Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks Just the Facts

Wikileaks the Big Debate

Wikileaks Logo
With all the big bruhaha about Wikileaks, when the smoke clears and the idiots have all gone home, the truth is all the documents released on Wikileaks are actually old, not classified as secret and available to everyone who asks. So the question is, why is everyone so upset and calling for the head of the Wikileaks people? The answer? It's a ruse. It's just like dancing with the stars, football and American Idol. It's to keep you ignorant of what is going on. No national security secret was revealed. No foreign diplomatic exchange was hurt. Nothing, absolutely nothing and noone was harmed in releasing the Wikileaks. I repeat, nothing was actually SECRET. All the documents are still available to you right now to ask for and get on your own, without Wikileaks.

WikiLeaks has released 272 diplomatic cables from a trove of more than 250,000. The remainder are to be dribbled out in coming weeks to provide maximum impact, the website says. A number of foreign diplomats acknowledged that the release could affect some of the most sensitive ongoing global issues and relationships.

1. Many Middle Eastern nations are far more concerned about Iran's nuclear program than they've publicly admitted. According to one cable, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has repeatedly asked the U.S. to "cut off the head of the snake" -- meaning, it appears, to bomb Iran's nuclear program. Leaders of Qatar, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern nations expressed similar views.

2. The U.S. ambassador to Seoul told Washington in February that the right business deals might get China to acquiesce to a reunified Korea, if the newly unified power were allied with the United States. American and South Korean officials have discussed such a reunification in the event that North Korea collapses under the weight of its economic and political problems.

[Related: WikiLeaks docs reveal U.S. diplomats insulting world leaders]

3. The Obama administration offered sweeteners to try to get other countries to take Guantanamo detainees, as part of its (as yet unsuccessful) effort to close the prison. Slovenia, for instance, was offered a meeting with President Obama, while the island nation of Kiribati was offered incentives worth millions.

4. Afghan Vice President Ahmed Zia Massoud took $52 million in cash when he visited the United Arab Emirates last year, according to one cable. The Afghan government has been plagued by allegations of corruption. Massoud has denied taking the money out of the country.

5. The United States has been working to remove highly enriched uranium from a Pakistani nuclear reactor, out of concern that it could be used to build an illicit nuclear device. The effort, which began in 2007, continues.

6. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ordered diplomats to assemble information on their foreign counterparts. Documents in the WikiLeaks cache also indicate that Clinton may have asked diplomats to gather intelligence on U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's plans for Iran, and information on Sudan (including Darfur), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Iran and North Korea.

7. The State Department labeled Qatar the worst country in the region for counterterrorism efforts. The country's security services were "hesitant to act against known terrorists out of concern for appearing to be aligned with the U.S. and provoking reprisals," according to one cable.

8. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi are tighter than was previously known. Putin has given the high-living Berlusconi "lavish gifts" and lucrative energy contracts, and Berlusconi "appears increasingly to be the mouthpiece of Putin" in Europe, according to one cable.

[Related: The Guardian gave State Dept. cables to the NY Times]

9. Hezbollah continues to enjoy the weapons patronage of Syria. A week after Syrian president Bashar Assad promised the United States he wouldn't send "new" arms to the Lebanese militant group, the United States said it had information that Syria was continuing to provide the group with increasingly sophisticated weapons.

10. Some cables reveal decidedly less than diplomatic opinions of foreign leaders. Putin is said to be an "alpha-dog" and Afghan President Hamid Karzai to be "driven by paranoia." German Chancellor Angela Merkel "avoids risk and is rarely creative." Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi travels with a "voluptuous blonde" Ukrainian nurse.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Shakaama's Genital Mutilation Week

