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Haiti: How America is to Blame

Haven't We Raped the Only Western Black Country Enough?

From the Washington Post describing Haiti -

destitute, corrupt and now ruined country...
That's right. That's how the major news organizations describe the only Black Western country. I wonder why they would say the country is destitute, corrupt and ruined? Giving them the benefit of the doubt, that they are innocently saying the county is poor - destitute, that the earthquake devastated their capital - ruined, there can be no innocence about calling a country corrupt. It is an insult of the highest order. Now if the country is in fact corrupt, the insult is well placed. Let's explore then if Haiti is in fact corrupt or maybe the Washington Post is trying to conceal the fact that the U.S. is corrupt.

Is Haiti Corrupt?

The short answer is no. The long answer is, Haitians are not corrupt, but the Europeans who hated that Black slaves revolting, and winning their independence, are. In Fact not only did the Black slaves of Haiti overthrow their white European slave owners, but they also then helped nearly all of central and South American countries also overthrow their European oppressors. And, for this, did they receive thanks? No, in fact

"the nation of former slaves was excluded from the hemisphere's first regional meeting of independent nations, held in Panama in 1826. Furthermore, owing to entrenched opposition from Southern slave states, Haiti did not receive U.S. diplomatic recognition until 1862 (after those states had seceded from the Union) – largely through the efforts of anti-slavery senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts."
The first ruler of Haiti, the one to give the country its name, Jean-Jaque Dessalines, overthrew and ousted the French from the country by warfare. Just a scant 2 years later, his 2 advisors conspired and had him assassinated. Wait! Nowhere in any encyclopedia does it tell you about the actual conspiracy. ...hmmm I wonder if these 2 Black men conspired with ??? other Black men? Unlikely! Oh and in the books they say that Dessalines was strict and that the Black Haitians felt as if they were still slaves, due to his militant attitude of everyone should work to maintain the plantations to keep the country's export business going.

A couple of notes here. First of all, there is nothing comparable to being a slave, except being a slave. A free man working his own land to keep the country's economy going, would never feel like a slave. Dessalines immediately declared that no white person could own land in Haiti, and put it in the constitution. Secondly, Haiti had a hierarchy of skin color. White on top, mulatto in the middle and dark on bottom. I am positive that it stuck in their craw that a dark Black man was general and overthrew a European oppressor, to no end. To say that the top two advisers just up and decided to assassinate him would be like saying Judas, disciple of Jesus, just decided to have Jesus killed by himself. It is ridiculous to even suggest it. This dark Black man wielded real power and knew how to make his country successful and profitable. He went from being a slave for 30 years, to ruling the country.

So from the beginning the white man had his fingers stuck in the Black nation. In fact after getting their freedom from France, a later leader, with no spine, agreed to repay France for "loss of property" on threat of invasion. That debt took 125 years to pay off. Fast forward a bit and more cowardly leaders let white men get their fingers back in the Haitian pie. The Germans controlled 80% of all exports in Haiti. America, not wanting the Germans to have so much control, overthrew the country and occupied it, and setup American banks there who have never let go. America later on repeated the same thing, and overthrew a democratically elected president of the country and setup a dictator. Again they invaded to setup a puppet president only after he agreed to everything the world bank and IMF told him to do. America also sent American food products to be sold in Haiti, rice and corn, which was subsidized by our government, which cost 3 times less than what local farmers could sell them for. These products which had formerly had a 50% tariff on them, were slashed down to 3% after threatening the president of Haiti. This drove nearly all of the farmers out of business and left them homeless for lack of money. The entire country became dependent on foreign aid to feed itself.

Is Haiti corrupt? No. The white Europeans and Americans who have raped the country over and over and over have corrupted the 2nd oldest Black nation in the Western hemisphere.

The world then turns around and tries to demonize the country. Calling it corrupt and reporting the horrors of a leader that America put in power to begin with.

Why Was the Earthquake so Bad?

For the scientific explanation we turn to an Al Jazeera meteorologist who explained the tectonic reasoning behind the actual earthquake.
She says the problems are all due to where the Caribbean plate is situated. Haiti sits on a faultline in the earth's crust called the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault.At 4:53 pm local time, the Caribbean Plate slipped against the North America plate, causing a massive tremor of 7.0 magnitude. That was quickly followed by giant aftershocks - at least 28 of them so far. It's the worst earthquake to hit the island in more than 200 years. The capital Port-au-Prince is only 15km from the epicenter of the quake. More than a million people live there, and it has been almost completely devastated according to witnesses. The impact on the surface was apparently made much more intense, because the movement between the two plates happened only 10km below the surface.
Briefly it means that plate America sits on is moving west, the South American plate is moving north and the Caribbean plate is moving east. Port-au-Prince sits squarely in the middle of all 3.

Also, understand something about the measurement of earthquakes. A magnitude is an algorithmic measurement not arithmetic measurement. Meaning, a magnitude 2 earthquake isn't double a magnitude 1.0 earthquake, it is 10 times a magnitude 1.0 earthquake. Also a magnitude 7 earthquake is 10 times a magnitude 6 earthquake. You can clearly see this by the way they note the earthquake magnitude: 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 1.4... etc.

