Monday, January 25, 2010

Conspiracy Corner: Stop Blacks From Talking Amongst Themselves

Rush to Judgment Against Blacks

Have you ever noticed that when Black people start talking amongst ourselves that white people always rush to hush us up? Have you noticed the media rushes to label us as racist? Have you noticed that it is the very same white people that rush to hush us up that are completely silent when white people say clearly racist remarks? I have noticed all of these statements are true. I have noticed that if you say a white person is racist that 10 white people stand up and say Black people are racist too. I have noticed however, that their definition of Black racism is a stretch compared to the obvious white racist.

For example hypothetical situation:

Let's say you have a nationally syndicated talk show host that says -

"Black welfare queens sit at home and collect paychecks and have more children on your tab. They are unfit to live."
[please note this is completely false. A majority of the welfare recipients are white, nearly 3 to 1, 61% white compared to 20% Black. Also welfare does cover married couples.]
Conversely let's say you have a Black "leader" that is on a talk show that says -

"White bankers have been targeting and taking advantage of poor Black people in the south. They have been rewriting their mortgages from fixed low rates to adjustable loans with teaser rates that balloon into usury levels upwards of 15%. It is modern day slavery."

In the news the Black "leader" is characterized as making a racist remark and the media is completely silent on the white racist. Clearly the Black "leader" is making a factual statement, vs the white talk show host is just being racist, and he knows the real facts and data.

Now the question is, why is this?

Stop Those Negros from Talking

Clearly had the Indian tribes gotten together and had a massive pow wow, we would not be sitting in U.S.A. today. Clearly the white man would have been slaughtered and kicked out of North America. Regardless of technological differences at the beginning, Indians traded for guns and ammunition. After some time, Indian tribes were as well armed as the white man. However, Indian tribes were kept at odds with each other. Divide and conquer! Time and again Indian tribes were led to believe they had sovereign treaties with the white man, only enough to let their guard down and then be slaughtered by white troops. And, that happened over and over and over and still over and over. Everyone could clearly see that there was a concerted effort to eradicate the Indian tribes off of their own lands. It continues till today. There is a long history and evidence that Indian tribes were the target of germ welfare, i.e. diseases and alcohol. And, to this day Indian tribes keep themselves separate and involve themselves in petty politics. If they would only band together, and gather everyone that is in their bloodlines, they would be powerful today.

I present the story of the Native American history [which I am part native myself] as an obvious and clear evidence of what is going on in the Black population. The one differen ce is that, instead of being just slaughtered, to perpetuate slavery and asuage their own conscious [if they had one] they started categorizing Black people as second class citizens, not human and not fit to live outside the care of white people. Can you imagine the Black freemen of the north? They must have been in shock when that started to happen.

Know the history of America. Black people weren't always categorized as second class citizens. We didn't always have slavery in America. In fact there were Black people on Christopher Columbus' ships. We helped "discover" the Native Americans' lands. Slavery didn't come till like a century later. Not to say that Blacks and whites lived in peace and harmony, but history will show that Blacks were in Europe for centuries before all this Nigger stuff started.

In fact the Moors, who were Black, ended the "Black Plague" by showing white Europeans basic sanitation practices and introduced them to plumbing. Contrary to popular be lief that the Romans or Greeks invented it. Before the moors came, white Europeans pooped in pots and in the morning the maids would come and throw the poop out of the pot right out of the window, onto the street. This is why you have that story of the "gentleman" offering the "lady" to step on his coat which he put over the "puddle". It was not a puddle of water.

When Black people come together, to learn and discuss issues, the white man scoops in and stops it.

Historically Black Colleges

Right now in America there is a huge attack on "Historically Black Colleges." They are being shut down and categorized as racist. Black people are not standing up to these charges. Nor are they armed with facts like:
  • the Black attrition rate as historically white institutions are 90% higher than Historically Black Colleges
  • Black entrance requirements are higher at white institutions, whereas Historically Black Colleges have full remedial programs to bring underprivileged undergraduates up to speed
  • Black student grades are 50% lower at white institutions than they are at Historically Black Colleges
  • Black retention of information at Historically Black Colleges is drastically higher than at white institutions

Just the fact that white institutions will not allow Blacks into their colleges, alone should be enough to stop shutting down Historically Black Colleges.

[this is still regardless of affirmative action. Know your facts and figures before someone tells you affirmative action did away with institutional racism. 20/20 did a piece that showed that Black applicants are still rejected from Colleges, even with the exact credentials of their white, Asian or Latino counterparts. Scientifically gathered data also proved the 20/20 piece correct. Also research into affirmative action shows that removing Black applicants altogether from an application process, only increases the chance a white person is admitted to an institution by 1%. Also, that quite a few "minority" applicants have significantly higher grades and scores than white applicants. Even with affirmative action in place Black applicants are competing for 7% of an admission spot. Of these 7%, only 4% actually join and of these only 1% graduate.]

But, Black folks don't seem to believe in themselves, and they trust that the white man must be telling the truth when he says "this is no longer needed". Clearly shutting down a Black college, and then turning around and not allowing 70% of Black applicants to enter the white institution should send up huge red flags that we need more Historically Black Colleges, not less.

Miss Black America and Miss Black USA

I know, I know, you're saying, there can't be any reason to defend a pageant. I know you're saying, pageants only objectify women. You couldn't be further from the truth. The pageants, still to this day, sets the standard of womanly beauty in America. Clearly the Black woman was never seen as being capable.. yes not even capable, of being an object of beauty in America. So, yes I need to defend the Black pageants. Because everyone has short memories in America, I'll tell you this fact.