Genital Mutilation Week

Genital Mutilation
This week, I'd like to call your attention to something that goes on every hour on the hour in America: genital mutilation.  So to stress how important this issue is, I will be writing all week about genital mutilation.  I hope in raising this issue that those who read it will stop allowing their children to have their genitals mutilated.  I am sure some of you are wondering why anyone would allow their children's genitals to be mutilated and the answer is quite simple: money.  No, I do not mean that the parents of these children are receiving money for allowing their children's genitals to be mutilated, I mean there is huge profits, around $300 MILLION yearly, in genital mutilation so the impetus to allow your children to have their genitals mutilated is there.  Not only are people told complete lies about genital mutilation, but they are even given religious reasons why genital mutilation is acceptable.  After this week, I hope every U.S. parent and soon to be parents would stop this practice of Genital mutilation and allowing themselves to be bullied into allowing their children's genitals to be mutilated for profit.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shakaama's 2010 Rating by Boy / Girl and Race

Rating by Race and Gender

This is the annual Rating by gender and race.  If any one person is offended, then you're doing it wrong.  If it doesn't apply to you, then you're doing it right.  This is done by scientific method.  Many ghetto fabulous pollers hit the pavement in search of people's attitudes of who people think are , not and just plain a mess.  Buckle up because it is no holds barred.  Most people did not hold back when giving their opinion.  Some had to be beat down to get them to shut up.  Ghetto fabulous pollsters never call the cops, so a beat down, Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-style, was the normal method of getting people to shut up.  Noone was seriously hurt in the process and we got a lot of data.  A lot of answers were almost the same response.  We immediately noticed a trend in most answers.  Here we go:

The question was:

"Of the following list, who would you date or not date, for a serious relationship and why or why not?"

The list of course was men / women and broken down into racial categories, and no LATINO is not a race, idiot people.  For purposes of defining race: central and southern Americans are considered European white mixed with Native American.  Haitians are considered Black.  Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Brazilians are considered Black mixed with European whites and/or Native Americans.  For purposes of the questionnaire then, the break down of the Americans south of Texas were considered Black or white, depending on their dominant racial make-up.


White Chicks
  • not worth dating
  • nice to look at
  • too expensive and demanding
  • gives up the vagina too easily
  • gets fat almost overnight
White Dudes
  • not worth dating
  • looks range from dorky to hill billy
  • money ranges from broke to rich
  • no fun to be around
  • gets fat after 25 years old
Black Chicks
  • not worth dating
  • not nice to look at
  • while they don't demand a lot of money, their attitude disqualifies them, noone wants to deal with their attitude
  • gives up the vagina too easily
  • gets fat almost overnight
Black Dudes
  • nearly across the board the hands down favorite
  • nice to look at
  • money ranges from broke to rich
  • fun to be around
  • if they're not fat when you meet them, they hardly ever get fat
Asian Chicks
  • nearly across the board the hands down favorite, except they hardly ever date outside their race. the positive responses then were, in my opinion, people thinking how they were, since hardly anyone ever dated one.
  • nice to look at, except their body parts are usually more petite [ breasts and derriere ]
  • they are not demanding and act out quite the traditional lady / woman role
  • they do not give up the vagina easily, so it is a more traditional circumstance of dating one, they trend towards looking to get married,
  • they hardly ever get fat and nearly none are fat to begin with
Asian Dudes
  • nearly noone ever dated an Asian Dude, except Asian Chicks, there was nearly noone that responded to Asian Dudes [ I have soooo many Asian guy friends.  I found this fact funny. ]
  • no data
  • no data
  • no data
Native American Chicks
  • 2nd favorite across the board to date, while there were a lot of negatives for these chicks, the overall response was that they were dating material and not trash material
  • while they weren't generally considered nice to look at, they did have larger body parts than Asian Chicks
  • they are not demanding and act out quite the traditional lady / woman role
  • they give up the vagina easily, this was a huge negative for dating, but even still, because of their very nice attitude a lot more men, across races, still wished to date them.  While they weren't as conservative as Asian Chicks, they also were far more approachable.
  • gets fat almost overnight
  • tend not to speak English
Native American Dudes
  • 2nd favorite dude to date.  they have some flavor [ like Black Dudes ] but they aren't as snobby as white dudes, and treat their women very nicely
  • nice to look at, ranges from bad skin to a whole lot that look nice, however they are all nearly too short.  fashion became an issue, they all trend towards a non-traditional American look, which is off-putting
  • money is a problem, they nearly all have entry level jobs, which, while they have spending money, it's never enough to constantly keep a white girl-friend or even a Black girl-friend
  • fun to be around
  • if they're not fat when you meet them, they hardly ever get fat
  • tend not to speak English
  1. Black Dudes were the hands down favorite dude to date.  And, that is date, not just screw.  Everyone responding to dudes, said they all had had gender  with the dudes, except a large minority of white dudes, people had not had gender with. [ I'm assuming these were nerds or maybe they were gender ]
  2. Asian Chicks were the hand down favorite chick to date.  And that is date, not just screw.  Everyone responding to chicks did not have gender with the chicks.  [ so i guess, some chicks are still keeping their legs closed.  Good for them. ]


