guidance and leadership. They provide none. Do not look to the NAACP or anything else. They all suffer the slave mentality that we should take the white man to court so we can get a hand out from him. At no point have they demanded equality based on our own merits. Revisit cases like the Jena 6 if the points I've made here were followed out. The corruption of those white police and courts would have been revealed for what it was. These organization are hindering us more than helping us. We don't need fanfare and legislation. We need our own two feet, and to hold the hand of the brother net to us. We need to reach back and down to the person under us. We don't need laws for people to treat us right. Leave if you don't like what someone is doing to you. Go get your own. You don't have to spend your dollars somewhere, where they aren't giving you the God given right a man deserves, go open up your own store. This very notion has been the slave mentality of this past century, look to the white man to fix the white man. That doesn't make a lick of sense. Don't look to the white man to fix the white man, look to yourself and move away from the white man. If the white man won't rent to you, go back to the Black community and build a house. Why act like a dog begging for scraps from the masters table? You're not a dog. You can have your own table. You can have your own food. You can have your own dinning room. You can have your own house.
  • We need send our children to private schools or home school them. They are being educated into a way of thinking against their own self interest. America is being dumbed down. We need to break away from the educational system. I believe private schools are a perfect alternative if you can't home school them. If you have to scrimp and save to do it, do it.
  • We need to support Black owned businesses to our own detriment. That means even if you have to walk a mile to get to one, do so. No one else is going to support our own businesses, so we best get to doing it.
  • Hire Black people. Clearly white people hire their own, even if they've been in jail and are unqualified. If a Black applicant has an attitude you don't like, but he's qualified, hire him and train him, don't let him twist in the wind. He's our son, don't let him end up just another statistic.
  • Train each other. Offer your expertise whenever you can to each other. Show them you have credentials and that it would be in their best interest to listen to what you have to say. Never miss an opportunity to teach. There is an effort already going on where small communities are going door to door offering training in Black communities. They are showing great success.
  • Make your church aware of what is going on. It is time out to think we can separate church and politics, because white people don't. Address your congregation each and every Sunday on these issues and come together as a community to organize this.
  • Understand the rules of the game. The rules are, money makes right: not white; not black; not educated. Money speaks louder than words. Understand that the rules for this life in America is money makes right. Look at the Asians, they were silent for over 200 years and they are now above the white man economically how: they own their own businesses; they have higher incomes.
  • Spend most of your money on your child, not yourself. This includes dedicating your time to your child. Asians spend more on their children, and have always done so, than any other group. They are now in positions of power, unheard of before. Blacks spend the least on their children and have yet to get ahead. Dedicate your life to your child and you will be repaid 10 fold. In every instance where this has been the case, the results have been astounding. For example: the homeless lady who dedicated herself to her daughter; was completely involved with her schoolwork; her daughter ended up in Harvard.
  • Your child does not finish being your child at 18. Time and again Black parents abandon their children at 18. Asians contribute to their children for life. You must be involved with your child for life as well. If your child requires that he must study long hours before he understands and gets and A, then you must just accept that he can't work and go to college, regardless of your own financial needs. Understand, you must sacrifice yourself for your children. Your story is over. You are building everything for your children. The faster you understand this, the further ahead we all will be.
  • Be involved with your community. You can't just go to work, and then come plop on the couch and think the government will take care of tomorrow. You have to go get organized, get your community involved. You know the saying it take a village to raise a child, that's from the African concept. No such thing existed in Europe. If you organize your community, you will take your streets back, and help raise those bad apples and turn them around. And if you organize your community you can see who would be the best for opening particular stores. Discuss it amongst yourselves. Where I live, if an Asian opens a store, it will be an overnight success. The day they open the doors, hundreds of customers will flood in. Every single Asian business I've seen open has done this. We need to organize and discuss and market our businesses amongst ourselves.
  • Have the attitude that the Black customer is your best customer. Once we understand marketing and business, we will be successful in our own community. Once we cater to our community, we will be able to take care of ourselves. Before the civil rights movement, the Black population commanded the 6th largest GDP in the world. After it was finished, our GDP was decimated. Why? Because, each dollar was churned in the community nearly 10 times before it left. We need to return to that wealth of business and community.
  • Maintain community first. If that concept is hone in on, we will be successful. As it stands we don't have a community. White people look to us as a community and we constantly resist having one, so as not to seem homogeneous. This is weakness. We are categorized daily and looked upon as a community, yet we sit in disarray and unorganized. We need to come together as a community with pride and justification.
If we adopted these tenets as a community then 200% unemployment of Black men to whites would be a thing of the past. If we look to ourselves and not outside ourselves we can make this entire scenario moot.

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Why Rap Music Isn't Real

Hip Hop does not equal Rap Music

Hip Hop UndergroundRap music has a bad rap. No pun intended. And, I think I know why. I no longer listen to rap music, but at one time rap music wasn't even in the form it is today.

First let's get one thing straight. Hip Hop music was never rap music. Hip Hop music started in the underground scenes of New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. You can still find Hip Hop music in those scenes.

