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Wagner Tannhauser Pilgrim's Chorus (video w/ lyrics)

Wagner Tannhauser Pilgrim's Chorus by Richard Wagner

(if you have been following me for a year, you'll know occasionally I put lyrics, and a song I really like, on here, to sort of save it for posterity and to make sure that the lyrics are not lost in their native tongue, and not some horrible English translation. I think youtube has revolutionized entertainment and saving things for posterity. My hope is that youtube lasts forever.)

Richard Wagner 1813 - 1883


Beglückt darf nun dich, o Heimat, ich schauen,
und grüßen froh deine lieblichen Auen;
nun lass' ich ruhn den Wanderstab,
weil Gott getreu ich gepilgert hab'.
Durch Sühn' und Buß' hab' ich versöhnt
den Herren, dem mein Herze frönt,
der meine Reu' mit Segen krönt,
den Herren, dem mein Lied ertönt.
den Herren, dem mein Lied ertönt.
Der Gnade Heil ist dem Büßer beschieden,
er geht einst ein in der Seligen Frieden!
Vor Höll' und Tod ist ihm nicht bang,
drum preis' ich Gott mein Lebelang.
Halleluja in Ewigkeit, in Ewigkeit!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

For Blacks: Be Your Own Boss

Starting Your Own Business

( Pictured below are all African Kings, most are very much alive. Wonder why you don't see them in the news? )

You will never get ahead being the employee of someone else.  Well, unless that is of course you work directly for Bill Gates or some situation like that.  However, I am fairly positive, noone who works for Bill Gates reads Shakaama Live.  I could be wrong, but being a perfect being, I know I am not wrong.  It stands to repeat in another way, en employee is someone that a person hires so that they do not have to work as hard to make THEIR money.  Let's put it another way.  You are making someone else wealthy by getting hired on to do a "job".  Understanding the dynamics of what a job is, is the beginning of understanding how the rich get richer.  Once you understand it, then you can turn around and do it yourself.

What is Trade?

The entire concept of the market place is based upon trade.  It is a simple concept, really.  I make cakes and you buy them from me.  You make shoes and I buy them from you.  It used to be that everyone used precious metals to trade with, once we did away with the bartering system.  But, gold and silver are in short supply in the world and the big greedy bankers came up with a fake money system [but that's a story for another time]  Long, corruption, story short, we now deal in currency and not precious metals.  So you give me money for my cakes and I give you money for your shoes.  We all come out fairly equal.

See what happun was...

Someone got the bright idea that instead of them physically standing there selling cakes, they could hire some lackey to stand there for them.  Then they went a step further.  They came up with the bright idea that instead of them baking the cake AND standing there selling them, they could hire one person to bake the cakes, and another person to sell the cakes.

Well with all this free time, they could then go open up a pie shop.  After the success of the cake shop, the pie shop was a breeze.  They didn't have to make a whole bunch of money off of each cake, because now they could buy all the ingredients from someone else and have their employees make them money.

Along came a thing called a revolution.  After the dust was settled and people didn't want to listen to kings and queens any more they wanted to own their own land.  See, before they didn't own their own land.  The duke or lord owned all the land.  Yeah so after that was over, people were supposed to own their own land.  Well, as luck would have it, the dukes and lords didn't take kindly to that and thought that perhaps they could just keep the land and charge people rent or sell them land.  People went for it, for some reason.  I don't know why.  I mean they did fight a revolution to get from under the very people they now agreed to give their money to.  Thus the landlord was born.  Instead of him being a duke or lord, he was now called a landlord.

The landlord gig is quite an impressive way to make money.  You basically have nearly nothing to do but collect money.  It's a fantastic way to sit back and make money.  I don't know why everyone doesn't do it.

Not to be outdone, the banks [yeah the corrupt ones] did not want to be put out of the game.  So they plotted to be the middle man between the landlord and the tenant / buyer.  They got the bright idea that they could ask the landlords to jack up land prices and then offer credit to the tenant / buyer.  The landlords, of course, loved the idea.  So they tripled land prices overnight and banks then advertised that they would offer credit to ... wealthy people.

Wait!  What?

Yeah, credit wasn't such a big hit for EVERYONE.  I mean, who in their right mind would lend money to a poor person.  It just doesn't make sense right?  So they gave credit out to all the wealthy people.  The whole idea of jacking up the price of land sort of backfired.  You see what they had wanted to do was get in between all the landlords and the buyers.  But, poor people were never offered credit like rich people.  Poor people still bought their land directly from the landowner.  For a couple of centuries then, poor people were immune from banks.  Banks didn't give credit to poor people and poor people were not at the mercy of horrible stories of banks coming for poor people.

See wha happun was...