The shock was that white girls and white guys were not the favorite.  In fact a lot of people accused white chicks and white dudes of copying other races' behaviors.  So, instead of dating a white dude that acts like a Black dude, they'd prefer to just date the Black dude.

A small percentage of people said that white dudes tended to be pervy, and therefore creepy and not dating material. A small percentage of people said that Asian dudes tended to be pervy, and therefore creepy and not dating material.  Therefore, I conclude that being more boring in bed, makes you better material for dating and people aren't afraid to strike up a relationship with you.

Almost everyone felt very secure and easy about dating all the different racial groups.  Only white respondents, to the questionnaire, said they did not date outside their race, more than any other group.  Other races said they had never dated an Asian chick or Asian dude, but neither Asian chicks or Asian dudes saw any problem with dating outside of their race personally.  Meaning, people who are not Asian, don't think Asians date outside their race, but Asians personally felt comfortable dating outside their race.  I guess it's all about perception.

A large minority of Black chicks responded that they would not date other races, but the majority did not say that, they felt comfortable dating outside of their race.

[ this is all a joke. nothing was intended to harm anyone. ]

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping While Black (video)

The Aweful Truth of Who Steals in Stores

Shopping While Black
1. "May I help you?" she said as I looked through the top-of-the-line, non-stick pots and pans. I had been there 20 minutes looking and deciding If I should get the whole set, which would replace some pieces I bought only recently from other name-brands. Of course it would be a waste, but buying the set seemed more economical than buying the missing pieces from my kitchen set. I turned to her and observed she wasn't looking to be useful, but said it as a warning to get out. "No I'm just looking," I said nonchalantly. She stood there blocking my view now. She said nothing else and simply stood there like a Catholic nun shooing me off with her look.

    Racial profiling in stores is so prevalent that researchers have even given it a name -- Shopping While Black. When it happens, black shoppers are made to feel both unwelcome and under suspicion

2. I walked into the electronics store. I had just received a bonus at work out of the blue and felt I should treat myself to some new gadget. I wasn't prepared for the astonishing amount of new gadgets on display. The labels with the price tags did not help either since they were written in store codes only the clerks could understand. I stood looking puzzled for 10 minutes. The clerks were gathered around the desk talking to each other about what they did last night. I noticed they would occasionally look over and sigh in my direction. A Black customer was walking out and said over his shoulder, "maybe someone should help this man, he has several expensive suits in his hand, obviously he wants to spend money." Finally a clerk comes over and says, "yes!" But, just then a white customer walks in and she greets them and asks can she help. All the other clerks also greet the customer. Then another white customer walks in and they all greet him too. I am paralyzed with disgust. I simply leave and go to a shop that doesn't treat me like a pariah.

    "Most retail inventory loss statistics have show that [sic] the majority of shoplifters to be of the Caucasian race. To concentrate surveillance on minority customers is not only improper, but is an ineffective method of controlling shoplifting losses at most locations."

3. I'm looking at the underwear section digging through the sizes and not having a good time. For every time I find my size, it's not the color I want. And, there are so many that my digging is tedious and time consuming. Suddenly, I feel eyes on my back. In my peripheral vision, I see a husky man to one side and a husky unattractive woman to another side. They are painfully pretending to shop. As I move to the shirts section, they mirror me. I'm not one given to being stalked though and so I leave, putting back everything I had picked up to buy. This would seem like a rare incident, but it happens immediately when I enter stores and very very often. As soon as I open the door it seems the stalkers are there. I haven't done anything suspicious except walk in the store and I'm immediately being shadowed and followed.