Rap music was started as a movement to educate young Black kids. It started out as a poetry style, put to music. At first it was the spoken word, and moved on to music to gain mass appeal. One of the first "rap" songs that had mass appeal was "Rappers Delight". It wasn't the first rap song by any means, however it won critical acclaim and had mass appeal.

Rappers Delight Sugar Hill GangOnce Black people found that we would buy the music all sorts of independent record labels started up. This budding entrepreneurship was almost overnight squashed by powerful white executives. Where they couldn't out and out buy labels from Black entrepreneurs, they tried every dirty trick in the book: staging gang retaliation strikes; staging in song fights; murder.

However the cat was out of the bag so to speak, and wherever they quashed one independent record label, 10 more sprang up. All of the successful labels were gobbled up or fell to the drama of the takeovers. But, still independent labels do exist in the rap world.

Enter the Corporate Rap Machine

I started off by saying rap music has a bad rap, and rightly so. But, the blame lies, not with Black people, but with the corporate rap machine. Record labels have at their beck and call a team of writers, lyrics, hacks that can pop out a rap song within seconds.

I've heard first hand of real writers refusing to write lyrics where rape, incest, gender , violence is the order, only to be told that they can be replaced with 100 other writers who would do it. For the corporate rap machine, the artist is immaterial. They will get the latest Black pretty boy, or the latest monster looking Black kid, set him on stage and hand him the raunchiest lyrics one can imagine.

About the Rap Music Lyrics

I had the opportunity growing up to live in nearly every state in the union. I have met thousands upon thousands of Black people, as well as others. At no point did I ever here a Black male say "I'll drop my balls on his ...." "I'll rub my dick on her ...." Why? Because, Black people are not a perverse people. Black men and women are far more comfortable with gender innuendo on a personal level than they are with explicit, disgusting, raunchy language. You would hear a Black male tell a girl "can i get those digits" 100 time before you'd hear them mention anything about gender .

So it goes to reason, if the common everyday Black man or woman doesn't talk like this, then perhaps these rap lyrics have a different source. BINGO! Corporate rap executives know that 70% of all rap music is purchased by white suburban kids, who don't know any better. As such, they have done their studies and found that gender explicit lyrics; gang banger lyrics; rape; molestation lyrics outsell all other lyrics hands down. They have a team of white lyricist that write these horrible lyrics. They put it in the hands of a Black artist and record it. The public then believes the artist to have written the lyrics and thereby, by association, that all Black people must feel and think this way.

To my knowledge I'm the only one that even mentions this. But, what's worse is the white supremacist groups feeds upon these lies. Then by association they think that Black people are gender explicit. They think that Black people have massive families. They think that Black men mistreat their Black women. I've given data after data in this very blog, Shakaama Live, showing that the Black family is far more stable than the white family. Black divorce is below the national average, and below the white average. However, were you to listen to rap music you would think Black people have gender at the drop of a hat, pop out kids like rabbits, and leave their women twisting in the wind with the child. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The corporate rap machine glorifies gang banging, jail and the mafia. At no point did the mafia ever hold Black people in any esteem. The mafia is just as white as their Anglo-Saxon counterparts and their hatred of Black people is just as palpable. For the corporate rap machine to commingle the two is laughable and transparent. No Black kid, paying attention for 2 seconds to the mafia would ever mistake the mafia having love for Black people.

In fact one of the largest clashes between the mafia and Black people is now famous on film "American Gangster". Here you had a successful Black hoodlum, whom the mafia detested. You have on file their pure and unadulterated views of "chicken". In fact they considered Black people so dirty as to nearly banish anyone that dealt with us. Now that's saying something, if you'll banish your own family. Clearly commingling the mafia in Black rap music is a tel tale sign that its written by a white person and not a Black person. Surely no Black man would be so debase and stupid as to glorify people that think of us as "animals", "chicken", "dirty". You might be shaking your head saying no there are stupid people in the world, but I tell you, you can't be both stupid and successful enough to get your music to the public. You can be many things, but you can't be stupid.

Obviously there is a disconnect with reality and rap lyrics. The blame of course are these young artists that are selling out to the man and perpetuating stereotypes that never before existed. For 100 years after slavery the Black man was still subjugated by the white man, however we were never seen as lazy, shiftless, gender explicit, nor violent. The Black man was treated as the white man's burden to educate and bring to enlightenment, due to his savagery, but no one ever called a Black man lazy or violent. In fact, the technology of Africa was laughable compared to the guns, ships and cannons of white Europeans. In fact for at least 200 years Black men was seen as savage, heathen, children.

Oprah vs. Snoop Dog

Oprah vs SnoopOprah had an on screen argument with Snoop Dog over his degradation of women. In fact, Snoop Dog knew that those lyrics sold records and continued using them even after he promised her he'd stop. Clearly Snoop Dog doesn't believe in the lyrics. He's a married man with children. However he has become this iconic "gangster" figure that people expect to be this cartoon character that he portrays himself to be. He is more enslaved by his own design than anyone ever could make him. He is associated with being the cool "chicken". And chicken he is. He wants to be a chicken, so be it. He wants to be married to a gender , so be it. Oprah can't change Snoop although he's leading Black kids down the worst possible path. So he's a retard. Maybe he'll die soon and we won't have to deal with his ignorance.

