Friday, January 29, 2010

Game Review: Star Trek Online

Another Ruined Franchise

In discussion with other reviewers and gamers of big franchises that go into game form, I often get the "well they can't do that." This is always in response to my saying that they have watered down and turned a completely story driven franchise into a flash, point and click game. If they can't translate a story driven franchise even 50% of the way, why bother even naming it after the franchise.

Yes I am talking about the Cyptic's Star Trek Online game. If you are even remotely a Star Trek fan, this game fails. You will be completely disappointed at the horror of this god awful game. One idiot tried to excuse it by saying "oh it's in the future and they are at war, that's why there's all the shooting." Hogwash! The developers fail at life and have zero brain activity going on. They ruined a perfectly good name that had a ridiculous amount of spin offs and lore.

Star Trek at its core is a preachy, social commentary franchise. Whether you like it or not, Star Trek has had some very ground breaking storylines. It has tackled issues that no one else dared touch. It broke racial barriers, along with that other ground breaking show "batman" and the Eartha Kit kiss. Who could forget the Lieutenant Uhuru kiss.

On to the game review:

Star Trek Online Review

Graphics: The graphics overall are actually pretty bad. You cannot go back in graphics, especially when you are trying to present a photorealistic view of the characters and world. In fact it is as if the design teams on graphics did not get together to decide and overall quality of graphics level. [more later]

- landscape: this is the worst part of the graphics. Where a game like Eve Online made you gasp at the panoramic views of space, this makes you gag. Not only are thew space views badly drawn, they are completely unrealistic. They have clouds in space? Really? They are just awful. There is not even a sense of 3 dimensions to it. You look like you're on a cheesy star trek 1950 t.v. set. It is just ridiculous

- character: the characters are drawn photorealistically. There is nothing cartoon about them. However, you don't see much of the character, that you spend 30 minutes playing barbie dress up. There are space stations you can walk around and landing party missions where you can see your character, but for the most part you are in your ship. A vast majority of all missions are in the ship. You are either fighting in the ship or exploring in the ship. In fact after the beginning of the character development unfolds you can just phone in your missions from the ship, no need to return to the space station.

Just a side note. There were so many horrible graphical bugs in the beta that after awhile I turned off all the graphical goodies, so everyone looked like water color paintings. It didn't help by the way.

- hardware capability: Does this game test your hardware graphically. This is a catch 22. If I say yes, it might just be due to the tremendous amount of bugs. If I say no, that the graphics are so bad they shouldn't strain anyone's hardware, again it might just be due to the bad programing.

Gameplay: this is simply to cover how fun and easy the game is actually to play from the start and from day to day.

- chargen: character generation is the same as Champions Online or Heroes Online. It doesn't have near the depth of the Heroes Online chargen though. There is really nothing to it. It is just barbie dress up. People were completely upset, however, when they found that their first piece of armor completely covered up their character. So, probably those that spent and hour matching the glove seems to the coat seem color, went over the top angry when they bought a +1 shirt that covered everything on the character. LOL! They were screaming in chat about it for some time.

- controls: awful. Simply awful. It is not even a case of a learning curve. They are just awful. Remember you are in a ship. The camera swivels in every direction but the direction you want it. This would be great if you were filming the game, but this is not what a gamer wants. By default, they have a chase-target-fixed camera. This would normally be a good thing, like if you were pvping in WOW. But, in a space battle with you controlling a ship and trying to maneuver your highest percentage shield to stay between you and the enemy, it is maddening. And, I bet you think taking off that stupid camera control would fix it? No. It then follows your ship and completely ignores the target.

Also, the controls to keep you targeted, maneuverable and alive are just god awful. It is as if the developer literally sat down and said, I want to show the grace and beauty of my ship, let the player be damned. That is exactly what we get.

Also, the controls and space flight is not 3d. There are no barrel rolls. There are no 90 degree dives. There are no loop de loops. Remember, you're in a space ship with a gravity pull to the floor of the ship so that there is no outside reference of gravity. There should be no reason why the ship shouldn't be able to barrel roll. Ok, forget barrel roll, it doesn't point straight down into a dive position. Another, "my ship is gracefully descending," moment.

- ui: what ui? You literally have to go into game options and open up a skills panel to retrieve skills to put on your bar. The bar is so tiny you have to expand it 3 times so you have enough room to put the orders to land the ship on the space station. I am all for a designer trying to be unique in his design, but this UI works against the player at every possible turn.

- story: ok this is where the story and "plot" of the game is supposed to go. I am not kidding. There is nothing to put here. Everyone who argued with me about the other points of the game all agreed there was no plot or story to the game. Wait! No plot to a Star Trek spinoff? How could that be? This must have literally just been made by game designers, and not a developer, i.e. someone with ideas. Oooooh ideas are dangerous.

- lore: meh, they throw around Star Trek like words. They have lore pop up in between loading zones on the splash screen. But as far as lore being part of a big picture and story... [see above]

Advancement: this is where the great telling feature of character progression goes. While in other games even minute progression is noticeable, in Star Trek online it is invisible.
- rpg: I guess I could say you get better clothes, armor, ships and officers, but it seems nearly pointless when it doesn't really matter. The enemies get harder and so do you sorta. Honestly, I find the 3 round of public server counter strike more progressive than this game. Can you get into the story? What story? They fail at the entire RPG of this game.

- hacknslash: they definitely get the hack n slash aspect going in this game. If endlessly shooting a ship from your ship is your idea of fun, then this is the game for you. Half the time, you are so far away from your ship and the enemy ship is so far away that you barely see them. You can see the laser beam pew pew pew more than anything else on screen.

Overall: this is an excellent game, for someone that is brain dead and wants to spend money on this instead of 5 other games that blow this away.

- immersion: are you immersed in "star trek"ness in the game? No. And, I am being very honest. If you removed the name Star Trek from anything appearing in the game and sat 100 people in front of it and had them play for 4 hours, I bet 80 of them would never guess this was Star Trek. Given that scenario I bet 40 of them would think it was a new starship troopers game.

- must have: is this a must have just on the basis of it having the name Star Trek Online on it? No. Will this be a gamer nerd library must have? No. The gamer nerd is always a connoisseur of fine games. There is no way he would attach his good name to this trash.

Whoever owns the licensing for Star Trek were probably paid a lot of money to let their name go out on this. This is the only reason I could think of them attaching their name to this. Shame on Cryptic for doing this. And, before you start thinking I'm some crazed Treky, I am not. I have never been nor even heard of a Star Trek convention. LOL!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crowds Seeking Aid in Haiti Met With Pepper Spray and Rubber Bullets

It Was Just a Matter of Time Before They Started Killing Black Folk

United Nations troops used pepper spray yesterday to hold off a crowd of hungry Haitians queueing for food at a makeshift camp in the grounds of the wrecked presidential palace.

“They’re not violent, just desperate. They just want to eat,” Fernando Soares, a Brazilian army colonel, said. “The problem is, there is not enough food for everyone.”

The UN’s Brazilian troops are experienced — they have been stationed in Haiti for years — but they were struggling to hold the line. As they began deploying the pepper spray, the crowd broke up and ran back across the road coughing, eyes streaming.

Raoul Gai, 36, pulled his T-shirt over the head of Dalima, 9, his daughter, as she cried and spluttered. “They are giving food but I don’t like the way they are doing it,” he said.

Yesterday, the 14th day after the Haitian earthquake, the World Food Programme (WFP) was trying to deliver 107 cubic tons of rice and oil and beans to the starving of Port-au-Prince, enough to feed 20,000 people for 15 days. Two rice trucks were heading for the palace.

Will Pavia
London Times
Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The Real Story Behind the Pepper Spray and Rubber Bullets

Here's my beef. I knew it would be just a matter of time before they started massacring these people. Europeans coming into their country is a bad thing, all the way around. They are not going to just give away food, regardless how bad and sad the average world citizen feels for these people. Apparently this rubber bullets and pepper spray thing has been going on from the very beginning.

The president of Haiti needs to remove the "peacekeepers" out of the country completely. They need to be removed if Haiti is ever to maintain its sovereignty. The president of Haiti also need to denounce and remove all trade treaties. He needs to implement tariffs on all imports into the country. He needs to implement a policy of Haiti first. Otherwise his country is going to CONTINUE to starve. They have been starving BEFORE the earthquake. The earthquake is simply being used as an excuse to execute an agenda that was in place well before the event.

If you know a friend of a friend of a friend that knows the president of Haiti, have him contact me. I will set the record straight and show him how his he and his own people are being used. It is unheard of that in the aftermath of a natural disaster that there should be "peacekeepers" brought into a country. "Peacekeepers" are normally sent in under the pretext of warfare. Where's the warfare here?

