Friday, January 22, 2010

Senator Harry Reid Could Lose His Senate Seat

Senator Harry Reid Running Scared

Normally the senate majority leader position is something that someone would have to die for you to get it. Not so for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In a state that is 2nd in the nation in foreclosures, 2nd in the nation in unemployment, first in the nation in Black male unemployment and a 33% uninsured health care population, Senator Reid's lofty time ignoring his constituency is up for grabs.

Senator Reid like most congressional leadership, has all but ignored his constituency. With the dramatic win of republican senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, the writing is on the wall for Democrats. The democrats road in on the upsurge of hate towards Bush, but now that the dust has settled, everyone realizes how much the democrats do not listen to the public.

During both administrations, Bush and Obama, the public overwhelming has been against the bail outs. Calls, emails and letters flooded the offices of congress, to tune of historic proportions asking, threatening and begging them NOT to vote for the bailouts. Both times our congress, and both presidents, voted the bailouts into law. Senator Reid voted for the bailouts as well. And, the bailouts went straight to wall street. So bad and corrupt were the bailouts that it came to light that language was taken out of the legislation to protect taxpayers by limiting company bonuses if they received bailout money. Chris Dodd was key in taking that language out of the legislation. When the company bonuses came to light, congress' hand was revealed. They were all firmly in the back pocket of Wall Street.

I myself received many emails urging me to support my congressmen and senators of Nevada, with an hidden message of "don't protest just go along with the flow." Reid and all of the rest capital hill did not understand the demonstrations and protests at the town hall meetings. Their spin doctors kept trying to say it was a radical republican thing. However, they had no answer when republican senators and representatives received the same protests. Their own spin doctors did not prepare them for what was coming.

With the win of Senator Scott Brown, the democrats have tried to spin it. But, in a state that has been democrat for... all of my life, to go republican is a slap. Not only is that state strongly democrat, but is the most literate, the most intellectual, has one of the highest employment rates. There is no way to put this in a good light for democrats. And, the Scott Brown campaign was easy and straight forward: he ran on old fashioned republican platforms - small government, lower taxes etc.. Obviously the whole Chris Dodd, more government, more taxes is not what the middle class wants. The corruption of the Hill is obvious to everyone with eyes.

With Senator Reid's defeat, the democrats will be reeling and be unable to recover.

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