P.M. Dawn[Remember I intend to be offensive. For only by being offensive will you wake up and realize that what you're doing to yourself is wrong. I could care less if your feelings are hurt. Half the time, things I point out are getting Black folks killed. Half the time, because of perceptions perpetrated by ignorant bastards like Snoop Dog are getting people targeted by police. You don't say "F the Police" and put it on a best selling album. The ignorant unwashed masses will think you're messiah and do things to get themselves shot or thrown in jail. You can make money, massive amounts of money, by making lyrics like P.M. Dawn. Apparently, gangster, gender rap lyrics aren't the only thing on the market customers will buy. But you have been led like a good chicken down the road by white businessmen in selling out your own race, talking nasty as if we talk like that. No woman will respect you, if behind closed doors you turn out to be a freak. And that's exactly why we came up with that word. We, Black people, consider people who do that stuff to be "freaks". We think it's odd that a man or woman would want to do nasty things like that. We don't respect "freaks". We view a woman who's a "freak" as trash. Speak the truth. No self respecting Black man wants to be seen with a "freak". So why would you listen to lyrics where the person is talking about freaking some woman out or man. You better wake up and realize we are at war.]

Rap music is the cold war against Black people.

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Why Obama's Healthcare Plan Will do Nothing

Health Care Reform Is Silent on the American Diet

The CDC estimates that of the $2 trillion spent on health issues, $1.5 trillion is spent on preventable diseases caused by bad diet.

The healthcare crisis is then a euphemism for the food crisis. If Obama doesn't address anything about food i.e. nutrition in school lunch programs, then you know he is bought and sold by agribusiness.

For the city of New York, the cost for treating each new case of type 2 diabetes is $500,000. It is bankrupting the city. Once contracted it's $13,000 / yr in additional medical costs; it takes approximately 10 years off of your life span; there an increased 80% chance of heart disease; a possibility of amputation; a possibility of blindness; being tethered to machines and drugs for the rest of your life. It is entirely preventable, with a change in diet.

The government could save trillions upon trillions of dollars if they spent money on ad campaigns: warning against the dangers of soda; warning against the dangers of sugar in the diet; warning against fast food more than once every 2 months; warning against the dangers of monosodium glutamate; warning against the dangers of high fructose corn syrup; warning against high saturated fat diets.

If children ceased drinking soda, nearly all preventable diseases would vanish from their lives. The reason we have soda so plentifully now, is that it is so cheap. Why is it so cheap? Because we subsidize corn, which is then used as high fructose corn syrup to sweeten soda. So in essence, every time you buy soda, you are taking extra money out of your own pocket, which goes to pay the corn farmer, and you are killing yourself and everyone that drinks it. Corn lobbyist flood Washington and give senators and congressmen lavish gifts and favors to continue subsidizing corn.

Are you going to hear anything from Obama about diet as it pertains to healthcare? No. The pharmaceutical industry is the largest lobby in Washington. Surprising? Why would we need to dwarf all over lobbyist from an industry supposedly in place to help us survive.

What the Health Care Industry Isn't Telling you

Interesting fact: "By its own statistics, the American medical system is the number one cause of death and injury in the U.S."

"Patients who undergo standard medical treatment for heart disease die sooner than comparable patients not receiving any treatment."

"Cholesterol drugs are huge sellers, yet the medical industry's own studies prove that patients are dying from them. In addition to being totally dangerous, they're totally unnecessary, as 15 years of research actually sows that cholesterol is a healthy sign and does not contribute to heart disease. Glucose and fructose are the true culprits of heart disease."

"Immunity is not provided through vaccines, as those vaccinated contract the very disease they've been vaccinated for at a higher rate than those not vaccinated. Those receiving a flu vaccine this season are receiving a vaccine developed against last year's strain, vaccines contain some of the most poisonous substances known to man, such as aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde, and are frequently contaminated with viruses that cause serious diseases. There is a definite link between the explosion of autism in children and mercury in vaccines."

"A major cause of the increase in breast cancer is the practice of annual mammography, exposing women to high doses of radiation and actually giving them breast cancer."

"Chemotherapy was derived from mustard gas. It has been proven ineffective in 96% - 98% of cancer cases and being an agent used to kill enemies at war, kills patients sooner than the cancer would have."

"Pharmaceutical drugs are not engineered to cure diseases, nor to make your healthier. Pharmaceutical drugs are far more likely to kill than illegal drugs. They are only interested in selling you a product by managing your disease, not curing it. Thousands of studies and evidence shows that diet can completely cure cancer."

"Medical school does not teach health, nor healing. Nursing school students are told to "not take vitamins"."

