Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wait There's Rap on Rap Charts, Rap on Soul Charts, Rap on R&B Charts? GTFO

Black People Don't Deserve Respect I Guess

Anyone in the music industry that knows the BIG PICTURE will tell you that rap "artists" are the least talented in the entire industry. As such rappers normally do not write their own songs. Forget what you hear and read that such and so wrote his whole album, it's a lie. Anyone that tells you these rappers are writing their own music is leading you down a dark alley and wants to rape you and steal your babies. Ok, so we're all clear, rappers for the most part do not write their own songs. They could have a space arrow pointing to their name as the "writer" of the song, it's a lie. TRUST ME!

Ok, so rappers are talentless and can't write their own songs. That means, most of these raps you hear are written by ... *gasp* ... other people. So the record label tells the writer what to write about and tells the "artist" which song to rap. That's how it's done. OK?

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When rap first hit the scene, the sticky subject of it actually sticking around and being its own genre was all the heated discussion. FINALLY, rap got its own category in music awards AND on music charts.

*uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr* STOP!

So, why has rap all of a sudden been moved to R&B and SOUL charts ... AS WELL? Yes, rap has its own chart, but they put rap on soul AND R&B. You can no longer find soul nor R&B.

Wanna know why? Because stupid, talentless rappers can be controlled like little children. Soul artists and R&B artists tend to actually have their own talents, i.e. sing, play instruments, write musical scores, do orchestration. Remember rappers do not bring that to the table. A Soul artist comes with his luggage ready to go, and normally he knows what he is doing and where he wants his direction to go.

But Shakaama, Soul and R&B sales are down so they were taken over by rap artists. Really? Am I that stupid? Are you that stupid? They slashed the marketing budgets for Soul and R&B artists drastically over the past 10 or 20 years. With no marketing budget, these Soul artists withered right on the vine. "Oh, your record didn't do so hot, so sorry, buh bye." In walks the 16 yr old who's balls haven't dropped yet, who's gonna replace you. Oh, and he gets an actual marketing budget. AND, he'll do whatever I goddamn tell him to do, if not i'll replace him with 100 other kids, just as talentless.

Fix the Charts

Just because the industry is completely corrupt, doesn't mean the charts have to be whacked out. Just because uncle toms and such are selling their soul to rain man doesn't mean the award ceremonies have to acquiesce to muddying the categories with rappers. A rapper raps. How hard is it to listen to a song and say "oh that's rap, put it in the rap category and the rap chart." You would think Billboard could figure it out. You would think a soul singer that has a rapper featured in one of his songs would have that song moved to... *gasp*... the rap chart.

Can you imagine if they moved rap to the country chart? Nashville would rebel. Hell I think Tennessee would seceded from the union all over again. But Black people don't get such curtesy. So the most famous and best selling soul artist isn't recognized as the top of his game, ten 16 yr old kids are.

Seriously, let's think about this. Some guy that sat in his garage with his 4 track for 15 years and lands a record deal and blasts everyone else out the water on the Soul charts doesn't even rate, because Jay Z moves some rapper he likes onto the soul chart and the Soul singer is never even heard.

Even worse, the Soul listener brings up last months chart to see who's new and upcoming and 10 rappers are on it. He repeats that for 6 months and gives up and never buys another record again in life. The soul market share is dwindling. The same thing goes for R&B.

What's worse is the few remaining Black singers out there are commanded to feature the stupid rapper on their album. Gotta obey those contracts don't you? Sucks don't it? Next time don't be Toni Braxton and sign your life away without having your own lawyer go over it, idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, who are you, and where do you get this claim? Which rappers aren't writing their own songs, and how do they at all outweigh the many other artists from across the board who also do not compose their own work? What about all of the serious, thoughtful, and talented artists like Jay-Z, Slick Rick, the Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie Smalls, etc? Are their legacies instantly erased to you because the industry is currently shoving the likes of Soulja Boy and Wiz Khalifa in our faces? Or have you never actually bothered to LISTEN to any rap besides the shit the industry is cranking out nowadays? Quality rap still thrives like any other genre, if only in the background.

Seriously man, cite some sources or name some names. You can't just write off an entire genre like that. Personally, I can't stand listening to contemporary country, but I give it more credit than THIS!

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