All of this aid that is going to Haiti is not used to REBUILD Haiti. The aid is simply used to give and hand out food. And, they aren't even doing that. They have trucks with tons of food and they are parceling it out to great mass panic and disturbances as an excuse to then call in the peacekeepers to spray and shoot them.

To what end?

So that when they officially or unofficially invade they can point to these instances and say "see it's chaos down here and we need to settle it." All as an excuse to kill off this rich Black nation. There should be no reason that Hatians should be starving. Haiti used to be one of the countries that fed the world, along with the U.S. and other countries.

Doctors Told to Leave Haiti by the United Nations

In a final act of total evil, the U.N. ordered all the doctors to leave Haiti. CNN broke the story. The U.N. then tried to cover up the story and say they did not order the doctors to leave and that it was the doctors own will to leave. It is obvious when the doctors come up to Dr. Sanjay Gupta that they don't want to go but point out where the supplies are and the patients are, that it is not the doctors own will.

The only reason I think Dr. Gupta was left out of the loop is because he is not only a doctor, but has "reporter" status and thus cannot be ordered around. As I said, the U.N. tried to impliment damage control on their P.R. and say it was not them that ordered the doctors to leave. However it was too late. Several news organizations reported on the order once CNN broke the news.

If this does not prove how vile and evil the U.N. is, I don't know what will. Even Anderson Cooper reported that people were dying needlessly down there. When pressed what he meant by needlessly, he remarked that people are dying from mere infections that simple antibiotics could cure; that diseases are being allowed to spread throughout the body unabated.

Finally the U.N. is not distributing the aid money to Haiti. This has been reported and remarked on by several news organizations. The money is literally vanishing. The amount of money raise, compared to the amount of aid received as pennies on the dollar. People are sending enough to feed the entire country lobster and steak and mere rice and beans are being rationed to just Port au Prince. The money is just vanishing and no one is accounting for it.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did Pope John Paul II Flagellate Himself to Become a Saint?

The Flagellation and Asceticism of the Pope

Flagellation is the practice of methodically beating or whipping one's or another's body as a religious act. It is a form of punishment used in certain cases under Islamic Sharia law. It also practiced in Christianity with mild self-flagellation using an instrument called a “discipline”, a cattail whip usually made of knotted cords, which is flung over the shoulders repeatedly during private prayer. It’s a highly criticized practice and has become rare these days. The late Pope John Paul flagellated himself regularly to emulate Christ’s suffering and signed a secret document saying that would resign instead of ruling for life if he became incurably ill, a new book shows. The book, called “Why a Saint? was written by Monsignor Slawomir Oder, the Vatican official in charge of the process that could lead to Roman Catholic sainthood for John Paul. It includes some previously unpublished documents. The book, which was published Tuesday, reveals that even when he was not ill, he inflicted pain on himself, known in Christianity as mortification, so as to feel closer to God. The book also confirmed that as his health failed, John Paul prepared a document for aides stating that he would step down instead of ruling for life if he became incurably ill or permanently impaired from carrying out his duties as pope. He signed the document on February 15, 1989, eight years after the failed assassination attempt. The existence of the document had been the subject of many rumors and reports over the years but it has been published for the first time in full in the book.

Asceticism is basically a lifestyle of abstinence from various sorts of worldly pleasures which is done with the aim of pursuing religious and spiritual goals. Some of the religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Jainism, promote asceticism as it is believed that salvation and liberation involve a process of mind-body transformation affected by exercising restraint with respect to actions of body, speech, and mind. People might say, where would they get this idea? Well for Christians it is throughout the New Testament. Christ is quoted as saying that it is hard for a rich man to enter Heaven and that people's riches would get in the way of being saved.

However, it has been revealed that King James in his translation sought to make sure that the feudal system was kept in tact and removed any notion of challenging kings or the rich. Instead he made sure that it was promoted that one should not seek to be rich himself. Furthermore, for those that question the notion that there are now hundreds of English translations of the Holy Bible, need not look further than the Council Nicaea , which removed whole books from the New Testament and declared certain verses heresy. Yes, the Catholic church rewrote the Holy Bible. In Fact the book you read today is not even the Holy Bible, but a very watered down and tiny version of it.

What is rather stupid is that most seminary schools know this and have not corrected it. The modern Catholic church knows it and has not corrected it. I am not sure protestant religions like the Baptist and Protestants know this, since they simply adopted the Catholic bible and did not think for themselves, so much for a Protestant Reformation.

One thing of note about the Council Nicaea. One of the chief reasons they convened the council was not to rewrite the Holy Bible per se, but the larger agenda was to have a concise doctrine of what Christianity was. To that end, the council decreed in that Meletius of Lycopolis and Arius the Berber Christian of Alexandria was not to be given credence in their doctrine that Jesus of Nazareth was not God. In fact the entire world wide Christian church was divided right down the middle on the question. Arius pointed out that "son of God" was something made up and that the entire virgin birth and son were stolen and adopted from Egyptian mythology. He contended that it was not the son that they worshiped but the SUN. And that the halo that is found in pictures is not a "halo" but is the sun sitting behind him. The Asian and Eastern Christians sided with Meletius' and Arius' view that Jesus, if he were Jesus at all, was not to be considered as co-equal with God and thereby eternal, but that he was begotten by the father as a perfect being.

[what is funny is I could not find an adequate picture of Arius nor Meletius. Both were very dark Black people. In all the catholic pictures they are portrayed as very pale and nordic white people. Arius was a Berber, which are people that are darker than me. I know, because I lived in Africa for a time. They are extremely dark and very beautiful people. Their skin is like black wax or black porcelain. It is a shame that white people would be so ashamed that one of their founding fathers of the Catholic church were Black. In fact most of their founding fathers were Black. But, the Europeans could not accept that their core beliefs were started by African people, down to their own doctrine of Jesus.]

If you listen to the Catholic decree you'll note the complete confusion on this point. They compromised to bring together both viewpoints and you have both a "begotten not made of the father" and "light from light, true god from true god", all in one decree.

As it stands, the Ethiopians are, in my opinion, are the only ones with all the books of the Bible and are the true Jews. They are said to still guard the Arc of the Covenant to this day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Conspiracy Corner: Stop Blacks From Talking Amongst Themselves

Rush to Judgment Against Blacks

Have you ever noticed that when Black people start talking amongst ourselves that white people always rush to hush us up? Have you noticed the media rushes to label us as racist? Have you noticed that it is the very same white people that rush to hush us up that are completely silent when white people say clearly racist remarks? I have noticed all of these statements are true. I have noticed that if you say a white person is racist that 10 white people stand up and say Black people are racist too. I have noticed however, that their definition of Black racism is a stretch compared to the obvious white racist.

For example hypothetical situation:

Let's say you have a nationally syndicated talk show host that says -

"Black welfare queens sit at home and collect paychecks and have more children on your tab. They are unfit to live."
[please note this is completely false. A majority of the welfare recipients are white, nearly 3 to 1, 61% white compared to 20% Black. Also welfare does cover married couples.]
Conversely let's say you have a Black "leader" that is on a talk show that says -

"White bankers have been targeting and taking advantage of poor Black people in the south. They have been rewriting their mortgages from fixed low rates to adjustable loans with teaser rates that balloon into usury levels upwards of 15%. It is modern day slavery."

In the news the Black "leader" is characterized as making a racist remark and the media is completely silent on the white racist. Clearly the Black "leader" is making a factual statement, vs the white talk show host is just being racist, and he knows the real facts and data.

Now the question is, why is this?

Stop Those Negros from Talking

Clearly had the Indian tribes gotten together and had a massive pow wow, we would not be sitting in U.S.A. today. Clearly the white man would have been slaughtered and kicked out of North America. Regardless of technological differences at the beginning, Indians traded for guns and ammunition. After some time, Indian tribes were as well armed as the white man. However, Indian tribes were kept at odds with each other. Divide and conquer! Time and again Indian tribes were led to believe they had sovereign treaties with the white man, only enough to let their guard down and then be slaughtered by white troops. And, that happened over and over and over and still over and over. Everyone could clearly see that there was a concerted effort to eradicate the Indian tribes off of their own lands. It continues till today. There is a long history and evidence that Indian tribes were the target of germ welfare, i.e. diseases and alcohol. And, to this day Indian tribes keep themselves separate and involve themselves in petty politics. If they would only band together, and gather everyone that is in their bloodlines, they would be powerful today.

