Friday, December 31, 2010

Why Miss Black USA and Miss Black America are Actually White

Miss Black USA / America are White

Let's take a peak in on the Miss Asian USA pageant right quick.  I'm in a balcony seat at the very back.  Being very dark myself, I blend in perfectly in the unlit auditorium, like a ninja.  Unlike other pageants, every contestant has to know poetry.  The best one was performed by Miss Okinawa, who recited a Haiku.  It said something about a cherry blossom withering in the winter.  While I couldn't understand the Japanese exactly, I understood that it was talking about the current economy in America.  She nearly received a unanimous standing ovation from the audience.  Another section of the pageant was the traditional fashion.  The Miss Tokyo contestant came out in 12 royal kimonos and had a simple ribbon at the very end of  her waist long hair.  It was elegant and simple.  Not to be outdone by her, Miss Beijing came out in a imperial dress, but her hair was the show-piece.  It was in the ancient imperial head dress of nearly 2,000 years ago.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  Everyone danced in some traditional way and for their modern segments they always tied in their heritage with American history.

Fast forward to the Miss Black USA pageant.  I am simply dumbfounded.  Other than having a slight tan, it looks, feels and acts exactly like the Miss USA pageant.  Where you felt swept away to a different place and time, in the Miss Asian Pageant, the Miss Black USA pageant was nothing more than a watered down copy of the Miss USA Pageant.  Where the speech, dress and hair were firmly rooted in tradition and aboriginal heritage of the Asians, in the Miss Asian USA Pageant, the Miss Black USA Pageant bends over backwards to make sure you forget that the contestants are Black.  In short, there is nothing Black about the Miss Black USA and Miss Black America Pageant.

Now I ask you, dear reader, why would they feel so compelled to make their own Black pageants, only to turn around and make sure you felt like you were looking exactly at the white pageants?  There is no celebration of being Black.  There is no celebration of the history of Blacks in this country.  There is absolutely no ties to being Black in these pageants.  I remember years ago a contestant was booed off stage for daring to quote a "free the slaves" poem.

Also, the contestants do not look Black.  Except for a few Dark women that slip through the cracks, for the most part they are all super super super mixed with white blood.  One would think that going to an all Black pageant, that you MIGHT see a Black lady on stage somewhere.

Also, contestants all have long, straight, fake, weaved hair.  For this to be the epitome of Black beauty, apparently Black hair is not.  The few times I have seen the pageants, there wasn't an afro in site, except for the janitor mopping up a spill down the hall, and myself [of course].  For all of these magazines, websites, and shows talking about "going natural" the Black pageants certainly are staying the hell away from it.

Also, contestants, are all anorexicly shaped.  Like their white counterparts, the Black beauty contestants are all underweight for their height.  Regardless of the countless calls outside of the industry to stop making that "look" be the standard of beauty, the Miss Black USA and America pageants continue it, just like the white pageants do.  Not that I've taken a poll, but Black men, whom I GUESS the pageant is for, do not like thin looking women.  I could be wrong, but from my experience, a "woman with meat on her bones" is considered the epitome of beauty to Black men.  What's strange is, they DID do such a poll for women, and found that women do not want a skinny NOR 6-pack abs having man.  They found that women prefer men with a bit of gut and meat on his bones.  Also, I am no anthropologist, nor biologist, but I believe Black women tend toward carrying more meat on their bones than white women.  I am not saying they are fat, just that they are not anorexic looking, for the most part.  So it is astounding to me that an all Black pageant goes out of its way to find only anorexic looking Black women.


In my own VERY PERSONAL opinion, these pageants should stop existing.  Until they understand that the entire purpose of having a separate pageant called Miss BLACK USA and Miss BLACK America, due to the fact white people did not consider Black women good looking enough to be on stage with white women, was to edify and elevate the beauty of Black women, they have no purpose.  Why would the founders of these pageants make it their goal to elevate Black female beauty, only to turn around and make sure all the contestants looked white?  It smacks of saying that Black is in fact NOT beautiful.  If the epitome of beauty is:
  • long fake, straight, white hair
  • anorexic build
  • as close to white skin as possible
Dark Black Woman with Afro
then you're saying being Black is not beautiful and being white is.  How many Black girls have watched these pageants and felt bad about themselves because everyone in the pageant was a high-yella, size 0 dress, and had long straight hair?

I say stop the entire pageant system, from the Miss Black high-school, all the way up to Miss Black USA / America.  All you're doing is confusing people and not elevating Black women.  Until everyone on stage is smutt Black, with a round behind and an afro, you have no business calling it a Miss Black USA pageant.

I bet half of you reading that last sentence winced at it, thinking the description was of an ugly Black woman.  Check it out:

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There is No More Love in America

The Scam of Love

There is almost no romance on T.V. or in movies any more.  "Falling in Love", apparently now, is a 4 letter word.  The entire notion of the fantasy love story of a man and woman having a love so strong that it lasts, even beyond death is non-existent.  It has all been replaced with problems and problems, or gender images and graphic gender.  They portray love stories now as being problematic to get the point across that loving someone is ALWAYS problematic.  They seek to destroy whatever notion of happiness you find in another human.  Why?  So you can look to them for your happiness.

The national entertainment outlets always create love "stories" in the same lame format:
  • boy meets girl
  • boy and girl aren't perfect
  • they obviously need changing
  • problems
  • problems
  • problems
  • story over
I want you to go sit through any 5 chick flicks in the past 5 years.  I want you to keep track of the outline I just set and see if I am wrong.  If you have been reading my blog for any time, you've seen my movie reviews.  I do not want to sound jaded or too cynical, but entertainment is now depressing and not fun.  Even kids' movies are not fun.

The entertainment now seeks to depress you to such a degree as to make you discontent with your own life.  You've been programmed that you must return to the movies to get your entertainment.  Having a dinner party and inviting friends and playing board games is ancient history.  [although I did just that last year, was great fun]  People are now programmed to think that going to dinner, club and the movies are the ONLY ways to have "fun".  The movies and t.v. for their part depress you to such a degree that it bleeds over into your real life.  Since they try to define what a "relationship" is for you, when you leave the movie depressed you will then seek out the problems in your own relationship.
"AHA, you did squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle, this relationship is over."
As stupid as that sounds, it is oh so sadly true.  The movies present generalities about problems in relationships and people watching these movies take it to heart thinking it is a universal truth, and break up with their loved one.

"Why did she break up with you man?"
"I don't know, I guess we grew apart."
No man, she watched MTV or some stupid movie and thought that you checking your cell phone every 5 minutes was factual evidence that you were cheating on her.   She didn't stop to realize that your grandma was in the hospital with cancer, on her death bed.  So now you've lost your grandma and your girl friend all in one day.

I can guarantee you this scenario happens daily across the land.

