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What to do If Your Car Has Been Towed

What a Notary Can do to Help If Your Car is Towed

Sometimes it just happens. You are at an event with thousands of people and there is no parking, anywhere. So you park in an alley, thinking it's out of the way and you can get to it easily. You come back later and it is gone. You receive a text message that your car has been towed or the shop owner next to the alley informs you that "there's no parking in my alley, it's for deliveries only." Funny that there's only deliveries at 9a.m. on Tuesdays, but what you gonna do.

Here is some very helpful information from a notary public in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pay close attention to the details, as they could literally mean the difference between a painless process and a very painful process. It goes without saying that towing your car, without your permission and then requiring you to pay to get it out, is not only vindictive but borders on fraud in quite a few cases, not only by the person that ordered the tow, but the towing company and the city. In not too few cases, people's cars are towed quickly so as to maximize profits from towing by the city.

If your car has been towed, Hatcher Notary in Las Vegas, Nevada can assist you with the following:

  • preparing Letters of Authorization to have a second party pick up your vehicle, and/or
  • notarizing your Letter of Authorization.
Some questions that arise in these circumstances and Frequently Asked Questions are: Why might your car end up being towed or impounded? If your vehicle is impounded what should you do? How can you get your car out of impound?

We at Hatcher Notary Public, hope that you never experience having your vehicle impounded, or towed. But, we are here to help you, in the unlike event that your vehicle is towed.

Suggestions from the owners of Hatcher Notary: if you own a vehicle, remember the following will keep you out of trouble

  • keep a valid Drivers License
  • keep active insurance on your vehicle
  • obey traffic laws
  • drive defensively
  • be cautious where you park your vehicle
  • do not loan your vehicle to non-licensed / non-insured drivers

We will discuss below, some of the most common reasons vehicles are impounded, and what action one should take in case their vehicle is towed.

  1. Parking in a location where it is illegal for you to park. In most cases, a parking violation will cause you to simply get a Parking Ticket, but on rare occasions, your vehicle may be towed away, and impounded. It will then be the owner's responsibility to find out where the vehicle is located, and what it will take to get the vehicle back.
  2. The driver of a vehicle is pulled over by a police officer and the officer discovers that the driver of the vehicle has no valid Drivers License. If there is NOT a second person in the vehicle who has a valid Drivers License, the vehicle may be towed.
  3. An individual is pulled over by a police officer and the officer discovers that although the driver has a valid Drivers License, the vehicle has other illegal problems. The vehicle may be towed.
  4. A vehicle which is parked at the right place, at the "wrong time". Forx example, the vehicle is found to be obstructing street cleaning equipment. It may be towed away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Towed Cars and Notary

How to reclaim a vehicle which has been impounded?

A. Who can pick up my vehicle?
  1. The registered owner may pick up the vehicle, with valid Driver License and proof of insurance
  2. The vehicle may be picked up by another person authorized by the owner to go to the Depot and claim the vehicle. This requires a Notarized Letter of Authorization, from the Registered Owner to the second person.

B. What type of Identification must the person picking up the vehicle have?
  1. The person picking up the vehicle on behalf of the Registered owner, must have a valid Driver's License
  2. The notarized Letter of Authorization
  3. Proof of valid insurance in his possession

C. What type of documentation must the registered owner have, before initiating a Letter of Authorization to a second party?
  1. Documentation bearing the vehicle Vin Number, and proof that he/she is the registered owner.
  2. Valid Identification for the notary.

D. Who may prepare a Letter of Authorization to have the vehicle picked up from impound, by a second party?
  1. The registered owner may prepare the letter him/herself, and take it to a Notary Public to have his/her signature notarized.
  2. The Notary Public may assist the registered owner in preparing a Letter of Authorization, requesting the vehicle be released to the second person, other than the registered owner, and the Notary Public may then notarize the signature of the registered owner. Again, a vaild identification is required.

E. When the authorized person goes to the Impound to pick up the vehicle, what should he/she have on his person?
  1. The notarized Letter of Authorization from the registered owner
  2. Valid Drivers License
  3. Proof of insurance
  4. Required fee to reclaim the vehicle

F. What forms of payments will the Impound company take?
  1. Call the impound company and verify, but normally they should accept: cash, or most credit cards.

G. How long do I have to claim my vehicle from the Tow Company, once it has been towed?
  1. We suggest you pick up the vehicle as soon as possible, like the next day
  2. Pick up your vehicle not more than ten days after the tow
  3. Please, check with the company holding your vehicle for details, pertaining to how long they will hold the vehicle for you

H. Could I permanently loose my vehicle, after it is towed?
  1. Yes. If you do not claim your vehicle, within the allotted time, it could eventually be sold at auction.

Please note: The above mentioned information are suggestions to the viewers of this web site. If your vehicle has been towed for any reason, please contact the impound company holding your vehicle for directions on how to claim your vehicle. Thank you.

I. Suppose I don't know to where my vehicle was towed?
  1. If the registration in your vehicle is valid, you should be notified with a few days as to where your vehicle was taken. Or, you may call the appropriate authorities and locate your vehicle.
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