I present the story of the Native American history [which I am part native myself] as an obvious and clear evidence of what is going on in the Black population. The one differen ce is that, instead of being just slaughtered, to perpetuate slavery and asuage their own conscious [if they had one] they started categorizing Black people as second class citizens, not human and not fit to live outside the care of white people. Can you imagine the Black freemen of the north? They must have been in shock when that started to happen.

Know the history of America. Black people weren't always categorized as second class citizens. We didn't always have slavery in America. In fact there were Black people on Christopher Columbus' ships. We helped "discover" the Native Americans' lands. Slavery didn't come till like a century later. Not to say that Blacks and whites lived in peace and harmony, but history will show that Blacks were in Europe for centuries before all this Nigger stuff started.

In fact the Moors, who were Black, ended the "Black Plague" by showing white Europeans basic sanitation practices and introduced them to plumbing. Contrary to popular be lief that the Romans or Greeks invented it. Before the moors came, white Europeans pooped in pots and in the morning the maids would come and throw the poop out of the pot right out of the window, onto the street. This is why you have that story of the "gentleman" offering the "lady" to step on his coat which he put over the "puddle". It was not a puddle of water.

When Black people come together, to learn and discuss issues, the white man scoops in and stops it.

Historically Black Colleges

Right now in America there is a huge attack on "Historically Black Colleges." They are being shut down and categorized as racist. Black people are not standing up to these charges. Nor are they armed with facts like:
  • the Black attrition rate as historically white institutions are 90% higher than Historically Black Colleges
  • Black entrance requirements are higher at white institutions, whereas Historically Black Colleges have full remedial programs to bring underprivileged undergraduates up to speed
  • Black student grades are 50% lower at white institutions than they are at Historically Black Colleges
  • Black retention of information at Historically Black Colleges is drastically higher than at white institutions

Just the fact that white institutions will not allow Blacks into their colleges, alone should be enough to stop shutting down Historically Black Colleges.

[this is still regardless of affirmative action. Know your facts and figures before someone tells you affirmative action did away with institutional racism. 20/20 did a piece that showed that Black applicants are still rejected from Colleges, even with the exact credentials of their white, Asian or Latino counterparts. Scientifically gathered data also proved the 20/20 piece correct. Also research into affirmative action shows that removing Black applicants altogether from an application process, only increases the chance a white person is admitted to an institution by 1%. Also, that quite a few "minority" applicants have significantly higher grades and scores than white applicants. Even with affirmative action in place Black applicants are competing for 7% of an admission spot. Of these 7%, only 4% actually join and of these only 1% graduate.]

But, Black folks don't seem to believe in themselves, and they trust that the white man must be telling the truth when he says "this is no longer needed". Clearly shutting down a Black college, and then turning around and not allowing 70% of Black applicants to enter the white institution should send up huge red flags that we need more Historically Black Colleges, not less.

Miss Black America and Miss Black USA

I know, I know, you're saying, there can't be any reason to defend a pageant. I know you're saying, pageants only objectify women. You couldn't be further from the truth. The pageants, still to this day, sets the standard of womanly beauty in America. Clearly the Black woman was never seen as being capable.. yes not even capable, of being an object of beauty in America. So, yes I need to defend the Black pageants. Because everyone has short memories in America, I'll tell you this fact.

Black women were excluded from the pageant systems.

Oh you forgot about that? Whey would you want to be a part of something that excluded you just 30 years ago. That's like Tiger Woods wanting to pay $1 million to belong to a country club that LAST YEAR excluded Blacks. It is like Black people wanting to join the Mormon church that said Blacks were cursed by God and wore the mark of Caine and therefore excluded from being members of their church, until recently. It is just low class and undignified to even join such a system. You have no self esteem if you want to join something that considered you not human enough to belong to it 20 years ago. And don't give me that B.S. "times have changed". No no and no.


That's the answer. Never go to another man for something you can make yourself. Never go begging to another man to accept you, when you can't accept yourself. Accept yourself first, and rest assured the other man will come snooping around, to see what you got.

Unfortunately, and this might just be me, the Black pageant system doesn't have the balls to put up a real Black woman, with natural hair and natural curves. Every single one of them has processed or, worse, fake hair. The whole point of being Black is lost to them. Too often, the Black pageants produce winners that could pass for white women with a tan.


This is taken directly from the Miss Black America website:

The Miss Black America Pageant is proud to celebrate over 40 years of excellence.
Our system is a familiar one to some, a fond, reminiscent memory to others, and yet a new, exciting opportunity for thousands of young, teens and women across the country today.

Founded in 1968 by J. Morris Anderson, the Miss Black America system was developed to reverse the negative propaganda of the Black woman and her role in America. Today, as our nation embraces Black beauty, we remain ever committed to the empowerment of women of color throughout America, representing all of our sisters of the African Diaspora.

And, Wikipedia says:

With all of the progressive changes over the past several years, the pageant is now deemed "racist."

A.K.A. they are trying to shut down the pageant because 6 Black women were crowned Miss America. Yes, 6. It is 2010 and 6 Black women were crowned Miss America and supposedly racism has disappeared all of a sudden. Can you count? Miss America started in 1921. They crown a woman every year. Do the math.

The Miss Black USA pageant is much younger than the Miss Black America, but it is equally a good system that promotes Black womanly beauty.

Taken directly from their website:

The Miss Black USA Pageant and Scholarship Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, recognized under the 501(c)3 code of the Internal Revenue Service. It is the mission of the Miss Black USA Pageant to provide educational opportunities to outstanding young women of color and to develop the "whole woman mind, body, and spirit.

Miss Black USA Pageant celebrates scholastic achievement and believes that education is the key to lifelong success and empowerment. The Miss Black USA Pageant promotes education and leadership by providing scholarships opportunities to its winners.

The Miss Black USA Pageant is a community driven organization and is committed to addressing health and education, two leading social issues in the African American community. The winners of the official "Miss Black USA" state pageants will use her civic platform to promote awareness of these issues during her reign.

These are pretty decent goals. And the pageant winner receives full scholarship rides through college. You can't beat that with a stick. I applaud them completely for that.


Please don't go out like the Indian tribes of America. If someone comes at you saying you're racist for talking to each other, just simply ignore it and carry on your conversation. More than likely, you're talking about something that might change someone's life. More than likely you're saying something that needs to be said. We need to gather together more. We need to come together more. There is no one looking out for our best interest other than us. If a Harvard doesn't let Black folks in, make a Black Harvard. If a Miss America doesn't let Black folks in, make a Miss Black America. If a golf country club doesn't let Black folks in, make a Black golf country club.

And, if you make a Black country club, and the white man comes along and says "you're being racist", just ask him to close all the "white only" country clubs first, before he comes pointing the finger at you.

This fact seems to escape people. Everyone seems to forget the fact that there are still TO THIS DAY many many "white only" institutions and areas. I almost have a law degree and I looked into Black hires in the big boy law firms in New York. Pretty dismal. You can count the Black folks in wall street firms. And they're passed around like the ketchup bottle at Denny's. I did come across a Black law firm that is a major player in the big boy games, Barnes, McGhee, Neal, Poston & Segue.

We as a people will get nowhere if we don't talk to each other. We as a people will get nowhere if we don't come together and do our own thing. The time for looking to the government to aid us or protect us or stand up for our rights is long gone. It is a forgone conclusion that no one but ourselves will aid us. If the white man doesn't want to see us talking to each other, we can simply stop talking in front of the white man. There's no reason to need to talk to someone who doesn't want to be talked to. There's no need to seek acceptance from someone that thinks it is their place to deem who does and doesn't qualify for acceptance. Accept yourself first, and then maybe you can stand on your own two feet.

I'm sure people will deem this article racist. Why? Because I am talking to my Black brothers and sisters and not to them. As soon as you let someone else define what racism is to you, and you don't have the brains to define it for yourself, that's when you lose.

Just remember:
  • Rush Limbaugh makes $30 million a year [if not more]
  • Bill O'reilly makes $40 million a year
  • Michael Reagan makes millions a year
  • Michael Savage makes millions a year
  • Glenn Beck makes millions a year
  • Lou Dobbs makes millions a year
  • John Stossel makes millions a year
Yes and they are all admitted racists. There is no defense for the horrible things they have said, on live national T.V. They keep the racism alive and well. They have millions of viewers and sponsors are falling over themselves to get in on the action.

So if anyone comes at you and tries to quiet you down, pull up that list and hand it to them. Tell them to take care of that list first.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Was Senator Reid Behind Indicting His Biggest Opponent on Criminal Charges?

