Monday, December 7, 2009

Poor Tiger Woods

The Infidelity Report: Why We aren't Paying Attention to the Patriot Act

6:00 A.M. Monday morning, a report comes across my desk of a porn star coming out saying she is the latest mistress of Tiger Woods. For those who do not know, Tiger Woods is a Black golfing professional. He is known the world over and is the richest sports figure alive today. Another report hits my desk monitoring the British tabloids, who are saying that not 7 but 10 mistresses have been linked to the Black golfing pro. The country is gripped with the scandal. To make matters worse, it is leaked that Oprah Winfrey made a confidential call to the Woods camp to offer her support and a chance to give him an opportunity to tell his side of the story on her show. This would be one of the largest television events this year if the Woods camp agreed.

Meanwhile real news was coming across my desk. It struck me as odd that the company was in the grips of media hysteria over a golfing pros personal infidelities. I mean, GOLF? No seriously, who actually watches GOLF? I don't know anyone personally that watches golf. Oh they may know Tiger Wood's name, but they don't watch, nor follow him. I pick up the phone can phone one of my cousins, one of the many that are pro football players. I ask him about Woods and golf. He affirms my suspicions. No one watches golf, none of his fellow team members, not even the management.

So I'm left with the question of how could the entire country be gripped with this story about a Black golf pro. Then it hit me.

It's a distraction.
The real news that was on my desk was still smoking from the heat of the story. It was burning a hole in the shiny wood of my desk it was so hot. But, who cares about malls being turned into prisons and break ins by the FBI into people's homes in the past 24 hours, they have to watch Oprah and the latest whore that the self-hating Tiger Woods got his dick sucked by. The white people are fawning all over this guy. This is the same person that denied they were Black. Yet, rest assured the white people are laughing their butts off over this scandal, because regardless of what he says, he is just a jigaboo in their eyes and they pray he loses all of his endorsements and gets laughed out of golf. After all, golf is for rich white men, not a jigaboo that doesn't even realise they don't want him in their clubs.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck with the real news on my desk wondering when this stupidity over this clown will subside and the media starts reporting the real material.

But, by then maybe Obama's love child will come out and we find that he's a gay transvestite illegal alien terrorist and wants to be united with daddy Obama.

If you are distracted by Tiger Woods and his whores, you deserve what you get. Don't wake up one day and your house, bank account, children's schools are all gone and you're being herded into a nazi style concentration camp. Don't demand your freedoms guaranteed by the constitution then, because it will be too late.

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