Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There are More White People on Welfare Than The Total Black Population

The Truth about Welfare

Watch any talk show, conservative news show or read a liberal newspaper, and they all give the same message, "Black people are on welfare and have been for generations." In fact one presidential campaign made it their double-talk slogan, "no more generations of welfare recipients", "stop people living off the public dole." Republicans and Democrats alike all jumped on the bandwagon. News casters picked up on the slogan and asked the question, "who are we talking about?" They received no direct answer but were given the old, nod and wink "you know who we're talking about."

This lie that Blacks live off of welfare has been spread so far and wide and repeated over and over and over so much that common ignorant people have come to accept it as fact. In fact, even Black people themselves have accepted as fact. You have Black comedians accepting it as fact and then assuming it to be fact, make up jokes with that as the basis of their punchline.

The fact is, white people are a majority of the welfare recipients. In fact, white people make up more than Blacks and Latinos put together on welfare. In fact, there are more white people on welfare than there exist Black people in America. Let me repeat, there are more white people on welfare than there are Black folks.

Of all the welfare recipients, only 22% of them are Black. Yes, that's 1/5th of the welfare recipients are Black. That, my friend, is a small number. White people make up nearly 50% of all welfare recipients.

So how did this racist stereotype come about that Blacks are on welfare? Or, I should ask, how did people agree with it when there is such a huge white population on welfare?

One word: Ignorance.

If you are ignorant of the facts, people can tell you anything and get away with it. If you are ignorant of the facts, people can take your money and you not even know it is being taken. If you are ignorant of the rules, people can throw you in jail and you agree to it.

Oh those are some outrageous statements aren't they? Guess what? People have been doing that in this country for over 2 centuries. It has gone full speed in the past 40 years. Now the media is in on the game, so all bets are off. If people have an agenda to push, it goes all out like gangbusters because the media can loop the message day and night, every hour, on the hour. You cannot compete with the truth, when the media tells you a lie. If the media wanted to reverse the color of grass and the sky, don't you know people would go along with it? If the media looped, "new grass color discovered, blue not green; new sky color discovered, green not blue." The media has done it in the past.

For instance, marijuana is a plant. It has thousands of uses, such as: making paper; making clothes; making rope; making polymers. In fact, the plant is so great that every material it makes is better than any other material on the planet currently. Hemp is the name of the plant. Hemp ropes are far stronger than silk ropes. Hemp paper is 3 times better than wood paper; lasts longer without fading; and doesn't take toxic chemicals to make it into paper. Hemp clothing doesn't destroy the earth to create; they are far easier to wash; don't get dirty as easily; they repel stains. In fact hemp makes hundreds of medical remedies that pharmaceutical companies cannot duplicate. A man wanted to push forward his investment in wood paper. He made the hemp plant seem diabolical, so he enlisted the media. Within a year, hemp was made illegal and people were afraid to go near it and thought it was satanic.

Do you see the power of the media? If they can change people's opinion about a plant, of course they can change and manipulate social perceptions about facts that aren't real. Who cares if someone is racist? The problem is the media going along with the agenda and pushing it forward. And, it's not just one source of media. They all do the same thing.

Think back for one second. The latest news story was plastered on every channel, local and national centers. And, they always have the same facts. No matter how independent your local station claims to be, they jump on the same bandwagon everyone else does.

Let's look for a second at a huge national story: the Laci Peterson case. Here's a case where a Latina went missing, was 7 months pregnant and who's body was found decapitated and various parts of her arms and legs were missing;and her body washed ashore nearly a year later. In the media, they pointed to Scott Peterson. They found out he had extramarital affairs. Surely if he was cheating on his wife he must have murdered her. But wait! I turn your attention to another national story: the Evelyn Hernandez case. Here's a case where a Latina went missing, was 7 months pregnant and who's body was found decapitated and various parts of her arms and legs were missing;and her body washed ashore 3 months later. Woah!