Senator Reid vs Lt. Gov. Krolicki

From the beginning, the case brought against Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki of Nevada was known to be politicized, days after he announced running against Senator Reid. In fact some of the members of the audit committee that knew the facts from beginning were shocked actual charges were brought against him. The person that brought those charges? Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto! But, who is Catherine Masto and how does Harry Reid fit into this? Anyone familiar with Nevada politics knows Catherine Masto as THE rising democrat star in Nevada politics. She won where no democrat had ever won before. Is it possible that this star, in this position, could hand Reid safety when polls had already been showing signs of impending doom for him?

The charges against Lt. Gov. Krolicki and Kathy Besser, who was Krolicki’s chief of staff when he served as state treasurer and is now his chief of staff in the lieutenant governor’s office, arose after the 2007 audit of a $3 billion dollar, state-run college savings program. No state funds were reported missing, but Krolicki was accused of ignoring state rules in spending and bypassing budgeting rules. What is perplexing is that Krolicki used the state attorney's office as advisers how to distribute the money. It is this last point that raises suspicions among many politicos in Nevada.

Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, chairwoman of the audit committee when the College Savings Program was under review, said she “was surprised when formal charges were brought forward, given that audits are used to find problems and focus mostly on getting them fixed.”
Now given the fact that Lt. Gov. Krolicki was using the attorney general's office as advisers, and investigators into the funds were not particularly alarmed as the dispensation of the funds, is it hard to fathom that there may have been a deal to offer up Krolicki's political career to Harry Reid from the democrat star of Nevada? In my opinion that is exactly what happened.

“I think the attorney general, at the very least, owes me an apology,” Besser said. “Catharine Cortez Masto should be ashamed of herself and what she allowed her office to do.”

After the dismissal of the charges by judge Valerie Adair, it came out that even the democrat base had concerns as to how Attorney Masto was conducting herself. They are concerned that she was very aggressive in her tactics. Later it was found out that her, Attorney Masto, husband was to hold a fundraiser for one of Krolicki’s Democratic opponents for the lieutenant governor’s seat. Clearly this woman is rotten meat. Republican contenders to the Attorney General position are coming out of the woodworks.

With all of these facts, it would have been prudent that this woman kept quiet. Her position is a political one at its core. What could have compelled her to throw her own political career away? What pressure could have been brought against her to pursue a man in a case where the facts were not in her favor from the beginning? Why would she bring charges in a case she knew was false and that she could not win?

This stinks of politics more than any other case in the history of cases. Senator Reid's polls were already showing a great decline. Congress in general were only marginally ahead of Bush's approval rating. Senator Reid is no fool. He and his campaign managers knew that finally there was a serious threat that his seat could be in jeopardy. Obviously removing the top contender that had won 3 statewide elections was of utmost importance.

Now, with the win of Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, the hand writing is on the wall for democrats and especially for Reid. Nevada is 2nd in the nation for foreclosures, 2nd in the nation for unemployment, first in the nation for unemployment amongst Black men, and 33% of the population is uninsured healthcarewise. Reid has all but ignored the wishes of voters in Nevada and will pay the ultimate price for his arrogance. His offices have received time and again overwhelming response in opposition to bailouts and other legislation, all to no avail. They fall on deaf ears.

In my own political opinion there can be no other explanation for Krolicki's woes other than Senator Reid wanting him out of the way.

But, that's just my opinion.

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Senator Harry Reid Could Lose His Senate Seat

Senator Harry Reid Running Scared

Normally the senate majority leader position is something that someone would have to die for you to get it. Not so for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In a state that is 2nd in the nation in foreclosures, 2nd in the nation in unemployment, first in the nation in Black male unemployment and a 33% uninsured health care population, Senator Reid's lofty time ignoring his constituency is up for grabs.

Senator Reid like most congressional leadership, has all but ignored his constituency. With the dramatic win of republican senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, the writing is on the wall for Democrats. The democrats road in on the upsurge of hate towards Bush, but now that the dust has settled, everyone realizes how much the democrats do not listen to the public.

During both administrations, Bush and Obama, the public overwhelming has been against the bail outs. Calls, emails and letters flooded the offices of congress, to tune of historic proportions asking, threatening and begging them NOT to vote for the bailouts. Both times our congress, and both presidents, voted the bailouts into law. Senator Reid voted for the bailouts as well. And, the bailouts went straight to wall street. So bad and corrupt were the bailouts that it came to light that language was taken out of the legislation to protect taxpayers by limiting company bonuses if they received bailout money. Chris Dodd was key in taking that language out of the legislation. When the company bonuses came to light, congress' hand was revealed. They were all firmly in the back pocket of Wall Street.

I myself received many emails urging me to support my congressmen and senators of Nevada, with an hidden message of "don't protest just go along with the flow." Reid and all of the rest capital hill did not understand the demonstrations and protests at the town hall meetings. Their spin doctors kept trying to say it was a radical republican thing. However, they had no answer when republican senators and representatives received the same protests. Their own spin doctors did not prepare them for what was coming.

With the win of Senator Scott Brown, the democrats have tried to spin it. But, in a state that has been democrat for... all of my life, to go republican is a slap. Not only is that state strongly democrat, but is the most literate, the most intellectual, has one of the highest employment rates. There is no way to put this in a good light for democrats. And, the Scott Brown campaign was easy and straight forward: he ran on old fashioned republican platforms - small government, lower taxes etc.. Obviously the whole Chris Dodd, more government, more taxes is not what the middle class wants. The corruption of the Hill is obvious to everyone with eyes.

With Senator Reid's defeat, the democrats will be reeling and be unable to recover.

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Are Intellectuals So In Love With Obama They Can't See the Writing on the Wall

Intellectuals Drinking the Obama Cool Aid

After a full year of the Obama administration, no one can say that we cannot judge President Obama based on his actions. There is plenty of both time and evidence that we can point to as "this is his." All of the inflammatory accusations of the campaign are over and no amount of rhetoric can clear up a clear pattern that is emerging from the Obama administration. When people made their accusations it was always pawned off as "that's just the campaign rhetoric going on." Now a year later we have nothing to pawn off deliberate and open accusations.

Intellectuals are clearly drinking the Obama cool aid and they refuse to see the man for what he is, a corporate shill. Where everyone saw Bush as trouncing on the constitution at every step, everyone looks the other way when Obama does it. Also the two administrations are identical. No one can deny that Bush and Obama policies are one and the same. It makes you wonder what these intellectual yes-men are even looking at, when they try and defend him.

Let's look at the similarities:

  • Both signed bailouts despite overwhelming protests [congress has never had, in its history, as many people contact them against any legislation in the history of the U.S.]
  • Both appointed czars, Obama is still appointing more
  • Both are spying on U.S. citizens by using federal agencies and private companies
  • Both funded faith initiatives for faith based groups, Obama even expanded that
  • God apparently spoke to Bush, and he got flack for that, and Obama doesn't get flack for it
  • Both met privately with religious leaders of all faiths, including Muslims, never done before with the president of the U.S.
  • Both agree with all Zionist policies
  • Both appointed lobbyists and special interest group operators to key government positions, including the secretary of the treasury
  • Both agree with the worst unconstitutional document of the entire history of the U.S. "the patriot act"
  • Both have had protesters sequestered, arrested, stopped, harassed, have had the media publicly humiliate them, labeled protesters as terrorists, and enlisted state police to arrest U.S. citizens for protesting
  • Both have socialized private businesses and nationalized big corporations, however tax payers pay for the bailout but the companies keep all the profit checks
  • Both have been lock and step with each other in every social "reform", there is no difference between the two on social policies from welfare to healthcare, affirmative action to aids, gay marriage to capital punishment, they vote and agree 100% with each other
  • Both men have agreed to support the huge military industrial complex and continue or even accelerate world wide war fronts
Intellectuals like Dr. Lamont Hill, Dr. Boyce Watkins blindly follow and agree with everything President Obama does and says, regardless of the obvious facts that they are unconstitutional or are in favor of big business. Keep in mind that during the Bush administration EVERYONE knew he was for big business. But, for some reason, although Obama is signing into law, daily, legislation that is for big business, none of these intellectuals see this, nor take him to task.

Please note that Obama is supposedly a democrat and Bush was supposedly a republican. Yet, both men have agreed and congress has agreed on every policy that both men enacted. And, both have been courted and prodded to sign legislation that is exclusively for wall street and not for you and me.

You can argue all you want and defend all you want, but the facts are plain for everyone to see. Obama has signed into law exactly the same things that Bush did.

