Monday, June 20, 2011

Heidi Montag Works Out 14 Hours a Day

Heidi Montag Works Out 14 Hours a Day

Heidi Montag is in the news again.  This time it's not for getting plastic surgery, but for losing weight.  How did she do it?  She worked out.  Pure and simple.  Of course the extreme case was that she stayed in the gym overly long, but she did lose 27lbs in only 2 months.  For those who are unsure how fast that is, let me tell you that you should safely lose 2lbs a week if you work out heavily.  Yes, that is 2lbs of permanent weight, not water weight. So at most she should have lost 16lbs.  However, add on to that, that she is already thin.  Why is that important?  because a fat person losing 27lbs is extremely easy.  This girl went from 130lbs to 103lbs.

Heidi Montag at Las Vegas' "Wet Republic"
She stopped by Las Vegas "Wet Republic" and took many pics with runaway bride of Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris.  The two basically had a photo shoot to show off Heidi's new body.  The thing is, Heidi's new body is not bone thin, she is very athletic.  So not only do I think her weight loss was probably very hard won, but also extremely difficult for the last few pounds.  The entire time she was lifting weights, so she was putting on muscle weight, while taking off fat weight.

The end result is a smoking hot body, awesome abs and not an ounce of cellulite to be found anywhere.  While obviously working out 14 hours a day is ridiculous, the end result coming in a short 2 months is amazing.  Many top models and athletes and people in the spotlight workout this much or only slightly less.  This is what the general public is not told.  You cannot have a fantastic looking body, while sitting on your duff all day, nor by only working out 30 minutes twice a week.  It cannot be done.  It takes work, to look "perfect:".

The terrible thing about Hollywood is that very often, stars will not just workout, but get plastic surgery done to their bodies, on top of working out.  So the general public marvels at their bodies, and tries to emulate it, all to failure.  Make sure if you're trying to workout, that you set your visualized goal on a realistic, natural goal, not an unnatural one.

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