Oh don't let me leave out the chick magazines.  When they aren't depressing women with evidence that they are somehow not beautiful for NOT having a heroin induced, malnurished body, they are telling them that:
  1. something is wrong with their man
  2. you can change your man
  3. if your man doesn't listen to you, he's obvious broken
  4. if the mail-room boy asks you out on a date that somehow he's a pervert and needs to be sued
The magazines defining women's lives is completely over the top and out of hand.  A dress-size zero woman is not good looking to a man.  End of story.  If the bones in her arms and legs are the largest section of that particular appendage, men will stay away from them.  Also malnourished women look like children, and only a man with a tendency towards pedophilia would like that look.  How many men have to come out and say they like big breasts, big hips, big legs, before females GET IT.  How many real life celebs with larger measurements become the idol of millions of men, before females GET IT.  Stop reading these stupid magazines that tell you that the anorexic look is OK.

Then the magazines set you up for disaster in your relationship, by telling you, you can change your man.  Yes, simply go out and grab the nearest man you can find, and change him.  Obviously, putting effort into finding a decent man FOR YOU, is far too much trouble.  Isn't that the message they are actually trying to say?  And, what human thinks that they can change an adult male?  "An old dogs does not learn new tricks."  It's not just a funny saying.  It is true.  If your ulterior motive in a relationship is to get some good looking guy and MOLD him into what you want him to be, then you are setting you and him up for a disastrous relationship.  Get off your lazy anorexic butt and go find a GOOD MAN.  And, if the one you find is not perfect, then you might need to change your notions of what perfect is.  Ask yourself, who taught you what a perfect man is?  I'm not saying go marry an axe murderer, but I am saying if he drinks beer and likes video games, that does not mean he is imperfect.  If you require 24/7 attention, the problem is with you, not him.  You be you, and let him be him.  If you're doing it right, you will "grow together."  If you go into a relationship with that open mindedness, then you will never break up / get divorced.

The magazines try to tell you what you want to hear.  Apparently, if your man does not listen to you 100% of the time, then something must be wrong with him.  Get rid of him.  That's the message right?  Let's see!   Movies and comics and magazines always say that females are "always right."  You and me both, know that is a lie.  If you do not know all the facts and details about something, there is no possible way you could always be right.  You need to wake up and smell the coffee.  They are trying to sell you something by flattering your ego.  Females are not always right.  Men are not always right.  Noone is always right.  If these magazines are saying females are always right and their men should always listen to them, they are setting you up for a complete break down in communication.  How?  Because as soon as you get it in your head that "I am always right," then that means you shut down when your man tries to say something.  You see how horrible that is?  And, you wonder why your relationships are rocky at best.

Finally, these womens' magazines try to get across that if some random guy invites you to dinner, that obviously there is something wrong with him and he needs to be sued, and the company he works for needs to be sued.  The gender harassment craze has gotten so far out of hand that it is destroying large segments of the populations.  Groups of  women are living completely single and wonder why, yet should any man approach them, they look for the gender harassment umbrella.  The UPS guy asks them out to dinner - law suit.  The pizza delivery guy asks them out on a movie - law suit.  The mail-room clerk asks them for their number - law suit.  They look up 20 years later, surrounded by cats and wonder why.  gender harassment was intended to protect men / women from some ongoing pervert inside the workplace that holds their career in the palm of their hand.  While your boss asking you out to dinner, one time, might be unethical, it is not gender harassment.  Sometimes people meet people they are attracted to and want to see if it is going to go somewhere.  You never know who might be the man of your dreams if you open yourself up to possibilities.  Sometimes the most unlikely sources are the best choices.  While everyone laughs at the mail-room clerk for hitting on the vice president, how chagrined are they when he gets a three million dollar inheritance from his dead uncle?  Or, the UPS truck driver that actually owns 20 routes and works one himself, making half a million a year?

These are just examples of how we take national media and let them define our reality, specifically relationship reality.  You should always hear stories from magazines, movies and t.v. as only applying to those particular people.  You should repeat to yourself, "that does not apply to me."  Even if your mother is trying to give you sage womanly advice and she went through problems, "that does not apply to me."  One person's heartaches and mishaps does not mean that everyone is going to have heartache and mishaps in their relationships.

I know of so many women that are man-haters.  When I hear their story, it dawns on me that they are man-haters because they were and are immature and did not understand that the trivial problem they had with one man, does not apply to all men.  Even that one man, normally, did not do something to them, to deserve full on hate.  More than likely, they were listening to another man-hater or saw a stupid movie or read a stupid magazine telling them that if a man does 'XYZ' that he deserves hatred.

I met a lovely Black girl, long ago, that I wanted to date.  She stopped me one day and told me that she does not like Black men.  When I asked why, she said because her uncle had molested her.  I was speechless.  I still am.  I can only guess that it was just an excuse to hate all Black men.  Noone gets something done to them by someone and then equates everyone with some aspect of that one person as evidence that they are all completely like that person.  It would be like saying, all men with mustaches are Hitler.  As I think about it, I bet my computer that that Black girl had some ridiculous mother or aunt tell her that all Black men are just like her perverted uncle and all deserve to be hated.  But, as sure as I sit here typing this, I know thousands upon thousands of women have similar messed up stories like that and are so messed up that they write off whole segments of the population due to something someone told them, i.e. movies, magazines and t.v.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For Blacks: He Wasn't Man Enough for Me

Black Girl You're Doing it Wrong

Pay a million dollars for a sick beat, get a catchy hook and then lay down the most F*ed up lyrics talking about how a Black man is a douchebag, and you have a national hit.  You will be sure it will go to the #1 spot in no time.  Is there something to these songs?  Where are these songs coming from?  Are there Black men out there, just breaking Black women's heart after heart?  Where are these casanovas?  The answer is, there are none.  There is no mass Black man heart-breaking club.  Oh, I'm sure there are some male Black gigolos out there, don't get me wrong, but there is no lonely-heart club out there for Black men.  So where do these songs come from?

They come from music producers hell-bent on trying to bring the Black man down.  And, you buy it.

But, this article isn't about retarded folk who make retarded music and the retarded folk that buy it.  This article is about how YOU can assure yourself that you are not going to end up with a scrub.

The Marginalization of the Black Community

Blacks Don't Know How Powerful They Are

The Black community controls 10% of the buying power in America yet bottoms out the lowest income bracket.cite   Until Blacks actual pool their resources and consciously agregate their buying power and political muscle, they will accomplish nothing given the current trend in marginalizing the Black community.  The national and local media constantly bombards the Black community with negative images of itself.cite   National entertainment outlets also applauds the worst in the Black community, leaving the younger generation to aspire to nothing more than rappers with known criminal backgrounds; athletes with questionable ethics and morals; or Black individuals with a complete lack of intellect or financial education.cite   Blacks are portrayed as dumb, going nowhere and fit only to be killed in movies.cite   Until we Blacks make our own movies and t.v. shows dealing with REAL Black issues that we define, we will constantly be marginalized in the media.

