Thursday, January 21, 2010

Personal Rant: Made in China No No No!

Made in China Equals Crap

I put a very eloquent post about the chinese imports and how the chinese are flooding the market with cheap products. It's done on purpose to lower their currency; maximize their profits. It is called "quality fade." They get a contract from an American company. The American company specifies it wants so many products produced. The chinese company once it is awarded the contract, then goes back and lowers the quality of the materials used to maximize their own profit. The American company fails to inspect the products. And, it has put a LOT of Americans out of both jobs and business. In fact, the more "made in china" crap you buy, the more you are hurting your own brothers and sisters, because they aren't chinese and they do not make made in china crap.

However, this post is a personal rant and it's not going to be eloquent, nor pretty. I have been trying to teach myself how to cook. And, of course when I do something, since I am anal retentive, I go all the way. I have studied recipes, bought the best ingredients and am learning master chef level dishes. My first dish was a baked whole chicken with herbs. My non-cooking mother made a few suggestions, but I had already decided what I was going to do. It came out succulent and juicy. The meat fell off the bone and I browned the skin to a light crisp. Ever since then, I have been hooked on cooking.

What does that have to do with china? Easy! That first chicken was done with throw away aluminium crap. Since then I have been slowly accumulating cookware. In fact, I might have an addiction. One day I do hope to be a restaurateur. And, my plan is to go train under a chef a few years then open up my own restaurant, with me as head chef.

The problem comes in finding quality cookware. For example - I bought a whisk. Of course it was cheap, but I did not pay attention to it. When it fell apart in 2 weeks, I looked and of course it said "made in china". In fact, nearly every "made in china" product I have ever bought fell apart within a few weeks or months. It is not cost effective to even buy something made in china, because it is going to fall apart as soon as it possibly can, so you have to go buy a new one.

In researching my other article, which was for my financial blog, I came across testimonials and findings that the products are intentionally made out of the worst possible materials and put together as cheap as possible, not to sell them cheaply, but so they fall apart and have to be repurchased over and over. Because, of these intentional practices we have a huge trade deficit with china. Don't let anyone fool you. If you buy "made in china" products you're screwing yourself. YOU ARE SCREWING YOURSELF. I'm not even going to get into baby products that was killing babies, from "made in china" crap; or toys that were killing children; or kids getting autism from chinese products.

So, you are getting screwed both ways. Not only are you strapped for cash, but the cheap products are bleeding you of every cent you have because they are going to fall apart as soon as they can.

My new years resolution "DON'T BUY MADE IN CHINA". If I buy something "Made in U.S.A." not only do i get a quality product, but the money STAYS in our economy. Understand that we are pouring billions of dollars out of the U.S.A. We don't need to. We need to buy American where we can.

I am going to decide what I need and make a list of it. Then I am going to save my money and buy one thing at a time. I am going to make sure it is "Made in U.S.A." If it something that would be better purchased together, like a set of something, I'll simply save my money to buy the whole set.

American products have always been one of the best quality in the planet, except cars. We used to export overseas and people were clamoring for American goods. American goods were expensive, but people knew they were quality and were not afraid to buy them. I am not afraid of American made products. Understand that even if something cost double what the "made in china" product costs, you'll never have to re-buy it 15 times.

Remember your mom used to say, "buy the expensive shoes, they'll last you." This is the same principle.

Screw china. Screw made in china. I will never buy a made in china product ever again. If I have to order directly from a company I will. It's more convenient to do that anyway, than to go shopping around smelly unwashed people for 4 hours. I know! I know! I am shallow. But hey, if you wanna go shopping around funky people, go ahead.

I hope and pray that some buyer for a company reads this. Please put a section of "made in America" products in your store and put a sign over it saying that. I would buy everything on that shelf. And, I know I am not alone in this. So many citizens are actively searching for "made in America" products. It is not patriot thing, it is a pocket book thing.

A little searching online revealed items that are "made in America". Notice all of them are top quality items.

  • 8" Chef Knife Made in USA - has a lifetime warranty
  • Cherry Rolling Pin Style Noodle Cutter - Made by the Amish [make your own healthy pasta]
  • Handcrafted Peppermill Made in USA - I mean handcrafted? This is serious stuff. [there is nothing like adding fresh ground pepper to your recipes or food. And it is normally in every recipe, well except baked goods.]
  • Ice Cream Scoop Made in USA - these people just make ice cream scoops. In fact their slogan is "there must be a better way to dip ice cream" 1935.
  • Pots and Pan Set Made in USA - from a company named man pans. Rawr! So manly. Actually 90% of chefs are men and it is considered a man thing to cook. Funny how lower class men think it is a woman's place to be the cook.
  • Loaf Stoneware Made in USA - for baking bread or meatloaf. An entire store of stoneware.
  • Cast Iron Skillet Made in USA - you must have one if you have a kitchen. Good for banking burglars over the head too.
  • Cookie Sheets Made in USA - I made cookies from scratch. I don't understand why you'd buy cookies in a tube and still have to bake them.
  • Pyrex Bakeware Made in USA - this is incredible they have slashed all their prices in half. I'm speechless. I actually didn't know pyrex was made in USA. I just want to buy the entire store. LOL
  • Flour Sifter Made in USA - you would not believe what I went through to find a flour sifter. Once I bought mine and used it, my cookies came out perfect, better than store bought.
  • Cutting Board Made in USA - this thing is so cheap, yet not made in China. In fact, reading over the customer comments, some have had their knives for over 20 years and have passed them on to their children. Now that's quality.
  • Chef Coats Made in USA - I mean, you have to look the part right?