    "Statistically, the most likely person to steal from a store is a store employee. The next most likely to steal is a college educated white male. Hmm -- could it be that the real reason that store employees and white managers make such a point of targeting black shoppers is that it creates a perfect smokescreen for their own dishonesty and greed -- not only can they rob the stores blind, they can then point the finger of blame at a visually conspicuous victim."

One more note: if the media weren't so racist, racism would die out -- the media is the single most culpable institution when it comes to racial stereotyping. Turn on the news, open a newspaper and SHOW me the stories where blacks (or latinos for that matter) are portrayed in an accurate, positive light. There's a lot of money at stake in maintaining this racist atmosphere -- prisons, for instance, are huge sources of revenue; and ensuring a perpetual underclass of minorities means less competition in the job market for white people.

The country is clearly ready for change -- witness the election of President Obama -- but until and unless the media starts serving the population as a whole, rather than an entitled and greedy subsection of it -- we won't see any real change in this country. The frightening thing about this is that not content with corrupting this country with racism, we also sell our racist television shows to other countries in order to spread the poison further. Anytime you do come across a rare show that features inter-racial couples whose primary focus is the actual relationship and not their race, you can pretty much count on that show being canceled. Think "Wonderfalls" or "Firefly" or any one of a dozen more amazing shows. What planet are the people in charge of programming living on? They are so far out of touch with reality, they might as well be living on Saturn. Look around you. The color of this country is not just changing. It has already changed. Ratings are falling for a reason. 

Race still sells in the news.  And, telling republicans that Blacks are crooks and thieves, still gets viewership.   Telling democrats that the Blacks they have hated for nearly a century now, since the beginning of the KKK, which was started by southern DEMOCRATS, still sows fear into nice white democrat homes.

Meanwhile Black entrepreneurs are suffering mega-setbacks by not being able to open Black owned stores.  Couple that with a staggering 25% unemployment amongst the Americanized Africans in this country and you continually see the widening of the economic gap between whites and Black, and yet you do NOT see a spike in theft among Blacks in this country.

The larger firms that know security and research loss prevention all point to whites as the largest purveyor of store shrinkage.  Yet, the news and media continues to fuel the fires of thinking Blacks have somehow cornered the market on theft.  Peruse and court papers for any length of time and you'll see it is not even remotely true.

For Blacks: Do Not Burn Your Bridges

What is Burning Bridges?

The Secret of Relationships (click here)
Burning a bridge was originally something that an army would do so that the enemy could not possibly get to you.  Don't confuse this with the army action of destroying a bridge, which simply means you come to a bridge destroy it, so that supplies can't get to your enemy.  Specifically burning a bridge meant that you cut off all avenues of someone else getting to you.  They turned this military action into a figurative, relationship action later on by ascribing someone's bad behavior with burning bridges.  In essence, if you make it so that you will be so unwelcome around another person or group of people, you are figuratively burning the bridge of the relationship.

I notice that Black people, and I only care about Black people ... other races my do it, I could care less, burn their bridges all over the place.  It seems to be an act of desperation and a complete lack of wisdom and maturity.

Imagine for a second that you hate a low paying job, that takes up all of your time, to such a degree that you cannot even go and find a higher paying job.  Instead of you quietly putting in a nice MONTH'S notice, and quitting, you get SO frustrated that you get mad one day and in a complete rage, blow up at a customer or boss and storm out saying how you quit, or get fired on the spot.

The problem with the scenario is that you are not in control.  The whole rage, drama, cursing someone out is you losing all control and letting someone else control you and your emotions.  When you rage-quit you are putting your life and finances into someone else's hands.  You are literally saying, some random person, whom you don't even know, is so important that you are giving control over to them.

How Not to Burn Your Bridges

In a Personal Relationship:  Instead of you blowing up at your boyfriend/girlfriend, take control of the relationship and ask for a time-out from the relationship.  This isn't a carte blanche to go and sleep with the neighbors, this is a brief respite to take a breather and search yourself, to see if the person you're with is a positive or negative in your life.  If they cannot give you a time-out period, then clearly that person isn't the one for you, to begin with.

