Friday, March 26, 2010

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Chris Comfort to Resign

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Resigning

Three reliable inside sources have told me that Nevada Republican Party Chairman Chris Comfort will be resigning shortly. The details have been more or less worked out since yesterday afternoon; now it’s all just a matter of nicey-nice letters and fluffy marshmallow press releases and kumbaya songs around the GOP campfire. That will probably all happen on Monday. No word on who may replace Comfort as chair.More details as they become available, plus some analysis once all the dust settles. By Elizabeth Crum of Nevada News Bureau


With Reid on the ropes you'd think the Republicans could hold their own and sweep the midterm elections. With the momentum of Scott Brown, you'd think the Republicans would be drinking the champagne already. It is as if there is an orchestrated implosion.

This from the Las Vegas Sun: Nevada Republicans seem more like Democrats this year. They should be ready for a big year, but seem intent on embracing failure, like a blackjack player hitting on 20.

Voters hate democrats and the republicans are a failure as well. But, god forbid a 3rd party should sweep the state elections. Let me see, reduce government spending; repeal these healthcare bills that have raise healthcare costs 10 times since the 1970's; create a flat tax that is fair to all people; remove the federal reserve that has bankrupted the economy with 0% interest rates, insuring that your savings gain nothing. What party could possibly stand for that? Oh that's right LIBERTARIANS. Meanwhile Secretary of State Ross Miller or Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto go unchallenged.

With voters gnashing their teeth and clawing their eyes out at the economy, Nevada being one of the states in the worst possible shape during the depression, the Libertarian party is silent. They could make a huge sweep and yet... *cricket chirp* *sigh*

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