Black women were excluded from the pageant systems.

Oh you forgot about that? Whey would you want to be a part of something that excluded you just 30 years ago. That's like Tiger Woods wanting to pay $1 million to belong to a country club that LAST YEAR excluded Blacks. It is like Black people wanting to join the Mormon church that said Blacks were cursed by God and wore the mark of Caine and therefore excluded from being members of their church, until recently. It is just low class and undignified to even join such a system. You have no self esteem if you want to join something that considered you not human enough to belong to it 20 years ago. And don't give me that B.S. "times have changed". No no and no.


That's the answer. Never go to another man for something you can make yourself. Never go begging to another man to accept you, when you can't accept yourself. Accept yourself first, and rest assured the other man will come snooping around, to see what you got.

Unfortunately, and this might just be me, the Black pageant system doesn't have the balls to put up a real Black woman, with natural hair and natural curves. Every single one of them has processed or, worse, fake hair. The whole point of being Black is lost to them. Too often, the Black pageants produce winners that could pass for white women with a tan.


This is taken directly from the Miss Black America website:

The Miss Black America Pageant is proud to celebrate over 40 years of excellence.
Our system is a familiar one to some, a fond, reminiscent memory to others, and yet a new, exciting opportunity for thousands of young, teens and women across the country today.

Founded in 1968 by J. Morris Anderson, the Miss Black America system was developed to reverse the negative propaganda of the Black woman and her role in America. Today, as our nation embraces Black beauty, we remain ever committed to the empowerment of women of color throughout America, representing all of our sisters of the African Diaspora.

And, Wikipedia says:

With all of the progressive changes over the past several years, the pageant is now deemed "racist."

A.K.A. they are trying to shut down the pageant because 6 Black women were crowned Miss America. Yes, 6. It is 2010 and 6 Black women were crowned Miss America and supposedly racism has disappeared all of a sudden. Can you count? Miss America started in 1921. They crown a woman every year. Do the math.

The Miss Black USA pageant is much younger than the Miss Black America, but it is equally a good system that promotes Black womanly beauty.

Taken directly from their website:

The Miss Black USA Pageant and Scholarship Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, recognized under the 501(c)3 code of the Internal Revenue Service. It is the mission of the Miss Black USA Pageant to provide educational opportunities to outstanding young women of color and to develop the "whole woman mind, body, and spirit.

Miss Black USA Pageant celebrates scholastic achievement and believes that education is the key to lifelong success and empowerment. The Miss Black USA Pageant promotes education and leadership by providing scholarships opportunities to its winners.

The Miss Black USA Pageant is a community driven organization and is committed to addressing health and education, two leading social issues in the African American community. The winners of the official "Miss Black USA" state pageants will use her civic platform to promote awareness of these issues during her reign.

These are pretty decent goals. And the pageant winner receives full scholarship rides through college. You can't beat that with a stick. I applaud them completely for that.


Please don't go out like the Indian tribes of America. If someone comes at you saying you're racist for talking to each other, just simply ignore it and carry on your conversation. More than likely, you're talking about something that might change someone's life. More than likely you're saying something that needs to be said. We need to gather together more. We need to come together more. There is no one looking out for our best interest other than us. If a Harvard doesn't let Black folks in, make a Black Harvard. If a Miss America doesn't let Black folks in, make a Miss Black America. If a golf country club doesn't let Black folks in, make a Black golf country club.

And, if you make a Black country club, and the white man comes along and says "you're being racist", just ask him to close all the "white only" country clubs first, before he comes pointing the finger at you.

This fact seems to escape people. Everyone seems to forget the fact that there are still TO THIS DAY many many "white only" institutions and areas. I almost have a law degree and I looked into Black hires in the big boy law firms in New York. Pretty dismal. You can count the Black folks in wall street firms. And they're passed around like the ketchup bottle at Denny's. I did come across a Black law firm that is a major player in the big boy games, Barnes, McGhee, Neal, Poston & Segue.

We as a people will get nowhere if we don't talk to each other. We as a people will get nowhere if we don't come together and do our own thing. The time for looking to the government to aid us or protect us or stand up for our rights is long gone. It is a forgone conclusion that no one but ourselves will aid us. If the white man doesn't want to see us talking to each other, we can simply stop talking in front of the white man. There's no reason to need to talk to someone who doesn't want to be talked to. There's no need to seek acceptance from someone that thinks it is their place to deem who does and doesn't qualify for acceptance. Accept yourself first, and then maybe you can stand on your own two feet.

I'm sure people will deem this article racist. Why? Because I am talking to my Black brothers and sisters and not to them. As soon as you let someone else define what racism is to you, and you don't have the brains to define it for yourself, that's when you lose.

Just remember:
  • Rush Limbaugh makes $30 million a year [if not more]
  • Bill O'reilly makes $40 million a year
  • Michael Reagan makes millions a year
  • Michael Savage makes millions a year
  • Glenn Beck makes millions a year
  • Lou Dobbs makes millions a year
  • John Stossel makes millions a year
Yes and they are all admitted racists. There is no defense for the horrible things they have said, on live national T.V. They keep the racism alive and well. They have millions of viewers and sponsors are falling over themselves to get in on the action.

So if anyone comes at you and tries to quiet you down, pull up that list and hand it to them. Tell them to take care of that list first.

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