Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miss Eryka Badu Shocks the Nation of Sheep that Believe in Collectivism and the Sheep that Believe John F Kennedy was Actually a Good President

Go to Sleep Sheep and Continue Loving Your Fake Notion of King John Kennedy

So Miss Eryka Badu, loving wife and mother of two has done it again. She went and made a video. In her latest video for "Window Seat," she went walking, midday, downtown Dealey Plaza in Dallas where John F Kennedy was shot. As she approached the "grassy knoll" however, she took off articles of clothing. By the time she was on the knoll she was completely nude. She heard a loud gunshot, she looks up in the sky and collapses and blue ink streams out of her head writing the words "GROUP THINK". STOP! This was done before by a white group called Matt & Kim singing "Lessons Learned", who got completely nude in TIME .... FRIGGIN .... SQUARE. Was there even a peep out of this? NO! Did anyone call them bad names? NO! Hmm, then why the negative reaction to Miss Badu? ... you know what I'm going to say.

If they are not calling her a bad name, they are demonizing her for daring to besmirch the memory of King John Kennedy and extolling his "virtues" as a U.S. president.

President Kennedy? Virtuous? Oh, maybe you went to a public school? Maybe at your school they don't teach you actual history? Who told you Kennedy was a good president? Who told you Kennedy was virtuous? Wanna know what's worse? Black people standing up and praising Kennedy for being so "good to us Blacks". Really? Kennedy was good to us Blacks?

I dare any Black person to come on here and show me where Kennedy was "good to us Blacks." I challenge any Black person - male or female; blind cripple or crazy; young or old - to show me where, when and how Kennedy did anything for Blacks.

Kennedy not only was bad to us Blacks, but used us and abused us. In fact no Kennedy has done anything for Blacks.

John F. Kennedy 101 for the Stupid and Uneducated

It has been said that John F. Kennedy was one of the greatest presidents of the U.S. throughout the entire history of the country. I am going to show you the Kennedy was a lying, thieving, underhanded, traitorous, unintelligent, inexperience, scoundrel and POLITICIAN.

Hold on to your hats. If you don't want to read and ruin your opinion of Kennedy, stop right now, because I am about to prove to even the ignorant that the man was a horrible person.

Kennedy put political realism before any form of beliefs when he voted against Eisenhower’s 1957 Civil Rights Act. The route from bill to act nearly served to tear apart the Republicans and the Democrats were almost united to a politician in their opposition to the bill/act. Kennedy had aspirations to be the Democrats next presidential candidate in the 1960 election. If he was seen to be taking the party line and demonstrating strong leadership with regards to opposing the bill, this would do his chances no harm whatsoever. This proved to be the case and Kennedy lead the Democrats to victory over Richard Nixon in 1960. *
That's right as a senator he voted against the civil rights act. He not only did not care for the American Negro, but he also voted partisan. Kennedy had no love for the American Negro and never professed to. We're not done. There's more, WAY MORE.

However, during the presidential campaign and after he was nominated for the Democrats, Kennedy made it clear in his speeches that he was a supporter of civil rights. Historians are divided as to why he was ‘suddenly’ converted. Some saw the opposition to the 1957 Act as understandable from a political point of view. Others have adopted a more cynical view which is that Kennedy recognized that he needed the ‘Black Vote’ if he was to beat Nixon. Hence why he said in his campaign speeches that discrimination stained America as it lead the west’s stance against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He also said that a decent president could end unacceptable housing conditions by using federal power. His call of sympathy to Martin Luther King’s wife, Coretta, when King was in prison was well publicized by the Democrats.*
For those who are actually educated in the subject and / or well versed, know that Kennedy did not like Black people ... just as a matter of reference. So when he changed directions and started professing this great sympathy for them, everyone was confused, and still are. But, the Democrats, left nothing to chance and used it as a publicity stunt. Was there a clear divide between the American Negro and whites at the time? You bet your bottom dollar.

  • 57% of African American housing was judged to be unacceptable
  • African American life expectancy was 7 years less than whites
  • African American infant mortality was twice as great as whites
  • African Americans found it all but impossible to get mortgages from mortgage lenders.
  • Property values would drop a great deal if an African American family moved into a neighborhood that was not a ghetto.
Oh, by the way, if you're wondering, this study was done in 1960. Has it improved today? NO! Awww, I bet you were counting on it improving and just assumed it had. In fact it has gotten WORSE. Your lack of education is showing if you didn't know that.

The reaction of the KKK to the Freedom Rides of 1961 was shown on national television and clearly shocked the public. However, 63% of people polled stated that they believed that the Freedom Rides should not have taken place as they were provocative (even though federal law was on the Riders side). Kennedy himself condemned the Riders for their lack of patriotism at a time of international tension over the Berlin Wall, Cuba and the Bay of Pigs fiasco. For many Americans the world scenario was of much greater importance than specific ‘home difficulties’. Involvement in the Freedom Riders affair would have been politically sensitive especially as Kennedy did not have a sizable public mandate to initiate major change after the narrowest of victories against Nixon.*
Not only was Kennedy not for civil rights, he condemned the people who tried to exercise what was actually ALREADY legal. "Poor negro shouldn't try and ride the white man's bus". Oh, and for those who are wondering when this legal right was established? That's right! Before Kennedy was president. He had nothing to do with it.

