Friday, January 22, 2010

Are Intellectuals So In Love With Obama They Can't See the Writing on the Wall

Intellectuals Drinking the Obama Cool Aid

After a full year of the Obama administration, no one can say that we cannot judge President Obama based on his actions. There is plenty of both time and evidence that we can point to as "this is his." All of the inflammatory accusations of the campaign are over and no amount of rhetoric can clear up a clear pattern that is emerging from the Obama administration. When people made their accusations it was always pawned off as "that's just the campaign rhetoric going on." Now a year later we have nothing to pawn off deliberate and open accusations.

Intellectuals are clearly drinking the Obama cool aid and they refuse to see the man for what he is, a corporate shill. Where everyone saw Bush as trouncing on the constitution at every step, everyone looks the other way when Obama does it. Also the two administrations are identical. No one can deny that Bush and Obama policies are one and the same. It makes you wonder what these intellectual yes-men are even looking at, when they try and defend him.

Let's look at the similarities:

  • Both signed bailouts despite overwhelming protests [congress has never had, in its history, as many people contact them against any legislation in the history of the U.S.]
  • Both appointed czars, Obama is still appointing more
  • Both are spying on U.S. citizens by using federal agencies and private companies
  • Both funded faith initiatives for faith based groups, Obama even expanded that
  • God apparently spoke to Bush, and he got flack for that, and Obama doesn't get flack for it
  • Both met privately with religious leaders of all faiths, including Muslims, never done before with the president of the U.S.
  • Both agree with all Zionist policies
  • Both appointed lobbyists and special interest group operators to key government positions, including the secretary of the treasury
  • Both agree with the worst unconstitutional document of the entire history of the U.S. "the patriot act"
  • Both have had protesters sequestered, arrested, stopped, harassed, have had the media publicly humiliate them, labeled protesters as terrorists, and enlisted state police to arrest U.S. citizens for protesting
  • Both have socialized private businesses and nationalized big corporations, however tax payers pay for the bailout but the companies keep all the profit checks
  • Both have been lock and step with each other in every social "reform", there is no difference between the two on social policies from welfare to healthcare, affirmative action to aids, gay marriage to capital punishment, they vote and agree 100% with each other
  • Both men have agreed to support the huge military industrial complex and continue or even accelerate world wide war fronts
Intellectuals like Dr. Lamont Hill, Dr. Boyce Watkins blindly follow and agree with everything President Obama does and says, regardless of the obvious facts that they are unconstitutional or are in favor of big business. Keep in mind that during the Bush administration EVERYONE knew he was for big business. But, for some reason, although Obama is signing into law, daily, legislation that is for big business, none of these intellectuals see this, nor take him to task.

Please note that Obama is supposedly a democrat and Bush was supposedly a republican. Yet, both men have agreed and congress has agreed on every policy that both men enacted. And, both have been courted and prodded to sign legislation that is exclusively for wall street and not for you and me.

You can argue all you want and defend all you want, but the facts are plain for everyone to see. Obama has signed into law exactly the same things that Bush did.

If you are an actual intellectual you can see that his rhetoric is the same as Bush's and he uses the same tactics: present a policy against the American public, that is for big business, yet say it is a good thing for the public.

  1. Obama says he is going to reform health care that is for American citizens - the health care industry and the insurance companies wrote the legislation
  2. Obama says he is going to reform banking - the bankers wrote the legislation
  3. Obama says we need to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight the war on terror - each country has a civil war that has nothing to do with the U.S. and the big contracters pressure the White House and congress to continue and escalate the wars so they make even more money
  4. Obama says we need a stimulus package to keep the economy going and keep consumers confident and buying - the stimulus package went to big businesses and had consumers stopped purchasing and saved their money our economy would have converted back to a producer and creditor nation, and not remained a debtor nation

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