Someone got the bright idea of giving poor people credit.  Why? Because poor people do not understand credit.  Credit, as it goes, is a fairly new concept anyway.  And, poor people were never historically given credit.  So, if you offer credit to a poor person, you can explain it however you want him to understand it.  The basics of the idea is that money is lent to a person just for having a good reputation.  That money lent is done so at interest.  The payback is the money lent plus the interest.  Well, there are a million ways to go about those 3 steps.

What's ridiculous is, being a landlord does not require a bank.  Yet, people think that it is the only way to be a landlord these days.  The old way of buying land directly from a landlord never "went away".  You simply have to remember that banks wanted to be included inside of that "trade".

His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, king of the Asante people of Ghana
Now, what's a real tragedy is that landlords offered to rent properties to people.  So everyone fought in these revolutions to not be under dukes and lords and yet they turned right around and started renting the very land they fought for.  Selling off parcels of land is not such a bad idea.  You fight the revolution, and the land has to be distributed somehow right?  Buying it from the duke or lord is as good a system as any to distribute that land.  Renting land is just ... well it's just stupid really.

Let's fast forward to 2008 in the U.S..  Prices of homes fall to such a degree that people are going crazy.  But, wait, this is what the home values SHOULD have been.  So now you can buy a home directly from a landowner for about $500.00 / month.  Yeah the landowner carries the note and you PURCHASE the land, like everyone used to do.

Now, if you're smart, you'll buy a few homes yourself and rent out to people more stupid than you.

So, we got you hiring folks for a pie shop; hiring folk for a cake shop; and renting to idiots that don't know they can buy land from people directly.  If you're working for someone else, you are trading your time and energy for a fraction of the money you could be making.

Going to college and business school is simply making yourself a bigger target for getting a job to make someone else richer.  I am not advocating not getting an education, but I AM advocating not wasting your or your parents hard earned money and 4 years of your life JUST to make someone else richer for the rest of your life.  If you're going to spend money on college, it should be to get a business degree on how to START your own business.  It is time out for Black people to tell their OWN children to go to college to get a degree to get A JOB!!!  No other race tells their children this.  None.  Only Black people say this to their children.  It is a shame and a tragedy.

Think for one second.  You tell your kid to pay for college and then spend time there just so he can get a damn job working for someone else, for the rest of their life.  Are you really that stupid?  That is not how to GET AHEAD.  You want your children to get ahead of you don't you?  If you don't you shouldn't be a parent.  You should shoot yourself in the head before you have kids and bring the rest of us down.

I'm just sayin *laugh*  [ I do not condone suicide ]

This is how you can be your own boss.

Any questions?

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Nevada Family Court Corruption (Guest Post)

Openly Gay Man Denied Parental Rights by Family Court Judge

Shawn Sr. and Jr.
Beginning in 2004 with the threat and warning by Dr. Louis F. Mortillaro, a Court Appointed Therapist of Judge Gloria Sanchez of the Clark County Family Courts to the blackmail of Shawn A. Evans, Sr. by Attorney Carol A. Menninger, it has been discovered that the Family Courts in their corruption has permanently alienated a child from his loving and caring father.

In 1998 Shawn A. Evans and Lisa V. Evans divorced when Lisa realized that she could not change her husband. Shawn was a professed gay man as he had informed his wife before they were even married. She decided to marry him any ways and on February 16, 1995 the two married in the Mormon Temple in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By 2008 Shawn decided he could no longer live the lie and no matter how much counseling they went through the couple decided to end their three year marriage. That is when the alienation began.

At the onslaught of separating son from father, Lisa hit Shawn with a barrage of harassment and getting him fired from every job. She told him that she wanted him to give up his parental rights of his son on many occasions. When after two years of this treatment Lisa realized that she couldn’t get him to give up; she concocted a story that Shawn had kidnapped her and their, than three and a half year old son at gun point. Long story short, Shawn received 24-72 months in Nevada State Prison of which he served 40 Months.

Father and Son at Pool
Upon being released from Prison and trying to make a new life for him and was trying to reunify with his son, Lisa concocted once again story after story to have him thrown back into prison. In 2004 it was that Shawn was involved in child pornography that it was while the couple was still married in 2007. Lisa did not use this information against Shawn during the divorce or even while he was being released from prison. She used it to try to have him thrown back into prison when she realized that he was not going away. Lisa was permanently trying to alienate the father and son.

In 2004 Judge Gloria Sanchez of the Clark County Family Courts appointed Dr. Louis F. Mortillaro to assist in the unification process. What Shawn will never forget was the threat from Dr. Mortillaro that he if obtained an attorney to protect his rights that Dr. Mortillaro would guarantee that Shawn would never be happy. He didn’t think that the doctor would be so unethical as to actually make good on his promise.

