Friday, March 5, 2010

Letter to Senator Reid

Written Letter to Senator Harry Reid, My State Senator

Senator Reid,

I was shocked that the entire debate over the unemployment bill, recently passed, was not in fact an extension of unemployment compensation, but simply an extension of the filing date.

I don't think you are aware of the real u-3 unemployment data. We are not at 16% nationwide with Nevada having an extra 3% lead over the nation, putting us at nearly 20% unemployment.

I have not been able to gain employment since the end of 2008 when my company laid off 2% of the work force nationwide and have not hired anyone back. I don't understand how you and the rest of congress can be so out of touch with the employment situation out here.

I don't understand how you all can approve tens of billions of dollars in relief to Haiti, on top of the regular billions you send them, yet not help to feed your own citizens.

It is a slap in our face.

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I don't understand how you can require taxes on unemployment compensation, which amounts to 2 whole months worth of unemployment, when it is a paycheck to paycheck situation to begin with. Unemployment is a much lowered percentage of your regular pay rate. People have to feed families, pay rents, put gas in cars with that unemployment check.

How can you make speeches you are for Nevadans when you and your colleagues are making people homeless. I have read countless accounts of people who, after reading that the recent unemployment legislation did not extend the benefits themselves, say they are now "desperate". I can just imagine the suicide rate will skyrocket after the benefits run out.

The unemployment rate increased. Companies are not hiring. Businesses are not hiring. We are getting nothing from congress but rhetoric and political plays. And, I'm not falling for the scapegoat of Senator Bunning, it was an obvious ploy to use him.

We are dying out here while you and your colleagues refuse to take action. You refuse to force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. Our savings is in the negative because of it. Who is going to put money into savings that generates less than 7 tenths of a percentage point? Citizens won't save and businesses won't borrow with artificially low interest rates, especially now that it is obvious the interest rates are not indicative of consumer savings.

Yet, you bailout Fannie and Freddie and AIG, while letters and phone calls pour in opposed to it. Yet, millions of Americans will starve due to no extension of the unemployment benefits. We all still vote. I don't understand how the congress can have such hubris. I don't understand how you can say you are for Nevadans, 3rd in the nation in unemployment.

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