The Damage to the Younger Generation

If you repeat a lie long enough, people will tend to believe it as fact.  The Black community is constantly bombarded with images of Black males as being the originators of crime.  Time and again, study after study has shown that Blacks are no more criminal than any other race.cite   However, Blacks are 90% more likely to be portrayed in the media as being criminals and / or being arrested for crimes, regardless of their guilt or innocence.cite   The general population, being law abiding citizens, then think that those portrayed in the media as being primary suspects in a criminal case, deserve nothing less than jail or some form of punishment.  It stands to reason that since they are the chief suspects that they deserve to be suspected.  However, while the media portrays Blacks as being the normal criminal suspect of police, they never retract any of their stories, should the person be proven to be innocent.cite   This constant barrage of Black suspects then, ingrains itself into the brain of those who watch it and people then come to expect Blacks to always be the primary suspects in criminal cases.  After some time, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Young Blacks are bombarded with images of Blacks being criminals.  The next step is to cast Black artists in the images of criminals and have them praise their own fake criminal backgrounds.cite   As sure as the day is long, this recipe comes to fruition and idiot Black youth start acting out the very images they see in video and in movies.

Years ago when the mafia movies first started coming out, there was a minor group that protested the movies, saying that they glorified violence, and the criminal element.cite   They were against white Italians being portrayed as criminals and the movies glorifying crime.cite   Hollywood of course never listened.  So to the various groups chagrin, Italians were permanently cast as being mafioso.  However, the vehement fight the groups put up left an indelible impression on me, that we should always fight when the national media and entertainment outlets seeks to define an entire race or country of origin of a group of people.

In a country where young Black kids are constantly bombarded with images of Black men being IN prison or an idiot rapper glorifying his criminal past, it is no wonder that Black youth first seek to resort to a criminal option to a situation.  In fact, it is now considered a part of a Black manly identity if you dress, act and think like a prison inmate.cite   The Black male group thinks it weak if you do not disrespect women.  The Black male group thinks it weak if you don't act like a "thug".  In fact the word "thug" has completely been usurped by the Black male group.  Instead it being a male criminal, normally of Italian origin, it has been recast to mean a Black male individual.  Also being a "thug" is now seen as being both cool and sexy.

The Destruction from Without

From the highest office in the land, Blacks are now the prime target for incarceration. cite According to research, president Nixon conducted a national study and then changed the results to reflect that Blacks were the originators of all of the unrest in the country. Knowing full well that the entire country was against his Vietnam war, he nevertheless targeted Blacks as the chief source of unrest.cite He then started his "war on drugs" with the primary target being Blacks.cite 90% of all Blacks in prison right now are there due to some form of a drug charge.cite Meanwhile drugs were being introduced into the Black community from a mysterious outside source. Before the 60s there was no drug presence to speak of in the Black communities across the land.cite But, after this time drugs in the Black community became rampant and readily available. For a community that was generally isolated, having rare, imported drugs being spread wide and readily available is suspect all by itself.  No Black leader has ever raised the issue of where any of these drugs have come from, nor has any media outlet ever let on that drugs were not a "Black thing" before.  For all intents and purposes, Black history month goes more along the lines of Black fantasy month, because they never show how financially sound, well adjusted and progressive the Black community was before civil rights.  Study after study has shown that the income gap, the educational gap and the buying power was aggressively decreasing before desegregation, while now it is widening at an alarming rate.cite  No Black leader wants to admit that desegregation and civil rights destroyed the Black community, not build it up.cite

The Financial Miseducation of Blacks

Wells Fargo has been the current love child of predatory lending and wiping out Black wealth.  While calling a house an asset is a misnomer, 90% of all Black wealth is derived from their family house.  In other words, of all the assets you can use to judge a Black families financial worth, their house is usually the only "asset" a Black family has.  That being said, if you were to concoct a scheme to swindle a Black family out of their house, you could wipe out nearly all Black wealth in the nation.  Wells Fargo is under investigation for just that very thing.cite  They systematically targeted Blacks, based on the fact that Blacks are completely financially ignorant, for predatory lending.cite

What is predatory lending?  Unscrupulous actions carried out by a lender to entice, induce and/or assist a borrower in taking a mortgage that carries high fees, a high interest rate, strips the borrower of equity, or places the borrower in a lower credit rated loan to the benefit of the lender. As with most things of a dishonest nature, new and different predatory lending schemes frequently arise.cite

The easiest way to completely avoid predatory lending is to SHOP AROUND.  Remember that song?  Even the most financially ignorant person can hedge their bets that they will not be "taken" if they simply shop around.  Normally the loan scam starts by either, the bank coming to the doorstep of the person, or if they're buying a house, the realtor suggesting the bank. The buyer then signs the loan with that bank without ever looking at another bank or lender for better terms.  It would completely disrupt the scam if the buyer simply went to at least 5 other banks, credit unions, or lenders to compare terms.  However, no Black leader or Black organization, *cough*NAACP*cough*, ever brings a law suit on behalf of a Black community that has been the target of predatory lending.cite   Right off the top of my head, Memphis has born the brunt of Wells Fargo's predatory lending campaign.cite   It took city leaders to bring a lawsuit against them.  Seems Jesse and friends have been completely silent on the issue.  And, why would I say Blacks were the target?  Because, employees of the company have signed affidavits attesting to the fact that supervisors in the bank specifically said to target Blacks because they are not financially savvy.  They had Blacks sign mortgages with 29% interest when they qualified for 5% interest.cite   They had Blacks strip themselves of all the equity in their home, saying it was a lower interest loan to consolidate ALL of their debt, when in fact it was an interest only with a balloon payment mortgage, or adjustable-rate mortgage.cite 

What is an ARM?  An adjustable-rate mortgage is a type of mortgage in which the interest rate paid on the outstanding balance varies according to a specific benchmark. The initial interest rate is normally fixed for a period of time after which it is reset periodically, often every month. The interest rate paid by the borrower will be based on a benchmark plus an additional spread, called an ARM margin.  For example a 2/28 arm loan would have you pay a very low interest rate for 2 years, however for the next 28 years that interest rate would keep adjusting up and up, even monthly.cite

Black communities like Memphis, were wiped out by predatory lending and the sub-prime mortgage crash.  The Black wealth was completely robbed.  Where white wealth was not wiped out, the biggest losers have been the Black community, across all racial boards.

What Has to Happen

First and foremost, we as a community have to acknowledge what has happened.  Until we can come to terms with the factors that are leading to our downfall, we cannot hope to progress.
  • Blacks are constantly the butt of crime
  • Blacks are portrayed as criminals
  • Black entertainers glorify crime
  • Black males glorify being a criminal
  • Blacks are portrayed in movies as being criminals
  • Blacks are portrayed in movies as being unintelligent
  • Blacks are never portrayed as a bad guy with tremendous intellect, i.e. a nemesis or arch-enemy
  • the Black community before desegregation was on tract to close the income gap between Blacks and whites
  • Blacks are the chief target of predatory lending
  • Blacks are never educated financially
  • Blacks have suffured the most in the sub-prime crash
  • due to complete financial ignorance, Blacks signed sub-prime loans when they qualified for low interest prime loans
  • the current economic crash wiped out nearly 50% of Black wealth in the entire nation
  • due to a general lack of Black owned and operated businesses, Black unemployment is triple the national average, in some sectors it is nearly 50%
  • due to a general lack of Black reinvestment into the community there are less and less Black businesses
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For Blacks: What is a Man?

Are You a Man?