Lisa accused Shawn of Child Pornography which caused him a nervous breakdown and eventually a heart attack and destroyed his relationship. When Shawn still wouldn’t back down, she accused him of molesting his son and beating him with a belt. Which caused him another nervous breakdown and he ended up loosing his job his vehicle and even his home. Being that Lisa was both Mormon and knowing that he was gay, she felt that the gay aspect of the claim that he had molested his son would convince the courts to take away his parental rights. Both she and her husband Darryl Sibley referred to both Shawn and his partner as “faggots”. Darryl even stated so in Dr. Mortillaro’s office.

Lisa was aware that Shawn has a heart condition; while they were married he had complained several times of severe chest pains and had even been hospitalized for it in the past and this is what Lisa’s attempt was now; to cause him to have another heart attack if not death. While Shawn was in prison Lisa had informed their son of young and impressionable age that his father had tried to kill her and that he instead was dead. Now that Shawn was trying to get back in to his sons life Lisa had to cover her lies and changed the story that his father had abandoned him.

Shawn Sr.
When Lisa realized that her attorney D. Bruce Anderson wouldn’t bend to her will and accuse Shawn of molesting his son and other atrocious acts she sought out an attorney who would. Carol A. Menninger has been Lisa’s attorney since 2007. She has assisted Lisa in violating court orders for visitation, and even perjured herself in Family Court. When Shawn brought this to the attention of both Rob Bare and Philip J. Pattee of the State Bar of Nevada, they both stated that Carol Menninger did nothing wrong that her actions in being a zealous attorney for her client did not mount to anything unethical. Even perjury, suborning perjury and blackmail are all ethical practices of an Attorney.

Through out the four years that Carol Menninger has been Lisa’s attorney, they have succeeded in permanently alienating the father and son; Shawn A. Evans, Sr. and Shawn A. Evans, Jr. to a point that Shawn Jr. has decided to take his mothers maiden name as his name and has sent his father many hateful and nasty emails and texts, which Shawn believes were orchestrated by Lisa herself.

Lisa has taught the couple’s son that your word means nothing and that you can do what ever you want to anyone and that there will be no consequences. Judge Gloria Sanchez, Judge Pomrenze as well as Dr. Mortillaro and Attorney Carol Menninger have a enforced that teaching.

In 2008, Carol Menninger and Lisa filed an emergency motion to go back to court. Carol Menninger is aware that if you file an emergency hearing that you do not need to give the other party time to respond and/or to retain counsel.

On August 22, 2008 Shawn found himself in court on an emergency motion that Lisa had to take their son to Arizona for work. Shawn had already filed an injunction against Lisa ever moving Shawn Jr. out of state. The information is that Lisa knew she was going to be going to Arizona for approximately 3 months in advance. When Lisa left court it was said that Shawn Jr and her husband Darryl were waiting in the parking lot with their belongings already loaded and ready to go.

Shawn Sr.
In the court room when Shawn realized that he was losing his son for good after a long battle through the trenches of the unethical and corrupt family courts, he collapsed in the court room. At that point Carol Menninger stood over Shawn’s body and remarked, I want a paramedic to make sure he isn’t faking.

Carol Menninger knew that they were going to be going. Apparently Carol Menninger and Judge Pomrenze had made prior arrangements to the hearing and Carol Menninger assured Lisa that they would be allowed to go.

Judge Pomrenze even stated in open court that this did not constitute an emergency yet she let the hearing proceed anyway. Furthermore she allowed Lisa to relocate with the couple’s child to Arizona. That night Shawn once again found himself in the hospital from yet another heart attack.

The next morning after awaking in the hospital Shawn reached for his cell phone and saw that he had a text from his son. It was “I am going to miss you” it wasn’t “I love you” what it was is “Hey Psycho” apparently Lisa had informed her son what had happened in court and they had a good laugh about it, that was when Shawn Jr. sent the text to his father

Upon being able to relocate to Arizona Lisa was ordered to at least once a week dial Shawn’s cell phone number and when he answered the phone to hand the phone to their son and to at least once a week make sure that Shawn Jr. sent his father an email letting him know how he was doing. That never happened. When Shawn complained to Lisa and contacted Lisa’s attorney Carol Menninger; who most likely advised Lisa that she was out of the courts Jurisdiction that she didn’t have to follow the order any longer and that she didn’t have to allow Shawn Jr. contact with his father. However, Lisa took it to a level higher than any one could expect. Lisa complained to her twelve-year-old son, as she had for many years already, that his father was trying to cause trouble for her. Shawn Jr. in turn sent his father many hateful emails about him not being his father. Shawn believes these were all orchestrated by Lisa herself. That would not be the first time. In 2007 Judge Sanchez was sent a letter addressed from Shawn Jr. It was in a sealed envelop. Upon receiving it in court Judge Sanchez told Shawn that either he goes back into counseling or she would have be forced to have to open the letter. Shawn stated that he wanted to know what was in the letter. It was a typed letter and signed like it was by some professional. Words were underlined, highlighted and bolded. Judge Sanchez stated that this letter did not come from a child. That it had to have been written by an adult. Shawn didn’t have to go once again in counseling, however Judge Sanchez once again failed to admonish Lisa for her attempts to pull the wool over the courts eyes and to further alienate Shawn from his son.

