Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HawthoRNe Starts Tonight


TNT's Hawthorne begins season three tonight with "For Better or Worse." Christina (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Tom (Michael Vartan) barely get through their "I do's" before having to rush off to work because of a neighbor's car wreck. At the end of the day, Christina is beat up badly in the parking lot. Tom convinces Brenda (Anne Ramsay) to do multiple risky procedures to try to save their baby, though Cat (Lauren Velez, Dexter) refuses. The baby dies anyway, and Christina insists on pushing it out, rather than having it removed. Nick (Marc Anthony, now a series regular) hunts, and eventually finds, her attacker. With Christina down, Morrissey (James Morrison) immediately and permanently replaces her as CNO with Bobbie (Suleka Mathew). After learning Bobbie has accepted the position, Steve (Adam Rayner) decides not to propose to her, as he has planned on doing. Candy (Christina Moore) returns to the hospital and delivers her own baby.


The population of Richmond, Va., is 50% Black. It stands to reason that a single black woman living in said city, or even starring in a television show set in said city, might find herself involved with a black man, at least on occasion. Not that she has to, but it just seems plausible. No one bothered to mention that to Jada Pinkett Smith.

Let's retrace the relationship arc of Hawthorne: Her ex-husband and the father of her daughter is white. Cool. Her own on-again, off-again Dr. McDreamy is white. Pattern established -- but what the hell, it's 2011. Then, late last season, a new love interest emerged. His name (in real life) is Marc Anthony. Yep, that one. Granted, he's Puerto Rican, and that does swing the racial pendulum a bit, but we're not quite there yet.

While advocates of interracial marriage and dating might applaud the show, the impact the show has on completely absentee Black Men in the life of a semi-Black woman is quite apparent.  It tells little Black boys and Black men to stay away from Black women, because they don't want you.  Or worse, Black men are so inconsequential as to not even be considered viable as a love interest.  It amazes me that a semi-Black woman, who is actually married to a semi-Black man would not think to even bring the issue up.  I mean, she is the executive producer.  As much as Black people try to run from the fact that we are STILL second class citizens and treated and PORTRAYED as such in EVERY medium - news; sports; entertainment; politics; business; television; movies; magazines, they cannot get away from the inescapable fact - we have to rewrite our dialogue ourselves.

What Does Rewrite Our Dialogue Mean?

Black is Beautiful
Let me bring your clueless mind around to some clarity.  White people write hip hop, rap, videos, magazines, newspapers and books.  Any and all portrayals of Black people in those mediums are written by them and we are cast in the most eggregious light possible.  The only time a Black person is cast in any positive light, is when said Black person is a half-breed.  Let me rephrase that.  The only good Black person is a light skinned Black person, i.e. almost white.  We have no further to look than our very own sitting president.  Do you think in all reality that a Dark Skinned Black man, a pure blood, would ever receive the nomination, let alone win the presidency?  No.  Emphatically no.  There have been numerous Dark Skinned, pure blood Black gentlemen who have run for the highest office and were not even given a cursory look.  I can think of a handful of pure blood Black men who have run for office who were BRILLIANT and never got even the nomination in either party.  Yes, they were both brilliant and experienced and ridiculously awesome speakers. They gave speeches that would turn the heart of satan.  And yet, not even a whimper nor a sigh was heard from the electorate.

So let's return to what is dialogue?  Instead of putting these pure blood Black men in the limelight, white people parade the most egregious representatives of Black men possible.  We only see the Jerry Springer side show freaks as being "Black" on TV.  We hear curse words in "our" music - hip hop / rap.  Lyrics talking about how one guy is going to treat another guy like his whore or worse.  Lyrics talking about how one guy gets nothing but whores and all Black women are whores.  This is the dialogue.  What's worse is 75% of all hip hop / rap music purchases are made by suburban whites.  So the message of what is "Black" is being drunk by these poor white people who think that Black people act / think like this.  This is dialogue.  The reality is, noone Black even wrote the lyrics or scripts.

For use to not be labeled as "angry" "racist" "uneducated" buffoons, we have to remove such ridiculous people form the lime light and show the world:

  • That a Dark Black man can and does love a Dark Black woman.  
  • That a Dark Black man can and does have money and is smart with that money, i.e. not buying cars and houses he can't afford.  
  • That a Dark Black man can and does own a business [ hello, you're looking at one right now ].  
  • That a Dark Black man treats sisters with nothing but love and devotion and expects the same.

Black is Beautiful
Writing our own dialogue means that families like The Cosby Show [ a Black Doctor married to a Black lawyer with Black well grounded children ] needs to be the norm, and not the exception. Writing our own dialogue means that Black businessmen needs to be more seen and heard than Black felons. Writing our own dialogue means that we come to terms with the fact that the Democratic party has sold us down the river year after year after year. Writing our own dialogue means that we need to understand that if Black people are to get jobs, it's going to come from Black businesses, not the government. The largest employer of Black people are Black owned / operated businesses, and noone else.

Writing our own dialogue means we acknowledge that a Black man married to a Black woman has a much lower rate of divorce than any other racial group. Which means, this push Hollywood has going on of portraying interacial couples, is a complete and utter fairytale. For all of you sitting in the audience, saying "let people date whomever they want" you'd be the first one also saying, she shoulda known that wouldn't last. A Black man marrying a Black woman WORKS. Surprised? The most stable couple then is a Black man marrying a Black woman. You say too many Black men are thugs or are in / headed to jail? catch 'em early. I guarantee you the early bird gets the worm.

So Jada Pinkett-Smith's character doesn't want to date a Black man in a town that is 50% Black. The character is missing out. She obviously doesn't know what I know, and now you know.

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