"Some medications used to treat psychological "disorders" are more addictive than any illegal drug. Ritalin is more potent to the brain than cocaine, children who take it are far more likely to abuse cocaine later due to the similarities between the two. The number of suicide attempts at least doubles for a child taking antidepressants, according to short-term studies. Some people who have managed to stop taking the drugs say they were only obsessed with suicide while on the drug. Antidepressants are the most widely prescribed drugs in the U.S."

"Diet drinks are still selling despite studies linking aspartame to seizures, MS and ironically, weight gain."

"Calcium cannot be absorbed in the presence of protein, a fact well known to researchers, and therefore milk - being a complete protein - is not at all a source of calcium. Not only is milk not necessary for good bone health, it actually causes osteoporosis."

If you want to live a healthy long life: you want to get off of any medication as quickly as possible; you want to completely revamp your diet to be nutrition nutrition nutrition; don't drink bottled water; take a liquid vitamin; eat a lot of plants with no pesticides; east grass fed meats. I can almost guarantee if you changed your diet to one of pure nutrition and complete nutrition and no junk for at least 6 months, you'd not only see health changes, you'd see your weight change as well. You also must walk at least 30 minutes a day. When I say healthy, I mean no pesticides, no sugars, pure vitamins and minerals at every meal with at least 5 meals a day. Do not buy any processed food, this includes at the supermarket. Don't buy any premade dinners. In fact, don't buy any food that comes packaged other than butchered meat. If you can locate a farmers market near you, that would be perfect. Cook your own meals, and don't use a microwave. Season your food with pure seasoning, not processed junk.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spencer Pratt Turns 26 Heidi Pratt Does Tasteful Playboy Photoshoot

Happy Birthday Spencer Pratt

Last Friday America's favorite guy, Spencer Pratt, turned 26. His beautiful and oh so smart wife Heidi Pratt did a pg-13 playboy spread. She says she'll be doing more later, after she gets a plastic surgery job. She later revealed that she did not tell her dad about the spread, due to his "oh so strict Christian beliefs".



I'm trying to figure out if she's a Christian or not. I thought they were the Jimmy Swaggart love children. Weren't they the bible thumping, feet washing Christians of old? I guess Satan can be blond haired and blue eyed. Apparently that doesn't connote strong Christian values and morals any more. [ go see pictures of Jesus in your local Church, because we know so many pale skinned, blond haired, blue eyed Jews from the middle east don't we? I'm pretty sure Jesus looked more like me than like Spencer Pratt. I'm just saying. ]

So Heidi Pratt tells tells the world she's plastic surgery shopping. She tells the world she was perusing old playboys and saw all the "hot" women. Meanwhile, Spencer Pratt has blow up all Heidi Pratt's playboy pics and hangs them in his bathroom,

"so when I'm taking a [pee] I can see a 10ft pic of my wife nude."
These two people are rather interesting, to put it politely.

This is what reality T.V. has brought us.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick Signed to $7 Million Contract Days After Release

Michael Vick Signs Contract

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a one-year, $1.6 million contract with a $5.2 million team option for 2010, at the team's discretion.

There was all this talk about Vick should feel remorse, by the ASPCA and PETA. And, you want to know why? I knew you did, because I'm about to put them on blast.

I don't own a pet. I don't want a pet. Don't get me wrong, I had pets when I was a kid. However, I've come across people that loved these animals. Wait, no you don't understand I said LOVE, as in unhealthy adoration. They talk to them as if the animal were their friends. They lavished gifts on them. They spent tens of thousands of dollars to make them well, when they get sick.

Let this same pet owner come across a starving human and they will step on them and tell them to go back to Africa. [taken from comments I've seen on the net] These same people are saying Michael Vick should die and that he's scum.

I could give 2 baboons butts about a dog, or a dog fight. Oh the poor dog died. So what? Children are starving right here in America. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a dog, these idiots could have adopted someone's poor kid they couldn't afford to raise and make a difference in this country. People are lying in the streets freezing to death every second. People are dieing of heat stroke because they're homeless.

They spent millions of dollars prosecuting this man. They spent millions of dollars incarcerating this man. Let me ask you, after spending millions and millions over this non-issue is America safer? Did you sleep any better at night? Was anyone saved? Was a child fed? Was the sick healed? Were the homeless sheltered?

We spent millions upon millions over this to what end? Not a thing was made better. The ASPCA and PETA can go take a flying leap. They called this man every name in the book except a child of God. They tried to railroad his name so he couldn't play. What happened? The day, THE VERY DAY, he got out, he signed a contract. They went through all that drama for nothing. Come to find out from Florida to Baja California people to this day dog fight and gamble on dog fights. I've read all around the net about this story and hundreds of people said they grew up dog fighting and still see it, and the police know about it and don't care about it.

But, a millionaire Black man is accused of KNOWING about it and giving money to his friends, and he's drug through the mud over it. Hypocritical much? PETA is such a degenerate organization it isn't funny. They have time and again called for the death of humans over animals, I seriously think the government needs to step in and disband them. They are just as bad as these people bombing, YES BOMBING abortion clinics. I mean good God, are you insane?