Father and Son 5 Years Earlier
Due to [the fact] that Shawn demanded that Judge Sanchez recuse herself from his case, that she was either corrupt or she didnt have know how to run a court room or both. Judge Sanchez simply laughed in Shawn’s face and stated that she didnt feel there was a reason to and that he could do what ever he wanted. How ever a month later, Judge Sanchez did recuse herself after Shawn came out with an article about Judge Sanchez and Carol Menninger being strange bedfellows. Judge Sanchez stated that it was because Shawn had threatened her. Yet Shawn was never contacted by neither the police nor the District Attorneys Office. Shawn states to this date that he knows Carol Menninger was most likely paying off Judge Sanchez for her rulings.

In 2010 Lisa once again contacted Shawn and told him that she wanted to move with their son to Texas, for work she said. Shawn denied her and filed a motion on an order shortening time. In his reasons for the motion he stated that he was concerned that Lisa, who was already in violation of court orders for contact and visitation was once again going to violate the order and that she was never going to see his son again, Judge William Henderson denied the Order Shortening Time. Yet Carol Menninger file an Order Shortening Time stating that Lisa had to get to Texas for work. Judge Henderson granted the Order Shortening Time.

Shawn feels that there is a pattern here of corruption that the State Bar of Nevada refuses to recognize or maybe the State Bar of Nevada is being paid not to.

Carol sent her assistant Gary to see Shawn to give him his copy of the motions. In the motions it was stated that if they went to court that Carol Menninger was going to ask Judge Henderson to incarcerate Shawn until his Child Support Arrears were caught up. Shawn was not going back to prison so he agreed to let Lisa and his son go to Texas feeling that he was coerced into doing so with the fear of having to go back to prison.

Before leaving, Shawn, Lisa and their son all came to an agreement that Lisa would encourage their son to make contact with Shawn at least once a week and to send school picture. As soon as Lisa and Shawn Jr. were out of state and the jurisdiction once again of the courts they refused to honor their side of the agreement. And once again Shawn Jr. is sending his father hateful emails about changing his name and even stating that he is a black hole to his father and that his father will never see him again.

Shawn has brought this to the attention of the District Attorneys Office and has asked him to investigate the matter. David Rogers the Clark County District Attorney refuses to respond much less investigate the matter. Plans to contact Brian Sandoval and ask for a special committee to investigate the claims of corruption in this matter are underway and the Governors office has already been contact.

To be kept up to date as to the progress or lack there of this investigation and story contact Shawn at

About the author
I am the President and Founder of PASSAGE a nonprofit organization that assists individuals in the family courts and those that are being alienated from their children and the children alienated from their parents.

This was a guest post.  Very little editing was done on my part, as it was a guest post.

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First Egypt Now Libya: Why Now?

Our Allies Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi

Hmm paint me incredulous, but ... wasn't Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi our ally just 2 seconds ago?  As a prime example Representative Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan, alegedly the represetative of the largest Arab American community in the united states, pretends the he and his constituants are against the Egyptian protesters.  Representative Thaddeus McCotter writes

Thus, America must stand with her ally Egypt to preserve an imperfect government capable of reform; and prevent a tyrranical government capable of harm.

For if Egypt is radicalized, all of the reforms sought by the Egyptian people and supported by the United States with them – including consensual and constitutional government; free elections; open and unbridled media; and Egyptian control of their natural resources – will be lost. Nascent democratic movements in the region will be co-opted and radicalized. The world’s free and open access to the Suez Canal’s vital commercial shipping lanes will be choked. And the Sinai Accord between Egypt and Israel – which must be protected as the foundation and principal example for Mideast peace – will be shredded…

This is not a nostalgic “anti-colonial uprising” from within, of all places, the land of Nassar. Right now, freedom’s radicalized enemies are subverting Egypt and other our allies.

What is not being said is that the sentiment against the Mubarak regime is not an American sentiment, but a Jewish sentiment.  Any casual search on the topic of Egypt will launch thousands of pages, documenting how horrible the Egyptian president is, but the sources of these alegations? Jewish periodicals.  U.S. foreign policy, on its face, has been for Egypt.  But... I have a smoking gun for you.  The U.S. started this revolution, not the Egyptian people.

America is playing both sides of the fence in this one.  We are duplicitous in our dealings with this country.

Pro - Egypt
  • The US has been giving Egypt $1 billion a year in military assistance. 
  • Egypt now has 1000 M1 Abrams Tanks, built in Egypt under license, and 
  • Egypt now has 2700+ older tanks of American and Soviet origin. 
  • The Egyptian Air Force has 216 F16s, plus hundreds of older planes. 
  • The Egyptian Air Defense command is pretty well stocked with second to latest generation US and Soviet missiles.
Con - Egypt
  • The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years.
  • The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York
  • The American Embassy in Cairo helped keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police. 
  • The American Embassy in Cairo and the dissident secretly had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.
So I give you a clue here, who do you think funded the "uprising" in Egypt?  Who do you think funded the Egyptian government?  Who do you think supplied weapons for both sides?  Who do you think instigated the "protest" in Egypt?

