Online Marketing

While I am sure there are legitimate people out there who are in the online marketing field, there are the obvious bad apples that come to my attention constantly.  It is for them that I decided, I had to create this page.

I am no stranger to online marketing.  I am well aware of the techniques used to generate leads, traffic and links to marketing websites.  However, spammers go about it in the worst, most fail way.  Instead of them creating good solid links and creating something that would generate organic traffic, they simply believe that spamming is the way.

More than likely the obvious spammers are Asian people who work for a company that promises online marketers tons of links.  What these ignorant online marketers don't know is that they are being taken for a ride.  If it is any indication by my own blogs, the spammers do nothing to further link love.

Commenting on my Blogs

Any spammer who wishes to leave a comment, must leave at least 3 sentences in the comment; list 2 details in the article; and say whether or not you agree or disagree with the article.  If you do not do this, consider your comment, not only, not published, but you go onto my spam list immediately.  This means, all further comments from your source are automatically spammed out without me even seeing them.

Any comments that contain certain words, like viagra, will immediately be spammed out.  Save your breath, you won't get a link for them.

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