Someone that truly loved you, would not cling so tightly to you that they cannot loosen their grip to let you breathe. The mature suitor [yes i still believe people date to seek out a potential wife/husband, not just screw around] would let you have some space to determine if you are ready for him/her.  It might also give them a chance to notice that you're too fat / bald / skinny / bad breath / broke / cheap / annoying for them too.

So if you ask to take a break from someone, you take control of your life and your relationship.  You cannot just live for other people, who may or may not be a very bad influence on you.  Also with an avenue out it will save you from an abusive relationship.

Furthermore if you ask for a break and the person then proceeds to act like a mad banshee, stalking you can acting super jealous, then you know that is not the one for you.  You do not want to be around someone that loses control and is unsure of their own relationship status that they have to resort to checking up on you.  Nor, do you want to be acting jealous because you asked for a time-out and cannot cope with being away from the person.  The time-out is for you.  To pull yourself together and take stock of what is going on in your life and your relationship.

Finally, if you ask for a time-out and the other person starts sleeping around, then you know for sure that, he  / she is not the one for you.  The time-out is simply a break for being around each other all the time.  It is not an end of the relationship.  Make sure both parties understand clearly that the relationship is not over.  If you or your suitor cannot understand what a time-out is, then perhaps you or they need to do a little bit of growing to figure out what adults do in relationships.  I would prefer you not sleep with your suitor, but that's just me.  And, if your suitor insists that you need to sleep with them to have a relationship [cuz all the cool kids do it] then you know that's not the one for you.  There is a right way and wrong way to do a relationship.

In a Job Relationship: Instead of you going off on a customer or boss, take control of your life and finances and hand in a resignation with a month's notice.  2 weeks is not enough to find a replacement for you, and a kindly worded letter that is purely professional, i.e. not a letter talking about how you feel bad about Suzy stealing your lunch every day or how Brenda's breath smells or how you have a hard time finding a baby sitter for the random night shifts you have to pull.

Do not include personal drama in your letter.  Make sure you say only great things about the company and be extremely vague about why you need to leave.  Get it?
  • praise the company
  • be vague about why you're leaving
  • work quietly before you hand in your resignation, during the resignation period and up to the day you leave
By doing this, you take control of the situation.  That very same job you so hate, might have to be there if your circumstances change.

Now notice I did not say, "don't quit your job without finding another job."  Why didn't I say that?  Seems logical and the best possible policy for your financial safety.  I didn't say that for one reason?  Experience!  I have had no end of low end, entry level jobs that take up all of your time and don't allow you to even get dressed and go look for a better job that pays twice as much, has benefits and room for tremendous growth.  You cannot have only Sunday's off and be expected to find a job, carry out interviews and land the job.

I will say this.  When you realize that you hate your job, don't immediately put in your month's notice. No no no!  You reduce all your expenses, and yes you got expenses you don't need, cuz that's how all Americans are right now, buying crap they cannot afford and thinking they'll worry about paying it later.  Cut that crap out.  Reduce all your expenses except necessary bills:
  • food [cook your own food, don't eat at McDonalds, it's not only unhealthy, but it's expensive now. if you're too lazy to cook your own food, then you probably aren't even reading all the way down here in the article to begin with.]
  • power [gotta have a/c and heat]
  • internet [yes it is now necessary] NOT CABLE T.V. [don't be a pussy and say you gotta have cable t.v.]
  • cell phone [yeah they got us on cell phones finally, but I say get the cheapest plan possible and use it only for job contacts, you don't give it out to friends who wanna talk about "girl you will not guess who I saw Suzy kissin on at the mall today, and Ronny at home with the baby"]  You need a mobile phone to get employers to call you.
  • transportation [your best bet is to actually buy the oldest, cheapest, 2nd hand car you can find. the bus is a terrible idea as a method of transportation.  if you ever need to be somewhere in 30 minutes, relying on city transport of any kind is just not a viable means of transportation.  HOWEVER, be careful when driving, cops are out to get money out of you, any chance they get.  You can use the bus to do stuff like go to the movies or go see a friend across town.  I would seriously limit your time in your own car. It is far more economic to use the bus for personal trips, than it is to use your car for everything.  Limit car use to job and shopping, when you need the space to carry groceries.]
So instead of you just getting mad at your job and throwing in the towel, even if it's a nicely worded resignation, first save enough money to take care of ALL your expenses for 3 months, while you look for a job. This way if you don't find a job right away, you don't have to panic about it.  Or, if you're the type that cannot control yourself if you have $5,000 in the bank, go ahead and prepay your bills for 3 months.  Trust me the power company and cell phone company will NOT give you back your money telling you, you over-payed. LOL!