A regime that wraps itself in the flag of truth fears truth most of all, for if its story is falsified in the slightest degree, its authority is gone. - Orson Scott Card
Shall I continue to enlighten you about what is REALLY going on?  I won't even go into Iraq in this article.  Yes, Iraq was our ally and the atrocities that we then reported as an excuse to go to war with them have been documented, some out and out lies and some over simplifications of matters more complex than one simple writing could explain.  That is to say that Sadam Hussein throwing people in jail or "having them killed" was not just that simple to write it as a sentence.  But, the media loves to dumb down everything to get you to hate the guy.  But, they are in the business of selling news now, not reporting truth.  Noone would want to hear a clear explanation of the national policy of the Sadam Hussein regime, now would they?  No, so the powers that be made sure the news only reported that the man was a tyrant and a dictator, although we funded, trained and BROUGHT HIM TO POWER.

Now Libya

When I hear reports of a president turning machine guns on their own people, I always have a sinking feeling it has nothing to do with the president being a tyrant, as it does the IMF or the World Bank being behind it.

"So, as our new friend — our ally in the ‘war against terror’ — Gaddafi’s previous crimes against us were  forgotten. The IRA? Water under the bridge after the all-smothering Northern Ireland peace process. "

Weird how I'm like the only guy in America that doesn't forget things when the news suddenly changes on a dime about people.  And also, color me incredulous but, how is it these sudden "enlightened students, just so happened to come and "take to the streets" at this very moment, via learning about their alleged "deplorable treatment by their leader" a la internet, when Libya has had internet access at the same time as the rest of the world, what for the past 20 years?

First Egypt, another ally, and now Libya.  Is it just pure coincidence that these people have erupted into civil wars?  Funny thing about civil wars, you really shouldn't get involved, or it looks like an invasion.  But, I'm here to tell you that these "civil" wars, are not very civil at all, and are in fact, instigated by the CIA.

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Fight Wrinkles and Fight the Economy - Where Do I Sign Up?

Save Skin and Save Money

In this economy we do everything we can, to make every dollar stretch, like a Jillian Michaels yoga video.  But, we can't all stop spending money and start looking like the homeless, no offense to the homeless.  Besides, your skin isn't something you can just leave one day and come back to later.  Each day counts for skin care.  You to have to take care of your skin every day.  It's an ongoing battle with the toxins floating around the air, your house, the food you eat and the water you put on and in it.  We find out something new each day about those toxins, like - the fact that the plastic we've been drinking out of is poisoning us slowly and releasing toxins into our water bottles.  All of those toxins float to the surface, i.e. your skin.  You get premature aging from the toxins.  You need something that is going to fight back and stop you looking older and make you look younger.  While we can't reverse aging yet, we can reverse the look of aging right now, with fantastic products like Skin Cubed.

I already wrote an article on Skin Cubed, entitled "How to Look 25 When You're 40", where I went into some detail about the product.  Well, to make a short story short, it works and has been featured in W Magazine, the E! channel and Vogue Magazine many times.  Everyone probably blows it off, but they don't just feature products on t.v. in news stories simply because the advertiser paid for it, there's a real story here.

That being said, they have some killer deals and coupons going on right now:
You can fight wrinkles, with something real and fight the economy all at the same time.Be sure to use the coupon code to get your deals.

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Game Review: Dungeons (2011)

    Dungeons, Spiritual Successor to Dungeon Keeper or Flop?

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    Realmforge Studios released its new strategy game Dungeons.  First off, the name is horrible.  It is completely un-unique and when you try to search for it, you come up with about 20 years of marketing for Dungeons AND DRAGONS.  For those thinking this is just like Dungeon Keeper, guess again.  It is exactly like Dungeon Keeper only, much much, very very, much much worse.  In fact, unless they are paying royalties to Bullfrog, I don't see how they can't be accused of completely lifting the game from Dungeon Keeper.  They tried their best to make it the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper, but it fails miserably.

    The Premise

    So the silly premise of this game is that you were a Dungeon Lord, in the deepest level of the dungeon pit.  Your girlfriend, a succubus, overthrows  you and exiles you from the lowest level of the dungeon.  Meanwhile your undead overlord boss is completely oblivious to this change of things, and does not assist you whatsoever in getting revenge, but sets about continuously requiring you to do tasks.  It is your duty now to somehow become just as powerful as you once were, 2 seconds ago?  No, I mean it, she literally just kicks you out of the throne room.  She doesn't take your powers or strip you naked.  So in reality, there is no premise.   I don't know, I'm just sayin.  You ask me for a premise, there it is.  Confusing, I know, but that's their story.  And, they stick to it for 20 levels.