If you are an actual intellectual you can see that his rhetoric is the same as Bush's and he uses the same tactics: present a policy against the American public, that is for big business, yet say it is a good thing for the public.

  1. Obama says he is going to reform health care that is for American citizens - the health care industry and the insurance companies wrote the legislation
  2. Obama says he is going to reform banking - the bankers wrote the legislation
  3. Obama says we need to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight the war on terror - each country has a civil war that has nothing to do with the U.S. and the big contracters pressure the White House and congress to continue and escalate the wars so they make even more money
  4. Obama says we need a stimulus package to keep the economy going and keep consumers confident and buying - the stimulus package went to big businesses and had consumers stopped purchasing and saved their money our economy would have converted back to a producer and creditor nation, and not remained a debtor nation

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Personal Rant: Made in China No No No!

Made in China Equals Crap

I put a very eloquent post about the chinese imports and how the chinese are flooding the market with cheap products. It's done on purpose to lower their currency; maximize their profits. It is called "quality fade." They get a contract from an American company. The American company specifies it wants so many products produced. The chinese company once it is awarded the contract, then goes back and lowers the quality of the materials used to maximize their own profit. The American company fails to inspect the products. And, it has put a LOT of Americans out of both jobs and business. In fact, the more "made in china" crap you buy, the more you are hurting your own brothers and sisters, because they aren't chinese and they do not make made in china crap.

However, this post is a personal rant and it's not going to be eloquent, nor pretty. I have been trying to teach myself how to cook. And, of course when I do something, since I am anal retentive, I go all the way. I have studied recipes, bought the best ingredients and am learning master chef level dishes. My first dish was a baked whole chicken with herbs. My non-cooking mother made a few suggestions, but I had already decided what I was going to do. It came out succulent and juicy. The meat fell off the bone and I browned the skin to a light crisp. Ever since then, I have been hooked on cooking.

What does that have to do with china? Easy! That first chicken was done with throw away aluminium crap. Since then I have been slowly accumulating cookware. In fact, I might have an addiction. One day I do hope to be a restaurateur. And, my plan is to go train under a chef a few years then open up my own restaurant, with me as head chef.

The problem comes in finding quality cookware. For example - I bought a whisk. Of course it was cheap, but I did not pay attention to it. When it fell apart in 2 weeks, I looked and of course it said "made in china". In fact, nearly every "made in china" product I have ever bought fell apart within a few weeks or months. It is not cost effective to even buy something made in china, because it is going to fall apart as soon as it possibly can, so you have to go buy a new one.

In researching my other article, which was for my financial blog, I came across testimonials and findings that the products are intentionally made out of the worst possible materials and put together as cheap as possible, not to sell them cheaply, but so they fall apart and have to be repurchased over and over. Because, of these intentional practices we have a huge trade deficit with china. Don't let anyone fool you. If you buy "made in china" products you're screwing yourself. YOU ARE SCREWING YOURSELF. I'm not even going to get into baby products that was killing babies, from "made in china" crap; or toys that were killing children; or kids getting autism from chinese products.

So, you are getting screwed both ways. Not only are you strapped for cash, but the cheap products are bleeding you of every cent you have because they are going to fall apart as soon as they can.

My new years resolution "DON'T BUY MADE IN CHINA". If I buy something "Made in U.S.A." not only do i get a quality product, but the money STAYS in our economy. Understand that we are pouring billions of dollars out of the U.S.A. We don't need to. We need to buy American where we can.

I am going to decide what I need and make a list of it. Then I am going to save my money and buy one thing at a time. I am going to make sure it is "Made in U.S.A." If it something that would be better purchased together, like a set of something, I'll simply save my money to buy the whole set.

American products have always been one of the best quality in the planet, except cars. We used to export overseas and people were clamoring for American goods. American goods were expensive, but people knew they were quality and were not afraid to buy them. I am not afraid of American made products. Understand that even if something cost double what the "made in china" product costs, you'll never have to re-buy it 15 times.

Remember your mom used to say, "buy the expensive shoes, they'll last you." This is the same principle.

Screw china. Screw made in china. I will never buy a made in china product ever again. If I have to order directly from a company I will. It's more convenient to do that anyway, than to go shopping around smelly unwashed people for 4 hours. I know! I know! I am shallow. But hey, if you wanna go shopping around funky people, go ahead.

I hope and pray that some buyer for a company reads this. Please put a section of "made in America" products in your store and put a sign over it saying that. I would buy everything on that shelf. And, I know I am not alone in this. So many citizens are actively searching for "made in America" products. It is not patriot thing, it is a pocket book thing.

A little searching online revealed items that are "made in America". Notice all of them are top quality items.

  • 8" Chef Knife Made in USA - has a lifetime warranty
  • Cherry Rolling Pin Style Noodle Cutter - Made by the Amish [make your own healthy pasta]
  • Handcrafted Peppermill Made in USA - I mean handcrafted? This is serious stuff. [there is nothing like adding fresh ground pepper to your recipes or food. And it is normally in every recipe, well except baked goods.]
  • Ice Cream Scoop Made in USA - these people just make ice cream scoops. In fact their slogan is "there must be a better way to dip ice cream" 1935.
  • Pots and Pan Set Made in USA - from a company named man pans. Rawr! So manly. Actually 90% of chefs are men and it is considered a man thing to cook. Funny how lower class men think it is a woman's place to be the cook.
  • Loaf Stoneware Made in USA - for baking bread or meatloaf. An entire store of stoneware.
  • Cast Iron Skillet Made in USA - you must have one if you have a kitchen. Good for banking burglars over the head too.
  • Cookie Sheets Made in USA - I made cookies from scratch. I don't understand why you'd buy cookies in a tube and still have to bake them.
  • Pyrex Bakeware Made in USA - this is incredible they have slashed all their prices in half. I'm speechless. I actually didn't know pyrex was made in USA. I just want to buy the entire store. LOL
  • Flour Sifter Made in USA - you would not believe what I went through to find a flour sifter. Once I bought mine and used it, my cookies came out perfect, better than store bought.
  • Cutting Board Made in USA - this thing is so cheap, yet not made in China. In fact, reading over the customer comments, some have had their knives for over 20 years and have passed them on to their children. Now that's quality.
  • Chef Coats Made in USA - I mean, you have to look the part right?

I could go on for days. But, here you have no excuse not to buy American. We still make stuff here. You have to simply decide you want to buy it. In looking over the many manufacturers here in the states I found that the prices WERE NOT more than chinese made goods. Of course the quality items were more expensive, but you get exactly what you pay for. The cheaper items, are probably cheaper because there is no middle men involved in the process. For instance pyrex, you're ordering directly from the manufacturer.

Don't let anyone fool you. Made in China is crap and we still make stuff in America. In fact in doing research for this article I couldn't understand why stores carry Made in China goods. It boggles the mind.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti: How America is to Blame

Haven't We Raped the Only Western Black Country Enough?

From the Washington Post describing Haiti -

destitute, corrupt and now ruined country...
That's right. That's how the major news organizations describe the only Black Western country. I wonder why they would say the country is destitute, corrupt and ruined? Giving them the benefit of the doubt, that they are innocently saying the county is poor - destitute, that the earthquake devastated their capital - ruined, there can be no innocence about calling a country corrupt. It is an insult of the highest order. Now if the country is in fact corrupt, the insult is well placed. Let's explore then if Haiti is in fact corrupt or maybe the Washington Post is trying to conceal the fact that the U.S. is corrupt.

Is Haiti Corrupt?

The short answer is no. The long answer is, Haitians are not corrupt, but the Europeans who hated that Black slaves revolting, and winning their independence, are. In Fact not only did the Black slaves of Haiti overthrow their white European slave owners, but they also then helped nearly all of central and South American countries also overthrow their European oppressors. And, for this, did they receive thanks? No, in fact

"the nation of former slaves was excluded from the hemisphere's first regional meeting of independent nations, held in Panama in 1826. Furthermore, owing to entrenched opposition from Southern slave states, Haiti did not receive U.S. diplomatic recognition until 1862 (after those states had seceded from the Union) – largely through the efforts of anti-slavery senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts."
The first ruler of Haiti, the one to give the country its name, Jean-Jaque Dessalines, overthrew and ousted the French from the country by warfare. Just a scant 2 years later, his 2 advisors conspired and had him assassinated. Wait! Nowhere in any encyclopedia does it tell you about the actual conspiracy. ...hmmm I wonder if these 2 Black men conspired with ??? other Black men? Unlikely! Oh and in the books they say that Dessalines was strict and that the Black Haitians felt as if they were still slaves, due to his militant attitude of everyone should work to maintain the plantations to keep the country's export business going.