This way, you are in control of your finances and your life.  Burning bridges is a bad thing.  We have to be twice as good as the next guy and wiser than our boss.  I won't go into my whole speech about Black people only getting jobs and not owning their own business right now.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

What's the Point of Libertarians and the Libertarian Initiated Tea Party Campaign When Republicans are Claming Credit

Republicans Marginalizing Libertarians

Libertarian Party Website
A republican does not equal a Libertarian and a Libertarian does not equal a republican.  Yet, we have republicans taking over every Libertarian initiative.  And, the Libertarians are just laying down and taking it.  You have complete con artists like Wayn Allyn Root, weaseling into the Libertarian party and dictating policy.  The man should be in jail.  He is a black eye on the most constitutional party, since John Hancock signed his name.  You have Dick Army taking over the Tea Party, which was originated and conceived of by the Libertarian Party.

The Republican party is the most disorganized mess since fall of the Roman Empire, and yet somehow the Libertarian party is worse.  What party, in the history of the country, fields absolutely no candidates for any local and state offices at a time when the country is reeling from both main parties giving the country the ole 'what for' without so much as a reach around?  I mean the country is ripe for a 3rd party that espouses complete economic healing for the masses, and yet the Libertarian party is nearly silent and stymied.  They let Fox friggin News take over the Tea Party for God's sakes.

California is trying to pass a decriminalizing marijuana law, a victimless crime, and yet the Libertarian Party is completely silent.  The Libertarian Party should be all over this, taken credit for getting this started, and galvanizing the country on this very issue.  That is, if what's on their website is actually true of what they believe:

1.5    Crime and Justice

Government exists to protect the rights of every individual including life, liberty and property. Criminal laws should be limited to violation of the rights of others through force or fraud, or deliberate actions that place others involuntarily at significant risk of harm. Individuals retain the right to voluntarily assume risk of harm to themselves. We support restitution of the victim to the fullest degree possible at the expense of the criminal or the negligent wrongdoer. We oppose reduction of constitutional safeguards of the rights of the criminally accused. The rights of due process, a speedy trial, legal counsel, trial by jury, and the legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty, must not be denied. We assert the common-law right of juries to judge not only the facts but also the justice of the law.

If an obscure hedge fund manager can go from zero name recognition to being the number 3 republican candidate for senate, by himself, - yes I'm talking about Peter Schiff - then how come an entire battalion of so called libertarians can't field a Libertarian candidate?

Why is it no news organization ever ran a story on Libertarian candidates during this very heated campaign season.  This was the most active off year campaign in the history of modern campaigns.  Obama's approval rating is dropping faster than a fat man's weight on high intensity interval training, yet the Libertarian party is silent.  Everyone hates Obamacare, and where are the Libertarians to put the Democrats nose to the grind?

Ron Paul and Rand Paul are great and all, but they are NOT running as Libertarian candidates.  Stop putting your token into their slot.  Get your own candidate and stand behind him.

It's like this: A friend of mine works as a doorman to a fairly popular night club here in town.  One night people kept coming to the door and looking in and leaving.  Finally he turns to me, counter in hand, and says "had any of them stayed for more than 5 minutes we would have had 1,000 patrons in the club, more people than any of the big named clubs in town put together."

This is exactly what the Libertarian party is doing.  They are putting their tokens into the hats of Republicans, thinking they are the same as Libertarians, when if they just fielded their own candidates and stuck by them, they'd have a firm grasp on the political arena.  There are so many people that are awakened to the shenanigans and the complete illegality of the house and senate, yet the Libertarians are silent.

