Friday, January 22, 2010

Was Senator Reid Behind Indicting His Biggest Opponent on Criminal Charges?

Senator Reid vs Lt. Gov. Krolicki

From the beginning, the case brought against Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki of Nevada was known to be politicized, days after he announced running against Senator Reid. In fact some of the members of the audit committee that knew the facts from beginning were shocked actual charges were brought against him. The person that brought those charges? Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto! But, who is Catherine Masto and how does Harry Reid fit into this? Anyone familiar with Nevada politics knows Catherine Masto as THE rising democrat star in Nevada politics. She won where no democrat had ever won before. Is it possible that this star, in this position, could hand Reid safety when polls had already been showing signs of impending doom for him?

The charges against Lt. Gov. Krolicki and Kathy Besser, who was Krolicki’s chief of staff when he served as state treasurer and is now his chief of staff in the lieutenant governor’s office, arose after the 2007 audit of a $3 billion dollar, state-run college savings program. No state funds were reported missing, but Krolicki was accused of ignoring state rules in spending and bypassing budgeting rules. What is perplexing is that Krolicki used the state attorney's office as advisers how to distribute the money. It is this last point that raises suspicions among many politicos in Nevada.

Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, chairwoman of the audit committee when the College Savings Program was under review, said she “was surprised when formal charges were brought forward, given that audits are used to find problems and focus mostly on getting them fixed.”
Now given the fact that Lt. Gov. Krolicki was using the attorney general's office as advisers, and investigators into the funds were not particularly alarmed as the dispensation of the funds, is it hard to fathom that there may have been a deal to offer up Krolicki's political career to Harry Reid from the democrat star of Nevada? In my opinion that is exactly what happened.

“I think the attorney general, at the very least, owes me an apology,” Besser said. “Catharine Cortez Masto should be ashamed of herself and what she allowed her office to do.”

After the dismissal of the charges by judge Valerie Adair, it came out that even the democrat base had concerns as to how Attorney Masto was conducting herself. They are concerned that she was very aggressive in her tactics. Later it was found out that her, Attorney Masto, husband was to hold a fundraiser for one of Krolicki’s Democratic opponents for the lieutenant governor’s seat. Clearly this woman is rotten meat. Republican contenders to the Attorney General position are coming out of the woodworks.

With all of these facts, it would have been prudent that this woman kept quiet. Her position is a political one at its core. What could have compelled her to throw her own political career away? What pressure could have been brought against her to pursue a man in a case where the facts were not in her favor from the beginning? Why would she bring charges in a case she knew was false and that she could not win?

This stinks of politics more than any other case in the history of cases. Senator Reid's polls were already showing a great decline. Congress in general were only marginally ahead of Bush's approval rating. Senator Reid is no fool. He and his campaign managers knew that finally there was a serious threat that his seat could be in jeopardy. Obviously removing the top contender that had won 3 statewide elections was of utmost importance.

Now, with the win of Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, the hand writing is on the wall for democrats and especially for Reid. Nevada is 2nd in the nation for foreclosures, 2nd in the nation for unemployment, first in the nation for unemployment amongst Black men, and 33% of the population is uninsured healthcarewise. Reid has all but ignored the wishes of voters in Nevada and will pay the ultimate price for his arrogance. His offices have received time and again overwhelming response in opposition to bailouts and other legislation, all to no avail. They fall on deaf ears.

In my own political opinion there can be no other explanation for Krolicki's woes other than Senator Reid wanting him out of the way.

But, that's just my opinion.

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