But that is just the scientific reason. There have been hundreds of earthquakes on small islands around the world, an nowhere was there even a 10th of the devastation that there was in Haiti. Why?

Go back and read the top part of this article. Every building in Port-au-Prince was built to a sub par standard. There were absolutely not even one building constructed with steel. Not even basic steel rods.

"You could tell very easily that these buildings were not going to survive even a [magnitude] 2 earthquake," said Cletus Springer, director of the Department of Sustainable Development at OAS [Organization of American States] in Washington.

Much of the poor-quality work can be traced to the grinding poverty pervasive in Haiti, he said. "As we know, the poverty in Haiti lends itself to people building where they want, how they can," he said. "It was our experience, especially coming out of Grenada, that in the poorer countries the construction quality standards are pretty lax,"
So a country that was once one of the richest countries in the west, has been so hammered by the white man, to end up among the poorest.

In the US, Barack Obama pledged $100m in aid to Haiti and said the US would grant "every element of our national capacity, our diplomacy and development assistance, the power of our military and most importantly, the compassion of our country" to Haiti.

I normally don't speak ill of people, but I doubt Obama will lift a finger to actually help Haiti. Oh I'm sure he will sign a pledge of aid to Haiti. But that aid will be in this form:

  • aid goes to buy food
  • food is purchased from American farmers
  • aid goes to buy transport
  • transport is purchased from American transporters
  • aid goes to pay for distribution of food
  • distribution are American workers
That takes care of all the aid. Look, $100 million went to aid Haiti, but somehow $99 million ended up in American hands. Oh you bet I'm being just cynical. No, this is how politics is done. The $100 million isn't free aid, it's a promise to a campaign contributor to get a kick back. U.S. politics has to be the most corrupt in the world. And, you're paying for the aid to begin with. Did you vote to give aid to Haiti? Did you vote on how the aid was going to be paid out? Don't worry, I'm paying too.

So while everyone is crying about Haiti and asking you to donate, why don't you call them and make your pledge and just before they say thanks and hang up, ask them how exactly will the aid be paid out. And, I want you to wait for a detailed explanation including which farm is the food being bought from.

If you wanna rattle some cages, ask real questions. Don't just give your money. Do you mind if 90 cents of your dollar goes into some big corporations pocket? I damn well do.

Finally, there is not one real news organization that will stand up and call a spade a spade. Haiti isn't corrupt. Haiti is in the grips of white power. White power has raped and pillaged the country and made it pay over and over and over for daring to get its independence from white people. 25 years ago, Haiti fed itself and no white power had a foothold in their agriculture. 25 years later the entire country cannot feed itself. 25 years later Haiti is the largest importer of American rice IN THE WORLD. 10 million people import the largest amount of rice grown in America out of the entire billions of people on the planet.

You want to help Haiti? Instead of buying food from American farmers, buy the food from their own Haitian farmers and then hire those same farmers to distribute the food. THAT would be actual aid to Haiti.

Is Haiti corrupt? No. We are.

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Leslie Fraser said...

Interesting read. But I think you assume a few things that aren't actually so. One example, Haiti couldn't really feed itself 25 years ago and can do less so now, not because of "white power" but more because they have 50% of their population 16 years and younger (HUGE population jump). Also most of their land is unfarmable due to poor teachniques and management that has striped the soil of nutrients. also thay have 9 million people living off that finite small space...these things are just a few of your assumptions that can't be entirely blamed on whites. You seem very agry and like you have a set agenda, too bad you can't work past that to do some good.

Shakaama said...

No Leslie I made no assumptions. It is not my style. I read report after report, read news casts, saw documentaries... on and on. They all agreed on the 25 year mark. Not only were they able to completely feed themselves, but was still considered one of the richest countries in the west still, from colonial days all the way up to 25 years ago. Their export industry was still booming and they had their own international commercial bank, under their own control up until about the 30s to 40s.

Also you say that the land was unfarmable, it is just completely false. Again, report after report tells of how rich the land was. There were reports about erosion going on, but that was not in the farming areas.

Due to western dumping of cheep foodstuffs on their shores, farmers were driven off their land and knowingly forced into cities to work in sweat shops. That is a direct quote from one of the reports I read, which I didn't even include in the already long post.

I am neither angry, nor have an agenda. Also, I didn't just jump up and do a piece on Haiti. I was going to do this piece for weeks. In fact, I did a piece on Haiti before, if you search through my archives.

Thank you for reading and your comment though :) God Bless.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shakaama....the only thing apparent,and if you do any real research that doesn`t involve one-sided stories, is that even though these black folk overthrew the European gov`t...they still can not successfully run a country without scamming and ripping off their OWN people and keeping them down. Blacks as gov`t worldwide are just not smart enough and capable enough to run countries or take on any power whatsoever with corruption and disaster. Enough with the blame already. The reason Europeans were able to control the world is not because of our "brutality" (because we ALL know how brutal other races are). It`s because we are far more brilliant, driven, and powerful in every way. If you are not powerful enough to control and defend your will lose it. Enough with the white guilt. Less people than you actually think will buy that garbage. May god bless YOU.

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