Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School Takes in Juvenile Delinquents and Does Nothing: Shocking Success

Could You Be Feeding Your Child a Ticket to Jail

Here's the setup.  Problem children who have had a history of acting up and being kicked out of several schools are taken to a special high-school.  There are no meetings.  There are no group sessions.  There is no counseling for the children.  So how is it that the school has no security guards nor any problem out of the children?

Diet and Your Child

What the school did do was completely change the student's diets.  All students eat fresh vegetables from local farms.  They eat fresh fruits and fresh meats all locally grown.  They cannot eat any candy, nor chocolate, nor chips, nor soda.  The result is astonishing.

They interviewed several of the children and they were all very well mannered and behaved.  They asked if they wished to cause trouble and they said, "I feel no need nor see a reason to act up.  I love it here."  The headmaster was very proud of the school and knew that real food was the key to 100% of the problems.  None of the kids were late for class.  All of their grades improved.  They paid attention in class and turned in all of their homework.

For their part, the administrators did not impose any draconian regulations on the students, as is done in regular public school.  There was no dress code.  The children were not forbidden to do much of anything.  There really wasn't a need to.  The children just did what they were supposed to do.  Everyone dressed modestly and were even respectful of each other.

[sorry I don't have the information of the school's name at this time.  I'll update you all later.]

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