Monday, January 11, 2010

World of Warcraft: Best Hunter Advice Evaaaaar!!!

10 Rules of Being Da Bestest Huntard

Hunters seem to need more advice the most out of any of the classes of World of Warcraft. No class is as complicated to play than a hunter. They have nearly every armor type they can wear, excluding plate mail. They can wield nearly every weapon in the entire world "of Warcraft". And, they have to concentrate on nearly every state in the world "of Warcraft." It is obvious that with such diversity that it is confusing of how to be da bestest huntard. Not only are those basics confusing, but there is even more. They do most of their damage from their ranged slot item, unlike other classes. They have melee weapons that sit there unused for most of their hunter life. So those two slots of melee weapons need to be da bestest they can possibly be. Now add in that they are responsible for keeping a beast at their beck and call, who also does damage. This beast they have, they have to train to do tricks and give talents to, on top of their own talents. Finally, they have to armor themselves and understand how to shoot so many shots all in a few seconds. Luckily, they can fall over and pretend to be dead if they ever get in trouble. Doing so much damage all at once, they get in trouble a lot.

So here is the advice and rules for being da bestest huntering:

  1. the first rule of huntering is to roll a hunter. If you iz not a hunter, you iz doing it wrong.

  2. the second rule of huntering is to bathe the pet. Guilds do not like smelly pets and will not invite you to raidz.

  3. don't forget to be hunter. I cannot stress how important that part iz.

  4. the third rule of huntering is "every weapon is huntard weaponz" The more spell powerz on a staff, the better. It probly is for you. I mean why would the healer want it, if it weren't awesome. They just want to steal it from you. Those bastards!

  5. make sure you roll a hunter. All of this good advice will not work if you're not a hunter.

  6. the fourth rule of huntering is "if a druid rolls on it, you should roll on it" just to be safe. If you're wrong and it's some silly healer plate mail item, you can always vendor it later for cold hard gold.

  7. the fifth rule of huntering is "if the mob leaves the tank to attack you, shoot it some moar". I mean, when itz dead it can't hit you any more. AMIRITE?

  8. the sixth rule of huntering is if you're only shooting 3 mobs, send your pet to get moar mobs. I mean, the more the merrier. And then you can show off your super leet Volley Shot AOE [area of effect] shot, that does ridiculous damage. The best way to do this is to put your pet on aggressive to attack anything it sees.

  9. the seventh rule of huntering is if anyone in your party is doing more damage than you, they must be cheating. I mean, all you do is damage, so you're the king of damage. If anyone else, who isn't the king of damage is doing more than you, then that should send a red flag up, that they are doing something wrong. Report that immediately to a GM. As a follow up, post it on the Blizzard message boards and complain vehimently, to make sure it is taken care of in the next patch. As a final follow up, go onto the test realms and tell the GM's there. Clearly, they didn't realize the impact of it and it is not a part of the vision that anyone should be doing more damage than a hunter.

  10. The tenth rule of huntering is you must constantly test your party, to make sure they are worthy of playing with you. As such, make sure you cast misdirection onto the healer. This way, if you agro any mobs, they will go to the healer. The healer is the ideal candidate for this because... they heal. If they cannot heal themselves, who can they heal. They aren't worthy of being with you, if they cannot handle that. Next, while everyone is resting and drinking and eating, go and get more mobs. If they cannot handle a suprise attack, they aren't worthy of being with you. Make sure you feign death if they come to attack you. Why should you suffer if your party isn't worthy of you. Next, test each shot individually, to make sure your party can handle minimal damage output from you. If they wipe because you are doing your minimum, then they aren't worthy of you. If they can, imagine how great you would seem if you did your maximum damage.

With such a complicated class, it is no wonder there are so many questions for huntering. I hope these rules make you da bestest huntard evaaar!!!

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