Libertarians Don't Know Jack About Politics

Harry Reid beat out Repulican candidate Sharon Angle for the U.S. Senate seat for Nevada.  He was down by 4 points in every poll across the board.  He called in favors and got nearly every casino to bus their non-english speaking employees to go vote for him.  He called in favors to get the teachers union to have a 5 day furlow for "teacher's conferences" lasting up till Wednesday, so they could vote for him.  He called in favors to give teachers raises, when the local and state budgets are empty, so they could vote for him.

This is politics.  Not completely legal, but you don't go to jail unless you get caught.

Libertarians have zero inclination about what politics are.  They are not connected to the global elite.  They are not connected to big business.  In fact all of those groups run counter to anything remotely smacking of constitutionality.  The entire point of a Libertarian party is to get the government out of bed with business and big business in particular, and yet they have no clue how to go about it.  You can't say you want to be a fox while wearing a rabbit suit, heck, they don't even come to the fox games toting a fox hunting gun, either / or would be fine.

I just don't get it.

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For Blacks: Black Men Like Natural Hair

Real Black Men Like Natural Hair

The Natural Hair Style
Turn on the T.V. and all you see are Black women with permed, blond, weaved hair down to their butt, fake nails longer than their own fingers, and boobs the size of basketballs, standing at attention higher than their own necklace.  They are just fake fake fake.  If we are to ever overcome the stereotypes hoisted on us, we need to first embrace that we are in fact AFRICANS.  I know so many people, I went to school with, at an all Black University, that would go into full pits of hell mode if you called them anything remotely relating to African.  The fact is, we came from Africa.  We are a transplant just like the white people so many of our lost sheep idolize.

By embracing our Blackness, we also need to embrace our hair.  We have curly coiled hair.  And, what is great about our curled coiled hair, is that we can do so much with it, unlike straight lifeless hair that other people have.  I have seen so many beautiful African godesses walking around with natural African hair that I've wondered at why any Black woman, worth her salt, would dare perm and damage and prematurely bald her own head.  It is a travesty.  And, for those that say it's easier to comb, you're not very good with math, nor finances.  Combing your natural hair takes no time, and no money, versus perming your hair takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

Black by Nature

The Afro
Black men, for the most part, who are self hating, love a Black woman with natural hair and nothing false on her body.  Heck, I've seen Black women without makeup that I had love at first site with.  No Black man worth his salt would ever tell a Black woman to perm her hair.  Men in general do not even think like that.  So who are you trying to get with permed hair?  Black men?  Yet, Black women complain they can't get a good Black man.  Maybe your fake hair is driving the real Black men away and you're getting the pick up a pie that's not that tasty to begin with.

Black women complain about their hair not growing.  It's not true.  First of all most Black women, in general, that I know and just happen to see, have zero nutrition.  They are severely overweight and eat crap, and i literally mean they are shoveling poop into their bodies and expecting miracles.  What Black woman you know that eats 6 helpings of vegetables, 5 helpings of essential fats from natural meats and poultry, protein from grass fed cows, meat free range chickens, and eggs from free range chickens, has bad hair?  None!  You know why?  Because she nourishes her body and consequentially her hair.  If you're as a big as a house, and eat fast food, or eat out in general, and don't ever cook your own stuff in a natural fat like butter or pig grease, how else if your hair going to turn out?  And, none of them take a raw food vitamin to supplement their already, crappy, diet.

A small percent are talking about biotin and other "hair" vitamins.  But, what they don't get is, if you're not doing the basics, like in the above paragraph, the biotin and stuff is not going to have any impact.  They murder their hair and kill their roots by perming their hair, then turn around and take biotin while eating fast food.  It's an exercise in insanity.  Trust me, if you eat real old south, home cooked meals, and take raw vitamins, your hair will have no end of growing out, and fast.

