Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Look 25 When You're 40

W Magazine, E! and Vogue Carry the Ground Breaking News of an Effective Anti-Aging Creme

Shop - Amazing Skin Care ProductsA doctor, turned BBC investigative reporter, gets a huge surprise while investigating anti-wrinkle treatment claims. It caused a stampede in London, and stores in Europe are sold out months in advance.The BBC broadcast of anti-wrinkle clinical trials conducted by Manchester University was the cause. A peptide-based, anti-wrinkle cream was compared with competitors as well as prescription only treatments. Incredibly, the very peptide in Skincubed's< Clinical Age-Defying Crème not only outperformed other over-hyped creams, but also was found to be more effective than prescription treatments at repairing sun damage and decreasing wrinkle depth. Keep reading to discover why this moisturizing treatment is so amazingly effective....

All Gain and No Pain

Prescription topical treatments and even peels work by literally burning the top layer of the skin. In response to the trauma, our bodies healing mechanism kicks in and boosts collagen production. These harsh treatments cause pain, sensitivity to light, peeling and dry skin for weeks. Most patients aren’t allowed to even step outside for days because any sun exposure could seriously damage already traumatized skin. However, there is a better way! In a groundbreaking university study, the peptides in Clinical Age-Defying Crème have been shown to be more effective than the painful prescription treatments at boosting collagen production and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The best part, our peptide blend has absolutely no side effects even when used on the most sensitive skin. The Clinical Age-Defying Crème, by weight, is a 12% peptide blend. That is approximately 5 times more peptides than any other treatment on the market making it by far the most effective.


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