Sunday, February 12, 2012

"I'm Not African-American," says he

"I'm Not African-American," says he

You have to realize a lot of "Black" people hate being Black. And even worse, being reminded they came from Africa. I'm not going to put labels like "self-hate" on them, but ... there you go.

Now, as for me personally, I am OK with being called:

  • negro [which simply means Black]
  • African-American [which is descriptive, and since I'm an artist, I think in color anyway, unlike most people who actually think in black and white]
  • Black [which is short, quick and to the point ]

I for one, am not hating being Black. I lived in Africa. It's the richest continent on the planet, ... uh ... natural-resource-wise, but the IMF / World Bank has raped every single country there and colonialism has NOT stopped ... but I digress.

Back to the self-haters ... so Black folk are now making videos against being called African-American. It is a slap in the face of everyone of those people in the 60s that were shot, mamed, jailed, beaten up, dogs sicked on, abused, just so white people would recognise us as 1. humans and 2. Americans just like everyone else. I'm not some idiot that doesn't study history, and the 60s is frankly not that far back, i mean ... seriously.

For Black people to sit up here in turn of the mellenium and act all high minded, is pathetic. People died so we could be called African-American and not colored or worse. It's pure ignorance and hubris to put their memory to shame.

One Black guy made a video claiming he had never been to Africa ... :/  Nor have half the Italians alive in this country, but will say point blank they are italian ... or scottish ... or irish ... or french ... or german .... or japanese ... or korean.  Only Black people have a problem with where they're from.

At the end of the day WE'RE ALL IMMIGRANTS.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a black woman but I'm proud of what the black women achieved!

Anonymous said...

Well technicaly speaking you can only be "African American" if you came from Africa to America. Even a white man can be "African American". And on the flip side most black people dont know who there ancsestors are, some of us could have came from Hatii Jamaica or even turkey "which is in europe". Not to mention Africa is the mother land of the world and a races started there according to some scientist. If you wernt born in Africa and your in the US and your of "negro decent" Your black so get over it dude.. and yes im black i find it ignorant how some like being refered to as african american.

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