Monday, December 14, 2009

Dexter Season Finale Leaves Audience Twisting in the Wind

Dexter vs. Trinity

Well you know Dexter and Trinity had to come to its ultimate climax. And, you knew Debra couldn't leave well enough alone and had to dig up Dexter's past and confront him with it. But, did we all know the last 3 minutes of the episode would leave us twisting in the wind? Here we are sitting thinking that Dexter is going to kill his arch-nemesis in Trinity and live happily ever after. But then, why would we tune in for the next season? I mean it's a great scene that Dexter butchers up the venerable serial killer Trinity, but that doesn't leaven any hook for next season.

At the beginning of the episode Dexter is nearly comical. Trinity has him completely befuddled and confused. His inner demon tries to shake some sense into him, to no avail. He decks poor Quinn, who is just trying to do his job. But, can you blame Dexter? Trinity finds out who Dexter really is, name, address, social security number, oh and uh... wife and kids.

Dexter tries to chase down Trinity in a car chase scene about as good as ... well as intriguing as I would have directed, and that's a huge insult. In the scene he clips a guy's rear view mirror. [foreshadowing] "I'll deal with that later", Dexter says. He catches Trinity unawares, drugs him, throws him in the back of his "come here little girl I got some candy"-van and is about to get away with everything when suddenly....

The rear view mirror guy shows up with 2 cops. Enter new scene with the worst acting, and unrealism in history. Dexter flashes his forensics badge to no avail and the cops actually arrest him, regardless of his telling them he's on a crime investigation 'IN PROGRESS'. Let me repeat this, Dexter says, "I'm in progress of chasing down a suspect right now". And, the police quip "that might work up-town but at the sheriff's office it doesn't work." Come again? Did they even run that scene by a police at all? I mean they coulda just stopped a traffic cop and had him look that over and he would have shut-er-down. There's no accounting to talent in Hollywood. *sigh* So Dexter is landed in actual jail, away from drugged up Trinity. Oh and apparently Trinity has emptied all of his bank accounts, hmmm going somewhere?

His inner demon appears to him while in jail. Once again, it asks, "what are you doing," which is the same question audiences are asking right about now. I mean, is this the same smooth Dexter that I've been watching all season? [was the writing this bad all season?]

The next scene fast forwards through 5 hours in 15 minutes. Ready? Dexter is bailed out by his wife, who wants to go on a honeymoon, since the kids, except for the infant, are all going to be in Disneyland. They argue over his being in jail and what is going on and why don't you open up to me. [typical movie-girl BS] Dexter convinces her to go on ahead to the honeymoon, while he finishes up. Dexter returns to the kiddie porn van to find Trinity gone. But, Dexter reaches up in the ceiling of the parking lot where he hid all of Trinity's money. Trinity is shown coming home and terrorizing his family to give him everything valuable. We have a brief battered-wife scene between the wife and eldest son, but nothing comes of it. Dexter shows up minutes later to ask where Trinity is. Wife is is still whiny and is casually talking to him, with the son, who is the only one with some balls, when suddenly!!!!! The police swat team busts through the front door. Dexter narrowly slips out the back. Dexter emerges from a coffin in the garage and plays it cool when the police come in.

Start scene with Debra confronting Dexter about his long lost brother, whom we find is non other than the Ice Truck Killer. Debra however doesn't actually know anything about Dexter. Because of course she's too stupid to put 2 and 2 together. Dexter is self doubting and says she would be better off without him in her life. To which she retorts, "it's because of you that I am the person I am today." [I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but she apparently thinks it is.]

But wait, Debra was the one that helped a little kidnapped kid remember Trinity, or the logo to his charitable organization. She singlehandedly tracked down that it was Trinity doing the mass murders, which is why the police burst through the doors.

Ok, all that's over and finally we get to Dexter being the pink panther he always was. Trinity has fixed his car, and had it repainted. We saw Dexter earlier at the police break-in, notice the smashed car window of the Mustang. [foreshadowing] It is now night time and Trinity suddenly gets car trouble. It is a dark and deserted road. Suddenly Dexter jumps him. Flash to a scene with Trinity naked and taped to a table. [did we really need to say a naked, old John Lithgow?] They have the father son, Darth Vader - I know more than you do - serial killer conversation. Trinity asks Dexter, "do you think you're better than me?" Dexter of course says no. Dexter asks, "what's the other option, disappear and start life over somewhere else?" To which, Trinity replies, "no, you'll still be you." Hack, slack, smack, saw saw saw, whirrrr, buzzz. Trinity is now in neat little bags and thrown into the ocean, off the back of Dexter's boat.

Hmmm, that was a boring episode, to say it's a finale. But, wait, there's 3 minutes left. Dexter comes home to start packing to meat his blushing bride on their honeymoon. He gets a message on his phone, which apparently AT&T really sucks at delivering on time, since the message was like 4 hours old, She came home because she forgot her I.D. We assume she popped in and went back out. He calls her phone to say he's on his way. But, the phone rings 2 feet in front of him, in her purse. Suddenly!!! The infant starts crying. He goes into the bathroom to find the infant [spotlight] sitting in a pool of blood. Rita is in the tub dead in a tub filled with blood. Dexter flash backs to his own childhood where he was found sitting in a pool of blood and the police officer picks him up and puts him over his shoulder. Dexter goes over to his infant son, picks him up and puts him over his shoulder. [end]

Meh, if better people wrote this, this finale would have been superb. I sat in a chat room with about 700 other people. We were booing throughout the performance. The writing took away from the story. I mean come on, John Lightgow?

Afterwards Dexter [don't know his name] and John Lithgow gives some insights to the episodes. The two were more eloquent than the episode itself. Their analysis of the episode was more compelling than any of the writing. So what that Trinity killed Rita. We all knew he was going to do it. The entire plot was Dexter trying to avoid him getting to her. So where is the surprise that he killed her? That's not quite a twist. But, I guess for the more stupid viewers it was a twist they didn't expect.

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