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    Unlike Dungeon Keeper, you aren't here to "just" attack heroes, you need to extract yet another resource from them, soul energy.  This soul energy is built up in each hero according to how satisfied they are with their experience in your dungeon they are.  You have to meet certain needs of the hero for their soul energy to go up, i.e. finding treasure, finding armor, finding ancient magical scrolls.  Once their bar fills up, you go and kill [knock them out] and imprison them, where you slowly extract the soul energy.  Also, through some weird change of physics, the heroes drop gold, but you have given them the gold and somehow it multiplies.  Gold and soul energy then are used to buy more items to put into your dungeon and none of it transfers over to the next dungeon.

    One twist to the story is that your dungeon lord "levels" up.  However, this is done at the start of the level and not through anything that he does while in the dungeon, except for some minor points gained through 1 or two quests.  And, when it is all said and done, your dungeon lord is nowhere near as powerful as the most powerful hero in your dungeon.

    So let's get into it: 3.83 / 10
    • Visual: 6 / 10
    • Sound: 5 / 10
    • Gameplay: 5 / 10
    • Mechanics: 3 / 10
    • Fun: 3 / 10
    • Replay: 1 / 10

    Visual: 6 / 10

    So visually, for a game that is released in 2011 and is based on a game that was released in 1997, the visuals are completely underwhelming.  The graphics aren't terrible, but in a word, they are terrible.  It is bad when the graphics actually help confuse the player more than help him.  Specifically, the color scheme of the entire game sort of blends in together so that, you cannot tell what is going on at a glance.  One of your tasks is to "decorate" your dungeon and the graphics are so horrible that you cannot tell where the decorations are.  Should you, for instance, be decorating in one section and then be suddenly called away to defend your dungeon heart, and then come back to decorating, it would take you a few seconds to understand where you were ... by which time, you'll be called away again.

    There is nothing stunning about the graphics, to say the least.  While they may not be dated, they just aren't good.  At this late stage in gaming, it is not too much to hope for that a game, as visually dependent as this, deliver somewhat good graphics.  Also, turning up the graphics adds to major resource issues, for little to no difference in visual change.  Turning the graphics all the way down does not diminish the graphics, while turning them up delivers a CPU churning experience.  when you have decorated a 150 room layout and have about 30 heroes languishing in your prisons, the game starts to sputter and die.

    Sound: 5 / 10

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    The biggest gripe anyone has with sound on this game is how annoying nearly everything is.  Top of the list has to be the voice acting.  Where Dungeon Keeper had a very deep voiced actor that sounded sinister, complete with stereotypical English accent, Dungeons opted for a high pitched, whiny goblin that is hair pullingly annoying.  I spent no less than 30 minutes trying to figure out how to shut him up.  As if that weren't annoying, the heroes have a tendency to all be females, or have female voices?  I'm all for women's lib, but a skinny girl walking through a dungeon crawling with were-rats?  Unfortunately, I decimated many thousands of chicks in my dungeons, without even being able to extract 1 point of soul energy from them, poor kids.  Finally, if those two things weren't annoying, after about 10 minutes of starting a dungeon and you have your prison section hopping with heroes having their soul energy extracted, the soul energy sound is overwhelming.  It is a tingling sound that will not go away and it happens every single time a point of soul energy is extracted.

    Let me pause for a second to point something out about the goblin "helper" in the game.  I cannot stand this about games like this.  And, developers need to take note.  When you have an NPC in a game that is supposedly trying to help you, but instead just insults you, the developers need to get it through their thick head that programming these sprites to dish out insults every time a task is NOT met, means a lot of times, the NPC is sitting there berating the player, non-stop for 4 hours.  This game is even worse, the criteria can spawn multiple streams of dialogue all at the same time.  Literally the goblin can say 3 things at once.  As the game progresses, the level of insults deepen.

    I'm sure this all stemmed from some game in the 90s.  If I'm remembering correctly, it was a sim type game.  I can't place my finger on the name of it.  But, if I recall correctly, the insulting NPC in that one was actually funny, while still being reverent to your character.  Developers picked up on the insulting part but did not balance it out with the reverence nor funny part.  Quite a few developers now setup these sprites to cast bitter insults out, but don't realize it just comes off as nagging.  NOONE wants to be nagged while playing a game.  Husbands divorce wives for little more than nagging these days.  Do you think someone will pay for the bad experience?

    The soundtrack is unremarkable and the sound effects for items is nothing to write home about.  In Dungeon Keeper, when you placed items in your dungeon, there was a very dramatic thud and the screen shook, as if you were some Titan reshaping the world, here there's a weird chime click.

