Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Obama's Healthcare Plan Will do Nothing

Health Care Reform Is Silent on the American Diet

The CDC estimates that of the $2 trillion spent on health issues, $1.5 trillion is spent on preventable diseases caused by bad diet.

The healthcare crisis is then a euphemism for the food crisis. If Obama doesn't address anything about food i.e. nutrition in school lunch programs, then you know he is bought and sold by agribusiness.

For the city of New York, the cost for treating each new case of type 2 diabetes is $500,000. It is bankrupting the city. Once contracted it's $13,000 / yr in additional medical costs; it takes approximately 10 years off of your life span; there an increased 80% chance of heart disease; a possibility of amputation; a possibility of blindness; being tethered to machines and drugs for the rest of your life. It is entirely preventable, with a change in diet.

The government could save trillions upon trillions of dollars if they spent money on ad campaigns: warning against the dangers of soda; warning against the dangers of sugar in the diet; warning against fast food more than once every 2 months; warning against the dangers of monosodium glutamate; warning against the dangers of high fructose corn syrup; warning against high saturated fat diets.

If children ceased drinking soda, nearly all preventable diseases would vanish from their lives. The reason we have soda so plentifully now, is that it is so cheap. Why is it so cheap? Because we subsidize corn, which is then used as high fructose corn syrup to sweeten soda. So in essence, every time you buy soda, you are taking extra money out of your own pocket, which goes to pay the corn farmer, and you are killing yourself and everyone that drinks it. Corn lobbyist flood Washington and give senators and congressmen lavish gifts and favors to continue subsidizing corn.

Are you going to hear anything from Obama about diet as it pertains to healthcare? No. The pharmaceutical industry is the largest lobby in Washington. Surprising? Why would we need to dwarf all over lobbyist from an industry supposedly in place to help us survive.

What the Health Care Industry Isn't Telling you

Interesting fact: "By its own statistics, the American medical system is the number one cause of death and injury in the U.S."

"Patients who undergo standard medical treatment for heart disease die sooner than comparable patients not receiving any treatment."

"Cholesterol drugs are huge sellers, yet the medical industry's own studies prove that patients are dying from them. In addition to being totally dangerous, they're totally unnecessary, as 15 years of research actually sows that cholesterol is a healthy sign and does not contribute to heart disease. Glucose and fructose are the true culprits of heart disease."

"Immunity is not provided through vaccines, as those vaccinated contract the very disease they've been vaccinated for at a higher rate than those not vaccinated. Those receiving a flu vaccine this season are receiving a vaccine developed against last year's strain, vaccines contain some of the most poisonous substances known to man, such as aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde, and are frequently contaminated with viruses that cause serious diseases. There is a definite link between the explosion of autism in children and mercury in vaccines."

"A major cause of the increase in breast cancer is the practice of annual mammography, exposing women to high doses of radiation and actually giving them breast cancer."

"Chemotherapy was derived from mustard gas. It has been proven ineffective in 96% - 98% of cancer cases and being an agent used to kill enemies at war, kills patients sooner than the cancer would have."

"Pharmaceutical drugs are not engineered to cure diseases, nor to make your healthier. Pharmaceutical drugs are far more likely to kill than illegal drugs. They are only interested in selling you a product by managing your disease, not curing it. Thousands of studies and evidence shows that diet can completely cure cancer."

"Medical school does not teach health, nor healing. Nursing school students are told to "not take vitamins"."

"Some medications used to treat psychological "disorders" are more addictive than any illegal drug. Ritalin is more potent to the brain than cocaine, children who take it are far more likely to abuse cocaine later due to the similarities between the two. The number of suicide attempts at least doubles for a child taking antidepressants, according to short-term studies. Some people who have managed to stop taking the drugs say they were only obsessed with suicide while on the drug. Antidepressants are the most widely prescribed drugs in the U.S."

"Diet drinks are still selling despite studies linking aspartame to seizures, MS and ironically, weight gain."

"Calcium cannot be absorbed in the presence of protein, a fact well known to researchers, and therefore milk - being a complete protein - is not at all a source of calcium. Not only is milk not necessary for good bone health, it actually causes osteoporosis."

If you want to live a healthy long life: you want to get off of any medication as quickly as possible; you want to completely revamp your diet to be nutrition nutrition nutrition; don't drink bottled water; take a liquid vitamin; eat a lot of plants with no pesticides; east grass fed meats. I can almost guarantee if you changed your diet to one of pure nutrition and complete nutrition and no junk for at least 6 months, you'd not only see health changes, you'd see your weight change as well. You also must walk at least 30 minutes a day. When I say healthy, I mean no pesticides, no sugars, pure vitamins and minerals at every meal with at least 5 meals a day. Do not buy any processed food, this includes at the supermarket. Don't buy any premade dinners. In fact, don't buy any food that comes packaged other than butchered meat. If you can locate a farmers market near you, that would be perfect. Cook your own meals, and don't use a microwave. Season your food with pure seasoning, not processed junk.

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