Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ANNOUNCING: New Freight Broker Agent on the Market

ANNOUNCING: New Freight Broker Agent on the Market

Here's a story from a CDL instructor, an ex-trucker. He's eating lunch at a truck stop restaurant. The door opens and a large man stands in the doorway. "Does anyone here drive for company?" he hollers. No response. "I SAID, IS THERE A DRIVER HERE FROM company?!" Another big guy, sitting at a booth and eating a meal, responds. "Yeah. I do." "You're blocking the lane," says the driver at the entrance. "Come move your rig." The man eating ignores him. The man in the doorway lumbers across the room. Now he's standing over the table. "I said... you're blocking the lane. Are you gonna move your truck?" "Yeah," says the seated guy, looking up. "I'll move it." He goes back to his meal. "...when I'm done." For several moments, there was silence in the room. Then, the standing driver takes his entire forearm and wipes everything off the table. Plate, cup, utensils, salt & pepper... everything crashes to the floor. "YOU'RE DONE!" he screams. It took many men to pull them apart.


Have you ever wondered what's it's like to have your freight shipped without a hitch, every single time. Or, being a carrier and having all of the details of the load, including what permits you'll need, every single time?

My name is Kevin and that's what I do:

  • getting more efficient every load
  • get all the details every load
  • competitive prices every load
  • create WIN + WIN + WIN

We've been solving problems and shipping freight for a combined 20 years. We can trade stories. I bet you have some.

Let's do business and see if we can't make your loads more and more efficient every time.
  • integrity
  • honesty
  • dependability
I'm not looking to get rich off of one load, like some freight brokers. Everyone has to eat, shippers and carriers. Besides, we can skim the fat and make 40 trips and everyone is happy.

I'm trying to make loads go off without a hitch, remember. That includes, not getting caught up in squeezing both the shipper and the carrier.

The number above is my direct business line to Freight Scholar Inc.. Give me a call and let's start a beautiful relationship.

If you're a shipper we'll send you over the shipper packet.

If you're a carrier, we're always looking for more dedicated drivers.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Black Students Fail

Why Black Students Fail

Black economists are baffled why Black children would do worse in school than white children. While I'm not an exclusive economist, my education was much broader and I can explain it clearly.

Let's start with a story set, some 20 years ago. A brand new high school teacher was setup in a classroom. She was told that the kids that sat at the back half of the class were all the smarter kids and typically made the highest grades. This was a lie of course, but that's what she was told.

Miraculously, every single one of those kids at the back half of the class all made A's by the end of the year. That was regardless of race, because the class was diverse and those students were both Black and white. It also was regardless of parental participation in the kids' school life. Which soundless silenced any notion that it is the parent's fault.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Feminists Attacking More Men Directly

 Feminists Attacking More Men Directly

Women are getting pick up artists accounts banned off twitter, YouTube, Facebook. Let's ignore for a second that these companies are agreeing to do this. Pick up artist accounts target men, 100%. Why are these women getting in their business?

That's like a 20 yr old trying to get an AARP rep's account banned.

This type of thing is getting out of hand. People creating drama, with people they have no business even talking to.

I read an article by an Asian woman, born and raised and living in America, complaining about a white pickup artist in Australia, that posted a video of him in Japan. Somehow she got Australia to revoke his visa. Don't ask how that happened.

CONSPIRACY: Who Did Bill Cosby Piss Off to Get This Character Assassination

CONSPIRACY: Who Did Bill Cosby Piss Off to Get This Character Assassination

So, I'm a pretty good judge of character. I also happen to know a tad bit more than the regular average American. I am up on all the "facts" the journalists have. I have determined that this Bill Cosby yellow journalism fiasco is nothing more than Character Assassination.

First, let me say that, unlike most Americans, my memory is long and precise. Where nearly all Americans forget things after 3 months, I can remember, in detail and with full clarity events that happened over a decade ago. What's amazing to me is that there can be news stories that every main stream media outlet carries for an entire week, and 3 months later people will forget them.
Dr. Bill Cosby

News outlets can carry a story, give you a set of "facts" and then 3 months later, carry the same story and give you opposite "facts", and people fall for it.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Camille Cosby Comes Out Swinging Leave My Husband Alone

Camille Cosby Comes Out Swinging Leave My Husband Alone

I watched an interview of Dr. and Mrs. Cosby. UNLIKE ALL THOSE OTHER WIVES, Koby, Tiger, the other Black men accused of rape and infidelity, who sat there just fuming, FUMING, about to explode, Mrs. Cosby was ready to tackle the reporter herself. I could almost hear her say, "sit down Bill I got this." And she was just smiling.