A couple of notes here. First of all, there is nothing comparable to being a slave, except being a slave. A free man working his own land to keep the country's economy going, would never feel like a slave. Dessalines immediately declared that no white person could own land in Haiti, and put it in the constitution. Secondly, Haiti had a hierarchy of skin color. White on top, mulatto in the middle and dark on bottom. I am positive that it stuck in their craw that a dark Black man was general and overthrew a European oppressor, to no end. To say that the top two advisers just up and decided to assassinate him would be like saying Judas, disciple of Jesus, just decided to have Jesus killed by himself. It is ridiculous to even suggest it. This dark Black man wielded real power and knew how to make his country successful and profitable. He went from being a slave for 30 years, to ruling the country.

So from the beginning the white man had his fingers stuck in the Black nation. In fact after getting their freedom from France, a later leader, with no spine, agreed to repay France for "loss of property" on threat of invasion. That debt took 125 years to pay off. Fast forward a bit and more cowardly leaders let white men get their fingers back in the Haitian pie. The Germans controlled 80% of all exports in Haiti. America, not wanting the Germans to have so much control, overthrew the country and occupied it, and setup American banks there who have never let go. America later on repeated the same thing, and overthrew a democratically elected president of the country and setup a dictator. Again they invaded to setup a puppet president only after he agreed to everything the world bank and IMF told him to do. America also sent American food products to be sold in Haiti, rice and corn, which was subsidized by our government, which cost 3 times less than what local farmers could sell them for. These products which had formerly had a 50% tariff on them, were slashed down to 3% after threatening the president of Haiti. This drove nearly all of the farmers out of business and left them homeless for lack of money. The entire country became dependent on foreign aid to feed itself.

Is Haiti corrupt? No. The white Europeans and Americans who have raped the country over and over and over have corrupted the 2nd oldest Black nation in the Western hemisphere.

The world then turns around and tries to demonize the country. Calling it corrupt and reporting the horrors of a leader that America put in power to begin with.

Why Was the Earthquake so Bad?

For the scientific explanation we turn to an Al Jazeera meteorologist who explained the tectonic reasoning behind the actual earthquake.
She says the problems are all due to where the Caribbean plate is situated. Haiti sits on a faultline in the earth's crust called the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault.At 4:53 pm local time, the Caribbean Plate slipped against the North America plate, causing a massive tremor of 7.0 magnitude. That was quickly followed by giant aftershocks - at least 28 of them so far. It's the worst earthquake to hit the island in more than 200 years. The capital Port-au-Prince is only 15km from the epicenter of the quake. More than a million people live there, and it has been almost completely devastated according to witnesses. The impact on the surface was apparently made much more intense, because the movement between the two plates happened only 10km below the surface.
Briefly it means that plate America sits on is moving west, the South American plate is moving north and the Caribbean plate is moving east. Port-au-Prince sits squarely in the middle of all 3.

Also, understand something about the measurement of earthquakes. A magnitude is an algorithmic measurement not arithmetic measurement. Meaning, a magnitude 2 earthquake isn't double a magnitude 1.0 earthquake, it is 10 times a magnitude 1.0 earthquake. Also a magnitude 7 earthquake is 10 times a magnitude 6 earthquake. You can clearly see this by the way they note the earthquake magnitude: 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 1.4... etc.

But that is just the scientific reason. There have been hundreds of earthquakes on small islands around the world, an nowhere was there even a 10th of the devastation that there was in Haiti. Why?

Go back and read the top part of this article. Every building in Port-au-Prince was built to a sub par standard. There were absolutely not even one building constructed with steel. Not even basic steel rods.

"You could tell very easily that these buildings were not going to survive even a [magnitude] 2 earthquake," said Cletus Springer, director of the Department of Sustainable Development at OAS [Organization of American States] in Washington.

Much of the poor-quality work can be traced to the grinding poverty pervasive in Haiti, he said. "As we know, the poverty in Haiti lends itself to people building where they want, how they can," he said. "It was our experience, especially coming out of Grenada, that in the poorer countries the construction quality standards are pretty lax,"
So a country that was once one of the richest countries in the west, has been so hammered by the white man, to end up among the poorest.

In the US, Barack Obama pledged $100m in aid to Haiti and said the US would grant "every element of our national capacity, our diplomacy and development assistance, the power of our military and most importantly, the compassion of our country" to Haiti.

I normally don't speak ill of people, but I doubt Obama will lift a finger to actually help Haiti. Oh I'm sure he will sign a pledge of aid to Haiti. But that aid will be in this form:

  • aid goes to buy food
  • food is purchased from American farmers
  • aid goes to buy transport
  • transport is purchased from American transporters
  • aid goes to pay for distribution of food
  • distribution are American workers
That takes care of all the aid. Look, $100 million went to aid Haiti, but somehow $99 million ended up in American hands. Oh you bet I'm being just cynical. No, this is how politics is done. The $100 million isn't free aid, it's a promise to a campaign contributor to get a kick back. U.S. politics has to be the most corrupt in the world. And, you're paying for the aid to begin with. Did you vote to give aid to Haiti? Did you vote on how the aid was going to be paid out? Don't worry, I'm paying too.

So while everyone is crying about Haiti and asking you to donate, why don't you call them and make your pledge and just before they say thanks and hang up, ask them how exactly will the aid be paid out. And, I want you to wait for a detailed explanation including which farm is the food being bought from.

If you wanna rattle some cages, ask real questions. Don't just give your money. Do you mind if 90 cents of your dollar goes into some big corporations pocket? I damn well do.

Finally, there is not one real news organization that will stand up and call a spade a spade. Haiti isn't corrupt. Haiti is in the grips of white power. White power has raped and pillaged the country and made it pay over and over and over for daring to get its independence from white people. 25 years ago, Haiti fed itself and no white power had a foothold in their agriculture. 25 years later the entire country cannot feed itself. 25 years later Haiti is the largest importer of American rice IN THE WORLD. 10 million people import the largest amount of rice grown in America out of the entire billions of people on the planet.

You want to help Haiti? Instead of buying food from American farmers, buy the food from their own Haitian farmers and then hire those same farmers to distribute the food. THAT would be actual aid to Haiti.

Is Haiti corrupt? No. We are.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why We are Poor: Stay at Home Mom's

The Real Stay at Home Mom

In researching this topic I came across many websites that pretend to be the voice of stay-at-home moms. I say pretend, because my interviews with real stay-at-home moms was completely at odds with what these supposed websites were saying. But, I don't know if it is a sign of the times or just that we Americans desire to be pampered. All of these websites simply coddled their would be participants.

Let me explore the notion for a second. I think it begins with the general casualness that pervades American society today. Everyone treats marriage like it is a casual and fun thing. That is why the question and argument of gay marriage becomes so ironic, because marriage is treated as a farce these days. Nowhere do you hear about real marriage. People jump into marriage like they jump into bed with each other or jump into a vacation. In fact, I think people plan out a vacation more than they plan out their marriage. I dare you to ask 10 people which they planned more, their marriage or their last vacation.

Marriage is a man dedicating his life and soul to a woman and a woman dedicating her life and soul to a man. That is why the Supreme court held that a husband and wife cannot be compelled to testify against each other. [BLAU v. UNITED STATES, 340 U.S. 332 (1951)] [WOLFLE v. U.S., 291 U.S. 7 (1934)] The law of the land understands or believes that a married couple would die for each other. A man giving up his life to save his wife, does so, not just to protect her, but also to keep the family going in his absence, namely if he has children. The seriousness of marriage has all but vanished these days. Once people understand what marriage is, then we have a solid basis to build on the roles of each person in the marriage. My point is, if you are not of the mind to dedicate yourself, mind and body to a man, how then can you dedicate yourself to maintaining his household. Love is not finding someone to live with; it's finding someone whom you can't live without.

If you jumped into marriage, then this entire article is useless to you. I won't pass judgment on you, but why read a serious article about being a housewife, when you don't even care about the basis of your relationship with your husband. Being a housewife, in my opinion, is a very serious endeavor and I will explain why next.

What Is a Housewife / Stay-at-home Mother

Like I said above, marriage is a complete dedication of life and soul, one to another, husband and wife. Ok! If the man is going to go out and make a living, for money, and you're going to stay at home, what do you bring to the table? This is the reason those other websites pissed me off. The entire scope of their website was: housewife = cleaning, coupons, and soccer mom. I think that is outrageous. And, reading countless forums of women talking went along these pampered lines: "oh, I can't clean and listen to the baby cry at the same time!" "oh dear, I have it so hard, I have to drop off my daughter to flute practice AND go shopping, whatever will I do?"

