Thursday, December 24, 2009

Woman Body Checks the Pope and his Cardinal

The "Unbalanced Woman in Red"

Today Christmas Eve as the pope, Benedict XVI, proceeded up the isle to deliver his Christmas Mass, an "unbalanced woman" jumped the guard rail and lunged at the pope. She knocked him down as well as Cardinal Roger Etchegaray. Pope Benedict, 82 got back to his feet immediately doing a ninja flip. However, poor Cardinal Etchegaray was rushed to the emergency room. They immediately took the lady into custody. They found no evil intent.

Pope Benendict went on to deliver mass as usual. Oh, scratch that. Mass was delivered 2 hours earlier than usual, i.e. 12a.m., at 10 p.m.. This was to allow the pope to rest a bit before his hectic schedule of flying around the world in the pope mobile delivering presents to boys and girls, said a Vatican spokesperson.

[all the facts of this story are true, although there were some slight embellishments.]

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