Monday, July 15, 2019

What is Amazon Prime Day (video)

What is Amazon Prime Day (video)

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Friday, June 21, 2019



PHILADELPHIA: Bill Cosby’s lawyers have accused prosecutors of withholding and destroying evidence that they say could have helped the 80-year-old entertainer defend himself against charges at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.

Cosby’s lawyers said in court papers Thursday that prosecutors waited until last week to tell them about an interview last year with a former Temple University colleague who said Andrea Constand told her she wasn’t assaulted but could make up allegations to get money.

The lawyers said they learned of the interview with Marguerite Jackson from a prosecutor during a Jan. 17 conference call. Detectives destroyed their notes from the interview, which was conducted before Cosby’s first trial that ended in a hung jury in June, the lawyers said.

Now, Cosby’s lawyers are asking a judge to throw out the case before prosecutors get a chance to retry him in April, saying their actions have deprived Cosby of “any meaningful right to a fair trial.”


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cuba Gooding jr. Arrested real law school student reacts

Cuba Gooding jr. Arrested Real Law School Student Reacts

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Prince Charles on Islam (honest opinion)

Prince Charles on Islam (honest opinion)

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Stronger by Prismo (lyrics) (1hour)

Stronger by Prismo (lyrics)(1hour)

You stole my heart of gold
After my silver soul
Can you dig any deeper now?
I gave you all I owned
Put you on a golden throne
But I'm a little stronger now

You cashed in all my promises
You know I'm too generous
Now I've learned to never help you out
Cause I'm done cleaning up your mess
Found myself in my regret
I've become a little stronger now
A little stronger now

You cashed in all my promises
You know I'm too generous
Now I've learned to never help you out
Cause I'm done cleaning up your mess
Found myself in my regret
I've become a little stronger now
A little stronger now

A little stronger now
A little stronger now
A little stronger now

You cashed in all my promises
You know I'm too generous
Now I've learned to never help you out

Cause I'm done cleaning up your mess
Found myself in my regret
I've become a little stronger now
A little stronger now

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

College is Over part 2

College is Over 2

50% of colleges will be shut down in 10 years

"The spurt of closures would seem to support Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen’s recent doubling down on his infamous prediction that as many as half of the country’s colleges and universities will find themselves bankrupt or shuttered within 10 years."

The news refuses to report this. But, the news does report the clashes of leftist leaning students, indoctrinated by fully communist leaning professors, emboldening them to act out. Which then promotes other students in other colleges to act out.

But, the real reason the colleges are closing aren't because of the leftist leaning students acting out. The real reason the colleges are closing is because the normal students parents' are plucking them out of school.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Are there real vampires? Yes there are

Are there real vampires? Yes there are

Are there real vampires? Why, yes, yes there are. There are humans, with a retrovirus that makes them, for all intents and purposes 100% vampire. But the problem is, this retrovirus does absolutely nothing to give the human any sort of benefit. So, they have all the drawbacks of a vampire and none of the benefits, or let me say, all the drawbacks of a fledgling vampire and none of the benefits of a vampire that's been alive for a dragon's age.

Look it up, if you dare. Their skin is pale, beyond pale, it's see through, without any pigment, and the layers and layers of it, make it appear white, like sheets. Their eyes can be all sorts of weird colors, including some shades that aren't quite ... normal.

Their hair is wispy, and unfortunately, their hair isn't really attached to their scalp, if you were to stroke their hair, it would come off in your hand.

Now, moving on, to sunlight, it is offensive to them, just like vampires. It burns them and they have no pigment to deal and process it. it burns their skin, their eyes, their hair. Do they burst into flames? not, per se, but for all intents and purposes yes. they can burn, just like paper under a magnifying glass.

Oh and let's not talk about their teeth. remember the hair? yeesh, their teeth fall out. nothing is really attached. and speaking of that, their bones are brittle, like sand. They can barely hold themselves up. One swift fall and there goes the house of cards.

So you ask me are there real vampires? yes, yes there are. And it's a terrible thing. well terrible thing for the vampire, that is.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Dog gets brushed and bathed and then goes and does this

Dog gets brushed and bathed and then goes and does this

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Democrats are Now Out of Control

The Democrats are Now Out of Control

While politics is a low down, dirty business, there was a time when politicians and major news outlets behaved with dignity, respect and diplomacy. We all knew the politicians did not like each other, but they would never stoop to using common language, that common people on the street would use, to express their disdain for each other, nor create an atmosphere pregnant with the most base street environment, where you would fear for your very existence, at expressing your difference.

But, here we are today. In their lust for power and to appeal to the masses and the lowest common denominator, and to get the most basic, uneducated voter to even understand what is going on, politicians now use street language and the news parrots it, to get the most base man and woman to side with them.

Hey they talk like me. I suddenly understand everything they say. Or, at least that's what the democrats think the most crass of the public says to themselves.

They also have cultivated tribalism, us vs them, to the extreme. No longer can the voter, potentially deviate in voting for different candidates based on the merits of the topics, they must be made to utterly despise all other political parties, no matter the cost. Even to the point where the other candidate might be proposing the best solution to the problems facing the nation, they must be made to vote against their own self interest, because they are the enemy.

As democrats keep using base, crass language, and employing tribalism as a political strategy, they keep going down this path of not only hating all opposition, but also promoting the idea that all other political thought hates them.

This creates a tense environment where you end up with liberal groups showing up to political speeches to beat up the audience, calling the listeners all sorts of crazy names. Because, that's what the democrats and the news media says they are.

An audience has come to attend a speech, and instead they are presented with, not protesters, but an insane mob, out for a physical showdown. It's not a matter how did we get here. We all know how we got here. But, I will answer the question, no one wants to know. Why are democrats so disgusting now?