I literally spent all month reading website after website, forum after forum of this whining. They have no clue what a housewife is. This is just laziness at its best. In fact, I think that is all they think being a housewife is. They think cooking and cleaning makes them a housewife. They think dropping kids off to soccer practice makes them a housewife. No no, that's called a maid and a chauffeur. A housewife is something completely different.

I wanted to make sure those of you reading my blog understand that if you cook and clean you are not confused with what a housewife is. In fact, I advised a friend I was going to write this article and he pressed me for details. At first I was confused why he was so interested, and it confused me why he became angrier and angrier as I mentioned the other websites. It all became clear when he revealed he is a single parent and he did everything I am about to describe and found it a double standard that there are not websites dedicated to single-fathers. And, let me take this opportunity to let you know, I cook and clean and I do all the rest of what I am about to describe to you. I do not want to hear any of you say, "but no one does all that." I do it, and I am a man. My mother did it. My aunts and uncles did it. My grandmother did it. Some things I picked up along the way from white women whom I assume did it too, since they taught me. [I specified white women here, because I was under the impression that only Black women and Black families do this.]

What is a housewife:

Being a housewife means you are in charge of the hearth, the home. You dedicate yourself to making the family prosperous. You not only stretch the dollars the man brings in, but you make the home nearly self-sufficient.

Well what does that mean? That means you are in charge of nearly making your husband's salary obsolete.

I bet a few of you stood up in your chair straight on that one. In this economy many people are desperate to stretch a dollar. However, we have been so pampered, that the real meaning of stretching a dollar is not only not known, but when you explain it, it is not welcomed.

Why do all that work, when you can just pay for it? If that is your attitude, you can stop reading this right now.

Remember, for decades women complained that the husband didn't appreciate ALL that they did in the home. STOP! What all did they do in the home, is the real question. Cooking and cleaning is not all that difficult. That could not possible be what they were complaining about. [read on and I'll shock you with what real housewives did.]

Growing Trend of Women Leaving the Workforce

It is now all over the news. Studies and newspapers are showing that women entering the workforce peeked in the 90's and has been dropping since then. Couples have sat down and calculated all of the expenses of just what the wife spends to go to work versus what they could save if she stayed home.

These expenses included:

  1. a second car
  2. more gas
  3. daycare
  4. babysitters
  5. work clothes
  6. eating out while at work
  7. eating out in case she didn't want to cook after work
  8. other expenses you naturally accumulate because you don't have the time nor inclination to do them yourself. [ explained below ]

I mentioned in another article about the tremendous expenses we have these days and how the second income has not helped the family out. These expenses are completely eating up the second income. Mothers are finding that they are literally working just to pay for daycare. Now add on all the other expenses on top of daycare. It is nonsense that a couple in that situation has not sat down and calculated dollar by dollar what they are shelling out.

Do not misunderstand me! I could care less if women worked or stayed at home. I care only if a couple is being stupid and losing money unnecessarily, due to some notion of equality among the gender. My chief goal right now, is to wake America up and see that the common citizen can do for themselves and not depend on someone else's goods and services who is only concerned with bleeding every red cent out of you.

That being said, what if the expenses are not more than your salary, but your children: are running wild because you have a job; having mental breakdowns; doing poorly in school; getting into serious trouble. You might need to think really hard if you working to make an extra measly $5,000 a year after expenses, at the expense of your child's and family's well being is worth it. Don't spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar.

Besides, I am about to show you how you can save 80% of your costs.

What a Real Housewife Did

I interviewed about a hundred mothers and / or families and asked them what a housewife did back in the day. This is the culmination of all of their advice. Some of them just had no clue, but a lot of them were invaluable to this article.

Being a housewife is completely dedicating your life to the success of your family and home. You are not just cleaning. If you think that is the extent of it, you are... a big poopy head. A housewife is the sole person in charge of home economics.


That sounds mundane doesn't it? But, let's look at the definition of it.

Home economics is a field of formal study including such topics as consumer education, institutional management, interior design, home furnishing, cleaning, handicrafts, sewing, clothing and textiles, cooking, nutrition, food preservation, hygiene, child development, and family relationships.

Woah, that now sounds a bit more daunting and serious doesn't it? This is a very vast and serious field. This is the job of the housewife. This is how you stretch every dollar your husband brings in and eliminate 80% of the current expenses we normally see.

We all talk about and hear on the news about this throw away society. But, how many people are spending hundreds of dollars on: handmade quilts, handmade purses, handmade dresses, homemade jelly and jam preserves, homemade food from scratch? We are suddenly realizing that the stuff sitting on the shelf in the supermarkets are poisonous to us and giving us cancer. 60 years ago no one had cancer, now it is everywhere. Do you want to sentence your family to lifelong diseases?

The very best and most expensive things today are "hand made". Think about this - the most expensive clothing in the world, haute couture is hand made.

Haute Couture - refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. Haute couture is made to order for a specific customer, and it is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.
These are dresses that sell for a quarter of a million dollars each. No machines ever touch the garment. Even the word couture means hand sewn. What makes them so expensive is not only that they are sewn by hand, but are sewn exclusively to fit one single woman.

So what did a housewife do to stretch those dollars and dedicate herself to her family

1. they made the clothes by hand that everyone in the family wore. That could be as basic as weaving thread, weaving cloth, weaving carpets. It would at the least mean she knitted baby clothes, doilies, tablecloths and crocheting items such as blankets, hats and sweaters. Much more elaborate things would include sewing dresses, handbags, drapes, quilts and suits, or even gowns.

If you don't make your own cloth, you could buy the cloth for cheap and make fabulous designer wear for the home and family on the cheap. Remember also that hand sewn items would last for generations. A hand sewn item is of far superior quality than what you find in any store. Also, sewing your own items means you never have to suffer through not finding your shape and size. The best quality would be sewing by hand. A step down from there is sewing by machine. People seem to confuse the two. My oldest aunt sewed even her daughters wedding dresses. [ 3 daughters ]

2. they did their own hair and nails. They did the hair and nails of the entire family as well. If you can recall, several products tried to capture that market of home hair care, by catering to the mother/father barber.

Doing the hair and nails of your family could literally save thousands of dollars. Now you can even buy the very products and tools the professionals use from outlet stores that were intended for professionals. Most women know exactly how to do hair and nails. Going to the salon was just a bit of laziness. This then is just dedicating yourself to not spending money when you don't have to. If you're in a hole, stop digging.

3. Right now there is a huge controversy over health care. The fact is the housewife and generations of housewives took care of nearly 90% of all ailments at home. Eating from the earth, however meant there were not all the illnesses we have today.

First dedicate yourself to buying foods directly from local organic [non-pesticide, non-hormone, non-genetically altered food] growers directly. This will cut out probably 70% of the illnesses you and your children suffer from. That being said, you would need to gather and practice home remedies. You should even keep a home remedy diary. Remember, the common man always took care of his own health for thousands of years. This whole "doctor" thing is extremely recent. Health is wealth.

The women I interviewed said they never went to the doctor unless it was life threatening or a bone breaking injury. Cutting off cysts and sewing perfect stitches on cuts is the purview of a mother, not a doctor. They also hardly ever went to a dentist. Why? Because, not eating all that sugar meant their teeth were nearly perfect. Dentist ask you to come in for a cleaning. What is a cleaning? They literally brush your teeth and remove plaque. We already have, these days, plaque removing substances and equipment you can buy yourself. Again, if you're eating from the earth, that sugar doesn't build up on your teeth. Also, remember to get a NON-FLUORIDE toothpaste. Sodium fluoride is a toxic substance. People are finally waking up that sodium fluoride is a life threatening substance. Putting it in toothpaste and water was the worst possible thing they could have done. I personally use toothpaste I made myself. The recipe is found in one of my previous blogs: Shakaama Live; Market Biz News; Gain Muscle Lose Fat. This way I can be assured my teeth are being properly cleaned and I'm not ingesting toxic substances. Many toothpastes come with a warning not to ingest the toothpaste. That has to be scary to you as person and a mom. My family told me of a home remedy to cure the common cold. It involved blackdraft, turpentine, sugar and asphidity. In fact if you Google asphidity alone, you'll find countless sites talking about it as curing colds and coughs.