Did you just have deja vu? Everyone knows Scott Peterson murdered his wife right? Uh, did he also murder Evelyn Hernandez? What's strange is, we actually know where Scott Peterson was the whole time. And yet, they still convicted him. In fact, they just assumed he did it.

The reality of the two cases were so out of this world, that no one wanted to actually speak it allowed. So, the media just convicted poor "horny devil" Scott Peterson, and we all just nodded and looked the other way. What's the reality you ask? Well since you asked. In the south west there are known and documented cases of witchcraft and occult secret societies. These cults perform heinous sacrifices. The police have documented cases of it. But, you don't hear it in the news for some reason. The media keeps it hush hush. So the cults are the truth, but a regular man is on death row. While he did cheat on his wife, it doesn't mean he killed her, nor does it justify him being put to death. Regardless of the feminist organizations that wish it so, it is not right.

This is a case of the media gone wild. And, we sit back and take it. I could pin point case after case, news story after news story that are false, bigoted, and passing on misinformation. Misinformation is the biggest and largest crime that is going on.

If you've been reading my blog, I've already pointed out that:

  • Black unwed fathers spend more time and money with their children than any other unwed fathers.
  • Blacks pay their debts on time and more often than other races.
  • Blacks have a much lower divorce rate than other races.
  • Blacks have less out of wedlock children than other races.
  • And now, Blacks are the least people to be on welfare than other races.

All of these stereotypes the news and shows put forth, media. But, we all accept it as fact. We think because we saw it on T.V. it must be true. When in fact, the opposite is true. Could it be that people are basing life decisions off of lies? Could it be politicians are making laws based on lies? Could it be the Federal Government is making policies based on lies?

You're right they are.

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A Voice of Sanity said...

Evelyn Hernandez actually proves Scott Peterson innocent. She was a skeleton after 84 days - Laci wasn't after 111.

However the real story is the case of Gilbert Cano. He was everything they claimed Scott Peterson was. Yet with all of the evidence needed PLUS a confession - they pled Cano down because no one cared about a pretty Hispanic girl or her baby (or her other child).

See Gilbert Cano for the details. Note that the same prosecutors were involved. See how publicity is more important than evidence. Makes you think!

Shakaama said...

I guess you prove your point. I didn't even come across Gilbert Cano in my research on this topic.

Could you explain your point about one being a skeleton and another not?

A Voice of Sanity said...

No, you won't find much about Cano, although he was everything Peterson was not.

As for the skeleton; the state's witness, Alison Galloway, Forensic Anthropologist, claimed Laci was in the water for three to six months:
David Harris: As part of your examination and the consultation with Contra Costa County Coroner's Office, were you asked to try and determine the how long Laci Peterson -- how long Laci Peterson's body had been in a marine environment?
Alison Galloway: Yes, I was.
David Harris: And did you examine the body and try and make that determination?
Alison Galloway: Yes. In order to do that, we look not just at the bones, but at the decay state of the soft tissue. And, in this case, we had the presence of a substance known as adipocere, which is a white sort of soapy substance. And the body fats actually change into this. That was present in large quantities. Although it had not penetrated right through the body. That put us with a minimum of six months for being in the water, based on previous studies and my own experience in this area.
David Harris: Did you say minimum of six months?
Alison Galloway: Minimum of -- a minimum of three months, and then a maximum of six months. That was based upon the presence of still red tissue deep in the muscles.
David Harris: Let me go back through this. So from looking at the adipocere, you come up, in your experience as a forensic anthropologist of a range of three to six --
Alison Galloway: Three to six months.
David Harris: And you indicated, that there is still some -- did you say redness?
Alison Galloway: There is sill some redness. It's hemoglobin present.
David Harris: And where was this present at?
Alison Galloway: This is present very deep in the muscle tissues. So it's well protected from the marine environment.
David Harris: So after you conduct this examination of Laci Peterson, what do you ultimately conclude and share with the Contra Costa Coroner's Office as to how long Miss Peterson had been in the marine environment?
Alison Galloway: My conclusion was, Miss Peterson had been in the water from three to six months.

