Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Rap Music Isn't Real

Hip Hop does not equal Rap Music

Hip Hop UndergroundRap music has a bad rap. No pun intended. And, I think I know why. I no longer listen to rap music, but at one time rap music wasn't even in the form it is today.

First let's get one thing straight. Hip Hop music was never rap music. Hip Hop music started in the underground scenes of New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. You can still find Hip Hop music in those scenes.

Rap music was started as a movement to educate young Black kids. It started out as a poetry style, put to music. At first it was the spoken word, and moved on to music to gain mass appeal. One of the first "rap" songs that had mass appeal was "Rappers Delight". It wasn't the first rap song by any means, however it won critical acclaim and had mass appeal.

Rappers Delight Sugar Hill GangOnce Black people found that we would buy the music all sorts of independent record labels started up. This budding entrepreneurship was almost overnight squashed by powerful white executives. Where they couldn't out and out buy labels from Black entrepreneurs, they tried every dirty trick in the book: staging gang retaliation strikes; staging in song fights; murder.

However the cat was out of the bag so to speak, and wherever they quashed one independent record label, 10 more sprang up. All of the successful labels were gobbled up or fell to the drama of the takeovers. But, still independent labels do exist in the rap world.

Enter the Corporate Rap Machine

I started off by saying rap music has a bad rap, and rightly so. But, the blame lies, not with Black people, but with the corporate rap machine. Record labels have at their beck and call a team of writers, lyrics, hacks that can pop out a rap song within seconds.

I've heard first hand of real writers refusing to write lyrics where rape, incest, gender , violence is the order, only to be told that they can be replaced with 100 other writers who would do it. For the corporate rap machine, the artist is immaterial. They will get the latest Black pretty boy, or the latest monster looking Black kid, set him on stage and hand him the raunchiest lyrics one can imagine.

About the Rap Music Lyrics

I had the opportunity growing up to live in nearly every state in the union. I have met thousands upon thousands of Black people, as well as others. At no point did I ever here a Black male say "I'll drop my balls on his ...." "I'll rub my dick on her ...." Why? Because, Black people are not a perverse people. Black men and women are far more comfortable with gender innuendo on a personal level than they are with explicit, disgusting, raunchy language. You would hear a Black male tell a girl "can i get those digits" 100 time before you'd hear them mention anything about gender .

So it goes to reason, if the common everyday Black man or woman doesn't talk like this, then perhaps these rap lyrics have a different source. BINGO! Corporate rap executives know that 70% of all rap music is purchased by white suburban kids, who don't know any better. As such, they have done their studies and found that gender explicit lyrics; gang banger lyrics; rape; molestation lyrics outsell all other lyrics hands down. They have a team of white lyricist that write these horrible lyrics. They put it in the hands of a Black artist and record it. The public then believes the artist to have written the lyrics and thereby, by association, that all Black people must feel and think this way.

To my knowledge I'm the only one that even mentions this. But, what's worse is the white supremacist groups feeds upon these lies. Then by association they think that Black people are gender explicit. They think that Black people have massive families. They think that Black men mistreat their Black women. I've given data after data in this very blog, Shakaama Live, showing that the Black family is far more stable than the white family. Black divorce is below the national average, and below the white average. However, were you to listen to rap music you would think Black people have gender at the drop of a hat, pop out kids like rabbits, and leave their women twisting in the wind with the child. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The corporate rap machine glorifies gang banging, jail and the mafia. At no point did the mafia ever hold Black people in any esteem. The mafia is just as white as their Anglo-Saxon counterparts and their hatred of Black people is just as palpable. For the corporate rap machine to commingle the two is laughable and transparent. No Black kid, paying attention for 2 seconds to the mafia would ever mistake the mafia having love for Black people.

In fact one of the largest clashes between the mafia and Black people is now famous on film "American Gangster". Here you had a successful Black hoodlum, whom the mafia detested. You have on file their pure and unadulterated views of "chicken". In fact they considered Black people so dirty as to nearly banish anyone that dealt with us. Now that's saying something, if you'll banish your own family. Clearly commingling the mafia in Black rap music is a tel tale sign that its written by a white person and not a Black person. Surely no Black man would be so debase and stupid as to glorify people that think of us as "animals", "chicken", "dirty". You might be shaking your head saying no there are stupid people in the world, but I tell you, you can't be both stupid and successful enough to get your music to the public. You can be many things, but you can't be stupid.

Obviously there is a disconnect with reality and rap lyrics. The blame of course are these young artists that are selling out to the man and perpetuating stereotypes that never before existed. For 100 years after slavery the Black man was still subjugated by the white man, however we were never seen as lazy, shiftless, gender explicit, nor violent. The Black man was treated as the white man's burden to educate and bring to enlightenment, due to his savagery, but no one ever called a Black man lazy or violent. In fact, the technology of Africa was laughable compared to the guns, ships and cannons of white Europeans. In fact for at least 200 years Black men was seen as savage, heathen, children.

Oprah vs. Snoop Dog

Oprah vs SnoopOprah had an on screen argument with Snoop Dog over his degradation of women. In fact, Snoop Dog knew that those lyrics sold records and continued using them even after he promised her he'd stop. Clearly Snoop Dog doesn't believe in the lyrics. He's a married man with children. However he has become this iconic "gangster" figure that people expect to be this cartoon character that he portrays himself to be. He is more enslaved by his own design than anyone ever could make him. He is associated with being the cool "chicken". And chicken he is. He wants to be a chicken, so be it. He wants to be married to a gender , so be it. Oprah can't change Snoop although he's leading Black kids down the worst possible path. So he's a retard. Maybe he'll die soon and we won't have to deal with his ignorance.

P.M. Dawn[Remember I intend to be offensive. For only by being offensive will you wake up and realize that what you're doing to yourself is wrong. I could care less if your feelings are hurt. Half the time, things I point out are getting Black folks killed. Half the time, because of perceptions perpetrated by ignorant bastards like Snoop Dog are getting people targeted by police. You don't say "F the Police" and put it on a best selling album. The ignorant unwashed masses will think you're messiah and do things to get themselves shot or thrown in jail. You can make money, massive amounts of money, by making lyrics like P.M. Dawn. Apparently, gangster, gender rap lyrics aren't the only thing on the market customers will buy. But you have been led like a good chicken down the road by white businessmen in selling out your own race, talking nasty as if we talk like that. No woman will respect you, if behind closed doors you turn out to be a freak. And that's exactly why we came up with that word. We, Black people, consider people who do that stuff to be "freaks". We think it's odd that a man or woman would want to do nasty things like that. We don't respect "freaks". We view a woman who's a "freak" as trash. Speak the truth. No self respecting Black man wants to be seen with a "freak". So why would you listen to lyrics where the person is talking about freaking some woman out or man. You better wake up and realize we are at war.]

Rap music is the cold war against Black people.

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Anonymous said...

Many of our rappers are being "pimped" by the record executives and the industry in general. We need to re-discover the root of ourselves and return to real hip hop. Please read the chapter entitled "The Pimp Game" in my new book "What I See: A New Prescription for Thought". I take a closer look at hip hop. Click the link below:



Shakaama said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes they are being pimped and we all are falling for it. A lot of people don't realize how the industry works. They really think these rappers or even singers [for that matter] are living what they are rapping / singing about. When, in reality, they are being handed the song and told to sing it. And, they better not give the producers any lip because they can be replaced just like the back street boys were.

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Anonymous said...

My only concern is really the next generation. I think a lot of adults may not use sexually explicit language but I have listened to teens and preteens say some of the raunchiest things out in public. They are the ones who will suffer in the future because they think this stuff is cool and is accepted.

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