Friday, December 31, 2010

Why Miss Black USA and Miss Black America are Actually White

Miss Black USA / America are White

Let's take a peak in on the Miss Asian USA pageant right quick.  I'm in a balcony seat at the very back.  Being very dark myself, I blend in perfectly in the unlit auditorium, like a ninja.  Unlike other pageants, every contestant has to know poetry.  The best one was performed by Miss Okinawa, who recited a Haiku.  It said something about a cherry blossom withering in the winter.  While I couldn't understand the Japanese exactly, I understood that it was talking about the current economy in America.  She nearly received a unanimous standing ovation from the audience.  Another section of the pageant was the traditional fashion.  The Miss Tokyo contestant came out in 12 royal kimonos and had a simple ribbon at the very end of  her waist long hair.  It was elegant and simple.  Not to be outdone by her, Miss Beijing came out in a imperial dress, but her hair was the show-piece.  It was in the ancient imperial head dress of nearly 2,000 years ago.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  Everyone danced in some traditional way and for their modern segments they always tied in their heritage with American history.

Fast forward to the Miss Black USA pageant.  I am simply dumbfounded.  Other than having a slight tan, it looks, feels and acts exactly like the Miss USA pageant.  Where you felt swept away to a different place and time, in the Miss Asian Pageant, the Miss Black USA pageant was nothing more than a watered down copy of the Miss USA Pageant.  Where the speech, dress and hair were firmly rooted in tradition and aboriginal heritage of the Asians, in the Miss Asian USA Pageant, the Miss Black USA Pageant bends over backwards to make sure you forget that the contestants are Black.  In short, there is nothing Black about the Miss Black USA and Miss Black America Pageant.

Now I ask you, dear reader, why would they feel so compelled to make their own Black pageants, only to turn around and make sure you felt like you were looking exactly at the white pageants?  There is no celebration of being Black.  There is no celebration of the history of Blacks in this country.  There is absolutely no ties to being Black in these pageants.  I remember years ago a contestant was booed off stage for daring to quote a "free the slaves" poem.

Also, the contestants do not look Black.  Except for a few Dark women that slip through the cracks, for the most part they are all super super super mixed with white blood.  One would think that going to an all Black pageant, that you MIGHT see a Black lady on stage somewhere.

Also, contestants all have long, straight, fake, weaved hair.  For this to be the epitome of Black beauty, apparently Black hair is not.  The few times I have seen the pageants, there wasn't an afro in site, except for the janitor mopping up a spill down the hall, and myself [of course].  For all of these magazines, websites, and shows talking about "going natural" the Black pageants certainly are staying the hell away from it.

Also, contestants, are all anorexicly shaped.  Like their white counterparts, the Black beauty contestants are all underweight for their height.  Regardless of the countless calls outside of the industry to stop making that "look" be the standard of beauty, the Miss Black USA and America pageants continue it, just like the white pageants do.  Not that I've taken a poll, but Black men, whom I GUESS the pageant is for, do not like thin looking women.  I could be wrong, but from my experience, a "woman with meat on her bones" is considered the epitome of beauty to Black men.  What's strange is, they DID do such a poll for women, and found that women do not want a skinny NOR 6-pack abs having man.  They found that women prefer men with a bit of gut and meat on his bones.  Also, I am no anthropologist, nor biologist, but I believe Black women tend toward carrying more meat on their bones than white women.  I am not saying they are fat, just that they are not anorexic looking, for the most part.  So it is astounding to me that an all Black pageant goes out of its way to find only anorexic looking Black women.


In my own VERY PERSONAL opinion, these pageants should stop existing.  Until they understand that the entire purpose of having a separate pageant called Miss BLACK USA and Miss BLACK America, due to the fact white people did not consider Black women good looking enough to be on stage with white women, was to edify and elevate the beauty of Black women, they have no purpose.  Why would the founders of these pageants make it their goal to elevate Black female beauty, only to turn around and make sure all the contestants looked white?  It smacks of saying that Black is in fact NOT beautiful.  If the epitome of beauty is:
  • long fake, straight, white hair
  • anorexic build
  • as close to white skin as possible
Dark Black Woman with Afro
then you're saying being Black is not beautiful and being white is.  How many Black girls have watched these pageants and felt bad about themselves because everyone in the pageant was a high-yella, size 0 dress, and had long straight hair?

I say stop the entire pageant system, from the Miss Black high-school, all the way up to Miss Black USA / America.  All you're doing is confusing people and not elevating Black women.  Until everyone on stage is smutt Black, with a round behind and an afro, you have no business calling it a Miss Black USA pageant.

I bet half of you reading that last sentence winced at it, thinking the description was of an ugly Black woman.  Check it out:

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