Michael Vick, and I've said it in other posts, is an athlete. He's not Ghandi, he's not Michael Jackson, the greatest humanitarian to ever live, he's a football player. If you place your hopes and dreams on a football player, you have issues. You need therapy, and you need it fast.

The day you form your lips to say, let's spend millions upon millions of dollars prosecuting a man for killing a dog, instead of feeding hungry children, you have sinned against God. Why am I bringing up God? Because they called Michael Vick Godless. They said he should burn in hell. So let me get this straight. You'll see this man sent to hell and spend millions on him, but you won't feed the poor, you don't feed starving children, you won't lift a finger to help your neighbor. You sir / ma'am, are the ones deserving to, and probably will, go to hell.

I could really care less about how Michael Vick feels. I could care less if he feels remorse. All I care about is, can he play football, can he throw the ball. That's all we know about him. We aren't his family. We aren't his wife, sons, daughters, cousins. We are nothing to him, and he is nothing to us but a football player.

"I don't know what I feel about Michael Vick being ALLOWED back into the NFL."
Give me a break. Grow up and put your man pants on. If you care so much about dogs, don't watch football, EVER. How about that. If people feel that strongly about it, go on strike against football completely. Get over yourself, watching a world class athlete play the highest level of football. This man dedicated his life to doing one thing, to play football. You better man up and drop the purse. Watch him. Cheer for him. High five your drunk, fat, coworker, and leave the hater stuff outside.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Put Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian on Blast

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant

So I'm sure by now you've heard that Kourtney Kardashian is preggers. And, she's not telling who the father is.

If you run around the web you'll see no one putting her on blast. Well, I'm not the normal celebrity fanboy. I'm about to put her on blast.

First of all. She's having a baby out of wedlock. Why are we so warped to think this is alright these days? All these girls running around giving birth to bastard children. And oh because she's a celebrity it's ok? Not one source says anything about it.

Next, she's 30 years old. She can't get married? What is her problem? Oh, she broke up with her boyfriend Scott Disick back in January. Boyfriend? At 30? Come on! At thirty it's time out for boyfriends, you better get married and in a hurry.

Last, Kourtney Kardashian ain't saying who's the father. This just adds fuel to the fire, that you're gonna raise a bastard kid. Obviously the girl doesn't have her head on straight. She can't get married and she wants to parade around flaunting her bastard pregnancy.

Give me a break. If this is a publicity stunt, it's in the most poorest taste ever. That family needs a shrink. I'm being totally cereal.

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DUI is a Scam

DUI is a Scam

I'm sure you've heard of the sad stories MAAD [mothers against drunk drivers] tells you of poor little Timmy that was killed by a drunk driver and for poor Timmy's sake we need tougher laws. While I can feel sorry for little Timmy and his family, I'm not so sure about the logic behind tougher DUI laws.

So, I did some checking.

You know me, I have to see the numbers and the facts. Throw some numbers in front of me or some facts and I'll skip meals reading it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blackhawks Patrick Kane Arrested Over 20 Cents

Patrick Kane Arrested

Chicago Blackhawk right winger and South Buffalo native Patrick Kane and his cousin, James Kane, face robbery and other charges after allegedly assaulting a cab driver and failing to pay their fare after getting a ride from Chippewa Street early this morning.

Buffalo Police Spokesperson Mike DeGeorge has confirmed to Eyewitness News that Chicago Blackhawk Player and Buffalo native Patrick Kane has been arrested over an alleged dispute over cab fare. He and another party were taken into custody early Sunday morning.

Kane, 20, and James M. Kane, 21, were arrested about 5 a.m. on Eastwood Place, according to Buffalo police reports.

Patrick Kane Charged with a Felony Over 20 Cents

The pair allegedly punched the cab driver and grabbed money they had handed him after he told them he didn’t have twenty cents in coins to give them their change, grabbed his throat and broke his glasses, according to police.

Their fare was $13.80 and they handed the driver $15, according to a report. The cab driver handed them a dollar back and told them he didn't have coins to cover the $0.20.

The Kanes were charged with felony second degree robbery, criminal mischief and theft of services. Patrick Kane pleaded not guilty in city court Sunday morning, according to WIVB-TV. It was not immediately clear when James Kane will appear in court.

Kane's agent, Pat Brisson, did not immediately return a call for comment. The Blackhawks are aware of the allegations against Kane, spokesman Brandon Faber said.

"He is a big part of our organization and a team leader and we stand behind him," Faber said. "As we are still collecting all the facts, it would be premature to comment further at this time."

On Thursday, Patrick Kane was at a Buffalo ice rink where he played hockey as a child to help Mayor Byron Brown announce funding for improvements.

He said at the time he was happy to have time "to hang out back home in Buffalo."

"The best thing about it is my friends treat me like I'm a regular kid," said Kane, the first overall pick in the 2007 NHL draft. "They don't treat me like a celebrity or whatever they might treat me like in Chicago."