    Gameplay: 5 / 10

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    As mentioned before, you're rebuilding your power base so that you might recapture your former glory as a dungeon lord.  You decorate your dungeon to both attract heroes and build up their satisfaction level, so that their soul energy fills up.  You then extract the soul energy and steal their gold.  And, as mentioned before, you actually give them gold, as part of your plan to attract and satisfy them, however somehow it is multiplied when you steal it back from the hero.

    That would be great if it were that simple.  However, heroes are nearly never satisfied and get angry and go attack your dungeon heart.  To make matters worse, one hero who is unsatisfied can somehow convince 5 others that are satisfied, to become unsatisfied and go attack the dungeon heart with him.  These numbers of heroes is always completely overwhelming for your dungeon lord and it ends up in lots of death and frustration.

    Leveling up your dungeon lord is nearly pointless, because there is some invisible scale that the heroes are on, that your dungeon lord is not on, i.e. his leveling up does not equal their leveling up.

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    As if the above listed annoyances were not enough, one pet peeve I have and I feel it should be deleted from all games, is camera control.  While you are trying to build this dungeon to satisfy these heroes, camera control is arrested from you nearly every other minute.  The game takes the camera and travels to some other spot on the map and zooms in on some unremarkable item, or your undead overlord boss.  I think camera control is the worst possible thing you can do to a player.  In a game like the old MMO Everquest, when someone cast a spell on your character,  the camera control being taken away from you was specifically designed to make sure you were properly annoyed at them enough to kill them in retaliation, here no such satisfaction is available, because it's the damn developer and not some npc creature.

    One big no no in a sim game, like this, is that you have premade dungeons, and yet, Dungeons sets 50% of the dungeon layout already, when you start each level.  While you may make a fantastic maze that the heroes could walk through before they got to your dungeon heart, Realforge Studios has made a door that opens up and is staring right at your dungeon heart at the beginning of the level.  All design freedom is completely taken away from you.  And, there is no way to undig  a tunnel.

    Finally, tedium!  The game has many "tasks" that it interjects while you're accomplishing your main goal, or secondary goal for a level.  These tasks always are an annoyance, rarely convenient and nearly always potentially lethal, since if you don't do them they send out super heroes after you.

    Mechanics: 3 / 10

    For the most part the mechanics of the game are point and click.  You can pop into your dungeon lord via first person, and walk around in WASD form, but you have an entire dungeon to decorate, so it's pointless.  As mentioned before, decoration is done with mouse but the sound for decorating does not help, nor give the player any sort of satisfaction that he's doing a good job.

    Fun: 3 / 10

    Not to beat a dead horse, but as you can see by the many nit picking I've done so far, I do not consider this game to be fun to play.  It is annoying as hell, and very frustrating, and I don't mean frustrating as in "oh good one, you got me that time".  I mean frustrating in the sense of, I'm a 4 year old running for a senate seat, how am i even expected to win exactly.

    Replay: 1 / 10

    There should be zero replay on this game, but noone gets a zero.  The story is linear.  Once you have played a level, nothing will change about it.   And, as I pointed out in gameplay, the developers have pre-designed 50% of the dungeon at the start of each level.  So while you might thing you have the freedom to make a cool design, differently on a level, the level is already pre-designed.

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    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Leon Washington Goes to High School

    Washing Your Black Kids Out of School and Life

    Leon's Tale

    Leon was always a big kid.  He wasn't too fast of a runner, but he could move his junk in a hurry.  When a high school coach sent him a letter before he left middle school telling him to try out for the football team, he was happy as a tic on a toad.  He tried out and of course made the team.  For four years he was on the football team.  He never missed a practice, but he also never studied.  He never turned in homework and football became his life.  He went on every trip and every home game.

    When his mama asked him about his school work he simply said, it was taken care of or it was done.  When his senior year rolled around noone came to his house to ask him to join their college team.  He got no letters offering full scholarships to a university.  In fact everyone was silent.

    Come graduation time, he was off the team, and unfortunately he was called to the counselor's office.  Leon had flunked every test he took.  While in the counselor's office he was asked to read this and that.  The counselor quickly realized that Leon couldn't read on any functional level.  A letter arrived a week later.  Per the counselor's recommendation, Leon was flunked out of school completely.  The counselor had gone back and audited every class he had taken in high school.  She had retroactively flunked him out of every class that required any reading.  Leon only had a shop class and four years of P.E. class to his credit.  The school district fully backed the counselor, at a hearing called for, by his mama.

    When Leon applied to take the GED, he was refused because, by law, he didn't have sufficient skill to even take the test.  In fact, the application he submitted to take the GED, even with help from his mama, who was no help at all, was illegible and poorly done.

    Meanwhile, the coach was filling out more letters to big middle school kids around the district.  His fall roster was nearly filled already.  Twenty fast food stores had opened up since last year, and the while the school district do-gooders were panicking over an increase in child obesity, the coach was happier than a hound on a gut truck.