Dr. & Mrs. Cosby

Black women don't smile if their husband is guilty, and you best believe they know. This was not a cheated on woman. She knows this is a scandal and they're trying to take his money. 6 months later and THEY'RE still talking about this.
THE NEWS CYCLE IS ... count em... 7 DAYS. NOTHING, LASTS 6 MONTHS, especially without a court case. People have been beheaded, shot up schools, floods, fires, earthquakes, nuclear power plant meltdowns.... SEVEN DAYS. But the Cosby story is still going strong 6 months later?

#GAMERGATE Leave Black People Out of It You Don't Speak FOR Us

#GAMERGATE Leave Black People Out of It You Don't Speak FOR Us

It is highly offensive to me when white people, with an axe to grind and an ulterior motive of their own, dare to speak FOR Black people. We are not children. We are not goats. We are not slaves. It is not your place to speak for us, nor even to reference us in your little agenda. Oh, sorry, giant agenda, to destroy men, families, heterosexuality.
Leave Black People Out of #gamergate

 In the end, the evidence comes out that these white people are frauds, thieves, and thugs themselves.
Leave Black people out of your mouth. We are not only capable, but reserve the right to bar your from speaking "for" us. It is insulting, offensive, and disgusting that these people think it's their place to do so.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Social Conditioning: Women Making Men Feminine

Social Conditioning: Women Making Men Feminine

SOCIAL CONDITIONING: a term used to describe, among other things, what the entire main stream media does to change men into women. It's so pernicious that men don't even realize that they use feminine terminology today, that they would never even think to use 50 years ago.

One of the most endemic masculine pitfalls men have faced since the rise of feminine social primacy has been the belief that their ready displays of emotional vulnerability will make men more desirable mates for women.

In an era when men are raised from birth to be “in touch with their feminine sides”, and in touch with their emotions, we get generations of men trying to ‘out-emote’ each other as a mating strategy.

Now, I am not a pickup artist, nor am I trying to teach men how to have casual gender, mainly because I don't believe in it, shocking I know, no one ever says that. But, I will point out a few things of how to destroy social conditioning.

Sunday, August 17, 2014



time and again, it comes to my attention that you do things against your best interest. You purchase products from people, you know support the KKK or neonazis. And, when asked why you do it, you answer, it's just so good. You spend your money with people that literally spit in your face. And, when asked why you do it, you answer, because this is what all the cool kids are wearing, driving, eating.

You destroy your hair and scalp. And, when asked why, you answer, because my hair is more manageable now.

You live in an area that is dangerous for your children to go to school. Oh, I don't mean the hood. I mean you move to the suburbs where the police shoot your children and arrest them on any pretense. And, when asked why, you answer, this is the better area, and the schools teach my kids more. Meanwhile, your kid is being bullied by the entire class, including the teacher, and your child was found in the hospital with a severe concussion.

What's ironic is, you bend over backwards, to do what? You bend over backwards to assimilate yourself into white society, not american society, white society.

We have hispanic peole and asian people come here, and make zero effort to learn english. And, within 5 years, they surpass you in economics, finance, education, wealth, group wealth, personal wealth. They don't leave their hood, they turn it into what they want.

You're the only group that tells your children, get a good education and find a job. It's the mindset of a slave and you haven't been a slave for 100 years.

So what is the real problem with you? You have a problem. What is it? Why do you do this? I want to know.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Trade between Russia and China may reach $200 billion before 2020

Trade between Russia and China may reach $200 billion before 2020

Russia-China trade may reach $200 billion earlier than 2020, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Monday.

"We have a task set by the leaders of Russia and China to raise the volume of our trade and economic relations to $200 billion by 2020," Rogozin said at a meeting of Russian and Chinese vice-premiers with governors and business circles from both countries at the first Russia-China EXPO that had opened in Harbin.

"But I believe that if we proceed at such high rates and develop large, primarily infrastructural projects to help unite energy of Russia and China, then we believe that this figure can be achieved before that time," Rogozin said.

Bulgaria president denies banking crisis

Bulgaria president denies banking crisis

Bulgaria's president denied on Sunday its banks were on the verge of collapse as six people were arrested for "spreading false information" about the health of the country's financial institutions, AFP reports.

"There is not a crisis in the banking sector. There is a crisis of confidence and a criminal attack," President Rossen Plevneliev said after announcing a declaration of support from Bulgaria's main political parties for central bank governor Ivan Iskrov.

Six people were arrested over the weekend for "spreading false information", the National Security Agency said.