Friday, June 17, 2011

Michael Buble Named in Top 5 Biggest Selling Band by Forbes

Michael Buble in Top 5 Biggest Selling Bands

According to Forbes highest-paid band list, Michael Buble comes in the 5th spot in the top 5 list.  Every year, the mag releases a list of the 25 biggest-earning musicians. Acts that have toured consistently throughout the year tend to make the top spots on the list. The crooner was slightly edged out by the hyper-marketed Lady Gaga.  He came in 5th with $70 Million, while she squeaked by with $90 Million.

Michael Buble Fighting to the Top
Coming in second was Bon Jovi, who made $125 million and Elton John came in third with $100 million after playing a total of 102 shows over the last year.  The coveted number 1 spot was swept again, for the second time in a row, by the band U2 with $195 million after bringing their 360 tour to a close, with the tour itself banking over $700 million.

This year Michael Buble won the Grammy for:

Best Traditional Pop Vocal
Album - Crazy Love
Year: 2011

He is a real fighter.  However, to really win the number one spot he just has to tour much much more.  U2 never too a break.  Literally they played a gig almost every day of the year.  We don't know about their families, and that's probably better left unsaid, but really, who stays away from home for all but 5 days in a year?

But, obviously, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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