In terms of voter registration, Kennedy’s administration did nothing in its first year in office. On the advice of his Attorney-General brother, Bobby, Kennedy claimed that it was the duty of the states to reform this area [voter registration] and that it was not a federal issue. Here Kennedy was no doubt attempting to win the support of those who believed that federal power was too big and trespassing in too many areas - especially the right of states to govern themselves as laid out in the Constitution.*
Awww, oh well. Maybe the next president will do something. And what is this whole notion about the government being too big? And, what is this pandering for political support? Wait a minute, was Kennedy a politician? Oh my god, I think he was.

Kennedy only became voluntarily active when James Meredith forced his hand. In September 1962, James Meredith applied to a white-only college (the University of Mississippi) to do a doctorate. [what the hell, negros were that highly educated back then?] He was turned down. Here was a man who had served in the US Air Force for 10 years being rejected because of his color. Meredith got legal aid from the NAACP and fought his case. The Supreme Court found in his favor. When he went to enroll, Bobby Kennedy sent 500 marshals to ensure that law and order was maintained. It was not. Nearly 200 of the marshals were injured and two were shot by those who were adamant that Meredith would not go to college. To maintain law and order, something the state government could not do, John Kennedy federalized the Mississippi National Guard and sent federal troops to the university. Meredith did enroll to the university.*
OK, are you following along? Meredith didn't go to Kennedy and ask for support, he went and got the Supreme Court to declare the law of the land. It was only after that, did the Kennedy brothers react. But wait, it wasn't because they wanted to help Meredith. It was because the president has to carry out and enforce and support the judiciary branch. Awww, you thought there was some non-political, altruistic thingy going on there? Silly American citizen.

The 1963 March on Washington was initially opposed by Kennedy as he believed that any march during his presidency would indicate that the leaders of the civil rights campaign were critical of his stance on civil rights. Kennedy also felt that the march could antagonize Congress when it was in the process of discussing his civil rights bill. A march might have been viewed by Congress as external pressure being put on them. Kennedy eventually endorsed the march when it was agreed that the federal government could have an input into it. Malcolm X criticized King’s decision to allow this as he believed that Kennedy was attempting to take over and orchestrate the march. Malcolm X was to nick-name the march "The Farce on Washington". Historians now view the march as a great success for both King and the federal government as it went well in all aspects - peaceful, informative, well organized etc. The rumors that federal representatives would cut off the PA system if the speeches became too rabble-raising have not been proved.*
Just so everyone is clear. King and friends organized a civil protest. Kennedy was against it. Kennedy demanded the government speak at the event. If not they were going to sick dogs on everyone, blast them with fire-hoses, and cut the PA system. Wait, you think that is not what was going to happen? Why don't you look at what was happening all over the country.

Kennedy had to tread a very fine line in the South. His popularity by September 1963 showed that his support had dropped to 44% in the South. It had been 60% in March 1963. At this time, the South was a traditional stronghold of the Democrats. Now in 2001, it is all but Republican to a state - and the move started in the presidency of Kennedy and grew from it almost certainly as a rejection of the stance taken by a Democrat president.*
At the end of the day, he was a politician to his core. He had to appease the Democrats of the south. So he did nothing.

Here's a couple of more facts you don't know:
  • there was tremendous voter fraud in the Kennedy election, coming out in favor of Kennedy
  • Kennedy won because of the Black vote
  • Kennedy did nothing for 3 years while in office for Blacks
  • on the 3rd year Kennedy gave a speech
  • Kennedy never passed any civil rights legislation

Miss Eryka Badu

When miss Badu in 2010 does the same exact thing a white man and white woman does in a square that had 10 times as many people as where Miss Badu did it, she is called every name in the book. When miss Badu dares to defile the good name of Kennedy? she has gone too far. When the word "group think" pour out of her gunshot wound to the head, it goes right over everyone that even watches it.

People claim she is talentless. Huh? Wait, you mean she's not Britney spears? You mean she's not Beyonce? You mean she's not Justin Timberlake? Talentless? Really? Or maybe she's not Lil Wayne, T.I., or Lil Jon?

Or maybe they're saying she was as talentless as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Barry White, Mahalia Jackson, Betty Fikes, Syl Johnson, Pete Seger.

* by http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/

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Linda said...

Really? No Kennedy has done anything for blacks? You are wrong. Bobby Kennedy fought for your right to vote. He sent US Marshals and troops to allow an African American to enter the University of Mississippi. He was a civil rights activist.

Shakaama said...

Bobby Kennedy sent US marshals to proctect the integrity of the court. Stop drinking the kool aid and get with facts. Had he allowed the states to ignore the court orders, they would forever ignore court orders and he couldn't have that.

Bobby Kennedy advised JFK to NOT get involved with civil rights on several occassions. JFK voted against civil rights when he was a seanator.

The 2 were nothing more than politcians. I'm not blinded by some pie in the sky. I have a degree in the subject and study the manipulation of people for political gain.

But, thanks for playing.

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