Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ave Maria Guarani: by Ennio Moricone from The Movie "The Mission" (video)

Ave Maria Guarani

[ I present this for posterity.  This is one of my favorite movies and the soundtrack is just Godly to me.  Here is a very sad and soulful rendition of Ave Maria done by the Guarani Indians of South America, who were conquered by the conquistadors and were savagely raped, beaten and burned.  All the while the church stood by and gave their consent to all of this.  Yes, including the pope and the Jesuits.  Don't misunderstand, I blame not the church, but I do blame the men.  Not every Catholic is evil, nor is every Jesuit.  But, surely every conquistador was evil.  What do you call rape, pillage and plunder for self greed and throwing the church and the crown some morsels so they [the pope and crown] don't slaughter you [the conquistador] themselves for being insolent.  It was greed, mixed in with politics.]

Ave Maria Guarani Lyrics

Ave Maria
quae nos Deo coniungis
Inter hominum
electa universi
multitudinem memorares
ne obliviscaris naturam tuam
at Deo restituax
nos dilectos
Cum nobis panem fregit
Cum nobis panem fregit
Cum nobis panem fregit
Sancta Maria
nobis doceas
Ut omnibus
assentiamus cum humilitate

[I am not 100% on those lyrics. I had a translation, or shall I say, a direct copy of the lyrics years ago, and they were different. However, when listening to the song while reading the lyrics they do seem to fit. The original was supposed to be a mixture of Guarani and Latin.]

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