Read any man-hating feminist website and you'll find 10 definitions of what a man is.  They all circle, like vultures, around the key talking point of the definition of a man being somehow related to the financial responsibility male humans having to their unborn or born children, conceived and delivered out of wedlock.  Contrary to statistical facts to the contrary, these definitions are ultimately aimed at the Black "man".

The straw that broke the camels back, and why I'm writing this article, is when a facebook "friend", a "brother" [you know the type, a stereotypical black guy that MTV loves to put on some stupid reality show they have], parroted that same lame definition that a man is somehow defined by his lack of financial backing of some bastard child he has had.

Let's set the record straight to all you idiots who read this crap and don't do your own research:
  • regardless of your specific retarded Black man that doesn't give you a dime personally, Black MEN spend:
    1. more money, percentagewise, compared to their own income - for their children
    2. more time and more quality time - with their children
    than any other racial category out there.* 
  • there is not a widespread unwed mother epedemic in the Black community - they are a small minority*
  • once married, Black couples tend to stay together for life, moreso than any other racial group - yes Black people have a lower divorce rate*
  • Black people in general are LESS promiscuous than other racial groups - Black people tend to have less premarital sex than other races*

So when you see some Black woman talking about shiftless, trifling, deadbeat Black fathers, you need to correct her and tell her, that that's just HER man.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd venture to guess that the people trying to say Black men have a tendency to be deadbeat fathers, probably aren't even Black.  Say it enough times and people will believe it is true.  But, who would want Black men to have a bad reputation with Black women?  *GASP*  who could it be? [sarcasm off]

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Movie Review: Flipped

Flipped Needs to be Flipped Off

Rob Reiner takes us through a very weird tale of "young love".  With an all star cast, how could you go wrong with this movie?  But, he does it in style and with aplomb, crashes like a Japanese Kamakazi going down in a blaze of glory.  It is 90 minutes of torture.  I don't think the Alquaeda could have done a better job.

Cast: Juli Baker by Madeline Carroll; Bryce Loski by Callan McAuliffe; Patsy Loski by Rebecca De Mornay; Steven Loski by Anthony Edwards; Chet Duncan by John Mahoney; Trina Baker by Penelope Ann Miller; Richard Baker by Aidan Quinn; Daniel Baker by Kevin Weisman.

Flipped is a period piece of two very young kids and their changing opinions of each other through the ages from age 4 - 12 years old, and their coming into a mutual affection.  It is an on again, off again affection, on both sides.  The young girl admires the young boy, while the boy dislikes the young girl.  We are made to watch this scenario play out for 8 years of their life.

What was right about the movie?: The movie did have the correct cars and costumes for the period.  There were some wide shots of landscape vistas that were pretty.  That is the only thing the movie did right.

What was wrong with the movie?:
  • first and foremost the movie sexualized children.  It was 90 minutes of cringing.  It was sick, sick, sick.
  • the movie was a period piece and so many things were wrong
    1. none of the dialogue was from the 40s or 50s. The very essence of the period was the very proper and fantastic way Americans spoke at that time. The slang they used in those days was so colorful. All of this was completely gone in the movie and replaced with regular modern vocabulary and 2010 euphemisms. It's a travesty.
    2. none of the manners that were widely observed in the 40s and 50s were apparent. If this movie is really targeted at baby boomers, as the movie suggests, they will be horrified by how the kids treat the adults.
    3. everyone cursed in the movie. To my knowledge, and I am fairly old, people did not walk around cursing each other out, however in this movie, kids, teens and adults cursed like sailors.
    4. other than people wearing funky clothes, there was nothing that took you back to the 40s and 50s.
  • there was no point to the entire movie. The diaglogue was boring, and the entire screenplay was narrated. To add insult to injury, the narration "flipped" between both lead characters. The only relief of something actually happening was when the kids interacted with the adults in the movie. I don't hate kids, but come on, they are not fun to watch.
  • Finally, kids acting like kids, but written by hairy old white men, with Harvard Business School vocabularies, removes all semblance of somehow being transported into a "kid's" world. Someone should have clued Rob Reiner into how kids actually talk, before he sat down to write an entire screenplay about them.

The movie does not fit into any demographic that I could tell. I have no idea who this movie would appeal to. I say that to say, don't go see it, but if you're ... I have no idea ... then go see it, but... I have no idea who would like this trash.  It was agonizing to watch this.

I kept expecting something to happen and ... then the movie ended.  It was a very Sopranos ending.  I am sure more than a few people will be angry at having sat through this movie only to have it end without any conclusion to the story whatsoever.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fox Refuses to Pay Black Couple $800,000 on Their Show Fox "Million Dollar Drop"

"Million Dollar Drop" Says Black Couple Answered Wrong

On Fox's premier episode of "Million Dollar Drop", on Monday, a Black couple prepared to answer a question presented to them worth $800,000.00.  The couple answered the question correctly, but Fox claims the wording of the question made the answer wrong and refused to pay the Black couple the $800,000.00.  A blogger caught the show and posted that the producers of the show were wrong for claiming the contestant got the question wrong.  Gabe Okoye and Brittany May felt confident that the category "Inventions" would be easy to answer for them.  The host asked them this question:
"Which product was first sold: the Macintosh computer, the Sony Walkman, or 3M's Post-It Notes."
Okoye answered that 3M's Post-It-Notes was the first product.  The controversy is over the wording of the question, versus the technicality of the answer.  Also keep in mind that the category was inventions.

The producers of the show gave the host Pollak the answer that 3M was not the first product, and that the correct answer was the Sony Walkman.  Richard Lawson of expressed his doubts. Post-Its first started trickling into the marketplace as early as 1977 — so, earlier than the Sony Walkman, which debuted in 1979 (and not, as Okoye guesses on the show, in "the '90s").

It seems that by including 3M in the answers, that the entire question is a trick question.  You see 3M Post-It-Notes although nationally marketed, were only given away to a select area, for free in 1977.  The marketing ploy made headlines and garnered some free press nationwide.  I personally remembered stories about the actual inventor of Post-It-Notes getting ripped off by 3M, i.e. although he invented it, he got nearly nothing compared to the millions the company made, because he was under contract with 3M at the time.

The Post-It-Notes were not made available in stores nationwide until 1980.  Now although the product was available for free in a select few markets, I personally got a stack before 1980, in Nevada.

However, Fox sticks by their fact-check of the question, as directed by 3M that they were available for sale nationwide in 1980.  My guess is, that Fox did not ask 3M when was the product invented and introduced to the market.  It's like the difference between you getting your hands on a new Hershey's chocolate bar, and not knowing it's not in a store, versus the actual first contract to sale them in stores.

My guess is that 3M provided Fox with the answer to the question they asked, i.e. when were Post-It-Notes first SOLD.  I guarantee if Fox had asked: "when were Post-It-Notes first invented and made available to the public" they would have gotten a completely different answer.

The executive producer of "Million Dollar Money Drop," Jeff Apploff issued a statement to Gawker, "The integrity of the questions and answers on our show are our No. 1 priority. In this case, our research team spoke directly with 3M, and they confirmed that although they had given out free samples in test markets in 1977 and 1978, it wasn't until 1980 that Post-Its were sold in stores. Million Dollar Money Drop stands behind the answer that was revealed on the show."

