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I bet corporate America is laughing their butts off.  I bet corporate America is tickled pink [ no pun intended ].  The entire country is divided over an issue that is not an issue.  The issue?  "Gay" people.  It is now such a hot topic and noone has stopped to ask, why is this even a topic?  Noone has stopped to wonder, how this even became a topic.

The impetus has been placed on "straight" people to conform to the "gay" lifestyle.  In what way?  The straight people must now acknowledge something in the open, that refined people keep unspoken of ANYWAY.  The country is so far removed from being dignified that my previous sentence completely just went over 90% of the country's heads.  Let me explain what it means.  A lady or a gentleman does NOT discuss their most intimate details with anyone.  The entire point of the word intimate is that it is private and only shared with one person.

However, because of the lifestyle of a certain group of people, corporate America has taken upon themselves to vehemently pursue this outing.

Target Market Segmentation

You don't understand? Keep reading.  Here's the conspiracy in a nut shell.  "Gay" people earn more money, save more money and have more leisure money than any other group identified by gender orientation or relationship status.  "Gay" people have no children [ statistically speaking ] to waste money on, and therefore get to keep tons of their money.  Also, because "Gay" people have no children or spouses, they have the time and leisure to dedicate to their careers.  Because of this, they tend to do better at their careers and earn more money than a "Straight" person, burdened with wife and children.  This extra money is what corporate America is after.  So how to get that money:

  • first you must change the mentality of the country so that those indulging in gender activity identify themselves: coming out the close is invented
  • you must change the sentiment of the country so that these newly found gay people are not thoroughly castigated: attempts at passing hate crime legislation is started, based on gender orientation; anti-discrimination laws are changed to include, based on gender orientation
  • you must show the newly found gay people in a positive light: all forms of media portray gay people as being refined and having stereotypes that are good / classy / wholesome
  • finally you must market the hell out of gay specific products based on all of the propaganda put out "for" gay people
The reality is, there is nothing that separates a "gay" person from anyone else on the planet.  They are not a different color, race, gender.  Furthermore there is no biological impetus that has ever suggested that being "gay" is anything other than a learned behavior.  This is according to leading endocrinologists, doctors, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical studies, laboratory studies, top universities.  While many in the national media tries to appease the now highly visible "gay" population by saying it is biological or that they are "born that way", the science is completely and utterly against them.  Being "gay" or "lesbian" means nothing more than a person that indulges in a specific gender activity.

Rules of Market Segmentation

  1. To be considered attractive, a segment must be large enough in size to generate meaningful revenue and also align well with existing or developing company strengths and future growth objectives.
  2. To be actionable, a segment must be sufficiently differentiated from other segments, stable enough over time to justify business planning, and understood well enough in terms of profiling to be accessible through advertising, marketing, distribution, and other targeting efforts.

We want people to recognize when they are being used for profit and gain, and not buy into propaganda put out by people that do NOT have their best interest at heart.  We are all human.  As such, humans, insomuch as the animal kingdom goes, have nearly no institual impulses.  99% of all human activity, except eating and pooping, is learned from one generation to the next.  

We propose that if there were not such a huge gender divide around the world, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, noone would be identifiable as being "gay".  That means that the roles of women and men were not so different, then we would not have people desiring to be women or men.  But, that would take an overhaul of the entire world, now wouldn't it, and it's just a theoretical scientific hypothesis in psychology.  

We're sorry to be the ones to burst your bubble, but the entire "gay" issue is nothing more than labeling and marketing for money. The same thing has been done to Black people in music: identify a sub-segment and market to them. Remember public enemy, PM dawn, and the enlightened Black rap movement? It is all just marketing. The entire Black liberation movement ... supposedly "grass roots" and "underground" was neither. It was started, implemented and organized by huge record labels to sell records. With "gay" people, it's the gift that keeps on giving, everyone can get a piece of the pie: big pharma, clothing industry, music industry, the "arts". If you were to remove all "gay" clientele from those industries, they would all, except big pharma,  probably fail immediately.  Some singers, actors, comedians and theater shows have made 90% of their money off of "gay" people, all the while not even being much of a fan of "gay" people, but their marketing departments sure were.

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