However she assumed that Laci Peterson was in the water from the date of her abduction. This was an unwarranted assumption and was wrong. For the condition the body was found in, the approximate time is 14 days and the maximum time is 28 days. This fits with all known science and also with experiments.

As an example, Evelyn Hernandez was provably a skeleton after 84 days and almost certainly was in that condition after 30 days.

All of this proves Scott Peterson innocent.

Anonymous said...

But how do you know Evelyn Hernandez was a skeleton after 84 days? Where do you come by that knowledge? Also, water temperatures differ from the time Hernandez was in the water and Ms. Peterson was allegedly in the water. Hernandez was during the late summer months, and Peterson was in the winter, right? I seem to remember reading that the cold temperature of the water may have had a role in preserving the tissues in Peterson's case.

Anonymous said...

Heres some facts:

Using Census data (09), we can estimate the black population to be 39.6M (13% of 307M) and the white population to be 244.3M (80% of 307M).

If we look at the traditional public assistance programs, food stamps, WIC and housing, we can calculate the following:

24% of all blacks receive or benefit (e.g.: dependants of those who receive) from food stamps, v.
5% of all whites

4% of all blacks receive or benefit from WIC, v.
1% of whites

5% of all blacks receive or benefit from Housing subsidies, v.
1% of all whites

Overall, a black person is 4-5 times more likely to be on public assistance versus their white counterpart.

Shakaama said...

yeah anonymous shows a prime example of how data is presented and then twisted to make it look like welfare and public assistance is a black thing. However, it is intellectually dishonest. When you "do the math", you easily see that white on public assistance is more than the entire population of the Black population in America.

i.e. 5% of all blacks vs 1% of all whites, we're talking two very different and huge numbers, and they're wrong actually. The majority of people on welfare are white 51%; 1% of white PEOPLE is over 30M, which is more than the entire population of Blacks in America.

See what they do? 1% of 305M is more than 4% of 25M. 1% of 305M is 30M. 4% of 25M is 1M. :)

Anonymous said...

you make a point that I've been making for ages shakaama, thank you

the truth is that the actual "welfare queen" is a white woman who lives in rural america. not only are whites (particularly white women) the largest percentage of welfare recipients, white people are also the main ones taking advantage of social security/disability/medicaid/etc and other free gov't programs BY FAR.

thanks for publishing the truth - I do so at every opportunity. the media has done a number on Americans. even black people have accepted these fallacies about who they are

For what it's worth said...

There are aprox 311,591,917 people in America. Aprox 39,260,58 are black, and aprox 226,215,72 are white. There are aprox 14,000,000 on welfare. 37% are black, 39% are white. There are aprox 5.76 times more whites then blacks in America. The fact that there are 2% more whites on welfare then blacks is very misleading.

Shakaama said...

@For what it's worth. I assume you got your data from the same place most people online are getting their data. I do not know the source, but the census does not have those numbers posted like that. Someone quoted the census AS SAYING those numbers.

The most recent US Census Bureau est for 2009 is as follows:
White 65.1% 199,861,264
Black 12.9% 39,603,844
Hispanic 14.5% 44,515,949

the 30%` of white and black is all over the internet. I just redid some research and found no less than 5 DIFFERENT numbers, all quoting "the census". I did not quote my source, sorry. But my article is infallible. [well my source is] The number of white people on welfare dwarfs the next to ethnic groups, latins and Blacks, by a wide margin.

As I said in the article, there are more white people on welfare, than there exists Black people in America.

Please go get better sources. Or better yet, just call the census bureau.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree that you article is infallible. You are right on one thing, if you can do simple math you can see who receives more welfare. If you do the simple math you can see the black population has a higher percentage on welfare and in housing. The majority of white families living in poverty do not live in housing and do not qualify for welfare. The black population has grown so much over the years and is continuing to do so. I think your research needs to go a little deeper to find the truth and it's there for you in black and white. Just where I live, the housing is over 80% black residence and I live in a town that is predominantly white so, you would think there would be much more residence of the white race but that is not the case.

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