Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apology for Being Away

Sorry, Technical Difficulties

I apologize to you my readers.  I have been away for far too long.  I could not post articles in the format that I wanted, due to technical difficulties, beyond my control.  I tried many work arounds and methods that would seemingly work, if the universe were a logical place.  I have since completely replaced some things and everything seems to be working perfectly now.

I rededicate myself and my blog to bringing you fairly up to date news about: how exactly your government is being used by corporatists;  how police make it a systematic policy to brutalize young Black men; how racism is status quo in the only subject that should matter to Black people - money; how the news is being used to pull the wool over your eyes as to issues they should but aren't talking about, i.e. war versus passing a bill that allows police to come into your house, kidnap you and you not be able to contact a lawyer.

I rededicate myself and my blog to talking about real issues that affect Black people.  I do not think anyone on the net, on tv nor any Black "leader" is talking about - money, finance and our lack of Black-owned business.  Screw a civil right.  If every white person hugged Black people as they walked down the street, we'd still be poor.  If every white person greeted Black people with a hello and smile, we'd still be at the BOTTOM of every economic list and forecast available.  If every white person held the door open for Black people as they entered a white-owned store, we'd still be so broke we can't pay anything.  Civil rights is a dead, stupid and horribly misleading subject.  At the end of the day, you cannot make someone not racist.  At the end of the day you cannot tell a private business they must do such and such, because they can move somewhere where they can do such and such, and not think twice about it.  Most civil rights only apply to government and public entities, not private businesses.  As far as the government goes, I think they have pretty much proven they will hire Black folk.  They are the single largest employer of Blacks in America.  So, no we don't need no mo civil rights.

We need financial education.  We need business education.  We need community cohesion.  We need to buy only Black.  We need to support each other financially.  We need to make it a policy to never be violent against one another.  We need to spend money 90% more often in a Black store than in a non Black-owned store. We need to encourage and open Black-owned stores.  We need tax education.  We need political power education.  We need to learn how the system works.  We need to learn that most of the laws and regulations have been put in place by white business owners who were trying to make sure they got ahead and stay ahead, including jails and other privately owned businesses that we thought were run and owned by the state.  We need to mandate Black set asides for business, NOT minority set asides.  Remember, Koreans, Japanese, Philipinos, Chinese are all "minorities" and they'll take all the set aside money.  We need to learn to not pay attention when someone calls a Black person "RACIST" when we are exercising our political and economic know-how, because guaranteed, that same person made sure his family and kind already did it, if not is about to do the same thing.

We need to stop putting down each other.  We need to retire the word NIGGER. [ you're a sorry bastard if you use that word, PERIOD ]  We need to stop colorism, i.e. half breed Blacks putting down pure breed Blacks.  You had no more to do with being half breed than the pure breed Black had to do with being born pure.  We need to understand that race-ism is in fact a race between ethnic groups, and not just something people use to make you feel bad.  We need to understand that regardless of white people say, 9 out of 10 white people would definitely hire a white person before they ever considered hiring a Black person.  We need to understand that if you look to someone outside of our "race", we will always lose.  We need to understand we must hire each other.  We need to understand that we must educate each other.  We need to educate the younger generation as to what is really going on.  We need to understand that the poorest white person makes more money, nationwide, than a middle class Black person. [if that's not a slap in the face, nothing else will wake you up]

I rededicate myself and my Blog to bringing you and America information on how your constitutional rights are slowly being REMOVED by smiling people like Obama.  I rededicate myself to showing you how Obama and his friends at Goldman Sachs are making sure you CANNOT open up your small Black-owned business.  I rededicate myself to making sure you know that Malcom X look-alikes like Obama are not fighting for your freedom, any of ours, including white people.

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