However, upon further research, it seems the producers have let a few questions slip between their grasps, as several sources have found their answers to be wrong in addition to this question.

In my opinion Fox is splitting hairs on this answer.  And, we are talking about splitting hairs on a $800,000 question.  It seems that their integrity is rightfully in question if at this early stage in the show this controversy is already arising.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Should Be More About Family and Food Than Gifts and Debt

Going Into Debt Over Christmas

They are going to try to get you to spend all your money you made this entire year in one shopping period, Christmas.  It is where they spend the most time and money for marketing.  But, if this economic period has not awakened you to how our country is completely upside down, then you truly need to wake up.  First of all, understand what the "holiday" is.  Christmas is the Christian observance of the birth of their messiah.  It is a strictly religious holiday.  If you're not Christian, you shouldn't even be observing the holiday to begin with.  However, because Americans have such a herd mentality, even Atheists buy their children presents on Christmas, because "everyone does it."

If you're not Christian, you shouldn't even be observing the holiday to begin with.

What's more is that, the Christian Messiah wasn't even born in December.  He was born in June.

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

Sol Invictus was the official sun god of the later Roman empire. The religion was created by Aurelian in 274, who made it an official religion alongside the traditional Roman religions. Scholars disagree whether the new deity was a refoundation of the ancient Latin religion of Sol, a revival of the religion of Elagabalus or completely new. The god was favoured by emperors after Aurelian and appeared on their coins until Constantine. The last inscription referring to Sol Invictus dates to 387 AD. and there were enough devotees in the 5th century that Augustine found it necessary to preach against them. A festival on 25 Dec. is sometimes thought to be responsible for the date of Christmas.

The Roman gens Aurelian was associated with the religion of Sol. After his victories in the East, the emperor Aurelian thoroughly reformed the Roman religion of Sol, elevating the sun-god to one of the premier divinities of the empire. Where previously a priests of Sol had been simply sacerdotes and tended to belong to lower ranks of Roman society, they were now pontifices and members of the new college of pontifices instituted by Aurelian. Every pontifex of Sol was a member of the senatorial elite, indicating that the priesthood of Sol was now highly prestigious. Almost all these senators held other priesthoods as well, however, and some of these other priesthoods take precedence in the inscriptions in which they are listed, suggesting that they were considered more prestigious than the priesthood of Sol. Aurelian also built a new temple for Sol, bringing the total number of temples for the god in Rome to (at least) four. He also instituted games in honor of the sun god, held every four years from AD 274 onwards.

The confusion surrounding Aurelian's reforms has been significant, much of it rooted in the mistaken opinion that he was introducing a new religion, which, as is now clear, he was not. The following constitute the most common errors of fact attributed to Aurelian and his reforms.

Aurelian called his sun god Sol Invictus to differentiate him from the earlier Roman god Sol.

Actually, Aurelian is twice as likely to call Sol Oriens on his coins as he is Sol Invictus.  Only one of the fifteen or so pontifices of Sol adds the epithet invictus; all others simply call themselves "pontifex Solis".

Aurelian built his new temple for a Syrian sun god, not the Roman one.

There is no credible evidence to support this, and ample evidence to refute it. The "Syrian Sol-hypothesis" is therefore now rejected by all specialists in the field.

Aurelian inaugurated his new temple dedicated to Sol Invictus and held the first games for Sol on December 25, 274, on the supposed day of the winter solstice and day of rebirth of the Sun.

This is not only pure conjecture, but goes against the best evidence available. There is no record of celebrating Sol on December 25 prior to CE 354/362. Hijmans lists the known festivals of Sol as August 8 and/or 9, August 28, and December 11. There are no sources that indicate on which day Aurelian inaugurated his temple and held the first games for Sol, but we do know that these games were held every four years from CE 274 onwards. This means that they were presumably held in CE 354, a year for which perchance a Roman calendar, the Chronography of 354 (or calendar of Filocalus), has survived. This calendar lists a festival for Sol and Luna on August 28, Ludi Solis (games for Sol) for October 19–22, and a Natalis Invicti (birthday of the invincible one) on December 25. While it is widely assumed that the invictus of December 25 is Sol, the calendar does not state this explicitly. The only explicit reference to a celebration of Sol in late December is made by Julian the Apostate in his hymn to King Helios written immediately afterwards in early CE 363. Julian explicitly differentiates between the one-day, annual celebration of late December 362 and the multi-day quadrennial games of Sol which, of course, had also been held in 362, but clearly at a different time. Taken together, the evidence of the Calendar of Filocalus and Julian's hymn to Helios clearly shows, according to Hijmans and others, that the ludi of October 19–22 were the Solar Games instituted by Aurelian. They presumably coincided with the dedication of his new temple for Sol.

After Aurelian, Sol became supreme deity of the Roman Empire.

Therefore, if you, as a Christian, celebrate December 25th as the birth of your messiah, you are celebrating a pagan holiday and not the actual birth of the messiah.  And, how was the pagan holiday observed?  By gift giving!

The exchanging of gifts is one of the core aspects of the modern Christmas celebration, making the Christmas season the most profitable time of year for retailers and businesses throughout the world. Gift giving was common in the Roman celebration of Saturnalia, an ancient festival which took place in late December and may have influenced Christmas customs. Christmas gift giving was banned by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages due to its suspected pagan origins. It was later rationalized by the Church on the basis that it associated St. Nicholas with Christmas, and that gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh were given to the infant Jesus by the Biblical Magi.

I don't think any more evidence need be put forth for the argument that what Christians are being taught as being the most holy day of their religion, is an actual pagan celebration, with a pagan ritual of gift giving.

It can be said that people going into debt, in general, just to give gifts deserve what they get.  I am here to tell you that there is another way.

I think a new tradition for Christmas should be started: paying off debts.  That means, instead of buying gifts and giving them away, families should come together and try to pay off or pay down debts, so the entire family prospers.  If you truly are Christian, there could be no more appropriate observance of the messiah that forgave all our debts, than a ritual paying off of debts.

A Jewish friend once told me that it is ungodly to be in debt to another man.

Proverbs 22:

7. The rich rule over the poor,and the borrower is servant to the lender.

22. Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court,

23. for the Lord will take up their case and will plunder those who plunder them.

26. Do not be a man who strikes hands in pledge or puts up security for debts;

27. if you lack the means to pay, your very bed will be snatched from under you.

I don't think I could warn you any more than this.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday: Give Me That Old Time Religion

What is Religion?

The people in America feel that everything they started is the newest, bestest, most special thing on the planet.  They also think that everything they started is the most pure and innocent.  But, the reality is that behind every idea in this country, someone is sitting in a grand hall somewhere, who actually started and sent their "people" out to get the people to make it popular.  Most times, it's done simply for the love of money.  Take religion, for example.  Everyone thinks the country was started based on some innocent and moral Christian ideal.  It is not true in the least bit.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  Telling elementary school kids that the pilgrims came to run from persecution is a great story, but it is not the truth, in the least bit.  America was started for money pure and simple.  But, we tell each other these lies so that we can feel better about ourselves.  You cannot sell, "land of the free, and home of the brave" if the truth is rich men were sent here to basically be lords and duke over huge tracts of land, we know now as states and from day one they wanted cheap labor, like the Mexicans we have today.  Back then, they were called indentured servants, and then slaves.