I could go on for days. But, here you have no excuse not to buy American. We still make stuff here. You have to simply decide you want to buy it. In looking over the many manufacturers here in the states I found that the prices WERE NOT more than chinese made goods. Of course the quality items were more expensive, but you get exactly what you pay for. The cheaper items, are probably cheaper because there is no middle men involved in the process. For instance pyrex, you're ordering directly from the manufacturer.

Don't let anyone fool you. Made in China is crap and we still make stuff in America. In fact in doing research for this article I couldn't understand why stores carry Made in China goods. It boggles the mind.

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Anonymous said...

Right on! Home Depot supports made in China products. I purchased a simple item a box of screws . These screws leave tiny slivers of metal, that stick into fingers. Every screw that I used , if I wasn't very careful. Left a metal splinter . I have to wonder , China sold all that dry wall in Florida, that was making people sick just working with it.

Shakaama said...

I'm thinking of making a full blown made in U.S.A website, where people can purchase nearly everything made in U.S.A.

Half the items you buy in stores now, you can't even know where they're made. The zeal at which these people go through to make sure products are not made in U.S.A. is astonishing.

For all of their trying to save money, they are spending well within 2x what they would if they would simply turn around and make them in America.

However, now I read that companies are in a hole and have to order overseas, because contracts have been signed for a very long length of time. Also the federal government comes to bear down upon them to keep their contracts and keep purchasing from china and such.

I believe the scam runs now that if companies were to, en masse, turn around and start back making products in America, it would not only hurt relations diplomatically, but that the dollar would shoot up, which would ruin the global elite. So everyone is beat into submission and tow the party line and stay purchasing Chinese, et al goods.

With outsourcing now being subsidized by the U.S. government, it is now to your disadvantage to hire American workers. And, should you consider that our economic American economy depends on you moving your jobs back to our shores, the federal government will step in and take your company and give it to someone who will ship the jobs back overseas.

It is just that crazy now. Especially now, since we have moved into full blown socialism.

Anonymous said...

Some of what you say makes sense, however the rest is just insane. Americans are not communists and if you chose to open and run a business, then the government won’t take it away and give it to some random stranger just so they can move it to china.

I'm not sure of your education level, but a basic economics class would teach you that we live in a global economy. I too believe everything that comes out of China is crap, but the jobs that the Chinese are doing are low pay jobs that nobody in the US wants. So you can’t say every time you buy from China you are hurting your brothers and sisters, because that’s not true.

Instead of being mad at the Chinese for taking our jobs "that we didn't want in the first place" get mad at India for taking our higher pay tech support jobs. I have a friend that was making around 75k a year working for home as a Microsoft support tech. Two years ago they moved all operations to India. Microsoft saves millions while educated Americans get put on unemployment.

Let’s not stop there, let’s get mad at Japan for building fast motorcycles, or Germany for developing dependable luxury vehicles, and every other country for making a superior product or just because they are willing to do certain jobs cheaper than Americans. It’s not any one country’s fault for the American economy, but the fact that Americans have allowed for these giant conglomerates to form monopoly’s over every major industry and it has come back to bite us in the ass.

The CEO's of these large companies have cut corners in every possible way to line their own pockets with billions of dollars. Then to ensure they are able to continue they lobby Washington and line the pockets of ever senator and congressmen they think might be able to help in the future.

So, if all your saying is China makes crap, then I absolutely agree. However far as our economy the only ones we have to blame is ourselves.

Shakaama said...

I just love the internet. It is full of people who think they know something, to exclusion of all others. In fact, they are so sure they know something that they are positive other people have 3rd grade educations.

Ok, not to belabor the point: SEC regulates all corporations in the U.S.. CEO's have a FIDUCIARY duty to their board and shareholders to make a profit, in the U.S..

Breaches of duty and remedies

Conduct by a fiduciary may be deemed constructive fraud when it is based on acts, omissions or concealment considered fraudulent and that gives one an advantage against the other because such conduct—though not actually fraudulent, dishonest or deceitful—demands redress for reasons of public policy.[32] Breach of fiduciary duty may occur in insider trading, when an insider or a related party makes trades in a corporation's securities based on material non-public information obtained during the performance of the insider's duties at the corporation. Breach of fiduciary duty by a lawyer with regard to a client, if negligent, may be a form of legal malpractice; if intentional, it may be remedied in equity. Clark v Rowe, 428 Mass. 339, 345 (1998) (dicta).

Where a principal can establish both a fiduciary duty and a breach of that duty, through violation of the above rules, the court will find that the benefit gained by the fiduciary should be returned to the principal because it would be unconscionable to allow the fiduciary to retain the benefit by employing his strict common law legal rights. This will be the case, unless the fiduciary can show there was full disclosure of the conflict of interest or profit and that the principal fully accepted and freely consented to the fiduciary's course of action.

Remedies will differ according to the type of damage or benefit. They are usually distinguished between proprietary remedies, dealing with property, and personal remedies, dealing with pecuniary (monetary) compensation.

Constructive trusts
Account of profits
Compensatory damages

ergo, visa vis, concordantly, they can remove you as CEO and place someone in the spot that will transfer jobs overseas and / or contract with china / india / malaysia etc.

Ok, now that that's settled.

As to your fantasy that americans don't want manufacturing jobs and only the chinese want those jobs, what planet are you on? Seriously? The U.S. garment industry, as was seen in New York, led the world. It was gutted and transferred to china. You honestly think those women did not want to do those jobs? SERIOUSLY?

Anonymous said...

I know it's an old post, but THANKS for this, I share your mind big time.

China is the biggest responsible for the plastic oceans, China is the biggest cancer of the earth,

They are good at nothing but making CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP................. I try the most I can to boycott China since 10 years now.

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