Kane, a Buffalo native, was the first pick in the 2007 NHL and has played with the Blackhawks for the past two seasons. He won the Calder Trophy in 2008, awarded to the NHL's top rookie. [courtesy Fox Sports and ESPN]

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Josh Hamilton Drunk Photos and Why We Care

Josh Hamilton Drunk Photos

Josh Hamilton Relapses
So the scene is a bar, Josh Hamilton, booze and other party revelers.... Oh and someone snapping pictures, like they are shooting Britney spear shaving her head. In January, at least for one night, Hamilton veered off to the raunchy side of the tracks. At a bar in Arizona, he got drunk. His wife not around that night, Hamilton had the kind of "Girls Gone Wild" moment available to ballplayers on a nightly basis if they're so inclined.

Hamilton, the No. 1 draft pick of the Tampa Bay Rays in 1999, was out of baseball for three years dealing with his addictions, most notably to cocaine. As part of his reinstatement to baseball, he is tested for mood-altering drugs three times per week.

Josh Hamilton Drunk in Photos with Other Women

The Christian's [I'm Christian but for some reason I don't have a mob mentality], point the finger and say "ooooh ooooh thou hath sinned before God." *facepalm* Yeah I'm thinking, did I just die and wake up in the Inquisition? [ NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION ] padumpum pshhhhh

To me, this is a non-story. And, the only people making the hoopla are in fact the Christians. I see the pictures and say to myself [well not out loud] "I see a white guy with a lot of tattoos, and he needs a tan. Jesus it's the middle of summer."

Josh Hamilton Says

“I’m embarrassed about it for my wife Katie, for my kids and for the organization,” Hamilton said. “I’m not perfect. It’s an ongoing struggle, and it’s real. It’s amazing how these things can creep back in. But I am human and I have struggles.”

“If I think I can have one drink, I think I can have two, and then it snowballs to 10 or 12,” Hamilton said. “As soon as it happened, I called my support staff — Katie, the organization and MLB — and told them what happened. I was open and honest about it. People with an addiction can make a mistake.”

"As soon as it happened, I called my support system -- my wife, the Rangers, MLB and told them what had happened. I was absolutely open and honest about it."

"I went to get something to eat. Obviously, I eat at restaurants that have bars in them all the time. I wasn't mentally fit to go in there, spiritually fit, and it just crossed my mind, 'Can I have a drink?' Obviously, I can't."

Yes yes, it's all true. I mean, what if he were cured of gender. You can't just go cold turkey without any slip-ups. [that was a joke, don't send me hate mail.]

The reason i say this is a non-story because, in my opinion nothing happened. There was no drunk driving. No one was killed. Sure he acted stupidly. But, really the only person who should be concerned with this is his wife. Although, my advice is a good slap across the face and a finger wagging in his face, and that's it. Ok, maybe you could put him in a headlock for 5 seconds. Watch some WWE videos of China.

Fans Harass Josh Hamilton

Reports come in about fans harassing Josh Hamilton over this. Come on. Really? Get a life. For any so called fan to be harassing this poor kid, you need to check your own house. "But he's a role model" I could choke anyone ever saying that crap. Athletes are not role models. They may be the best example of "athletic achievement". Athletic achievement does not equal role model.

Your kids should look up to your pathetic life, not the life of some guy that woke up at 4am every morning for 25 years to go do some sport for hours and hours, dedicating him/herself to one thing. An athlete, from our perspective, is one-dimensional. By its very nature they are only seen for one thing. You can't then translate that into them being good fathers, good citizens, good businessmen.

If you're looking for sainthood in your athletes, I recommend you try your local church or charity. I'm sure they could recommend an entire list of people you should be trying to mold your kids after. Athletes? Nah.

For the record, let me say my position on alcoholism. I'm sure this will not win my popularity votes. But then again, neither did that gay guy who's just a blogger, yet became a judge for the Miss U.S.A. contest when he went off on her for saying that marriage is a sacred holy word and the church defines it as being between a man and a woman, and the government can't redefine it to suit people's needs or wishes. [exit soap box] I don't think alcoholism is a "disease" you have to cure. I think that telling someone they have a disease enables them. It's great we have a word that explains homeless drunk people [the traditional view of alcoholics], it's not ok in my book to then say they are "powerless" within their own right to stop drinking. If that were the case, everyone who drank alcohol would immediately become an alcoholic.

[and this fluff blog post is becoming way too long, and way too political. THE END]

[some photos courtesy of meatspin, no I mean deadspin, just kidding guys, don't hate me]

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to Fix Black Relationships

For Blacks by Blacks

The intended audience are only African Americans. If you are not the intended audience and you find what I say in here offensive, this is your opportunity, right now, to leave. No one is forcing you to read this, and I do not expect any disrespect due to you being insulted.

In this article I'm going to discuss the problems that present themselves within Black relationships. I will not mince words. I repeat, I will not hold back as to the facts, numbers and what my research so far has shown to be the problems affecting Black men and women today, in America. If you are hurt by anything said in here, I say take it to heart and look inside yourself to see if there's actually something about you, that needs to change. Because, something definitely needs to change.