This notion that religion played a part in this country is so ingrained in people that they refuse to believe this country was a money venture then, and is still a money venture today.  Instead of slaves and indentured servants, we simply have the poor and middle class.  And, religion still keeps the masses upon masses of people from rising up and defeating the upper class and becoming masters of themselves.

Let's look at religion for a second.  The entire foundation of this new country is a mere two centuries.  It is a drop in the bucket, in the history of man. Yet, Americans delude themselves with the opiate of religion telling themselves that they are better than other countries because we take care of our poor and have charity for the disabled.  It is so far from the truth, as to be not even conceivable that one could tell one self that.  Other countries truly take care of their poor and truly take care of their disabled.  The current administration passed a law stating that charitable donations are taxable to nearly every penny donated.  In other words, "give to charity and we'll tax you".  Apparently churches and charities don't have enough money to lobby congress to get that repealed.  Oh, there's that word money again.

The country is also sold on the marketing scheme that Christianity is the only religion on the planet that leads to this so called Heaven.  In fact, no other religion on the planet, today, has so many splinter groups.  Everyone wants to call themselves Christian and yet wants their way of being a "Christian".  But, they all agree that other religions, definitely are not the way to get to Heaven.  The truth of the matter is, Christianity is just another religion among religions: Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Scientology, Sikhism, Taoism, Baha'i, Confucianism, Vodun, Asatru, Druidism, Goddess Worship, Wicca, Witchcraft, Caodaism, Damanhur Community, Deism, Druze, Eckankar, Elian Gonzalez religious movement, Gnosticism, Gypsies, Hare Krishna - ISKCON, Ifa, the religion of the Yoruba people of West Africa, Lukumi, Macumba, Mowahhidoon, Native American Spirituality, Rom/Roma/Romani/Rroma (a.k.a. Gypsies), Santeria, Satanism-The Church of Satan, Unitarian Universalist Symbol Unitarian-Universalism, The Creativity Movement (formerly called World Church of the Creator), The Yazidi branch of Yazdanism, Zoroastrianism.

For the most part, religion is a case of location and not a case of actual belief.  If you're born in a certain country, for the most part, you're going to have a state religion that everyone believes in.  Americans like to delude themselves that there is no state religion, while 75% of the country believes in Christianity.  Is that by accident?

According to David Barrett and team, there are 19 major world religious groupings in the world which are subdivided into a total of about 10,000 distinct religions. Of the latter, there were 270 religions and para-religions which had over a half million adherents in the year 2000 CE. Within Christianity, they have identified 34,000 separate groups (denominations, sects, individual unaffiliated churches, para-church groups, etc) in the world. "Over half of them are independent churches that are not interested in linking with the big denominations."
Even considering a single religion, Christianity, within a single country, there are often thousands of individual "Christian confessions and denominations." For example, Barrett et al. states that there are:
  • 4,684 groups in the U.S.
  • 3,364 in South Africa.
  • 2,079 in Nigeria.
  • 1,581 in Brazil.
  • 1,327 in South-central Asia.

Among other English-speaking countries, there are:
  • 828 groups in the UK.
  • 469 in Canada.
  • 267 in Australia
  • 175 in New Zealand.
 But, you might be asking yourself, what is the "true religion".  Here's a quote that might shock you:
"...just because you don't bow on your knees and worship an idol or an invisible being, does not mean you are not a Satan worshiper. The worship of any other god (s) is the same thing. There are no other gods. They are demons and Satan is in control of them." From the website
I'm sure a lot of Christians would be horrified if they found that they were worshiping Satan all this time, all the while thinking they were being pure and holy.

Everyone wants to believe that they have the true religion.  But, what does "God" want?  Many have claimed that they have prayed and asked "God" and come to the conclusion that he told them to start a religion.
When people pray to God for enlightenment, most seem to conclude that their own religion and faith group is the true one. If people could access the will of God on this matter, then a vast majority of the world's population -- the folks who pray -- would realize that their faith group was not the true one. They would gradually migrate to the true religion. There would eventually be only one religion and one tradition within that religion left standing. Otherwise, people would be rejecting the will of God. All the other 11,000 religions and their tens of thousands of denominations or traditions would be phased out.
Think about that for a second.  If we could pray to "God" and ask him what his true will would be, the Christian religion would be wiped out, Judaism wiped out, Islam wiped out and we'd be left with one world religion and only one sect of it.

In America we have marketing.  You cannot just be a Christian.  You HAVE to go and get your neighbor to be a Christian too.  Apparently, "God" needs help with people getting to believe in him.  Maybe, he's not as powerful as Christians say he is.

It is illogical.

You cannot have both an ALL-POWERFUL "God" and yet he can't convince the person next to you that they should believe in him?  Either he is not all-powerful and not a "God" at all, or your religion has no basis in a "God" to begin with.  Because, an all-powerful being does not need an ant like you to convince people that he is all-powerful.  The right conclusion then, is that you are caught up in a marketing scheme and your "religion" has no basis in actual fact.  It makes more logical sense that you are spreading your religion, and not a belief in "God".  People seem to confuse their religion with reality.  If you say to them that, they believe in a religion and not believe in "God" they get very defensive.  In fact, they cannot divorce themselves from their religion.

For instance, if you said to a Jew to work out the logic behind "God" being the creator and making everything perfect, and "God's" need for men to circumcise themselves, they would go into their religious diatribe and not give you any logical answer how the two can coexist.  If you said to a homosexual Christian how they could call themselves a Christian, when the religion itself has many many direct strictures about being homosexual, they would go into their personal beliefs and how they can be both homosexual and yet still try to belong to the religion.  If you said to a Christian to explain how the founder of their religion, Jesus, was a Jew and yet Christians have hated Jews for over 2,000 years and even slaughtered them left and right, they cannot.

For most Americans they have no idea that what they are worshipping is a religion and not actually "God".  They have bought into some else's marketing scheme and believe whole-heartedly that their religion is the one true religion and that ALL others are wrong.

The truth of the matter is, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are just a few religion in a vast sea of religions.  They are no more right than the other half a million religions around the world.  And, according to the scholar on satanism, they might all be simply a deception to get people to worship Satan instead.

Give Me That Old Time Religion

     (with apologies to Pete Seeger)

    Give me that Old Time Religion,
    Give me that Old Time Religion,
    Give me that Old Time Religion ...
    It's good enough for me!

We will worship Aphrodite,
'Though she's kind of wild and flighty -
We will see her in her 'nighty
And that's good enough for me!

We'll sing praises to Apollo;
Where the Sun God leads we'll follow
('Though his head's a little hollow) -
He's good enough for me!

With the aid of my athame
I can throw a "double-whammy"
(And can slice and dice salami!)
So it's good enough for me.