    Tyrone's Tale

    Tyrone had never been a great student.  He was happy to get a D - on his report card.  He never understood school, nor why he was in it.  He was all about "gettin dolla bills" as he put it.  When he was approached about joining the basketball team at college, he didn't know what to think.  He got a full ride though and so, he didn't have to worry about student loans, much.  He did have to take out a loan for room and board.  In his sophomore year in college the coach gave him a car.  It wasn't a big car, but he was happy to ride in it.  The girls at school loved to ride in it too.

    One girl decided she had had enough of other girls riding in "her" man's car, and she made it known that she and Tyrone were serious and he should stop letting the other "hookers" ride in his car.  After that, only she rode around in the car.  She even drove him around.

    Tyrone did get game time, on the team, but he never started.  He just mainly went to practice and sat on the bench.  He practiced hard, thinking he could be like Jordan one day.  But, the coach never saw "whatever" in him and he never started.

    Four years went by and his eligibility was up, since he had been held back in grade school a few times.  The coach told him he was off the team.  However, he had not graduated.  The coach told him, he might be able to play overseas, but he was not good enough for pro-ball here in the states.  When he went to the student center, the student adviser took one look at his file and shook his head.  The student worker was not very polite about it and was completely unsympathetic.  He felt that Tyrone had gotten special treatment in school and was passed by teachers with C's and D's just based on the influence of the coach and not by any actual school-work Tyrone had done.

    Tyrone got an agent and landed regular seasonal tournaments around the nation.  He never graduated, nor received a degree.  He never went overseas, nor made any money to speak of.  After a short 5 years, all of his tournament money dried up and he no longer was eligible to pass the physicals to go.  The girl he had met in college dropped him when he was dismissed from the basketball team.

    At the end of the day Tyrone was functionally illiterate and could not understand enough to even write a check properly.  His agent took all of his money and he ended up penniless.

    Meanwhile the college scout made his rounds to find more guys to fill the bench for the basketball team.  He was told to pick guys good enough to make a couple of points, but not good enough to outshine the stars of the team.  The coach had too much invested in the stars for them to be outshone by some upstart.  The scout had a list of black kids he felt were perfect.  He got in his rented Lincoln Town Car Sedan and headed to his first game.


    I interviewed several athletes to come up with these two scenarios.  Also in college I was approached more than once to serve as a surrogate for an athlete in certain classes.  I never did it though.  What's worse, I know first hand that some athletes never go to class at all.

    Of a 100 man team, about 80 of the teammates will never see the light of day, as far as the sport is concerned.  It is a complete waste of time for them to even be on the team.  They are there simply to play backup to the real players.  The smarter ones become coaches, at some point, but they have to get their school work done.  These individuals are about as rare as the star athletes though.

    Call it racist or not, a lot of Black kids fall into this.  I read somewhere that around a whopping 70% of all Black students in high schools will be involved in one of the major 3 sports, taking up a majority of their time, to the point where their school work comes in a distant 2nd place.  When it's all said and done, those 70% will be washed out of school and out of the system of life.  So you have an overwhelming majority of Black kids who are tricked into playing some sport they have no talent for, only to end up with no education and no future.  This is repeated over and over and over every year.

    I won't say it is a conspiracy, but I'm just saying, it sounds like a conspiracy.  The numbers are too large to be a coincidence.  And, you know what the intelligence community says about coincidences, "there is no such thing as coincidence."  There is even instances where judges sentence students to join a team instead of go to juvenile detention or jail, putting them in a weird sort of custody of the team coach, as an acting probation officer.  This might look great on paper, student staying out of jail, but what if you did research and found that the "crime" was all made up, and that these "made-up crimes" popped up all over the country?  Does that reach the level of conspiracy, in your mind yet?

    I heard quite a few sad tales of untalented "athletes" whom I knew were going nowhere, wishing they could go pro.

    If you are a parent with a kid in sports, unless he's a super star, make sure he is getting his home-work and attending his classes.  Do not set your own kid up to be a failure in life.  I beg you.

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    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off His Stage (video)

    Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage

    Here's the first rule about a Prince concert: If the Purple One pulls you up onstage, be ready to shake some booty.  Kim Kardashian -- who, arguably, currently possesses the most famous booty in America -- broke that rule.  The ubiquitous reality show star was plucked out of the crowd during his Madison Square Garden show Monday night, but when Kardashian got onstage, she did not go crazy nor did she get nuts. She just stood there, prompting Prince to say "Get off the stage" after a few seconds and send her back to her seat.

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    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried as a Black Adult (Video)

    Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried as a Black Adult

    She's being called the Motorcity Murderer.  The court ruled a white teen, who stabbed a classmate to death, will face the jury as a 300-pound black man.  The judge said, "due to the extreme and violent nature of this crime, the court will try the defendant as an African American."

    The video speaks for itself. 

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