Ok now that they growing excuse is out of the picture and since we've established that real Black men prefer natural hair on their Black women, you have no excuses left as to perming and destroying your beautiful African hair.  Beyonce and Rhianna are not the role models you should be looking up to.  Women like Dr. Angela Davis, should be your beauty role models.

Let white women be white women.  Let spanish women be spanish women.  Let asian women be asian women.  You, be a Black woman, because there is only one of you.  It seems, from the outside looking in, that you don't like your own skin when you have a perm or wear a wig.  I'd prefer you put on a baseball cap, before you perm or wear a wig on your head.  Let the sistahs be sistahs.

And, I'm not the first Black man to say this.  This entire story, has been done by sooooooo many Black men.  And, Black women aren't listening.  I'm here to tell you.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Police Murder Kid and Try to Cover it Up: Danroy Henry

Police Arrest Friends for Cover Up

Danroy Henry
Three college football players who saw a teammate get fatally shot by police outside a suburban bar were brutalized by officers and arrested when they tried to help their mortally wounded friend, their lawyer said Wednesday.

One player knows CPR and begged the police to let him try to save Danroy Henry, but instead “they put a gun to his ribs and they told him to back … up or he would be next,” attorney Zelman told The Associated Press.

She said the other two teammates were zapped with stun guns when they tried to intervene. They said Henry, “was on the pavement, handcuffed and dying, and no one was helping him,” she said.

Kieran O’Leary, a spokesman for the Westchester County police, which made the arrests, said the department had received no formal complaint regarding excessive force. “If we received one, we’d look at it,” he said.

Zelman did not make allegations against specific officers, claiming some of them covered their badges.

by Barry Leibowitz  WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBS/AP) Four, Pace University, football players who were arrested after teammate, Danroy Henry, was fatally shot by police want an immediate dismissal of the charges against them.

Their attorney, Bonita Zelman, calls the charges a cover-up for police brutality. She successfully opposed prosecutors' request to postpone Thursday's scheduled court appearance, saying, "If they don't have enough evidence now to bring the case...they didn't have enough to charge them."

A spokesman for Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore said Wednesday that the judge in the case had denied a request for a two week delay.

Prosecutors say the four students' cases are part of an ongoing investigation into the Oct. 17 shooting death of the 20-year-old Henry, of Easton, Mass. The junior was shot to death in his car near the scene of a disturbance outside a bar in Thornwood, about 25 miles north of New York City.

Police say Henry sped away and hit two officers after another officer knocked on his car window. Michael Sussman, a lawyer for Henry's family, claims that witnesses, including passengers in the car, contradict the police account. The district attorney is coordinating an investigation.

The teammates were arrested in the chaotic aftermath of the shooting. Three allegedly interfered with getting medical aid to Henry and one was charged with breaking a store window.

Zelman said last month that her clients - Daniel Parker, Joseph Garcia and Yves Delpeche, all 22, and Joseph Romanick, 21 - were brutalized by officers at the scene. Police say they have received no brutality complaint.

After the shooting, Henry was handcuffed and placed on the pavement by officers. Mount Pleasant police Chief Louis Alagno said last week that Henry received treatment from officers within three to five minutes of the first report of a shooting.

But some witnesses have alleged that Henry was neglected for up to 15 minutes after he was shot. Zelman said last month that Parker, of Lauderhill, Fla., knows CPR and begged police to let him try to save Henry, but instead "they put a gun to his ribs and they told him to back ... up or he would be next."

Zelman said she's seeking dismissal so "these false criminal charges won't be hanging over the heads of these innocent kids any longer." She also said some of the defendants' relatives have arranged to fly in from out of state.

[my take on the story]
Frankly this is just monstrous and thank God there were so many witnesses to completely block the police's story on this. So many people, blatantly and blindly believe the police when they say, someone ran or fled the scene of a crime. The fact is, police lie all the time. I would say, according to a policeman who was giving an instructional speech at law school, that police lie 90% of the time. They have NO obligation to tell the truth, nor do they have to tell you your rights, all of them, under the law. You are obligated to know your rights on your own. Ignorance is no defense, under the law. Therefore, police can lie through their teeth and get away with it. They don't have to tell you anything and they can falsify whatever they want, and do.

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