During the lead up to the 2nd term of President Barack Obama, the democratic party was poised to be dissolved. Not only was Obama not going to make his 2nd term, but democrats weren't going to be a party any longer.

Various groups had formed which attracted people away from the democratic party, and they were fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. It got to a point where there were desperate cries from the main stream media, to stop the hemorrhaging. If the demoratic party failed, so did the main stream media, because, they might actually have to report the real news, without a democratic bend to all of their stories.

Obama presented the only strategy they had, to rally the Black vote. With the Black superstars going full hog on the Black vote, others fell in line. If Blacks were still going to vote democrat, surely I'll vote with them. And so the entire party was saved by a voting block that the democrats have never paid attention to, a voting block that democrats have paid nothing more than lip service to.

Imagine their horror, when Trump won the nomination of the republican party. Trump was an icon in the Black community. He was a boss. He was rich. He took no prisoners and he promoted Black people over the years. He was the coolest rich guy they knew and he donated to Black causes from time to time, winning him awards from Black political, social and religious groups over the years.

Democrats went into overdrive. They made sure to smear him, to the very Black people that admired him. And, it would have worked, if it weren't for the fact that when he first said he was running, a ton of Black rappers made Trump raps for him. No one expected him to win, so making rap songs about him, was brushed under the rug.

Those rap songs came back to bite the democrats late in the presidential campaign. Because their smear tactics kinda failed, when there were recent rap songs singing his praises and saying how awesome he was. Also remember, he was a democrat, right up until the moment he announced for the republican party.

So, for Black rappers, he was still a rich, no holds barred, democrat.

He got millions of Blacks to vote for him, mostly Black men. The female strategy of the democrats still worked on Black women.

As democrats went into overdrive denouncing and smearing Trump, more and more Black men have seen the democrats for what they are. Very slowly, Black women are too.

And so, as the Blacks leave the sinking ship of the democratic party, so too do others.

Democrats aren't dumb. They see the writing on the wall. But, unfortunately, that has made them even more desperate. They have gone into full beast mode, smearing people left and right, full tribalism and full of very bad, rude and disrespectful language in their mouth.

10 Consequences of the $15 Minimum Wage

10 Consequences of the $15 Minimum Wage

Repeat something often enough and it goes from being an idea to dogma. This is the case of the repeated calls for a massive hike in the minimum wage to $15.00 / hour. Did employees of minimum wage start this? It would certainly lend credence to the authenticity of the demand, if it had. But, who started the $15 minimum wage demand?

In an effort to champion the worker, Democrats started the $15 minimum wage hike rhetoric. The problem was that, then candidate Trump, successfully rescued workers from the Democratic party. Where the democrats conceded that manufacturing and blue collar jobs were gone forever, candidate Trump waved his magic wand, as president Obama called it, and blue collar jobs appeared and the blue collar voters flocked to the republican party.

Of course, follow any money and politics isn't far behind. So the $15 minimum wage rhetoric is the last attempt by the democratic party to wrestle away workers from the republican party.

And it has some great strategy to it. Minimum wage workers aren't blue collar. A lot of Hispanics aren't blue collar, because they're mostly unskilled workers. So you basically kill two birds with one stone.

The problem is that this strategy isn't well thought out. Because, there are consequences to trying to actually raise the minimum wage to $15.00 / hour, versus just talking about it, which a lot of states are now actually doing.

10. where minimum wage is supposed to be paid to unskilled workers with no work experience, $15.00 / hour raises it squarely out of the unskilled market and into the skilled plus experienced market. So as a consequence, workers with no skills and no experience are fired and can't get hired.

9. because the jump to $15.00 / hour is so steep and quick, entire staff rosters are being fired and a much better caliber of worker is hired.

8. in the absence of employees who cannot make the company over and above the $15.00 / hour price tag, owners are now putting in double and triple shift hours in their business.

7. for owners who cannot make up the lack of qualified employees with more time, the business is shut down.

6. entire sectors of the market is being shut down, because that sector operates on a very tight profit margin and a big hike in labor cost like this, is too much.

5. as democrats look to score points with Hispanics, they forgot about unskilled Black workers, who are systematically and historically fired at double the rate of everyone else, so Black voters are turning to the Libertarian party or republican party.

4. as democrats hang their hopes on Hispanic voters, Black voters, who are in direct competition with Hispanic unskilled workers are causing even more competition as the market to hire and fire unskilled workers heats up and Blacks are left out in the cold. Entire neighborhoods are shifting from Black to Hispanic almost overnight, in democratic majority run cities around the country.

3. due to the great depression under Obama, Blacks who were fired were motivated to not seek more jobs, but to open more businesses, at a rate of double that of all other groups. Black business starts dominated the cycle in Obama's second term in office. Unfortunately, these businesses were heavily businesses that operated on a thin profit margin and as the $15.00 / hour labor cost skyrockets, so do Black businesses closing their doors.

2. in areas where the $15 minimum wage has already been implemented, businesses have raised their prices. So these businesses are mostly lower end businesses that minimum wage workers go to and they can't afford the price hikes. So instead of a salary boost, they are now in a city where they can't afford anything.

1. because this $15 minimum wage hike has come on so fast, the salaries of managers and superior staff has had to change, where paying the head restaurant manager who was making $15.00 an hour, now has to be paid $40 or more an hour and that goes down the roster with the lead cashier, assistant manager, etc. which means rate hikes for everything, in businesses that aren't low end, creating an environment where even mid level workers are now having to go without. And, because government workers are literally paid on a percentage of the minimum wage, their salaries go up, which then means city taxes and state taxes have to go up. Now the 1% are impacted, since they pay most of the taxes.