Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Rights of the Father: David Goldman Wants His Son

Goldman May Have an Early Christmas Present

The supreme court of Brazil has handed custody of Sean Goldman, now 9 years old, over to his father David Goldman. The two were seen boarding a plane at 9 am this morning, Christmas eve.

If you are unfamiliar with the case, here are the facts. David Goldman and his wife,Bruna, had a child Sean Goldman. The two got divorced. Here is where everything gets ugly. The wife went back to her homeland, Brazil, and remarried there, to a powerful attorney, João Paulo Lins e Silva. She took Sean Goldman with her, abducting him, thinking never to return. The lawyer-husband did adopt Sean. The wife died in childbirth to a new child of the lawyer-husband.[karma?] David Goldman sued for custody of Sean Goldman. Actually, David Goldman had been fighting to get Sean Back since 2004 since the divorce and child abduction. The family of the now widowed husband, the Silvas, refused to give custody of the child.

The supreme court of Brazil stepped in, since it is an international case. The United States and Brazil are signatures to the Hague Convention. This was a clear case of international abduction. They had first decided to keep the boy in Brazil while they made a determination and whether or not the boy would be allowed to testify before a court of law.

I believe that had this case been in America, the courts would have immediately granted custody to the blood father, since he can never waive his rights. The father, David Goldman made plea after plea to return his son back to him. For the Brazilian family to refuse custody, I feel, is shameful. Regardless of the fondness they developed for him, Sean Goldman, it doesn't take away the fact that his biological father was stripped of 5 years of his son's life and had been fighting to get him back the entire time. They should have gladly given the son back. Shame on the daughter for kidnapping the child away from the father.

Well, this story has a happy ending. God bless David Goldman and his son Sean Goldman.

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