Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roger Ebert Censored by Facebook

Roger Ebert Facebook Page Shut Down

Earlier today, the Facebook page of Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert was removed for violating the company's "terms of conditions" following a controversial tweet about Jackass star Ryan Dunn who died Monday in a car crash after posting a photo of himself drinking with friends an hour before the accident.  I did not post anything about Ryan Dunn, because he is not the type of person I would want to promote to anyone. I am sure he was one of the inspirations behind the movie: Idiocracy.

Chicago Sun-Times Critic Roger Ebert
What was the controversy about?  Apparently  Mr. Ebert simply tweeted:  "He drank, he drove, 2 people died."    So what was the big deal?  The big deal was that the friends and family were trying to defend the Jackass, as if he were a well respected member of society, when the reality is, the guy made his life denegrating the very society he lived in, i.e. America.  Here's a guy that contributed to idiot kids killing themselves after watching his antics.  Here's a guy that is one of the people on my list of "those that are contributing to the downfaull of America".  And, the friends and family are trying to defend him, when in the last minutes of his life he posts a pic of him being blasted out of his mind on alcohol?

Facebook Warning After Page Removal
I don't wish death on anyone.  However, because an idiot dies, does not instantly upgrade him to sainthood.  People say, "don't speak ill of the dead,"  however, if you live your life in a certain way, you have to pay the consequences of such living.  So Mr. Ebert called out the facts as he saw them.  For his simple tweet, the entire facebook page erupted into so much vulgar cursing, which to any sane adult's mind shows you exactly what type of scum you're dealing with.

Facebook later restored Mr. Ebert's page, citing that it was a complete error that it was taken down and not due to any controversy over the arguing going on on his page.

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