4. housewives used to raise their own food. Even the city folk had vegetable gardens. But, if you have even an acre of land, you'll find your home might be zoned to raise livestock. My mother lives in such an area. And, she live in one of the larger cities, not even the suburbs, right smack dab in the middle of the city. If you live in the country then, you really have no excuse. They used to raise 80% of their own foods: eggs, bread, cakes, butter, vegetables, meats [ cured hog meat in their smoke house twice a year] [cows sent to butcher and then frozen for storage] In the south they could grow a cash crop like cotton, just to trade in for extra money. With that they could buy sugar, flour, rice and fruits. Depending on your climate, you might be able to grow rice and fruit yourself. Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.

5. Usually the housewife had more than enough food, since the earth produces so much food. And fresh items can be stretched far and wide. They would give to those who were needy in the area. Everyone did this, not just some charity [which usually swindles most of the money anyway] This takes you knowing your neighbors.

In one of my interviews, I was told of a story where a local woman had not been seen, but was assumed to be in her house with her children, for 6 weeks. Someone just happened to mention it to an aid worker. The aid worker went into the house and found the woman and children all nearly dead. She did not want to ask anyone for food nor money so she just sat in her house with her children, expecting to die. This would never happen before. And, if there was a needy family in the area, everyone donated what they could, all the time. It was a part of their lifestyle. It is the same as picking up something for a friend that you just thought of. In fact, to this day when I go shopping I, out of habit, always get more, just in case someone stops by unannounced.

6. The husband, [you meant to tell me the husband has a part in this too?] would walk to work. My grandfather walked 6 miles to work every day. They did not own a car. And, all the children walked to school. They walked to the store. Everyone was much healthier back then also. I do not own a car. I did. I have owned three vehicles so far. Now, I walk everywhere. And, it is not just small distances. I walk pretty far, on a regular basis. I would say 6 mile round trip distances. In fact, I got to my last couple of jobs by bike.

7. Another way the entire family benefited, was that land was passed down. You gave your house to your children. Your father gave you, the house when he died. He received his house from his father, or mother. So the family wealth grew. With no mortgage, how far could the husband's income be stretched? My family did not know what a mortgage was. No one had to take out a loan for a home. In fact, not even 60 years ago, people still saved up and bought a house. It was a purchase, not an expense. The matriarch of the family then becomes integral to the passing of land from one generation to the next. [normally the wife outlives the husband] She in turn is cared for by the heirs of the family.

8. Not so much under the control of a housewife, but you could setup your situation like this, if it is available in your area. Way back when, people were taxed once a year on house. They had gas stoves that ran on a huge tank of gas buried or sitting on the property that was filled once a year. They had a wood stove to heat the house. In my own city people still heat their houses from the fireplace. There was no water bill. This was due to not being on the water grid. Therefore there was not this plumbing tax, which is essentially what it is. You're not paying for the water, they get the water for free. You can still achieve this by getting your water from your own property from a well. There was no garbage tax. People would go to the garbage dump to dump their own trash. [this is very doable now since nearly everyone owns an SUV or truck.] There was no sewage tax, instead people had a septic tank on their property, which was pumped out once a year.

I want you to think about this for a second. All of the items mentioned in #8 were done by private companies, not the city. When the city took these things over, everyone's taxes went up tenfold. All of those private companies were put out of business. And the cost the city charged, for doing the same service the private companies used to do, was double if not triple. There is no law that says you cannot have a septic tank and well on your property. If you are planning out your next house, I whole-heartedly advise you to do this and make sure you go to an area where you can reap the benefits of self sufficiency.

9. When the wife would have children, the grandmother would come to take care of child(ren) and wife. It was always understood that the mother must fully recover after child birth. Also in taking care of the babies they used cloth diapers. You literally saved tens of thousands of dollars compared to plastic diapers. Plastic diapers would give babies full blown sores. The diaper service would come pick up the dirty diapers for you and drop off new clean diapers. This is if you didn't care to wash your own diapers. However the expense of the diaper service did not compare to the ridiculous expense of plastic diapers. Diaper services went away when plastic diapers became more popular.

A new trend shows women are turning back to cloth diapers and have realized what a waste, both in money and landfill garbage, plastic diapers are. A young couple could buy cloth diapers and use them for all of their upcoming children and be done with the expense. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

10. the housewife engaged in trade a lot more than shelling out cold hard cash. These trades could be for product for product: I'll make you 3 quilts if you provide me milk for my newborn. [can you imagine how much money that would save] She might cook and provide meals for workers whom she wanted to do work on the house. Finally she could provide a combination of both trade and money for work done for her, or even she might work for food, or foodstuffs.

People still trade to this day. I think it is probably the most honest form of barter there is. Bartering your services [i.e. work] or products for money is not always an even deal. With a trade bartering system, nearly everyone is satisfied. Now, I am talking moreso about trading for goods like food, clothing, cloth, furniture or tools. A lot of times, you have something that the other party actually needs more than money. Let's say your husband hunts and the farmer wants deer meat. He can't get that from the supermarket, but he can get it from your husband. Let's say the local farmer would cherish and prize your hand made quilts. He cannot get that from the supermarket, but he can get it from you. People these days do not realize that this whole "economy" thing does not need to go, like the people in Washington want it to go. If you get into the habit of sewing, knitting, and crocheting, you can get into trading much more readily than if you only brought cash. If you got into cooking from scratch, people would cherish that more than just money.

11. I touched on this briefly above, but housewives used to visit their neighbors. They always had food for their visits. It was a great time to share not only stories and gossip, but recipes and home remedies. If someone needed to come out of the rain, they could come visit. If someone was sick, they would come over and bring food and watch after the kids until the person got back on their feet. Kindness, like grain, increase by sowing.

Let me share a story with you. Understand I was raised to be neighborly. I visited my cousin once, and I was staying there while I had some small job. One night I came home and he wasn't there. The entire family was gone. Next door to him, I knew, lived his old high school football coach. That night, it was deathly cold outside. I went to the coaches house and asked could I wait for my cousin inside. They said no. I asked if they could at least call him. They said no. I sat in the cold for hours. I got deathly sick from the cold. My cousin came home much later. I went to work the next day and when I came home, my cousin said I had scared his neighbor and asked me to leave. He also said since I was sick, he didn't want me to be around his kids. So not only was the neighbor an evil bastard, but my cousin is too.

[it was later found out just how evil my cousin was, when he swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of his own mother, my aunt. There's a special place in hell reserved for him.]

Final Thoughts on Stay-at-Home Mothers or Housewives

What I have described here is for the woman that is dedicated to her husband and her family. This woman can see her life stretching into the future with her family, even beyond when she perishes and the children take over the home. If you are not that woman, God bless I hope you find happiness in some other form. This is for the woman that delights in cooking. This is for the woman who delights in knowing that she is feeding her husband and children the very best that God has provided from mother earth. This is for the woman that delights in her handiwork when her children come home filled with compliments about their new clothes that she has sewn. This is for the woman that delights in the craft of her hands. This is for the woman that teaches her husband how to stretch a dollar. This is for the woman that is not dedicated to a lifestyle as she is dedicated to her family's happiness.

So many women these days are caught up in a lifestyle the utterly ruins a family. The husband is too stupid and pussy whipped to put his foot down and say, "no we cannot afford that house, your clothes, and that food." The family lives so far out of their means that the entire unit crashes. Here comes divorce, child custody and heartache. When simply understanding that you are not $40 million/year, Brittney Spears would have solved the entire problem. I hope you women reading this are honest with yourselves and stop putting your man through this. I hope you would have the balls to turn to him after reading this and say "you know what honey, we cannot afford this $300,000 house." I hope you would have the balls to turn to him after reading this and say "you know what honey, we cannot afford to live in California." I hope you would have the balls to turn to him after reading this and say "you know what honey, we are living a lie and cannot afford this lifestyle."

I appeal to you women reading this to see that women used to do this all the time. At any one time they had several projects in the works - a new dress; school clothes; making preserves; mending socks; spring cleaning. I appeal to you women reading this to not be offended by this, but encouraged. Yes! Sew your own clothes. Yes! Grow your own food. Yes! Cook your own food. Yes! Make your own sheets, curtains, tablecloths and pillows. Yes! Cure your own children of sicknesses. Stop running to the store for everything. Stop running to the doctor for everything. Stop running to give your hard earned cash to someone who will do half the work and give you half the quality for something you can do yourself at half the price.

When America comes to realize that we can do better for ourselves, than anyone else we pay to do it for us, we'll be right as rain. When America realizes we can make our own, by hand and do it better than any store, we'll be happier than a dead pig in sunshine. When America realizes we've been had, bamboozled, hoodwinked, it'll be the calm before the storm.

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