Let's get some number out of the way right now.

1. 70% of black women are obese
2. the Black female is the most single person in America
3. 70% of black people are single, unmarried, without children

Ok I presented those brief numbers so everyone is on the same page.

In my previous article Top 10 Reasons Black Men Won't Date / Marry a Black Woman I listed 10 reasons black men have vocalized they will not date nor marry black women. The argument against the relationship seems, to me, to be one sided.

Black women have adopted causes that were not intended for them at all.

Women's Liberation

The single most divisive issue amongst Black men and women is the women's liberation movement. Black women flocked to this movement thinking it was intended for them. Their white counterparts invited them to join the movement thinking that the Black woman suffered the same inequalities that the white woman suffered. However, the Black man never treated the Black woman anywhere near the horrible way the white man treated his woman. The Black man saw the Black woman as an equal partner in the Black struggle from the beginning, that the first African slave landed on this continent. It is the Black woman who left the Black man by joining the women's lib movement. Mind you the movement has taken a very nasty turn, having been taken over by lesbianism. It is now something completely unwholesome to the furthering of a Black relationship. Heck it's completely unwholesome to the furthering of any relationship.

Please do not mistake the equal pay issue with women's liberation. The two are completely separate.

Black women did not need liberating from their black men. Black women from the beginning, due to the slave master dividing and conquering the slaves and breaking up families from the very beginning, had to raise the children, fathered by white slave owners, to the chagrin of their white wives. Imagine this going on, and Black men still took these Black women into their homes and made them their wives even after being raped by the white slave owners.

It's pretty much a slap in the face to then turn around and point the finger at Black men and say they are at fault for some reason. Black men have always accepted Black women, up until now.

The Inherent Problems with Black Women

The single most largest problem Black men have with Black women is: they are masculine. I know that sounds just ... wrong, but, that's what they, Black men, are saying. And, I totally agree.

"Why can't a man be a man?"

This is the tired mantra sisters put forth to try and switch the argument around. The reality is, the Black woman is masculine: acts like a dude. It is the worst characteristic a woman, who's in the prospect of some day getting married can have.

Black women are masculine:
  • the want to run the relationship
  • they want to be independent of the Black man
  • they want to boss the Black man
  • they talk over the Black man

White women's liberation never had these problems. White women's liberation was about political and financial equality. You see how the cause was never intended for you? Like idiots you took the movement way too far. And, because of it, you act like a man. What's worse, you then turn around and say why can't the man be more manly. You stole his pants, what more do you want?. Did you want to be single? If you don't want to be single, stop acting like a man. No man wants to date another man. Let me repeat, no real man wants to date another man or anything manly or anything masculine.

If You're not a Part of Us Then You're the Enemy

How did Black women fall so far off the wagon that they have turned on the Black man? What did the white woman say to convince you that the Black man wasn't being put down by the white man enough, that you need to beat him up too?

It is amazing that the Black woman has been right next to the Black man at the very instant they landed here, both as free men and as slaves. She has witnessed and suffered through the same atrocities that the Black man has gone through. Yet, now she acts as if all of that was a fantasy and the Black man isn't being put down, incarcerated, demonized, stereotyped on a daily basis. Today's Black woman acts totally against the Black man.

It's a sad situation indeed. Divide and conquer. Stop being weak minded. It's like in the Star Wars movies, where you'll see an in-your-face example of the weak minded, when the Jedi plays his mind tricks on people.

The solution

It's so simple, I'm sure you know what I'm going to say. Act like a lady. Go look up the definition if you're unfamiliar with it.

Stop dating worthless scrubs who are going nowhere. Very often Black women will date, or meet Black men who are on a "road to nowhere". Not only that, but they line up and take turns dating the chump. In the mean time, the Black man that's in college is being hounded by latinas, white women and any other woman with some sense. And, the Black woman looks up and he's a doctor with a White wife. What did you expect? I'm sure you've heard the saying "drop that zero and get with this hero". Stop dating trash. While you were busy dating trash for 10 years, the white woman has scooped up the best and the brightest.

"I love me a thug"

A zero you mean? Is that what I heard you say? Let me peep you to some knowledge. 99% of rap music is written by white men, with the intent to denegrate the Black race, objectify Black women, and elevate the worst in society. 85% of Black men have jobs and a home. The median Black household income is $30k a year. That means there's a whole lot of single brothers pulling in $30k a year and have their own home, while you're dating jobless zeros who live on people's couches. These stupid songs Beyonce sings, are not the reality of the black race. These ridiculous songs Lil Wayne sings, are not the reality of the Black race. Those are zeros.

"But they got money"

And they end up in jail and the feds confiscate all of their money and houses. Zeros!

Wear a dress. Be a lady. Stop dating zeros.

Asian women work just as much as Asian men. They have a 85% marriage rate. They have a median household income of $60k a year. Black women need to learn something from their Asian sisters. Oh and Asian women never joined the women's lib movement. They were aware that they were a minority and were very happy with their Asian husbands.

