Sunday, June 5, 2011

College Grads Moving Back with Parents

Obama Doesn't Keep Campaign Promises

By the hundreds of thousands, college students are finally graduating. They are graduating and promptly moving back home.  They had voted for Obama and find that there are no jobs.  For those not in the know about how college works, in the junior year, going into the senior year, the soon to be graduate looks for a company they are going to go to upon graduation.  Any good, or even bad, school has a placement department, which assists the soon to be graduate to find a job.  Even moreso, grads go do internship in their junior year to gain real life job experience.  Those internships allows both the student and the company to vet each other.  That way, when they graduate, they can simply slide right into the company.  This process has also not been happening.

Unemployed College Graduates
The truth of the matter is, Obama promised upon his life that he would bring jobs back stateside.  He campaigned that it was the governments inadequacy that was leading us down the path of being inconsequential and the worst nation in the world, not the best.  Obama promised to lift us out of the oppressive policies of the Bush administration.  He promised that under his administration the economy would bloom.  He asked for some time to turn everything around.

However, as soon as he got into office, it was business as usual. He appointed nearly everyone on wallstreet and the federal reserve into all of the key positions.  For the brief few years he's been in office the dollar has fallen nearly 30% in value, what once took 50 years to do, this man has done in a mere 3 years.  Why is that important?  It means the average worker makes 30% less just in receiving their paycheck, and due to massive inflation, their purchases costs way more.  So not only do you make less, everything costs more and your dollar that 3 years ago could buy you 1/2 gallon of gas, now only buys you 1/3rd of a gallon, if not 1/4th.

So what does that mean to college grads?  It means that employers are no longer going to have opening and tighten their employee ranks.  Massive layoffs, which is still going on, means that employee ranks are shrinking.  We are continuously losing millions of jobs every 2 to 3 months.

2 Million College Grads are Unemployed
Finally, parents and college grads are seeing that the Obama administration is not keeping his campaign promises.  His polls are slipping.  He and news media are doing everything they can to generate some positive PR for the Obama administration, like mysteriously kill a phantom menace like Osama bin Laden, who had a fatal disease 10 years ago.

Obama cannot make it up to college grads who are working at McDonalds.  Obama cannot make it up to the parents who went into debt to put their sons and daughters through college, so that their child can have a better life than them, end up being in debt and not generating anything through that child.  The IDEA of Obama was great, but the execution of his greatness was left in the boardrooms of wallstreet.

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