Let us raise a toast to Bachus,
We will raise a royal ruckus,
Then we'll lay us down and f**k us -
That's good enough for me.

It was good enough for Buddha,
As a god he kinda cute-a,
And he comes in brass or pewta'
So he's good enough for me!

Well the Christians all are humming
'Cause they say their God is coming;
Our God came three times this evening;
That's good enough for me.

Uncle Crowley was a dreamer
At the Abbey of Thelema
But his magic is a screamer,
So it's good enough for me.

When the clouds they are a'rumbling
And the thunder is a'grumbling,
Then it's Crowley that you're mumbling,
And it's good enough for me!

We will worship Great Cthulhu,
We will worship Great Cthulhu,
And we'll feed him Mr. Sulu
'Cause that's good enough for me!

It was good enough for Dagan,
A conservative old pagan,
Who still votes for Ronald Reagan,
But he's good enough for me!

Well I'm tired of Ronald Reagan,
He's too square to be a pagan,
Let's all vote for Carl Sagan!
He's good enough for me.

We all worshipped Dionysus
'Till we ran into a crisis -
The bar had raised its prices;
That's not good enough for me.

We will worship like the Druids
And drink strange, fermented fluids
And run naked through the woods
'Cause that's good enough for me!

We will go and sing "Hosanna"
To our good ol' pal, Gotamma.
He will never flim or flam ya',
And that's good enough for me!

It was good enough for Isis,
'Cause she comes through in a crisis
And she's never raised her prices
So she's good enough for me.

There are some that call it folly
When we worship Mother Kali.
She may not be very jolly
But she's good enough for me.

Shall we sing in praise of Loki,
Though he left poor Midgard smokey?
Oh, his sense of humor's hokey,
But he's good enough for me.

It was good enough for Loki,
The old Norse god of chaos,
Which is why this verse doesn't rhyme or scan,
But it's good enough for me!

Montezuma liked to start out
Rites by carrying a part out
That would really tear your heart out,
But it's good enough for me!

It was good enough for Odin
Though the tremblin' got forbodin'
Then the giants finally strode in,
But it's good enough for me.

There's that lusty old Priapus -
He's just itching to unwrap us.
(He'd do more to us than tap us
And that's good enough for me!)

Shall we sing a verse for Thor,
Though he leaves the maidens sore?
They always come back for more,
So he's good enough for me!

It was good enough for Venus,
Of the Gods she is the meanest
And she bit me on my ... elbow
But she's good enough for me!

There are those who practice Voodoo,
There are those who practice Voodoo,
I know I do, I hope you do -
It's good enough for me.

Meeting at the Witching Hour
By the Bud and Branch and Flower
Folks are raising up the power
And that's where I want to be.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bleach 300-301 Aizen Pwns the 3 Best Captains ( Spoiler )

Isshin Trains Ichigo

Sōsuke Aizen
For those who watch Japanese Animation, and specifically Bleach, this post is for you.  So Aizen finally has done away with all the riff-raff of the leiutenants and scrub captains and even his own Vasto Lorde.  Suddenly, the three most enigmatic Death Gods show up: Shihoin, Yoruichi former captin of 2nd division a.k.a. the Onmitsukidō a.k.a. special forces, those who are in charge of investigating and bringing all the other captains and their divisions to justice; Kisike, Urahara a.k.a. Sandal Hat, ( due to him wears a bucket hat and traditional japanese sandals, "geta"), and exiled "candy shop" owner, and is the former captain of the 12th division which is the Shinigami Research and Development Institute; and finally Kurosaki, Isshin the father of Kurosaki, Ichigo, more on him later.

The surprise was that Aizen killed his own Vasto Lordes at the end, before taking on the other captains.  Noone could have foreseen that switch.  But, we are talking about the most pompous, arrogant, megalomaniac this side of the spirit world.  He said that the Vasto Lordes were a disappointment to him, and he regretted ever having created them.  It appears that Gueco Mundo's preparations to fight the Vasto Lordes was successful, because one by one they started to fall.  We even got to see Hitsugaya, Tōshirō's ultimate attack, Hyōten Hyakkaso (literally "frozen sky-hundred flowers funeral"). This attack causes 100 snow flakes to fall from the sky, freezing anything they touch in a flower like shape. When all 100 flakes fall, the life of the one trapped by the attack is ended.  He launched this attack against Harribel, Tia, who unfortunately, for Toshiro, got out of it, only to be killed by Aizen, talk about having a bad day at the office.

We were also briefly graced with the capatain commander, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto fighting Aizen, briefly, as in if you blinked you would have missed it, no bankai, no super duper techniques.  Those who watched the fight, might disagree with me here.  But, the thing is, there was all this build up that the captain commander, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, was THE oldest and most powerful death god in the entire spirit world and that his zanpakto was the oldest and most powerful fire element.  It is even said that his zanpakto has more attack power than all others in the spirit world. And, yes he used Jōkaku Enjō "Fortress Blaze" which creates an immense wall of flame that surrounds the target and then forms a huge contained sphere of flame in which to imprison enemies. It is shown to be immensely powerful as it was capable of imprisoning three Captain-level Shinigami, Aizen and his two flunkys.  And, yes he used Ennetsu Jigoku "Flames of Hell" which creates seven or more immense pillars of flame that surround an area. The intent of this technique is to trap the opponent in the caged inferno and destroy him. The power of this technique is lethal enough to destroy everyone caught in its vicinity, even Yamamoto himself. But, we got no bankai, no ultimate technique and he used kido as much as he used his zanpakto.

After dealing with the riff-raff Aizen is able to concentrate on Ichigo. After he allows Ichigo to take a couple of swings he is nonplussed at his power level and his "progress".  Yes, progress!  Aizen then goes into a diatribe telling Ichigo that he is an experiment, OF HIS.  When Ichigo claims to be just a human, Aizen is about to reveal that, in fact, he is not. But, he is cut off by the appearance of ...

Kurosaki Isshin

Kurosaki Isshin as a Shinigami
We are blind-sided by the appearance of Kurosaki Isshin, Ichigo's dad, in full Shinigami clothes.  However, if you have been paying attention, he shows up in the Grand Fisher arc, as a Shinigami to protect Kon of all people, although the initial introduction of Ichigo's modified spirit was more powerful than him, he is relegated to comic relief in the form of Kon, the stuff animal lion.

Isshin uses shunpo, flash step, a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow, to get Ichigo far away from Aizen to explain to him who he is and how he was born.  However, Ichigo shuts him up and says that he doesn't blame him for not telling him, and that he knows when Isshin is ready he can tell him.

All we know of Isshin is that for a majority of the animated series, he has been the comic relief when Ichigo returns home.  We do know that Isshin has been "training" Ichigo all his life to fight, via surprise attacks.  Isshin really doesn't hold back when launching into a surprise attack against Ichigo.  Upon many occassions we see Isshin execute a full fledged front-snap-kick to Ichigo's face, or send him crashing into a table.  Ichigo is not slouch himself, he takes it and dishes it out just the same.  We are not aware of what is going on, until Ichigo first goes to train with Urahara and he informs him he's been trained by his father.