My hope is the the Black woman will read this article, become introspective and realize she is pushing away the very person she wants to be with, the Black man. We need to mend the Black relationship, get married and produce children. We need to realize that we are Black first, in everyone's eyes, then a Black man or a Black woman, and not the other way around. Black women need to love, honor, and obey their Black men. Black women need to nurture their Black men. If a Black man comes home, realize that the white man has beat him down all day long. You, of all people, should be the last person to try and emasculate him. The Black woman needs to mend and heal her Black man, stand next to him and be the lady he wants you to be.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Zimbabwe: Still Impoverished by the IMF World Bank

US urges reforms in Zimbabwe

The US secretary of state has said that South Africa must push its neighbour Zimbabwe to undertake political, social and economic reforms, during a visit to Pretoria.

"South Africa is very aware of the challenges posed by the political crisis in Zimbabwe because South Africa has three million refugees from Zimbabwe," Hillary Clinton said on Friday after talks with Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, South Africa's foreign minister.

"Every one of those refugees represents a failure of the Zimbabwean government to care for its own people and a burden that South Africa has to bear," Clinton said.

An adviser to Jacob Zuma, the South African president, told Al Jazeera that Zuma was keen to see reforms implemented in Zimbabwe.

"[Zuma] is very prepared to engage as far as he can in order to resolve the problems and the challenges that are faced by the Zimbabwean people, because every negative thing that happens in Zimbabwe has a direct impact on South Africa," Lindiwe Zulu said.

"He would like to speed up the process as quickly as possible," she said, adding that Zuma would soon travel to Zimbabwe to hold talks with members of the government in Harare.

Changes sought

The US government is looking for Zimbabwe to pick up the pace of political reform so that donor countries have sufficient incentive to release aid to Harare.

Washington has maintained sanctions against Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president and his closest aides.

The US government has said that the lifting of sanctions is contingent on reforms being implemented by Mugabe's Zanu-PF party and the government it shares with Morgan Tsvangirai, a former opposition leader who is now the country's prime minister.

But Mugabe, who has been president of Zimbabwe since 1980, has said that Western sanctions and interference have caused the economic crisis in his country.

Clinton’s appeal on Friday comes amid efforts by the US government to build better relations with South Africa, which came under strain when the Bush administration was in power.

"I know that the [South African foreign] minister and I are interested in making sure that our two countries not only lead but demonstrate the kind of co-operation that results in positive results for the people of the world," she said.

Clinton later went to HIV/Aids treatment centre in Cullinan, east of Pretoria, where she held talks with Pakishe Aaron, South Africa’s health minister.

"We have to make up for some lost time, but we are looking forward," Clinton said, in reference to what Washington called delays by the former South African government in addressing the health crisis. - Al Jazera

My Solution to Zimbabwe

I think the international community should setup a relief fund in south Africa. Since the South African president "Jacob Zuma, is very prepared to engage as far as he can" I'm sure he wouldn't mind a fund setup in his country. But instead of a fund being setup just for handing out food, it should be for basic needs first yes, but also for training the Zimbabweans for farming, engineering, city planning, city administration, mining and industry. This fund needs to prepare them with the necessary capability to return to their country and run it autonomously. Supposedly this is what the peace corps was set in place for, but I doubt they would go to such lengths. Usually the peace corps is comprised of 22 year old hippie kids, fresh out of college, with the propensity to not bathe.

Mugabe took his country by surprise when he ousted the white settlers, which I see nothing wrong with, but instead of preparing his country for rulership, he was taken control of by the IMF World Bank

The IMF and World Bank have been empowered by the governments which control it (led by the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Germany, France, Canada, and Italy -- the "Group of 7," which holds over 40% of the votes on their boards) with imposing economic austerity policies in the countries of the so-called "Third World" or "global South." Once Southern countries build up large external debts, as most have, they cannot get credit or cash anywhere else and are forced to go to these international institutions and accept whatever conditions are demanded of them. None of the countries has emerged from their debt problems; indeed most countries now have much higher levels of debt than when they first accepted IMF/World Bank "assistance."

While most would demonize Robert Mugabe, once I heard he was dealing with the IMF, I knew the man didn't have a chance. Without even looking at the history, I'm sure they have him over a barrel, the likes of which he can't recover from. If Zimbabwe were smart [it's just an expression mind you, I have heard they were the most educated population once] they would offer terms of exile for Mugabe and his party, with all of the wealth he could take with him, with the condition that he never return and that the IMF seek their retribution from him, and not Zimbabwe.

If you want to see a rich country taken into abject poverty, go look up the story of Venezuela. A lot of people cannot get over the racial factor of Zimbabwe. I know that is myopic of them, that's why I present the case of Venezuela. If it could happen to white people, it can happen to anyone. Anyone who deals with greedy corporate banking is in a world of hurt. The European countries obviously are not the great humanitarians they portray themselves to be. This is the oldest trick in the book. It's simply the modern colonialism.

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