Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lazy Police or Bad Cops

False Accusations

[I am not going to sugar coat this. I do not know of a live, working cop that is not dirty, criminally guilty of something, nor an upstanding citizen. My evidence shows all current working state and local police are criminals and should be prosecuted. My evidence also points to the fact that a vast majority of cops are uneducated to the point of being virtually illiterate. My evidence also points to the fact that a vast majority of cops have mental conditions that renders them unstable and a danger to hold a gun.]

Everyone has a tremendous fear or respect for state and local police. Those that respect the police however, I think are mongering on an era long past. That era saw a prosperous economy and even the poor did not go without. We are going back to the 20's. That era is long gone, where cops were there to protect the innocent. Cops were there to stand as a shield against a rain of bullets. Those that fear the police are equally in error. They do not see police as human and see nothing but the badge.

The reality of both situation is that the cops of today are a corrupt organization of individuals hell bent on thieving as much money as they possibly can from every person they can get their hands on. They are worse than the mafia. They do absolutely no police work. They have absolutely no protection agenda, of times long gone. As an arm of the state, they serve only to tax the citizens through the force of law and fines. Most violations on the books today, serve no other purpose than to fill the dirty coffers of the city and state. Other than capital crimes, no laws on the books serve to protect the very citizens they are fleecing. Even the mafia provided a better environment to live in than the dirty police departments that are the walk of the land these days.

Finally people are realizing that their own constitutional and civil rights are attempted to being buried by the very police that take an oath to uphold and preserve them. People are coming to terms with the fact that police are more prone to shoot, taze and gas a citizen they are trying to fleece, than a criminal they allegedly want to apprehend. Countries from the outside looking in shake their head at the utter disregard for human life that U.S. cops show towards their own citizens. Cop murdering and beating citizens in custody is on the rise. Cop murdering and beating completely innocent citizens is on the rise. And, because everyone runs in fear of police, no one is bring to task this filthy institution.

Entire Police Departments Dirty Nationwide

We have created a monster, no one wants to take out. We have created our own legal mafia, that not even the F.B.I. will take on. Governors and mayors alike will not fire police chiefs they know encourage their officers to beat and murder citizens. Judges will not put the same equal measure of the law against cops they know do not deserve to hold a gun, let alone the authority of the badge.

I have interviewed several retired and disgruntled policemen. These men were fine upstanding police officers, who took their oath of office seriously. Every one of them are disgusted with what is called police today. Every single one of them admitted and verified that police beat and murder and are encouraged to do so, citizens they get their hands on. Every single one of them felt they were incapable of changing this, due to the massiveness of this corruption. From the chief on down, they said the police are filled with nothing but thugs, drugs dealers, lawbreakers, hitmen and the very types of scum that should be behind bars. They said there is no police work going on at all in this day and age. I cannot convey their disgust and vehemence enough through these words, as they were told to me in those interviews. And, they were willing to give them, ready to give them and happy to tell me down to the last detail of what a gross miscarriage of justice that is being perpetrated as police departments of today, is going on.

I was struck by how many games, songs, raps, movies and t.v. shows, show cops being killed and or maligned and no one bats an eye. There was a time when such a thing would never be shown. If I say the chickens are coming home to roost, would you understand? In my city of Las Vegas, you may research this and look it up, cops did: drive by shootings; gangland style murders; burglaries; gunning down citizens; and drug running. To this day, nothing was done to the departments. There were no federal investigation. There was no F.B.I. oversight to serve as an interim police department while they fired everyone and hired new officers. In fact, they hired more unqualified people to collect a paycheck on the force.

Dirty Cops Ruin Lives

Let me give you a real life, worse case scenario of just awful police work:

A black friend of mine told me his own father was sent to prison for 5 years, for robbery with a deadly weapon. His father had been sitting eating in front of a 7-11, with him, age 6. While the two sat eating the store was robbed at gunpoint and a clerk was fired upon. The police showed up to the scene removed my friend's father from the car and beat him to bloody mess, in front of the child. Mind you, the father was an electrician, still in uniform, with identification, tools and all evidence pointing to him doing exactly what I described, eating with his son after work. Also, no gun was found in, nor around the vehicle. Yet they sent him to prison for 5 years. Of course, once this reached a judge with an ounce of gray matter between his ears, it was obvious and clear that my friend's father had absolutely nothing to do with the robbery. Once it was proven, beyond a doubt, that it was not him, the state had to pay his father $75,000 per each year spent in prison, with interest. However, my friend's, his brothers', and father's lives were all ruined. The boys were sent to foster care in the worst possible neighborhoods and both came out in the worst possible way. What is even more sad, is that at age 14 the younger brother of my friend played and beat team members of the L.A. Clippers. Talk about shoddy police work.

We need to close departments down. We need to remove from service these police that feel they can brutalize citizens they have in custody. We need more qualifications for people to become police, not less. We do not want every Tom, Dick and Harry that applies to be able to hold a badge and a gun. A famous friend of mine said he saw several former drug dealers working for the federal government as well. He said they were still doing their same activity. The police need to be jailed that do crime. The police need to get the death penalty if they are murdering people just as common criminals do. Never should a uniform protect you from your due punishment if you are doing criminal activity. And, I am not talking about Wall Street people that can explain that they had no part in a wrong doing. I am talking about police pulling a trigger they have put to a man's head. I am talking about a 250lb man beating and sodomizing 16 year old boys. I am talking about armed men jumping into an unmarked car and shooting up a citizen's home. I am talking about eye witnesses confirming these were police officers doing this, not hearsay. I am talking about former cops telling what they saw first hand, not hearsay.

Shut down these police departments and sue the state for running a racket with these tickets that are nothing more than taxation without representation nor legal authority. I was having a conversation with several people about a jay walking ticket price. One person said they were fined $400.00 for jay walking. That, my friend, is not a ticket. That, my friend, is not something to protect you from crossing the street into oncoming traffic. That, my friend, is the city and state trying to rob you blind. That, is worse than sheriff of Nottingham stuff. Even the mafia had the decency to collect little from those with little and a lot from those with lots.

And, the mafia knew what was going down; what doing it; who did it; who ordered it; and how to stop it, if it needed stopping. These police do no police work. They are criminals without an ounce of sense. They need to be shut down; thrown in jail and run out of town.

Police should not be something you run away from. Police are supposed to be someone you run to... for help. And, don't get me started on the racism within their own departments, police shooting police because of the color of their skin or nationality or religion. Oh, I guess you thought I didn't know about that too. I am telling you. I know the scoop and these people need to go. If police are making at the low end $60,000 / year, they need to all have college degrees. That should be a minimum requirement. Let's see if we can't get a better breed of humans, with an education requirement in there.

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