We also know that Isshin used to be a Death God.  We do not know which division he was in nor his rank, however, he does wear what looks to be white captain's robes slung over one shoulder.  It is also revealed that he had captain level attack power.  But, we learn all this before Bleach 300 - 301.  So in the heart felt conversation between Ichigo and Isshin, nothing new is actually revealed.  Awww, sad-face!

Aizen vs the Enigmatic 3

Aizen in Crysalis Stage
Aizen starts to attack Isshin when he returns from his Father / Son chat, only to be ambushed by Urahara and Yoruichi.  Aizen explains that the Hōgyoku actually materializes the hearts around it. In other words, it materializes a persons inner desires. It was invented roughly 101 years before the main events of the story.  Meaning Urahara was exiled shortly after invention and Kuchiki, Rukia was assigned to watch over Ichigo's town.  He specifically states that Chad and Innoe both developed powers due to their proximity ot the Hogyoku.  (I thought it was their proximity to Ichigo, but apparently it was due to them being very close to Rukia)  If you recall, Rukia lost her Shinigami powers when, after being nearly mortally wounded by a Hollow, she transfered her powers to Ichigo.  She then received a gigai or physical form, so that she could interect with humans, since she was a spirit.  This gigai sapped her of her Shinigami powers.  And, the reason?  Because Urahara had hidden the  Hogyoku inside of her, and by sapping her of her Shinigami powers, noone in the spirit world could detect her, nor it.

The 3 try different techniques and combinations to take down Aizen.  All of their efforts are in vain however.  They cannot compete with his power level.  His spirit power is so huge that they cannot even detect it.

Meanwhile, Ichigo squares off with Ichimaru Gin.  Ichimaru, Gin finally shows off his bankai.  I was not really pleased at it though.  It's just more of go go gadget extendo sword. *sad face*  They try and build it up by Ichigo making a big deal that as quickly as it extends, it shrinks even faster.  Big whoop!  To me, they just really dropped the ball on coming up with ideas for Gin having an even cooler bankai.  So Gin and Ichigo come to a draw, and they are constantly interrupted by Aizen anyway.  However, it's fairly quickly obvious that Gin doesn't want to really fight Ichigo, as much as keep him busy while Aizen beats the crap out of the other two and Ichigo's father.  This is finally revealed when Aizen shows up and demands what the hell Gin was doing.  Gin sheepishly says he was just testing the boy.

Isshin to Teach Ichigo the Real Getsuga Tenshō

Getsuga Tenshō, Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer - During his battle with Aizen in the Fake Karakura Town, Isshin uses Getsuga Tenshō by gathering spiritual energy in his Zanpakutō's blade and slashing down his opponent. When used against Aizen, Isshin's blast was able to demolish a large radius of the fake Karakura Town and leave behind a huge crater.  During their fight, Ichimaru, Gin notices it and tells Ichigo that apparently the Getsuga Tensho has reached its limit of how much power it can do, since it did not kill Aizen, and the one Ichigo threw at Gin didn't even scratch him, since he blocked it with his super fast extendo sword.

However, putting two and two together, the problem is Ichigo doesn't know the full form of Getsuga Tenshō.  Also, Isshin alludes to the fact that Ichigo is on a whole other power level than the rest of them, and is possibly equal to the spirit power of Aizen.  Therefore, the real Getsuga Tenshō in Ichigo's hands might prove to be and immeasurable attack.  Isshin promises to teach Ichigo the attack, since Aizen and Gin leave the fake Karakura Town to go get the key to Heaven.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Why We Are Poor: Late Fees

Fees Paid by Poor People

The Credit System is a Ponzi Scheme
We are in an economic depression.  nearly a quarter of the U.S. population is unemployed or out of work.*  I make a distinction between those two words, because the U.S. government also makes a distinction between the two words.  To the common man, out of work and unemployed means the same thing, but not so to the government.  To the government, unemployed means that you were recently employed and are capable of receiving unemployment insurance payments and that you will soon return to work.  All three of those stipulations must be met for you to be called unemployed.  And, that is how they can completely ignore the fact that we are in a depression.  Calling what we are in a "depression", in the government eyes, might provoke nationwide riots.  They want to avoid this because if the entire nation rioted then the outcome might just be we would throw them out of power, and they do not want that.  The reality is though we are in a depression.*

Friday, December 10, 2010

Miley Cyrus Turns 18 and Smokes Salvia from a Bong

Miley Cyrus Smokes Salvia from a Bong

Montana Marijuana?
TMZ is at it again, ruining the career of someone else for a buck.  This time is the adorable Miley Cyrus.  This teen pop idol is at the center of attention again.  My beef with TMZ is not that they are not reporting something correctly, but that they are reporting something, that could appear to be something else, i.e. Miley Cyrus doing drugs.  The backlash will be against Miley Cyrus, not TMZ.

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday by experimenting with a bong and catching a case of the giggles reports TMZ.

The video was shot during a party at Miley’s L.A. home 5 days after her 18th birthday. According to a source connected with Miley the smoke filling the bong is a natural herb called Salvia.

Miley Cyrus is a role model for ‘tweens’ she is going to be held responsible  for her decisions and how they affect her younger fans.

Salvia Divinorum has become both increasingly well-known and available in modern culture. The Internet has allowed for the growth of many businesses selling live salvia plants, dried leaves, extracts, and other preparations.

Salvia divinorum was the subject of the first use of YouTube within drug-behavioral research when scientists at San Diego State University rated randomly selected videos of salvia users to study observed impairment. Their findings corroborate reports that the most profound effects of smoking salvia appear almost immediately and last about eight minutes. Effects include speech and coordination loss

Salvia – it’s important to note – is legal in California and most other states, and can even be bought online.

Cyrus giggles (a lot) and chats with the friend filming her (who tells Cyrus she’s “gonna document the s**t outta this right now”). At one point, Cyrus claims someone off camera resembles her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and then wonders whether the bong hit caused the confusion.

The video, which was posted on TMZ, was reportedly recorded by a friend. It's believed a third party copied the video from the camera.

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DUI Tests: The Case is Against You

Unconstitutional Per Se

M.A.D.D. and W.P.L. (Womyn's Prohibition League)
MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) struck a tremendous blow to the constitutional and the rights of every citizen of the united states when they got 48 states in the union to immediately pass an illegal per se law in DUI cases.  An illegal per se law makes it illegal in and of itself to drive with an alcohol concentration measured at or above the established legal level. Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia have established a per se law.  The legal limit in most states is .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) per se. That means it is against the law to drive a motor vehicle if you have a BAC of .08 or more, without having to prove intoxication. So on its face the illegal per se laws are saying that once the prosecution presents evidence that you had a BAC of 0.08, you are presumed guilty and a judge is then instructed at that point to tell the jury to declare you guilty, and you have to prove your innocence.  The prosecution literally does not have to have a case.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Look 25 When You're 40

W Magazine, E! and Vogue Carry the Ground Breaking News of an Effective Anti-Aging Creme

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All Gain and No Pain

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